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Video I Built A Working Car Using Only LEGOS
12:29   |   11M+ views   |   today at 12:19


  • let go right into the video okay that
  • kind of hurt but I still love you to
  • pieces
  • [Music]
  • I got the solution what we do come back
  • the sky sorry we just had to fill up
  • real quick one second
  • kate's the Gettysburg
  • okay this is my new car it's totally
  • built using only Legos nothing else like
  • to be sure the tires only Legos right
  • guys so like I'm tired oh yeah it said
  • ages nine and up on the box so it
  • shouldn't be too hard
  • I thought local courts were supposed to
  • be fuel-efficient but this took 82 cents
  • to fill off what the crap man 82 cents
  • legs together Obama I know right you're
  • not a Viking anymore here's the big dude
  • with the beard I have big dude with the
  • beard
  • you're just joshing Oh
  • hope they don't died that would suck cuz
  • insurance well then I wouldn't be able
  • to upload this video yeah you can title
  • it my employers gone wrong you're right
  • all right
  • [Music]
  • you know some old mom has called the
  • cops already there's two guys and Lego
  • cars
  • hey what's up how you doing good he got
  • stuck in ER tonight
  • what a cheap baller
  • [Applause]
  • give it me there yeah thanks for holding
  • up traffic for us
  • are we about the dry passes police
  • stations yeah the police stations coming
  • up yeah we're literally about to drive
  • past the police station illegal
  • Yeah right
  • relax captain just so much more fun on
  • the sidewalk
  • we're good she didn't notice a cop just
  • drove by and didn't do anything
  • those big dogs don't let's be super
  • reckless at this exact second all right
  • we're gonna cop just like what what
  • drive more reckless and draw more
  • attention
  • [Music]
  • and hello yeah okay what state do they
  • have it out there University
  • sweet all your cow the cow welcome to
  • this we all see that there was a whole
  • squad of us and then we just started
  • driving through the campus and we lost
  • all our friends intercom rest yeah okay
  • oh here we go we are like pioneers the
  • Pioneers used to ride these like okay
  • hey excuse me sir which way sucked off
  • thank you thank you all right well
  • that's all we needed working Oh
  • left-hand turns
  • [Music]
  • okay all right well that was a year
  • journey we as a squad just went through
  • hell and back but thanks for coming
  • Tyler even though we all right yeah we I
  • don't know where the hell we are but we
  • we did something we just drove no
  • offense
  • Tyler but can you get those yeah the car
  • I'm kind of like I have no room um what
  • the hell is this I know where our
  • comrade is we lost him they were running
  • on the road they were pushing it hey you
  • guys let her go far we built it this
  • morning yes thank you
  • yeah I got with sweet we're building
  • ourselves yeah Legos and screws it was
  • like $200 but so that way you know where
  • to put your butts right yeah exactly
  • we're gonna go eat can you not steal it
  • yeah I got you yeah yeah like your ribs
  • are like just like oh yeah no Tyler go
  • try to steal it let's test them yeah oh
  • all right we trust you with this it's
  • right here when we get back from eating
  • boys riot against them so you like our
  • car oh yes nice dude nice just I bought
  • it for my daughter but
  • yeah now we're just gonna use it we
  • stopped and got some food but we're back
  • on the road again our compadres are back
  • there we're gonna go hit up a park our
  • combats they broke down yo guys what
  • happened is that working all right guys
  • hop in our with and you liked our web
  • like our with hey uh but yeah no one
  • thinks you look like Tom Cruise she just
  • said yeah what does it mean anything
  • y'all intercourse before I've ever seen
  • no you're the coolest people we've ever
  • seen I love your car I don't understand
  • it but I like it you'll see it you can
  • ride in it if you want
  • I'm gonna take a picture when you get to
  • the window okay can I have a water are
  • you serious 10,000 subscribers thank you
  • Alan not mad oh my god what's uh what's
  • your favorite video Oh Oh the Walmart
  • video where you don't oh you know the
  • stickers yeah yeah hey can I take a
  • picture with you yeah sure buried light
  • are you doing oh we're just driving a
  • Lego car out you know this is also like
  • it what's up YouTube thank you
  • see on the other side boys
  • is it okay to be here like pulled over
  • here okay well please yeah
  • do you have your license plates on you
  • soon I don't I don't have my wallet okay
  • so you know happy never gonna find it
  • for me the reason why we operate this
  • vehicle on the road I just filming a
  • video man but on street in the middle of
  • the day we had to get it back okay since
  • I put another one sure enough my girls
  • are dangerous yeah this is serious stuff
  • forget people like robbing and stealing
  • and killing right now that the Lego cars
  • are already pretty impressive oh right
  • yeah it's like 100 degrees out here and
  • cops told us to stop driving on the road
  • ago lives matter to take out what do you
  • think like a lives matter I don't right
  • what else oh say I need every comment
  • Lego lives matter too they tell me
  • technically I could have lost my license
  • oh hell yeah
  • thank you for letting me have a warning
  • guy we're done breaking the law for
  • today at least
  • [Music]

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