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Video Try not to laugh (FORTNITE)
11:58   |   views   |   10/10/2018


  • I know about y'all but I'm getting
  • garbage assload I get a green pistol and
  • a tactical shotgun and a message on my
  • phone from a girl that says let's just
  • be friends yeah I really could have used
  • that wood but okay dude where are all
  • the fucking bitches at seriously where
  • all the friggin bitches dismay or is
  • there a distinct lack of bitches it's
  • all I was like a total sausage fest
  • right now with all the vision I want to
  • hang out with that guy at the club fat
  • fuckin tofox right here with all that
  • with all the poos gang boy bitches
  • that's my fucking problem yeah that is a
  • problem
  • you're never gonna really have a
  • successful life if you're constantly
  • loving bad bitches you guys see that
  • video that gay guy tasting his own comb
  • that's just you literally watching gave
  • what are you looking up to find that gay
  • guy drinks his own come fits why are you
  • not breaking the rocks you don't have to
  • leave rocks one hit are you breaking my
  • balls
  • this is fucking dragon is so goddamn
  • black shut up gran or they should do a
  • promo for got into the galaxy and call
  • it Groot lake and the entire ticks over
  • the lake is the stretched image of
  • groots face is the cloud actually gonna
  • real yeah yes yeah gonorrhea no that's
  • gone a rear that's rare it's a rare
  • disease your your I'm gonna go get your
  • test results I'll be right back fuckin
  • doctors you know what actually I am just
  • trying to make it better
  • good thing you're not a dancer because
  • you've got cancer I'll give you guys
  • some time
  • [Laughter]
  • they should have been a special event
  • for 9/11 with the Buster's Rams regular
  • fuck until the towers said never forget
  • I know there's a fucking tryout dude why
  • do people play default I hope they all
  • get hung out in public space and people
  • who spit on him stupid cunts I wish the
  • exact same thing whatever I was also
  • thinking something similar well you guys
  • are lying about not knowing it Fitz
  • knows about it who's fucking quit
  • slobbering on my pussy on this forego
  • you in a drop oh it is just me left no
  • do you know what okay actually means
  • means all correct them stands for all
  • correct
  • no one is all correct and that's what
  • makes you unique faggot no one's perfect
  • and you know what Timmy that's what
  • makes you unique faggot faggot what are
  • you doing with that dick do you think
  • there were people making fun of the
  • Holocaust the day after the war ended
  • yeah probably not everyone was probably
  • extremely fucking horrified that they
  • incinerated six million people in camps
  • I feel like somebody had a lot killed
  • the Jews all right crazy motherfucker
  • oh the faggot things not going in the
  • video but that is yeah that's where we
  • draw the line I thought we were going to
  • snobby shores y'all or fucking move I
  • was busy singing about the Jews look I
  • don't know about you babe but uh here
  • babe I could take him to pound townn
  • babe guys bothering your Cuckoo's Nest
  • babe yo I'm not trying to step in on
  • your bed I respect your decision to
  • cheat on me babe but we got a problem
  • with this relationship babe you walk in
  • on your wife having sex with another man
  • this guy borrow you babe
  • loud noises babe why are you moaning up
  • here bed
  • who's this skip are you my dick so big
  • it wears socks and shoes buy big so big
  • [Music]
  • so big it goes down the mentary school
  • it's five years old sorry Fitz no SES
  • I'm not worried only concerned paradise
  • let's have a little vacation boys I
  • think we deserve it welcome to Paradise
  • City where the grass is orange and the
  • girls are also orange all good in the
  • hood
  • [Laughter]
  • do not be sad because sad the buckles is
  • das and thus is not good it's not good
  • not me like what did you return on the
  • way ok sleepy boy later you know and so
  • Toby left the session and was nowhere to
  • be seen for the rest of the day he had a
  • real tired
  • attitude today and it was kind of fuckin
  • knowing if I - Cathy never gave me any
  • funny joke but that's ok because we live
  • and learn here at Finn's CO and we're
  • accepting of everyone's current way
  • they're feeling stuff mental yeah men of
  • states you know that shit Mabel has tip
  • reported here so you want to take a nap
  • in the middle of the day even though
  • it's your fucking job you know that's
  • fine you can fucking do that
  • it's not immature or irresponsible at
  • all and I definitely do not need you for
  • content so yeah that's fine everything's
  • just just great I'm doing great I'm not
  • a desperate need for fortnight footage
  • or anything I hope you fucking die fuck
  • you I sincerely thanks so much what a
  • whole semester can I work for you guys
  • guys who is pichia file my mom says he
  • goes to my school
  • I think he's your science teacher no you
  • listen to be here boy yeah I swear to
  • god I'm gonna bust a move on you in just
  • a second imagine just did in the club
  • like some guy this point to you guys now
  • you look here see I don't think you know
  • exactly who you're messing with
  • I won championship three games it around
  • and you're about to get absolutely
  • wrecked - mouth that's my fetish it's
  • nice and fetish it's just completely
  • normal to be into that let's just
  • fucking common sense
  • I don't want to wait for our lives to be
  • over I would rather just get a fucking
  • divorce Karen please listen to this in a
  • one versus two I think to myself oh shit
  • this guy's day his Mele in the chat yeah
  • she just said what the fuck that I just
  • walk into
  • nothing you can buy the scrap off me
  • oh yeah I'll give you two dicks Speer
  • dick is lying around this guy can you
  • invite me Oh fantastic you've already
  • done it that's very good I just invited
  • my friend yes let's hope we get epic
  • wins splash your daughter all right
  • let's get good at anything is life my
  • report card well I was quite unlucky but
  • this is really not vibing with my home
  • mood right now inspector it just was the
  • game I'm already feeling like this is
  • appropriate but is okay you can just be
  • glad just white yourself and you'll just
  • be fine because if you lied to yourself
  • you won't have any problems
  • justperson massive fight hitting like
  • three themes that's my goodness I do
  • like massive fights what are you doing
  • at my parents house oh my goodness that
  • was one of the funniest jokes I've ever
  • heard in my life
  • thank you that's why it's go to my video
  • I really
  • door the comedy style you have adapted
  • just break the fourth wall
  • no really I'm like oh my oh my god it
  • doesn't work when there we got like
  • three million sweets for that I'm saving
  • you Dan I just saved you yet I did it
  • you actually save me where were you you
  • fucking idiot dude it was below you what
  • that was so not you you're not the idiot
  • dude chill oh thank god not everything's
  • about you know Fitz you are Oh Democrat
  • boss at all hard
  • [Music]

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