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Video Does Flex Seal ACTUALLY Work?
22:36   |   views   |   01/12/2019


  • yup I got it this is flex seal baby flex
  • seal perhaps the most coveted substance
  • on the planet Earth after seeing Phil
  • Swift's Instagram ads John trans flex
  • seal series and an assortment of flex
  • seal memes I knew it was time that I
  • checked this product out while all of us
  • at some point in our childhood were
  • entranced by Phil Swift's ever
  • captivating infomercials
  • I was always skeptical and wondered if
  • that much damage could ever be repaired
  • I went on Amazon and ordered my fair
  • share flex seal and decided to test it
  • we had to know if covering delicate
  • items like eggs in flex seal would
  • render them invincible to the forces of
  • gravity and concrete if my katana slips
  • on my way to the grocery store and
  • accidentally cut a conveniently placed
  • bucket could flex seal restore it to the
  • point where I could carry my kool-aid in
  • it again if you run out of rubbers on
  • your way to hang out with your girl will
  • flex seal work as a safe form of
  • contraception can flex seal stop an
  • armed criminal if you just seal the tip
  • of the criminals GU n with fly seal
  • before he shoes can fly seal keep your
  • food fresh if you can't afford a
  • refrigerator can flex seal waterproof
  • your shoes and allow you to walk on
  • water and can flex seal render any
  • household item of yours fireproof and
  • most importantly can flex seal protect
  • you from a nuclear bomb attack and many
  • more pressing questions that we had to
  • find the answer for not just for us but
  • for Phil Phil Swift and jontron of
  • course so make sure to watch all the way
  • till the end and I may just be giving
  • away a key prop used in this video okay
  • guys we're gonna see if this flex seal
  • can fix my broken TV Tyler
  • we don't have any broken TVs say no more
  • Oh little did I know TVs were actually
  • surprisingly hard to break so my dad
  • searched for the weak spot and
  • eventually we came to an abrupt
  • conclusion apparently these old TVs
  • might just explode in your face if you
  • hit the CRT tubes we're just gonna hope
  • for the best folks and try to destroy
  • this TV six and a half hours later
  • yeah these TVs really are quite
  • difficult to penetrate the more I think
  • about it
  • alrighty folks I think the real question
  • we're trying to answer today is whether
  • flexi on Phil Swift can save my damaged
  • TV that may or may not have been
  • purposefully damaged let's go for it
  • while for some of you this might be some
  • sort of weirdly pleasing ASMR experience
  • I'm just gonna cut to the chase I flex
  • sealed a lot of flex seal on this TV and
  • here are the results it'll be a miracle
  • we can save this TV my Flex seal works
  • miracles so let's see what happens now
  • this folks is a lot less damaged let's
  • give it some time to dry and see if this
  • quick sealing adhesive bond can save the
  • day thanks Bill Swift all right folks
  • this one's for those of you guys who
  • accidentally slice your buckets in half
  • and need to repair them it's a common
  • problem and we're here to fix it but
  • first up we need to cut our bucket don't
  • do this at home kids
  • a clean slice all the way through that's
  • what I'm talking about well that was a
  • lot of damage let's give it some more
  • sliced all the way through now that is a
  • lot of damage let's see if we can flex
  • seal this baby back to its original
  • restoration now guys just to give you a
  • little in-depth look into the slice here
  • this thing was cut all the way in half
  • in the back in the front it went
  • straight through that sword it was
  • extremely powerful and we're gonna
  • figure out how strong flex feels
  • adhesive bond is let's go for it and at
  • this point you should know how it works
  • I flex sealed the bucket to the point
  • where I felt comfortable that this
  • bucket would hold a gallon of kool-aid
  • or my urine for that matter if I felt
  • it's so necessary on demand whenever I
  • please hopefully guys this flex seal
  • repairs my bucket here so I can continue
  • to walk around with my kool-aid in the
  • bucket let's give Flexsteel 24 hours to
  • work its magic and then we'll check on
  • it later now I'm probably most curious
  • to see the results of this little
  • experimentation what I have in here is a
  • dozen eggs usually when you drop an egg
  • from 6 to 7 feet this is what happens
  • was that just an anomaly let's
  • double-check
  • yep they splatter but the real question
  • is if I flex seal the shit out of the
  • rest of these eggs will they survive the
  • fall
  • this eggs already broken sacrificial and
  • yep you know the drill
  • I applied flex seals liquid adhesive to
  • the calcium exterior of these eggs and
  • the magic happened folks let's let these
  • flex sealed eggs dry for 24 hours and
  • we'll test this again okay guys now this
  • one's for those of you mad lads out
  • there who are driving over to your
  • girl's house or get those necessary
  • rubbers and you have no other
  • alternative but you happen to bring one
  • thing in your back pocket that's right
  • flex seal the question of the day is if
  • you have no rubbers in your back pocket
  • will flex still get the job done I think
  • so let's seal this bad boy up and test
  • it in the field well ideally in this
  • scenario you'd want to have a
  • contraceptive on hand flex seals the
  • next best alternative don't sue me if
  • this doesn't work for you though and I
  • continued to flex seal the banana which
  • as we all know is a metaphor for a
  • certain you get the picture now this one
  • folks has always captivated my curiosity
  • I'm going to the grocery store a robber
  • pulls like GU n straight to my head
  • please don't do monetize him YouTube
  • this is just a BB gu n by the way what
  • would I do if I left my pepper spray and
  • common sense back in the house the only
  • solution I see is to flex seal the tip
  • of the GU and as you can see guys
  • without flex seal if this bad boys
  • pointed to the tip of your head and you
  • haven't covered it in Flex cilia you're
  • a goner
  • did you see that rocket launch out of
  • this fierce piece this thing will kill
  • you I think it's time to flex seal the
  • tip of this sucker and yeah I flex seal
  • the tip of this gu n the question is if
  • the robber still has the audacity to
  • blast my brains out with his g UN would
  • I die okay guys one of the biggest
  • questions I've had lately is if I'm a
  • minimalist how do I keep my food fresh
  • if I can't afford or want to buy a
  • refrigerator
  • my solution guys is as you might have
  • guessed flex seal the shit out of these
  • freshly picked delicacies I don't know
  • what the hell this is I plucked it from
  • a nearby tree and I draped the succulent
  • exterior of this grapefruit with a
  • boatload of flex seal and I also spilled
  • an ungodly sum a flex seal on this
  • basketball court and I had to clean it
  • up warning not gonna lie guys throughout
  • this entire video I've been getting
  • somewhat light-headed and dizzy it's
  • like when you get up from sitting down
  • for a long time and you just see all
  • those black stars that don't actually
  • exist that's how I'm feeling throughout
  • this entire video and that's something I
  • wasn't fully aware of when I bought all
  • this flex seal is that apparently flex
  • seals a known carcinogen easily give you
  • cancer if you ingest it so hopefully
  • none of this goes into my lungs and
  • kills me that's all guys don't worry one
  • of the biggest questions in the
  • Flexsteel community right now is if your
  • spouse significant other girlfriend
  • boyfriend or husband wife whatever might
  • be is talking too much
  • it's nagging you off the charts what can
  • a guy or gal do and the solution as I
  • discovered last night was flex seal his
  • or her mouth shut I'll demonstrate
  • I don't need views that much okay guys
  • on a more serious note if you're at your
  • little cousins graduation party she's
  • just graduated from kindergarten ears
  • are playing with that class of 2018
  • beach ball and some mother comes out of
  • nowhere and pops that ball then the
  • question then becomes can we make this
  • punctured ball float again here are the
  • results before Flexsteel if I were to
  • apply pressure listen to the air come
  • out of this thing it doesn't even have
  • that classic bounce anymore and I'm sure
  • you can guess what I did next okay guys
  • this is just a personal problem of mine
  • whenever I walked through water my feet
  • are wet again my feet get absolutely
  • drenched so the logical conclusion of
  • course was to see if I could flex seal
  • these bad boys and make them waterproof
  • and allow me to walk on water like Jesus
  • Christ and don't worry guys these shoes
  • were in such poor condition I couldn't
  • have even given them away to some kid
  • who needed them I guess so
  • I destroyed them with Flexsteel
  • practically if this shoe isn't worthy of
  • the flex seal family and I don't know
  • what is I really want to see if flex
  • seal can make glass shatter proof now
  • what happens usually when I'm climbing a
  • ladder
  • I accidentally drop a light bulb or a
  • vase for that matter this is what
  • happens guys
  • I kid you not I'll literally be walking
  • up the ladder oh I dropped a vase and
  • this is what happens
  • come on now I didn't give you permission
  • to shatter like that for Christ's sake
  • so I decided to flex seal this glass and
  • still see if it had the audacity to
  • break when faced with the onslaught of
  • gravity and some stiff concrete and this
  • one was a little more difficult than the
  • prior ones we had to fully cover this
  • glass face with that rubberized adhesive
  • and surprisingly it stuck pretty well
  • completely flexed sealed
  • welcome to the Flex family a more
  • pressing question I've done recently is
  • Tyler is it even safe to flex seal on a
  • hoverboard we'll all tell you folks it's
  • never been safer before baby ok guys a
  • lot of people have been asked you mean
  • Tyler in the movie bird box when the
  • Asian dude gets wrecked by whatever the
  • hell those creatures are as he's looking
  • at those heat signatures the question is
  • would he have survived if he flex sealed
  • goggles put them on his face and then
  • looked at the heat signature let's flex
  • seal the shit out of this bad boy and
  • see what happens when we look at the
  • monsters yeah yeah I think you get the
  • picture i flex seal the blindfold ok
  • guys the problem I've been experiencing
  • recently is when I'm trying to smash
  • Soulja Boy's video game consoles
  • sometimes my hammer just flies out of my
  • head not again so I always wondered if I
  • flex seal the non-existing grip on this
  • hammer would it be easier to smash
  • Soulja Boy's consoles and I think so so
  • I flex sealed some grip onto it we can
  • only pray to God that this works now
  • ladies and gentlemen have you ever
  • wondered if you accidentally broke a
  • branch off a tree oops rumor has it that
  • flex seal can reattach a branch to a
  • tree they luckily apply a little bit of
  • flex seal on the inside and attach to
  • the tree now that folks is the power of
  • flight seal ok guys no jokes sometimes
  • I'm sitting on the John and I
  • straight-up run out of toilet paper what
  • I've always wondered is if I flex seal
  • an empty roll of toilet paper such as
  • this can I wipe my ass with it sometimes
  • I'm literally just walking down the
  • street and I accidentally dropped my
  • Soulja game console
  • and then when I look at the soldier game
  • console tears roll down my eyes and the
  • entire Flexsteel community has been
  • wondering can you seal away the soldier
  • game console for eternity
  • suck on this soldier boy I don't think
  • we'll be seeing soldier boy soldier game
  • console anymore after this
  • conventionally-speaking if you apply
  • flame to piece of cardboard it lights on
  • fire but my question is if you apply a
  • liquid flex seal all over a piece of
  • cardboard will it render this piece of
  • cardboard flame proof and we fully
  • covered the cardboard in liquid flex
  • seal looking back at this idea it seems
  • oddly idiotic but the results are
  • staggering just watch and see will
  • liquid flex seal make any object slice
  • resistant and then we gave every object
  • we flex seal a fool 24 hours to fully
  • dry and we observed the startling
  • results what's good gamers we just let
  • the flex seal drive for 24 hours now
  • it's time to see if it fully recovered
  • our damaged TV let's smash it with a
  • hammer once more shall we here we have
  • the flex seal fully sealed these cracks
  • right here but as you can see this looks
  • fully rubberized and fully sealed let's
  • see if we can smash it once more with
  • the quick swing and the hammer
  • look at that resilience as you can see
  • right here I hammer this thing for a
  • cool 60 seconds straight and amazingly
  • enough it's fully rubberized adhesive
  • protected the TV and the exposed area
  • now that is an epic win for flex seal
  • but the question I've been losing sleep
  • over is will these eggs survive the fall
  • we have two fully flexed sealed eggs and
  • we're gonna see they'll bounce like a
  • rubber ball or smash like a typical egg
  • from this height we're gonna drop this
  • egg and see what happens from this
  • height
  • it broke but it didn't splatter now
  • folks we're gonna drop it from my level
  • it broke but it didn't splatter this was
  • the egg we dropped from the entire
  • ladder as you can see it broke sure but
  • the shell remains somewhat intact when I
  • roll it over the egg is not falling
  • apart and crumbling like one normally
  • would as you can see the flex seal
  • definitely protected the egg to a large
  • extent but is it still cracked of course
  • not much can protect the insides of an
  • egg now that folks is a win for flex
  • seal okay guys as you all know we sealed
  • the tip of this G un with flex seal and
  • the tip is fully covered no holes even
  • exposed the question is if I lock this
  • bad boy and take it for a blast will it
  • blast straight through the flesh sealed
  • hole and we solved G UN violence with
  • flex seal as you can see folks it
  • blasted straight through the tip right
  • through the pecker the propulsion of the
  • BB penetrated the flex seal
  • wholeheartedly and now this G un is a
  • bona fide killing machine so guys don't
  • use flex seal on an armed robber or
  • you'll most likely die one of the
  • questions I've been dying to answer is
  • if you're on your way to your girl's
  • house
  • you forgot the plastics back of the
  • house if she's rubbing your banana off
  • can the rocket blast off without you
  • being a father let's test this out in
  • real time the banana is fully flexed
  • sealed
  • yep folks it's best to just keep the
  • hugging Flexsteel will not replace those
  • rubbers what idiot would even think of
  • using flex seal as a form of
  • contraception for Christ's sake this
  • bucket here is living proof that enough
  • flex seal and enough time can make any
  • dream come true this bucket is fully
  • flexed sealed the question is can it
  • hold my kool-aid alright folks here I
  • have a full bucket of cooling the
  • question is will this once sliced in
  • half bucket hold my kool-aid let's see
  • lift us up and see if it works
  • now folks what you're witnessing is a
  • bucket that was cut in half
  • look at this minimal leakage that folks
  • is the power of flesh sealed
  • I may have spoke too soon Oh No now this
  • folks is one of the biggest unanswered
  • questions in the Flexsteel community
  • this is a vase covered rim to rim in
  • flesh seal now you witness what happens
  • to regular glass not like sealed it's
  • shatters the question is will this flex
  • sealed vase with stand the ravages of
  • concrete and gravity
  • [Music]
  • boats we have our answer but would you
  • say this face shattered I'd say no this
  • thing is somewhat fully intact it is in
  • fact glued together by the bond of Flex
  • tool and I could lift it up and it would
  • stay somewhat intact no flex seal cannot
  • shatterproof your glass vase it's best
  • just not to drop it now folks I think we
  • all saw how when I was going a little
  • too aggressively on my soldier game
  • console my hammer went flying out of my
  • hands at times if we flex yield some
  • grip on to this hammer would it stick in
  • our hands when we smash the soldier game
  • console since we need the soldier game
  • console for another demonstration let's
  • see if it flies out of my hands
  • when I'm beating this bucket to a pole
  • throughout that entire beating the
  • hammer stayed in my hand
  • last time this hammer would have flown
  • to Indonesia by now does flex seal keep
  • your food fresh let's just get my
  • plastic knife here and cut into the
  • shall we will start off with the lemon
  • Oh crunch you look at those juices
  • flowing wow what a clean cut delicious a
  • lemon better off than it was before fly
  • seal as you can see it's completely
  • fresh fresher than it could have ever
  • hoped for a little thicker than the last
  • one but nothing this plastic katana
  • can't handle slice straight through it
  • here as you can see the entire thing was
  • covered in flex seal Mon baby Wow this
  • one has a little less impressive results
  • in my opinion now the grapefruits still
  • not bad tasting but as you can see it's
  • almost as if the liquid Flexsteel
  • seep into the grapefruit and penetrated
  • its outer crust so I'm gonna say flex
  • seal did not save the day when it came
  • to keeping this fresh but as you can see
  • it's still juicy ripe and delicious now
  • one question I sought to answer was if
  • your balloon got popped
  • somehow or another could it be restored
  • with flesh seal if you look where we
  • repaired it there are some slight holes
  • it looks as if rubber on rubber was too
  • much for flex seal to handle one of the
  • questions that a lot of people in the
  • bird Box community asked me was Tyler if
  • you flex seal blindfold put it on your
  • eyes will you survive if you look at
  • patterns of the creatures it appears as
  • if you can in fact serve 5 JK guys
  • putting this this close to your face
  • alone will probably give you cancer
  • anyway so who cares if you end up seeing
  • the creatures your Donsky regardless
  • rumor had it if you applied flex seal to
  • a piece of cardboard it would be fire
  • resistant let's light this bad boy on
  • fire and see if it is rumor also has it
  • that fly seal in and of itself is highly
  • flammable all right guys it's officially
  • burning the question is will expand
  • taneous Li combust
  • as you can see folks it still definitely
  • burns but luckily this banana took on
  • the flames as you know one of the other
  • Flexsteel questions was whether if we
  • applied a ton of flesh seal to a piece
  • of cardboard would it be cut proof but I
  • literally just saw it through a ton of
  • plexi land it's not that resilient so
  • what a stupid question on my end call me
  • out on that next time guys as you can
  • see we flex sealed the motherboard of
  • this Soulja game console but I couldn't
  • seal it away for eternity and it's still
  • a piece of trash so I figured I'd just
  • chuck it against the wall one more time
  • for good measure yep that should seal it
  • thanks anyways 2 flex seal okay guys
  • this question wasn't very popular but
  • highly anticipated the question is if
  • you flex seal an empty toilet roll when
  • you run out of toilet paper is it a good
  • replacement ah well we've answered a lot
  • of questions in a very short period of
  • time I think one of the most anticipated
  • if not the most anticipated question is
  • if you flex seal your entire shoe when I
  • say it's higher I mean entire shoe this
  • thing is fully covered on the exterior
  • will and make your shoe waterproof and
  • can you walk on water of light Jesus so
  • I slipped this baby on and we got
  • testing let's first do a vertical dip
  • it's fully wet but the rubber adhesive
  • is highly hydrophobic that means that
  • the water bounces off now let's submerge
  • this shoe real quick
  • now look at that folks I feel fully
  • drying and nothing's on my socks yep
  • this shoe is 100% waterproof I don't say
  • that about many things but this shoe
  • I'll make an exception
  • I am extremely impressed and now we have
  • our answer now that is a thumbs up for
  • flex seal yo guys I'm just chilling on
  • the porcelain throne here and I almost
  • forgot about the question I posed as to
  • whether flex heel could protect you from
  • a nuclear bomb and I'm just gonna go for
  • a far-fetched guess here and assume that
  • he'll know my still can't protect you
  • from a nuclear bomb are you trippin
  • balls but wait I have more free stuff to
  • give to you guys I just announced on my
  • Instagram and Tyler oliveira official
  • who won these two free copies of mafia
  • city for the xbox one in the ps4 and
  • i'll be giving away one brand spankin
  • new can of flex seal to one of you lucky
  • instagramers who subscribe to my channel
  • below and follow me at Tyler Oliveira
  • official I hope you enjoyed this fly
  • sealed video I had a ton of fun filming
  • it not so much fun editing it but
  • regardless subscribe to the YouTube
  • channel and follow me at Tyler Oliveira
  • official and DM me to words
  • flex seal for your chance to win a free
  • can of flex seal so just go subscribe to
  • me down below follow me on Instagram and
  • DM me flex seal and you'll be entered to
  • win a can of flex seal and the winners
  • for these two bad boys are gonna be
  • posted on my Instagram story so go
  • follow that too if you're curious and
  • that's all I have for you little
  • gangsters out there hopefully you
  • enjoyed the video deuces
  • [Music]

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