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Video Casting Mirror Polished Japanese Foil Ball from Molten Aluminium
13:31   |   13M+ views   |   09/25/2018 at 22:51


  • Hey guys my name is Ben and welcome on my channel PressTube.
  • Now in this video, I'm gonna make an aluminium foil ball
  • But I'm not gonna do it like Japanese people which I did a couple of days ago
  • But now I'm gonna melt some aluminium foil in my furnace
  • And then I'm gonna cast some nice shiny balls from it
  • with the help of this Styrofoam balls. I'm gonna use the lost foam method, so I'm just gonna embed this in my castings
  • And I'm gonna pour some molten aluminium on it and hopefully, yeah.
  • Normally the styrofoam will evaporate with a lot of smoke and some fire. You will see that in a video, and then I will have
  • Yeah, a nice round aluminium ball, and then I'm gonna polish it to a mirror finish
  • Hopefully and for the people that say "Why do you say aluminium foil?" Well, I live in Belgium and we say aluminium
  • Here are the boxes from the foil you can see this
  • We spell it aluminium and not aluminum like some other people do so yeah
  • That's why I say aluminium foil and for the people from Belgium and from Holland. Yeah, I bought this in Albert. I'm
  • So guys sit back relax and enjoy the video
  • Okay guys welcome back. I hope you liked the video, and I promised you a mirror polished Japanese foil ball.
  • And, ah, here it is. I hope you like the result guys. If you do, please consider to give this a thumbs up.
  • Now I will show you this ball a little bit closer as
  • As you can see, you can see all the lights in my workshop reflect.
  • You can also see me wave above the ball
  • So I think here that qualifies as a mirror polished Japanese foil ball
  • I cheated a little bit by melting the aluminum foil in my melting furnace and then casting it
  • But yeah, that's my version
  • That's the prestige version of the Japanese foil ball, so yeah.
  • If you liked the video please subscribe to the channel if you already haven't,
  • Ring the bell and see you next time. Bye bye!

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In this video i am making a Mirror Polished Japanese Foil Ball from Molten Aluminium that i melted in my Metal Foundry.

This was requested a lot after i posted the 'normal' Japanse Foil Ball video, so here it is !

I hope you like the result, and if you do please consider to give this a thumbs up ! :)

contact me :


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