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Video *NEW* Super Sneaky Silenced Sniper
18:58   |   views   |   01/08/2019


  • all righty ladies and gentlemen you boy
  • is back from Jamaica he has had his
  • holiday and on a good day because just
  • coming back we got a brand new all day
  • for fortnight and it's got a lot of good
  • news also getting a little sick that's
  • not good news okay so first things first
  • we got some guns being bolted today we
  • got the six-shooter
  • God's plan but I already knew that one
  • was getting vaulted what I didn't know
  • was that the uncommon common and blue
  • assault rifles for being vaulted as well
  • so you probably got the fauces in-game
  • and they're still kind of mad but this
  • is good no more great bursts out of
  • chests and then next up something I
  • don't think we've ever seen before
  • is that something it's coming out of the
  • vault back into the game and that is the
  • dual pistols so we may see some of that
  • action today but of course the big
  • update today is the suppressed sniper
  • rifle deals 100 and 105 damage epic and
  • legendary variants it's gonna be very
  • interesting chess floor alert vending
  • machines and supply ropes
  • well it's likewise you guys going to
  • enjoy today's update day video
  • particular black rating it down below
  • let's get into our first game of solos
  • hopefully they didn't do an
  • oopsie-doopsie and it is actually in the
  • game and yeah alrighty then you boys had
  • a couple warm-up games but more
  • importantly I have yet to see the sniper
  • which is you know semi infuriating semi
  • don't really care cuz now I'm warmed up
  • ready to play some good format
  • you know it's update day people trying
  • hard me especially tried really hard
  • actually and I'm back from vacation I'm
  • actually hella down it just like try
  • really hard because I play 49 like a
  • week I had one little go with the
  • Dooleys I still haven't had a proper
  • girl with the Dooleys yet I'm excited to
  • do that please tell me I got front door
  • it looks like a front door alright do
  • least on the front door oh that's not a
  • dually I was aiming for that I'm so good
  • Dooley's there we go alright I'm going
  • it forms an SMG Oh get deleted
  • alright you love to see it yeah this
  • video might be more about the Dooleys
  • than it will be the suppressed sniper
  • rifle uh she's never seen it yet you
  • know
  • okay no dude one more hit you fuck it
  • come on dude you come on need one more
  • hit
  • alrighty then while we're waiting for
  • our second game of course like the waist
  • guys if you want to support this channel
  • right here make sure to use code locking
  • in the fortnight iron shot bottom
  • right-hand corner alright you know what
  • I probably got a new block drop so let's
  • check it out I might be a hot drop I
  • don't know how people work with the
  • block these days I tend to avoid it but
  • we'll see what we got here
  • ah you kidding it's just a bunch of
  • bounce pads where's the floor let CI
  • Keys gonna put the sentry down his he
  • come on get in alright okay well she
  • actually took my word a little bit too
  • serious there and didn't get in that
  • stole my kill did certainly happy got
  • that alright well that's the cool thing
  • is that I won't die oh no HP I will die
  • give me this is so weird kind of do you
  • like it there
  • get out gang might oh there's someone
  • around right another chest there's
  • actually a little chest here maybe I
  • might get the gun here
  • gotcha I don't know if he actually got
  • the other guy or what the deal is
  • okay I think he did I really think he
  • did all right well that was a bit of an
  • interesting stock no Julie's and no
  • Express sniper rifle not exactly the
  • greatest but a couple balloons I guess
  • got here what do it
  • just something bought whack it on some
  • stuff you do love to see it
  • alright let's get out of this thing's in
  • actual maze I feel like we're gonna get
  • popped any second here yeah we're gonna
  • pick up this shotgun and be on our merry
  • way someone else is shooting him up the
  • hill
  • dang it's alright
  • guess what buddy I got a plane and you
  • darn which means you're in trouble yeah
  • a lot of it alright oh I was really
  • worried but he had the suppressed
  • version what still taking damage from
  • that why did they remove that all right
  • we got that spread boy give me that
  • spread
  • Oh playings nerf by the way oh we got it
  • boys we got the suppressed sniper rifle
  • let's go all right tell you what let's
  • get out of here and let's suppress snipe
  • people that wasn't the same guy I don't
  • thing that I'm sniping out I really
  • could just whoa oh no we're in trouble
  • now
  • Oh yucky see he's got a plane and I know
  • they're good cuz I just deleted someone
  • with 1cv take him out okay
  • sounds kind of cool that's my first shot
  • with one oh okay
  • sorry I hit the plant not the person but
  • it still felt kind of cool alright okay
  • well the good news is okay it's silent
  • but they can still you know tell the
  • biddings shot so it's not that time
  • Lorraine dear boy disappearing on us
  • so let's go do them dirty with a plane I
  • don't want to but I will if I have to
  • hello mrs. reindeer
  • so they reduced the knock back of this
  • thing
  • oh that was too close for comfort
  • absolutely and there's one and there's
  • two
  • and I really don't want to waste the
  • last ones until you hear he's a bot hit
  • him once
  • Oh surely that guy's foot he doesn't
  • always been hit from you'll love to see
  • it no I want my health give it back okay
  • suppress silencer working decently there
  • would the the stealth activity I didn't
  • even he was the he was walking he wasn't
  • sprinting so that's like key for is a
  • bought but I don't mind this okay
  • he knows the direction of where he's
  • been hit a little more nor all right
  • well I've given away my location now I
  • really wanted that headshot did he just
  • let the game he's straight I just left
  • the game wow I've never seen anyone do
  • that late game it's a ballsy strategy
  • all right I don't want that I'll take
  • that though I want to keep using the
  • suppress sniper rifle I'm loving it
  • there we go
  • shield Dooley's
  • Oh heavy sniper not today like just
  • because I got it right now obviously but
  • he didn't even know I mean he should
  • have known because I had you know the
  • assault rifle out the back but oh this
  • guy wasn't there it's boys been taking
  • down that looked like it should have hit
  • but okay whoa did not see that peak
  • coming okay then well that really sucks
  • he musta headshot me with that rifle you
  • kidding me right now I can't believe you
  • got a moving head shut up me look he's
  • serious man I didn't get one head shut
  • the whole game even they were standing
  • still
  • alrighty then well the bad news is we
  • didn't win but the good news is you guys
  • get a free game like in another game so
  • like it's like a sick deal did two games
  • for one video whoa yeah alright anyway
  • whatever pump shotgun who's next and I'm
  • taking that too no pump she'll come for
  • you all right double poppin its 2017
  • boys traps and everything boys ready to
  • steal my kill boy you serious like that
  • dude it's not cool
  • hey buddy where are you going
  • yeah it just made sense more there to
  • use the pump alright well she had like
  • some full shields
  • all right then let's grab a riff to go
  • and let's hopefully go to like snobby or
  • something
  • oh he's focused he's focused he's
  • focused but what he doesn't realize is
  • he's also being assassinated oh are you
  • kidding me
  • that was the more scuffed fire I think
  • I've done in a minute
  • I can't believe I did that I switched
  • over to an empty SMG how'd I not see
  • that
  • dad no
  • I'm sorry about it this game right now
  • jeez
  • see I want to go for that just because
  • it could be the sniper rifle and I want
  • that
  • really
  • yeah these little cheeky thing you're
  • running me over uh uh uh all right might
  • want the grappler yeah I want the
  • grappler Oh
  • maybe I should go no I'll get rid of the
  • Gert of the hand cannon no keep the
  • grout out of minis for now oh it's the
  • ball no we're not here for the vault
  • you're just doing here for it I want to
  • get used to it because I feel like the
  • vault is still better in worst ways ah
  • we saw me the plane here there is I
  • didn't even take it you take it
  • alright who's doing that he's doing that
  • you're doing that you can get away with
  • that huh no you never look at the plane
  • that's the problem buddy never look at
  • the plane
  • I feel so bad but I don't because it was
  • a soccer skin but I feel bad because I
  • know that person's being like these
  • planes aren't even nerfed and he's dead
  • right
  • he or she
  • call trooper mmm okay give me that all
  • right now we're talking suppressed
  • sniper rifle I feel like I should get
  • rid of something I will get I'll grab
  • that no no of course I'll actually I'll
  • get rid of that Chuck that there I know
  • that's gonna be not the greatest but hey
  • we'll deal with it as a guy up on this
  • hill we need to get to him y'all have no
  • idea how madam is like sorry y'all have
  • no idea how mad I am that I missed that
  • shot all right what do you go for me cuz
  • I think he didn't have any shield and he
  • needed what was here and he ran straight
  • for it cuz he needed it so bad oh come
  • on the bullet rub feels way way more ah
  • he's using the wrong sniper rifle see I
  • wouldn't have heard him he had the other
  • one I can't wait for him to snipe me off
  • this
  • uh sorry not sorry
  • oh there's a plane coming so the best
  • thing to deal with a plane it's to get
  • your airplane
  • oh you're getting out a same probably
  • thinks is so cool getting in that plague
  • guess he doesn't have an SMG to deal
  • with some that planes coming back down
  • [Music]
  • hmm weird a gamer
  • [Music]
  • and it'd be harder Jerry and it'd be
  • harder okay looks gay yeah I was a
  • true-blue gamer there that's for sure
  • yeah I feel realized you don't having
  • any type of SMG but like you know you
  • got to work with the slots you've got
  • and I really want to get like you know
  • kills with this rifle give me that every
  • time I seem to hit someone it's for 105
  • but hey he's counting just me
  • maybe you I don't want to play and rush
  • the loss CAC because I've already done
  • it to too many people that was
  • incredibly close how do you even know
  • where I am
  • you didn't hear me obviously a cheer all
  • right looks like a bit of a gamer so
  • don't feel bad taking him out with
  • playing all right we're on the Zippy huh
  • see the knock back
  • huh see it's so weird when you don't
  • have another gun to back up with it's
  • incredibly weird a second nurse kept and
  • no one to hear me that contrast pay to
  • lose my boy oh I took full damage huh
  • all right where's the last guy where is
  • our loss oh come on of course want to go
  • out of that all right hey buddy
  • where you at okay oh okay
  • I ain't trying to lose two games mate
  • like I said I ain't trying to lose two
  • games
  • I'm looking for a bit of a reset
  • honestly see ya and before he shoots me
  • off the zipline
  • like I don't even know why I did that I
  • could have easily killed him that with a
  • shotgun but I want to kill him with the
  • the suppressed sniper you know just
  • feels right
  • oh wow I wonder where you are okay and I
  • thought I was playing like a shag
  • definitely about to welcome to the video
  • game with
  • Oh thought of in comma okay I'm really
  • scared he's throw out of sniper shots
  • all right just give me CERN let me get a
  • nice snipe call it a day
  • we'll call it that might oh oh
  • buddy you should not have teeth that
  • let's go suppressed sniper new in
  • fortnight Battle Royale
  • hope you guys once enjoyed today's video
  • if you guys did Chuck is so like reading
  • down below I'll catch you guys hopefully
  • back to daily but then I'm going back on
  • a ski trip with little boy so then we'll
  • go back to like once every second day
  • but yeah again make sure to use car lock
  • in storm I'll catch you guys tomorrow
  • I like the new gun let me know what you
  • think

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Today we got a new sniper in Fortnite and its Silent (shhh)
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