Video Teens React To It Chapter 2 Trailer And Easter Eggs

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Teens React To It Chapter 2 Trailer And Easter Eggs
Teens React To It Chapter 2 Trailer And Easter Eggs thumb Teens React To It Chapter 2 Trailer And Easter Eggs thumb Teens React To It Chapter 2 Trailer And Easter Eggs thumb


  • - Ooh, ooh! I saw some eyeballs.
  • That's disgusting. - (FBE) Beverly's reaction
  • in the trailer lead some to believe that
  • maybe something's up with her tea in this scene.
  • - Oh, hell no. ♪ (punk rock intro) ♪
  • (doorbell rings) (door creaks)
  • - Okay, what's this?
  • - (Beverly) I used to live here. - It's a scary movie.
  • - Ah, hell yeah, baby! (door creaking)
  • - (Mrs. Kersh) Yes? May I help you?
  • - (Beverly) I used to live here. - Is this the new "It" trailer?
  • - It's "It." - This is the new "It" trailer.
  • - (Mrs. Kersh) It's the least I can do.
  • - I haven't seen the trailer for the new one,
  • but I have seen the first one that came out.
  • - (Mrs. Kersh) Well, you feel free to look around while I get
  • the water boiling. - (Beverly) "Your hair is winter fire.
  • January embers." - It's like all of them
  • a lot older. - That's Beverly?
  • So, that's them when they're older?
  • ♪ (heartwarming music fades eerily) ♪
  • - Oh, no, no, no, no, no!
  • - Ooh! - (Mrs. Kersh) There you go.
  • - That was weird. - (Mrs. Kersh) There you go.
  • - (Beverly) Thank you. - (Mrs. Kersh) Now, some music.
  • - Okay, this old lady is giving me creepy vibes.
  • - (Mrs. Kersh) I do apologize. It gets so very hot here
  • this time of year. - (Beverly) It's fine.
  • - (Mrs. Kersh) Well, you feel like you could just about die.
  • (chuckles) - Oh my goodness.
  • - (Mrs. Kersh) But you know what they say about Derry.
  • - (Beverly) Hm. - (Mrs. Kersh) No one who dies here
  • ever really dies. - Okay, you gotta stop
  • talking about death. There's some foreshadowing here.
  • - (Mrs. Kersh) No one who dies here ever really dies.
  • - That's disconcerting. - She's probably It.
  • Like, not gonna lie.
  • - Oh my gosh. That's so creepy.
  • - (Mrs. Kersh) But tell me, how is it being back in Derry?
  • - (Beverly) It's good. Strange. - (Mrs. Kersh) Strange?
  • Oh my. - (gasps)
  • - (Mrs. Kersh) Oh my. - Oh my go-- wha-- (gags)
  • - (Mrs. Kersh) I had some cookies in the oven before you came.
  • Stay right there. - I shouldn't impose.
  • - Yeah, time to dip. - At this point, it's time to GTFO.
  • - (Beverly) Your photos are lovely Ms. Kersh.
  • Are these your family? - (Mrs. Kersh) My father came
  • to this country with $14 in his pocket.
  • - (Beverly) What did he do, Mrs. Kersh?
  • - (Mrs. Kersh) My father joined the circus.
  • - Ohh, Pennywise. - It's Pennywise. Yes.
  • - I love that this isn't a trailer. It's like an actual clip
  • from the movie, which is scarier, honestly.
  • - Oh, that kind of scared me. (laughs)
  • - Oh my god! Is she naked?
  • - (gasps) Put some clothes on, girl.
  • - "Shining" had a naked grandma. This has a naked grandma.
  • What's with horror movies and naked grandmas?
  • - (Mrs. Kersh) Are you still his little girl, Beverly?
  • ♪ (ominous music) ♪ - Oh my god. I can't even.
  • - (squeals) - (Mrs. Kersh) Are you?
  • (stomping)
  • - I don't like the sound of this. What the heck?!
  • - Ooh, girl, run. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
  • - (Richie) This meeting of the Losers Club
  • has officially begun.
  • - No way! Oh my god,
  • it's all of them in the future.
  • Bill Hader! Hell yeah!
  • - Hell no.
  • - Ooh, ooh, I saw some eyeballs.
  • That's disgusting.
  • - I can't-- oh my god. I can't. I really can't
  • look at stuff like that.
  • ♪ (eerie music) ♪ - (Jaxon and Pennywise) Hello.
  • - (claps) - (Pennywise chuckles creepily)
  • - All right, I'm seeing the first one today
  • right when I get home. - I'm excited.
  • The first one was really scary. I saw it in theaters
  • when it first came out, and I was like, yeah.
  • I was front row, so everything was popping out
  • at me, and I was like, "Nope, can't do this."
  • - God, this is gonna be great. This is gonna be a great movie.
  • I can already tell. - I liked the first one.
  • I just kind of thought it was okay.
  • But this is actually, like, oh, this is getting the blood pumping.
  • - (FBE) So, we have more to show you in a second,
  • but that was the new teaser trailer for "It: Chapter Two"
  • that was released recently. The new film is set in 2016,
  • and it follows the kids from the first film 27 years later
  • now as adults. - Right. Okay. Interesting.
  • - (FBE) So, for many fans, the biggest thing to do
  • is comb through the trailer, find as many hints
  • about the story as possible. - Right.
  • - (FBE) So, we're gonna play the trailer again and pause
  • during a few of the most talked about moments
  • from the trailer to see what your thoughts are.
  • But remember... - Ooh.
  • - (FBE) ...all speculation. - Yeah.
  • I'm so excited for this. - Trailer speculation. An art form.
  • - (Mrs. Kersh) Well, you feel free to look around while I get
  • the water boiling. - (Beverly) "Your hair is winter fire.
  • January embers. My heart burns there, too."
  • - She was in shackles or something. - Oh, does this have to do
  • with abuse or something? - Well, wasn't her dad abusive?
  • But didn't he die in the first one?
  • - Maybe bruises stuck around since she was a kid,
  • like from her dad? How they never really went away?
  • - (FBE) So, fans seem to think that this image confirms
  • that Beverly's storyline from the book will also appear
  • in the film. In the book, Beverly is a victim
  • of domestic violence, and these are her bruised arms.
  • - Ohh. I feel like that's exciting for fans
  • who follow the book. There's so much attention to detail.
  • - Obviously, they didn't do that by accident.
  • I'm just surprised people look that in detail to notice that,
  • 'cause I did not see that at all. - I feel like she's just been
  • so vulnerable her whole life that she can't find the right person.
  • And when she's with a person that abuses her,
  • she feels like she has to stay, because she's had that past as well.
  • - That's freaky to me, those flies.
  • - (Mrs. Kersh) It gets so very hot here this time of year.
  • - (Beverly) It's fine. - (Mrs. Kersh) Well, you feel like
  • you could just about die. (chuckles) - (FBE) So, she makes a little bit
  • of a face after drinking that tea. - Ohh. Yeah.
  • - (FBE) What do you think that could mean?
  • - Ummm, I don't know. The old lady put something in it?
  • - She's dead. (chuckles) Yeah. I think that's pretty clear.
  • She's dead. You see the flies out there.
  • Flies decompose things.
  • - (FBE) In the book, the teacup seen here
  • is actually full of excrements. Appropriate given that Pennywise
  • lives in the town sewage system. - No. No.
  • - Oh my god. That could be the reasoning for the flies.
  • - (FBE) Beverly's reaction in the trailer lead some to believe
  • that maybe something's up with her tea in this scene.
  • - Oh, hell no. Ohh, just seeing her
  • as she's getting the cookie, she looks down to see
  • what it is. That-- ughhh! - I would just be like,
  • "Uh, okay," and then just run the heck away!
  • (laughs) I'd be like, "No!" - Well, that is the tea, am I right?
  • ♪ (ba-dum-tss) ♪ (canned laughter)
  • - (Mrs. Kersh) Tell me, how is it being back in Derry?
  • - She's so sweaty. She anxious about something?
  • - (Mrs. Kersh) Oh my. - Ughhhhhhhh!
  • And then y'all had to stop it and zero in on it.
  • - Not really sure what it is, but it looks like her skin
  • is deteriorating, and it looks disgusting.
  • - Well, they're wounds. Wounds that Pennywise had on him
  • when he was attacked. - (FBE) Many fans think that the mark
  • on the old woman's chest confirms that she is, in fact, Pennywise.
  • - Oh. Oh. Bridging gender roles. Okay.
  • - (FBE) So, in the first film, Mike stabs Pennywise with a fence post
  • right in the chest that almost killed him.
  • - That's interesting. So, maybe it's like being Pennywise
  • passes down through the family or something.
  • - I can see that. Plus, she's weird.
  • At the end of the trailer, she had those weird legs,
  • and she was running towards her.
  • That's a Pennywise move. - I kind of thought
  • that she was Pennywise, but I thought he lived in a sewer.
  • - The lumberjack. - Paul Bunyan.
  • - Was that important, I guess, back 20-something years ago
  • in the first one? - You're gonna have to
  • help me out here. (laughs) - (FBE) So, in the novel
  • that the movie is adapted from, Richie, who's played by Bill Hader
  • in the second film, comes face to face
  • with Pennywise the Clown, and Pennywise transforms
  • into this statue and attacks Richie.
  • So, the image in the trailer may confirm that this could
  • happen in the film. - Oh my gosh. That's so scary.
  • That's like their biggest fear is following them into adulthood.
  • - It seems like they're taking a lot more details from the book now
  • and really using that in this movie, which is really cool.
  • - It's really cool that they're staying pretty faithful
  • to the actual book, 'cause a lot of movie adaptations
  • don't do that. And so, it's also nice,
  • 'cause then you leave hints like this, so then people who've read the book
  • will be like, "Oh my god!" They'll feel special
  • for having actually read it.
  • - (FBE) This second film sees the kids now as adults.
  • So, we now have an image that's a side-by-side comparison
  • of the kid actors with their adult counterparts.
  • We want to see what you think of how they did with the casting.
  • - Wow! That is pretty on point.
  • - Oh my gosh. It's pretty spot on.
  • That could definitely be all of them grown up.
  • - They did a good job with Beverly.
  • Finn Wolfhard? I don't really know to be honest.
  • But I could see the resemblance. - I mean, who wouldn't be
  • excited for Bill Hader? That's gonna be great.
  • - That's the guy from "Split." He's a REALLY good actor.
  • - He's so talented in bringing raw emotion
  • and being really vulnerable in front of the camera.
  • So, I think that's good that they cast him as lead,
  • because there's so much emotional trauma in him.
  • - (chuckles) All right, that happens.
  • People lose weight, I guess. Maybe in the first one,
  • he realized that when he gotta run, he gotta get in shape.
  • - They got a lot of star power in it.
  • And star power may not always translate
  • into actually being a good movie, but these are definitely
  • reliable people who hopefully will do justice
  • to the second part of "It."
  • - (FBE) So, there has been a lot of anticipation for this movie
  • thanks to how the first film in the series ended
  • and how well it did with both critics and audiences.
  • - Well, it deserves it, because it's a great movie.
  • - (FBE) So, you are obviously a teen, and some of you guys here
  • aren't even able to see an R-rated film without a parent.
  • - But we do it anyway. (giggles)
  • - (FBE) But we wanted to ask, have you seen the first "It" movie,
  • and if so, what were your opinions on that?
  • - I have not seen "It," but I feel like I have seen it
  • just because the hype around it was so huge.
  • - No, I have not. (chuckles) My parents are like,
  • "No rated R movies. You can't do that."
  • - I loved it. I saw it with a bunch of friends,
  • and it was a great movie. - I saw it.
  • I believe it was when I was 18, so I could see it.
  • And yeah, it was pretty terrifying, and there were a lot of curse words
  • in there, especially from the little kids.
  • Like, you wouldn't expect that. But yeah, it makes sense
  • that it's rated R. - I actually liked the movie a lot.
  • The acting was good. The story was pretty good.
  • I just... I don't know how the book is
  • compared to the movie. And that's why I want to read it,
  • because most of the time, the book is a lot better.
  • - When I saw the first one, I remember it was in the movie theater
  • with my family. And they were super into it.
  • And there were some jump scares with the clown,
  • but I was so sad the whole movie, because I was like, "This little boy
  • is just dead now." And I thought--
  • The whole movie I was saying-- I was like, "He's gonna come back
  • to life. They're gonna save him."
  • But then at the end, he died. And I was like,
  • "What was the point of that?"
  • - (FBE) So, Stephen King, who is the author of "It,"
  • along with many other classic thrillers,
  • has been known to dislike the movie adaptations of his books.
  • For example, he hated "The Shining" movie...
  • - I heard that. - (FBE) Yeah, that was directed
  • by Stanley Kubrick, calling it "a big, beautiful Cadillac
  • with no engine inside of it," saying that "the characters had
  • no real story arc in the film." - Yeah, I think--
  • it's interesting 'cause there's a certain element of how much
  • of adapting a book is portraying the author's vision
  • and how much is actually adapting it to make it more suitable
  • for a film medium. You can't really deny
  • that Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" is a cinematic masterpiece.
  • - (FBE) And on May 7th, he tweeted out about the sequel
  • of this film, stating, "I've seen it, and it's terrific."
  • So, as a teen, do you care more about what the author
  • of the source material or critics might think
  • or would you care more about what your friends think
  • when it comes to a movie? - Definitely my friends.
  • If I read a review saying that the movie is terrible,
  • but then I have five of my friends saying,
  • "Oh my god. It was so good," I'm gonna see the movie.
  • - Friends, they got their weird opinions.
  • Critics, that's their job. So, they're a little smarter
  • in that area. So, I would go with what the critics say.
  • - If the author thinks it's good, then it's good,
  • because when the author is writing something,
  • they have a vision in their head of how it's supposed to be.
  • And if his vision sort of matches up with what the movie is,
  • then that's amazing. - Some of my friends have...
  • pretty crappy taste in movies. So, the fact that the original author
  • appreciates it and thinks that it shows his material
  • in the right way, and it's well done,
  • I think that shows that it's gonna be really good.
  • - If I haven't necessarily read the book,
  • I kind of care a little bit more what my friends think,
  • 'cause I have more trust in them at that point, you know?
  • 'Cause I know that we typically like the same things,
  • so if they liked it, I'm gonna like it,
  • whereas I might not know if I like the book or the author.
  • - (FBE) So finally, will you float to the theater
  • and watch "It: Chapter Two," or will you be floating
  • in the opposite direction? - I'm gonna float to the theaters.
  • - I'm pretty sure I'm gonna float on and watch it.
  • - I'll see. I might watch it with some friends or something.
  • - Probably the opposite direction just 'cause I haven't
  • seen the first one. I'm not sure it would be best
  • for my mental health to see the first one.
  • - I will go see the movie. It's gonna be a great time,
  • and I can't wait to see it. Ooh! I can't wait.
  • - I'm gonna be floating there and hopefully I don't float back
  • and Pennywise doesn't come after me.
  • - I definitely wanna watch "It" and "It: Chapter Two,"
  • but I don't know if I wanna watch it in theaters,
  • 'cause when you watch a movie in theaters,
  • you can't pause it. - Oh, no,
  • I'm floating into the theater with the balloons and everything.
  • I'm going in there. (laughs) - This happens a lot
  • when it's rated R movies. People talk about it.
  • I can't see it. I'm left out the conversation.
  • I hate that. I wanna be in the conversation
  • and also because it's a good movie from what I've heard, I wanna see it.
  • - Thanks for watching this episode of Teens React.
  • Shoutout to Brie Taylor and Nice Stuff.
  • - Hi, everyone! It's Reina.
  • I can't believe I am moving on to Adults React.
  • I'm no longer a teen, which is so weird.
  • But wow, Teens React really helped me get out
  • of my comfort zone and see all of you
  • wonderful fans out there who support us.
  • All right. Bye, guys!

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Teens React To It Chapter 2 Trailer And Easter Eggs

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