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Video Mikey Williams Gets MESSY In The NEW Overtime Challenge! Best 14 Year Old Ever!?
16:11   |   today at 14:55


  • what up its your boy Albert I'm Larry I
  • just touched down in San Diego I had to
  • see the best fourteen-year-old in the
  • country come on it was good like check
  • this out over time I got some bad work
  • like he was checking over tell me buddy
  • could of service on service I was just
  • well RJ Hampton he challenged a young
  • star Mikey Williams I already booked my
  • flight to San Diego here I come
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • yo Mikey uphill to San Diego to see you
  • bro
  • RJ called you out on me I'm gonna kill
  • it
  • like I've been doing over here all
  • summer but you wanna call it you're
  • gonna have to get crazy gonna get freaky
  • - ago we switched up the whole overtime
  • challenge all right we cut out the
  • three-point shootout we cut off the five
  • shot challenge all right this is what we
  • got today a new and improved obstacle
  • course a little speed question around a
  • mystery round that get messy round us
  • that be Larry easy Nicole out below
  • ain't easy for you to finish
  • I hope he's waiting for the smoke I'm
  • coming different hey Oh Mikey like I
  • said this is a new and improved obstacle
  • course you gotta set the bar high
  • alright let me walk you through this
  • just like before we got the speed ladder
  • you ready no you're gonna have to show
  • the footwork haha take a sip of the
  • bottle if that bottle flip going hey
  • homie you get three tries they're gonna
  • sitting on your third move on put on the
  • blurry goggles whoa
  • it's really blurry tipple through the
  • cones hey hey hey okay
  • yo Larry finish off for the laser
  • okay yeah no take off your blurry
  • goggles see me I will be right here drop
  • home for me me that half-court
  • we're gonna roll the dice to dance I'm
  • really ready so jelly you know jelly you
  • Jennifer right to finish over the done
  • mercy boy I pulled up to San Diego you
  • better turn me up alright like I said
  • there's a new obstacle course I just
  • took smart hot I get it three two one go
  • works what tickets it
  • [Music]
  • regardless oh yeah oh boy
  • I said name that's a nice bar I will
  • study for me 41 seconds 41.46 crazy
  • you're more well these goggles really
  • best of Mikey this is the real speed
  • question run all right you're gonna have
  • 30 seconds on the clock to answer as
  • many questions as possible actually if
  • you don't know answer a question
  • whatever just pass all right you guys
  • you ready ready set go favorite fast
  • food
  • Udonis biggest fear hice coolest place
  • you travel to best most expensive
  • sneakers you ever bought yes
  • dream girl oh best player you played
  • against yes what would you buy with a
  • million bucks house best pick-up line
  • yes favorite subject in school
  • nice pregame meal Snickers what's your
  • dream car Ferrari who's your idol the
  • Bravo that was no that was like I did
  • not know is that fast but I can't even
  • function I was like this is the real
  • speed quest now trying to tell ya I said
  • passing or something
  • you passed a few easy ones right I love
  • it is I I didn't want to spend too long
  • on a questionnaire so I just had to say
  • purse I don't know you dream girl how do
  • girls I mean my girl my girl my girl
  • take the safe way out are you trippin
  • bro first you got it Mikey it's good
  • this is the mystery round and this is
  • why y'all back home is what y'all been
  • waiting for suddenly it's 60 seconds of
  • gym you claim that you je ferme you know
  • you got the hit up from Zion of course -
  • what are they so you got bounced yeah
  • boss
  • freaky bounce freaky bills so good so
  • you about to show off right come on so
  • we had Mack McCall on the show we had
  • gene with a Q on the show and they went
  • crazy and they proved why they didn't
  • feel better turn me up on it that's a
  • bit this one's a found got that bag work
  • for you right here baby
  • 60 seconds on the clock the time starts
  • now
  • it crazy what they're mio I came out
  • here hey so I'm talking about what
  • that's what I'm talking about
  • resi talk about says I'll hit you
  • yo know the deal okay see what a crazy
  • boy good for me hey yo Mike you got 10
  • seconds on the clock bro
  • Tyson come on right you better do let's
  • go baby we cook this overtime sellers Oh
  • you jumped over me freaky bounce I'm
  • telling you he's 14
  • honey I see no nobody nobody seen that
  • before
  • my key so I'm gonna put you on to a new
  • challenge go get messy
  • I like that and just like the name says
  • rope you better get real messy today and
  • I'm not even involved today we gotta get
  • messy ducking it this time huh whatever
  • you're ducking at this time always duck
  • in trying IVs no today we're about to
  • get messy oh my god overtime tray full
  • of boy City are you okay oh my god
  • you've been reading the comments on
  • overtimes Instagram be peeper I'll be
  • seeing them you think about be violating
  • the OD you doing them wrong that's all
  • have you got enough wrist bands over
  • dude I'm gonna make a wrestler we're all
  • right hey you all talk to you I thought
  • I'm gonna take the rest be later
  • all right I sorted already you think
  • he's bad in the comment section though
  • yeah see him in real life is about to
  • get crazy
  • somebody's about to get messy no not me
  • not one of y'all oh now we got the pink
  • one like I said real Nickelodeon slime
  • I'm just happy it's not me good sneaky
  • moves
  • tray and do buddy nice and walk for you
  • I've been PI I've been milk I've been
  • tied again stuff my girl someone else
  • has to get messy bo can't be me you got
  • five tries
  • if you can't slam him in five tries you
  • the one that's gonna be on the hot seat
  • and gonna get slimed okay I gotta live
  • on there I got my back right that's you
  • yeah they should take it's locked
  • oh that's effect that's a big fix that
  • boy chain early no my first try okay all
  • right Eli that's old down over yeah oh
  • yeah air ball damn you throw just as bad
  • as you were yeah I got a burner you
  • talking tonight my mom had that same hip
  • another one okay go look air ball and
  • Shaggy hey little key sake should I
  • stand there I'm act like you and I'm
  • gonna close my eyes that's what I'm
  • assuming you doing right
  • dogs barking to luck and here you
  • obviously have to take my three-step job
  • he say it was a quarterback right we're
  • okay I could you party them play airball
  • Oh mah boi elai and forget to comment
  • like yeah that's tough that you gonna be
  • stayin for life me a diploid quarterback
  • I do play quarterback the cookie is a go
  • on you rusty either the man was talking
  • and them dogs barking a little bit too
  • loud it's gonna back it up
  • sub homes so you made it to be Larry be
  • my key bro you ain't winning it is the
  • beat Larry around see I got my big boy
  • tricycles you ready for this Percy I got
  • a track ready for you whoever could go
  • through the cones down and back wins
  • doing winning this one I better get my
  • hair to San Diego for a reason to get
  • sent back to New York your guava you see
  • my tries to call the stud yeah I'm ready
  • here are you look really colorful
  • earlier bro what you mean it's Aussie
  • come on it's a little bit something the
  • colors from nah bro I could just put it
  • together homie
  • you know Mike you ready I'm ready I hope
  • so I'm a howl I'm up I do suspense and
  • we're gonna get this going
  • hey yo Spence let me know what's the
  • vault oh yeah we good here gosh you got
  • you oh yeah Oh
  • [Music]
  • I can get in a car with you Mikey all
  • the time challenge is almost over and
  • like I said earlier no more five shot
  • challenge this is the call-out nice time
  • with RJ Hampton and this is his dummy
  • Jesse and off-the-wall gushy
  • please one hand bang out is gonna be a
  • first shot second shot is gonna be your
  • signature shot you can do anything you
  • want the next person you call out has to
  • start with your signature shot I got you
  • get creative so I'm talking about
  • yeah don't talk about it get it
  • one is like you Williams my signature
  • shot y'all remember this one oh you hit
  • this switch right 3/4 of the court oh
  • it's really like that s 3/4 of the core
  • it simple got a burner yo Mikey I see
  • you all sweaty you know she violated
  • today sir you had a new obstacle course
  • out here
  • you killed that yeah speed question
  • round hey yo Trey come to come to it's
  • gonna be really thick in his face
  • you slimed that face he's gonna know
  • clothes tonight yo he's gonna know
  • closer sorry how to do at the end of the
  • day and so on love bro hey we just can
  • we just appreciate you completing
  • overtime challenge I much loves you go
  • you know that's all of its on Mikey
  • Williams checking out whether it's on
  • here down to San Diego down by the
  • border and it comes to love how they did
  • overtime showers look whoever's next
  • into overtime challenge you got nothing
  • on me not messing anything where it's
  • where it's my mother
  • oh the OT challenge is a must watch show
  • you gotta catch up
  • check out the other ulty challenges
  • right here and subscribe you know I'll
  • be hanging out all the top players come
  • on

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Y'all been waiting for this... THE MIKEY WILLIAMS OVERTIME CHALLENGE. After RJ Hampton called him out, we flew out to San Diego to lock it down. The best 14 year old in the country DID NOT DISAPPOINT.

We decided for this, we'd change up the Overtime Challenge. That means NEW ROUNDS and NEW GAMES. Mikey really had to go hard. He had 60 second of jam, a special speed question round and he even got to SLIME our boy Overtime Trey.

It was dope to knock this out, what do you guys think of the New Challenge!? S/O to Mikey and his fam!

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