Video Seth and Rihanna Go Day Drinking

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Seth and Rihanna Go Day Drinking
Seth and Rihanna Go Day Drinking thumb Seth and Rihanna Go Day Drinking thumb Seth and Rihanna Go Day Drinking thumb


  • -Hey, everybody.
  • It's time once again for "Day Drinking."
  • And we're really excited about this one,
  • because I'm here with Rihanna.
  • -[ Laughs ] Hi. -Yeah.
  • Here we go. Cheers.
  • -Wait, wait.
  • You have to look at me, in the eyes.
  • This is what I call a prom date. Are we going the whole...
  • Okay. Okay. All right.
  • -It's time for "Day Drinking With Seth and Rihanna."
  • ♪♪
  • -♪ Hey! ♪
  • -You don't have to.
  • -Okay. -That's more than enough.
  • All right, join me at the bar. Such a huge fan of yours.
  • I am now going to make a series of drinks
  • based on some of my favorite of your songs.
  • -Okay.
  • -Because that's the level of service we provide here.
  • -[ Laughs ]
  • -This is a drink called "Under My Rum-brella."
  • -What's in it? -All right, so it's rum, okay?
  • That's how we start it.
  • And then we're going to put in some chocolate rum balls.
  • -What's a rum ball?
  • -It's not important.
  • And a scoop of rum-raisin ice cream.
  • -I'm nervous. -Okay.
  • And then, of course, a bunch of umbrellas.
  • And then... -[ Laughs ]
  • -Cheers.
  • Okay. Based on your face, I'm going to say
  • that's an 8 out of 10?
  • All right, this next one is "Diamonds in the Rye."
  • It's going to have some rye whiskey, okay?
  • 'Cause our diamonds is Blue Diamond almond milk.
  • -[ Laughs ] -Cheers.
  • -That's it? -That's it.
  • -I don't even like milk, so this is scary.
  • -Well, it's a milk alternative. It's a nut milk.
  • What? -Don't even say that ever again.
  • -Rihanna, you found love in a hopeless place,
  • which is going to inspire this next drink.
  • I'll be right back. -Now I'm scared for real.
  • -This is "We Found Veuve in a Hostess Place."
  • -Wait. We found what? -Veuve. Veuve Clicquot.
  • "In a Hostess Place."
  • Do you know how to open champagne?
  • -Why are you doing that? -Because.
  • -I feel like you have no confidence in me.
  • -Just point it that way. -I am going to.
  • This -- Oh. Okay. That was so anti-climatic.
  • All right, so, here is the Veuve,
  • and here is the Hostess.
  • -You've got to be freaking kidding me, right?
  • -Come on. Just enjoy yourself.
  • -You really want me to drink this?
  • -Just have a sip of it and tell me what you think.
  • -I'm trying to stall so that this could, like, suck up
  • the entire drink, and I don't have to do it.
  • Oh, my -- Aah! What is wrong with you?
  • -It's not that bad. -Mm!
  • -Now have a bite. Oop. Oh, my Twinkie fell apart.
  • -Mnh-mnh. Mnh-mnh. Can I just...
  • -This is a drink I created in your honor called
  • "Bitch Better Have My Bunny."
  • -[ Laughs ]
  • -Wait. What? -And here's how it works.
  • -Wait.
  • -So, now here it is. -Wait. Hold on.
  • That poor thing. [ Laughs ]
  • -There we go.
  • And we just pour a little tequila in there.
  • -Wait. A little? -All right, here we go.
  • -Yeah. Just drink. Shut up.
  • -Now, see? That's a good drink.
  • Okay, it's time for our first drinking game.
  • Are you ready? -Our first drinking game?
  • -Well, yeah, I feel like we've just been drinking.
  • This is a game. -Oh. Oh, okay.
  • -There's right or wrong answers. -You're right. You're right.
  • -Okay. So, I, as a fashion icon --
  • I am curious if you remember where you wore certain outfits.
  • So, here's the thing.
  • If you can tell me where you wore it, I will drink,
  • and if you can't remember where you wore it, you will drink.
  • All right. First one up. Where did you wear that?
  • -Are you serious? If I get it right...
  • -I drink. -Okay, the Met ball.
  • -Wow! I'm going to do two. -[ Laughs ]
  • -Two?! Oh, my God! Seth! I knew you were crazy.
  • -Okay, ready? They're getting harder now.
  • -Are you ready? Okay, let's go.
  • I wore that in New York City.
  • -You did wear it in New York City.
  • Do you know where you were going?
  • -I was walking down the street. -Yeah, okay.
  • We can tell from the photo it was down the street.
  • -Oh, my God. It's okay.
  • -All right, I feel like you got New York.
  • -I'll take the shot. [Bleep] it.
  • -Oh, my goodness. -Yeah.
  • -You just did salt cooler than I'll ever
  • do salt in my...
  • All right. Ready?
  • This one -- I'll be very impressed
  • if you can get this one right.
  • Ready? -I'm nervous now.
  • Dentist. -[Bleep] kidding me?
  • -Dentist in New York City. [ Laughs ]
  • -How do you remember what you wear to the dentist?
  • The dentist? -Yeah.
  • -How do you remember what you wore to the dentist?
  • -The street.
  • -Oh [bleep] You ass [bleep]
  • You told me she wouldn't get it, and you forgot --
  • you put it on her [bleep] dentist's street.
  • You dummies. Now I got to take another shot.
  • You -- -Drink up.
  • -I'm going to drink it.
  • [Bleep] -You are drunk.
  • We have -- Wow. -We're just getting started.
  • -We're in for a wild day.
  • -Oh, this is going to hurt my face.
  • All right, so, I think we all know bartenders
  • are really good at giving advice.
  • I'm going to get you a drink, and I want to give you
  • the opportunity to ask me anything
  • that you want to ask me, and I will give you advice on it.
  • -Oh, nice. -Yeah.
  • -Like, anything? -Yeah.
  • -Okay, if I quit music, then what should I do?
  • -Oh, well, I feel like you have a lot of
  • lines of business right now, right?
  • -Yeah, but I mean other than that.
  • -Okay. You should be a pilot.
  • -I actually wanted to be a pilot.
  • -You did want to be a pilot? -Mm-hmm.
  • -At what age?
  • -When I realized my grades sucked.
  • -I don't want a pilot whose grades sucked.
  • I want my pilot to -- -I do.
  • -You do? -Yeah.
  • -You want your pilot to be like, "Hey, we're about to take off.
  • I got a 'D' in science."
  • -As long as he got "A" in his pilot degree, I'm fine.
  • -Wait. Can we switch places?
  • I want to ask you for some advice.
  • -Actually, I'm better at giving advice than asking it,
  • so let's do it.
  • -Okay, good.
  • I want to, like, blow my wife away
  • with, like, a romantic night out.
  • What do I do? -You said it.
  • -What? -Blow your wife.
  • -[ Laughs ]
  • Rihanna, this is a network television show.
  • -Is it?
  • -Okay, I have a genuine advice question.
  • Your nickname is Ri-Ri.
  • What would be a good nickname for me?
  • -Damn! I don't even know you like that.
  • Like, I have to have a good knowledge of you, so...
  • -We've spent -- We've drank tequila
  • out of chocolate bunnies together.
  • -You know what? You're right.
  • -Okay, so, I'm going to count to three,
  • and just say the first thing that comes to your head.
  • 1, 2, 3!
  • -Seth.
  • -You can't tell me my Nickname is Seth.
  • -Yes!
  • -Whoo! -Cheers!
  • -Cheers, everybody.
  • My wife often says to me I'm so lucky I married her,
  • because I have no game, but I would like to prove
  • right now how good my game is.
  • Rihanna, feel free to ring this bell
  • as soon as my pickup line is bad.
  • This is me showing off how good my game is.
  • Hey, you look like a lady who was also underwhelmed
  • by the "Game of Thrones" finale.
  • -I don't watch "Game of Thrones."
  • [ Ding ]
  • -What's a nice boy like me doing
  • in the big city without his parents?
  • [ Ding ] -Wait. Are you serious?
  • I don't even have the energy to lift my arm to that bell.
  • Hey, you looking to answer... Are you...
  • [ Both laugh ]
  • Wait. Shh.
  • Excuse me.
  • Are you the girl from "Battleship?"
  • -Jesus. All right, are you desperate?
  • I leave. I'm out. I'm done.
  • -All right, so, we're out of the bar.
  • And for those of you who don't know,
  • Rihanna is not just a musician and actress.
  • She's also a businesswoman, a philanthropist,
  • and she has her own line, "Fenty Beauty."
  • And I would love if, right now, you could give me a summer eye.
  • All right, here we go.
  • How's it going so far? -[ Laughs ]
  • Whoa! Seth... -Is it coming alive?
  • -You have wrinkles. -What do you mean "wrinkles"?
  • -Don't do that. -Cut that out.
  • -You're [bleep] it up.
  • -Make this eye 10 years younger, Rihanna.
  • -Mm! When you talk, it doesn't help, by the way.
  • -Oh, my God. Do you know what you're doing?
  • -No. [ Laughs ]
  • -Oh, my God. -Stop.
  • -I mean, my eye is burning, but this is amazing.
  • All right, I'm going to do my... All right. Ready?
  • -No, don't, like, mess it up! -No, I'm doing my eye now.
  • I'm gonna do a little more blue. -I know.
  • -I need a little glue out here. -You're giving me --
  • -That's really good.
  • That's really good.
  • -I meant to say "Unicorn," but what's that movie?
  • -What movie? -With the blue people.
  • -"Avatar"? -Yeah, that one.
  • -Wait. Your best guess on what
  • the title of "Avatar" was was "Unicorn"?
  • And I would like to close tonight
  • by giving the gift of music.
  • And, obviously, I'm a great fan of yours.
  • So, I'm going to put on these noise-canceling headphones.
  • And I'm going to sing some of your songs to you.
  • -Okay, be passionate about this.
  • -What? -Be passionate!
  • -I'm passionate about this! -Be passionate about this!
  • -Okay.
  • ♪ Wa-wa-wa-wa-work ♪
  • ♪ Work, work, work, work, work ♪
  • ♪ Doobie-da-ba, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt ♪
  • ♪ Somethin' about work, work, work, work, work ♪
  • ♪ Nobody text me in a crisis ♪
  • [ Mumbling ]
  • -[ Laughs ]
  • -Don't! Don't!
  • -♪ Something that you never seen ♪
  • -I think we're good.
  • I think we're good. I think we're good.
  • [ Both singing indistinctly ]
  • -♪ Work, work, work, work, work ♪
  • ♪ Baby, work, work, work, work, work ♪
  • -♪ Let me have it, la-la-la-la-la ♪
  • Can we have another shot? -[ Laughs ]
  • -Shot for the run!
  • Shot for the run!
  • -♪ Nobody text me in a crisis ♪
  • [ Singing indistinctly ]
  • -♪ Love I brought for you for my foundation ♪
  • -♪ All that I wanted...♪ -[ Singing indistinctly ]
  • -♪ Somethin' that I never had ♪
  • ♪ Somethin' that you've never seen ♪
  • ♪ Somethin' that you've never been ♪
  • -♪ Whoa, be ♪
  • ♪ And I wake up...♪ -Hey!
  • ♪ Work, work, work, work, work ♪
  • -♪ All I do is...♪
  • This has been "Day Drinking With Seth and Rihanna"!
  • -Whoo! [ Cheers and applause ]

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Seth and Rihanna spend a day drinking at The Jane Hotel, where they do things like drink Rihanna-themed cocktails, dish out advice to one another and give Seth a Fenty Beauty makeover.
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Seth and Rihanna Go Day Drinking- Late Night with Seth Meyers

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