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Video I Met Pokimane in Random Duo Game?!? (We Won)
18:21   |   01/22/2019 at 19:42


  • come on can we talk about the fact that
  • we got in the same game can we talk
  • about that bag please that you streams
  • night me now I feel like you actually
  • did because I know at one point you some
  • time you tried to swim sign me out over
  • this exact I don't know listen I don't
  • know you could wait a second no and I
  • refused to believe you stream siphon me
  • I use Dreams diving me what the fuck
  • Yvonne like me
  • I'm actually a mind blown okay so I just
  • downloaded this game can you get me
  • carry or god what the hell hey I'm gonna
  • land I'm gonna land like I'm gonna live
  • like you here instead we're like here
  • here yeah there's so many people I have
  • to yeah yeah yeah but like can we land
  • here you land there I'll land here okay
  • alright I'll just head over real quick
  • no no it's a great idea I'll just get
  • some quick weapons and I'll head over to
  • do it real quick come on can we talk
  • about the fact that we got in the same
  • game
  • can we talk about that bag please that
  • you streams night me see now I ask you
  • like you actually work now I feel like
  • you actually did cuz I know at one point
  • you some time you tried to swim time you
  • out of his eyes I don't know listen I
  • don't know you could I'm so bored right
  • now I was just ranting about like how
  • annoyed I am by being excited yeah me
  • too I was hiding my screen and
  • everything
  • yep yep me too and then I pretended like
  • I recued but I was still yeah I
  • pretended like I like backed out to the
  • lobby and was gonna reek you oh well now
  • we have to get this win like we have all
  • these people with Oh wouldn't never mind
  • where you want to go what do you mean
  • when I first saw my screen was hidden
  • what do you know yes like 60 seconds
  • weird oh there's someone less do you
  • wanna yeah actually I'm sorry I'm taking
  • the hope you rifle down get you another
  • one alright this John wick yep he's
  • behind the tree yep there's someone in
  • the box you just open the door right in
  • front of us there's two people right
  • behind this wooden box
  • I'll shoot now
  • gonna 485 oh my gosh push-to-talk is so
  • difficult with nobody
  • where did he go once out once
  • plus I think I got the one so he's
  • behind this
  • is it near the tennis courts I think
  • he's behind this build I think it beyond
  • this built in the tennis court maybe I
  • lied let's go see I caught that easy
  • clock adopted kid yeah job to make it if
  • you want to pick that one up - just mind
  • blowing like how like I guess it I don't
  • know I've had some weird stuff happened
  • before like I got back-to-back in the
  • same lobby was the same person like
  • that's I would say more common than this
  • happening like better chance of I
  • thought I thought it was like I was like
  • wait is there a zero is there a
  • different for like
  • like 20 billion like is there a
  • different character in the name like I
  • heard your voice that was just part I
  • didn't make I didn't believe it give
  • extra heavy I only have four thoughts
  • alright how many Matt's you got not much
  • so how is this dream going okay dude my
  • first game I don't know if you saw but
  • I'm doing like a funny outfit in you oh
  • that's the bunny character in game yeah
  • buddy mmm the bunny free what dad asked
  • my first game like today what the hell
  • yeah so that was nice you're in a bunny
  • costume like IRL yeah I like it
  • yeah Happy Easter
  • you're so well we hit screens and it
  • doesn't seem like we have too many
  • snipers this game oh there's people West
  • what a fight you see
  • oh they're uh near the lake oh my god I
  • thought ahead and they are yeah I'm good
  • on mats they literally don't even know
  • okay now he goes someone else also just
  • drifted I don't know if they're coming
  • towards us or not but some do be careful
  • there's someone in distress I hit the
  • llama guy you're hater
  • that guy's weak where's llama guy he was
  • so weak under me llama go down our feet
  • llama down llama down I refuse mama down
  • they felt there all the way down on the
  • ground I'm full killing llama guy
  • they're all the way down
  • nice ionian pop this midget quick come
  • on we're in the same game right now
  • you'll make it on me
  • med kit on me dog I'll get another make
  • it on me yo you need to make it I got I
  • actually know I know you joined my money
  • rifle your what
  • no I didn't you're what hurts you're
  • what hurts I have a green hunting rifle
  • right now I have a green honey-honey
  • rifle no you're just gonna steal my
  • hunting rifle no I have nothing I got
  • can you carry minis or not if not I will
  • carry him okay I'll carry minis yeah I
  • got a football we got a farm we don't
  • have to run very far we don't have to
  • run far so we can farm med kit ami dog
  • Oh
  • doggy dog yeah what's up I have a cool
  • new emo - all right on three
  • ready wait no no no one two three wait
  • do you have a honey rifle you want a
  • honey rifle you don't want a honey rifle
  • [Music]
  • so Chad I assumed he'd she doesn't want
  • the honey rifle lay people north people
  • north no there wasn't anyone north there
  • weren't there weren't any people
  • [Music]
  • sorry what is that what what
  • I better close that can I get a no okay
  • do you wanna win this game Red John me
  • to kill myself
  • whoa whoa TOS whoa whoa the face don't
  • be doing any of that
  • listen I do not condone such activity
  • you're the one that's saying this stuff
  • to make them deface yo dog good dog
  • I have too much on me okay doggie dog
  • what up dog
  • you don't like being called dog
  • [Laughter]
  • twelve by the way I'm actually sad that
  • I wasted both of those okay there's
  • chess down here if I want some of this
  • loot down here we're actually gonna
  • weigh team on like what do you mean I'm
  • very much not warmed up yes okay we're
  • getting the dump
  • let's go skooby skooby stones spoopy
  • stones can we talk about how fast the
  • island is moving - like it's already at
  • the next spooky place
  • we should've just talked to discord yep
  • I agree I agree where we going
  • yeah I don't know where I don't know if
  • we're trying to go to the shelves I
  • think it was like questions over there
  • behind this tree if you go up on this
  • little mini Hill
  • item four 90s the one building in the
  • house I just
  • where are they do you know oh they're in
  • the house yeah yeah there's a purple
  • scar on me if you want
  • I got minis here there's a bolt sniper
  • yeah Skaar store on me no I'm good I
  • have one okay okay Jean mats I have like
  • 2000 total
  • I got Matt Becker wanna take he'll want
  • to take the hill you'll listen I know
  • you're not trying to talk to some random
  • duo in game but like oh they're in this
  • house I see during the one by one oh boy
  • oh boy I got the one on top nice work
  • Laser them laser shield I'm pushing this
  • guy a tweak over here on me
  • I'm gonna need help got him super weak
  • on me and he just dumped it died and we
  • won the game oh my god
  • Devine we just won what the hell what
  • just happy
  • oh my god we just said oh my god oh my
  • god well hi Miss streamer if you could
  • add me that'd be great
  • I hope you have a great stream if you
  • want to play later let me know by
  • randomly streamers oh my puppy mate what
  • just happy bro
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]

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