Video Top 10 Shocking Auditions Will Blow Your Mind Away!

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Top 10 Shocking Auditions Will Blow Your Mind Away!
Top 10 Shocking Auditions Will Blow Your Mind Away! thumb Top 10 Shocking Auditions Will Blow Your Mind Away! thumb Top 10 Shocking Auditions Will Blow Your Mind Away! thumb


  • Okay, well listen, goodluck.
  • Thank you very much...
  • Every day, it's a wonderful and suddenly
  • We start to breath
  • I am beautiful,
  • In every single way
  • oh oh
  • The stars cant bring me down
  • So don't bring me down
  • So sexy ladies
  • [oh]
  • See machine. It was pain
  • [haha]
  • oh
  • oh
  • you
  • May I come and join you you'll take what that be okay?
  • I'd like to share with you a trick he uses a 50 cal note one of the largest currency notes available in this country
  • With my sleeves rolled up guys with nothing in my hand we can get a show this on the screen
  • I'm going to change 50 down [though] into the much rarer
  • infinitely more valuable
  • Bank of Britain's got talent
  • now
  • You can see we've got we got a head of state business Island cows got our beautiful
  • Princesses of course our queen and son for you to keep those spending all at once guys
  • I don't want you to feel left out so I brought along some more cash for you
  • But I know I know deep down you don't really want one of these you [might] rather have
  • One of those banks of Britain's got talent
  • What so [I'd] finish with the trick using a picture that I've drawn it's a self-portrait. That's me. This is where we are
  • Britain's got talent you see most magicians at this point would ask one of you to reach in and take a card
  • I'm not going to do that instead if I may I'm just going to ask you to do one question
  • David if I may start with you if [I] could ask you to choose a color red or black
  • Whatever you say is what we will use. What color would you like?
  • [like] black let me share the black cards are split into two suits. We have the spades
  • We have the Club's again if I could ask you to choose
  • Whatever. You want is what we will use some clubs [fantastic] [Amanda]. I need you to choose a value for me
  • What would you like nine nine the nine of clubs?
  • Simon, you're the boss
  • I'm going to give you the chance if you like [you] stick with the nine of clubs or you can overrule
  • All of the other judges and you can choose any [other] cardioid
  • for july
  • 7 apart the seven apart
  • Okay, guys there is no way. [I] could know that you would choose the nine o'clock is no way
  • I would know if you would open all the [Nikki] wood what you [would] [change] [to]
  • You'll agree
  • I haven't touched people what I didn't tell you is that I've also drawn on the back of every single other cars in this day
  • Remember those cartoon flick book where you flick through and does it man comes to life
  • Check this out you see our magician
  • He takes off his hat he reaches inside
  • He pulls out just one card ladies and gentlemen not just any card. It's been seven of [hearts]
  • I
  • Think I want you guys to have an idea of the kind of stuff
  • We're going to be doing so [Amberlynn] is going to go out into the crowd here. She's going to be careful
  • She's got a pair of scissors [in] her hands. She doesn't want to run with them
  • She's bringing them over to halle actually Howie if you could do me a favor and take a look at those scissors
  • Make sure they open and close make sure there are regular Paris's bangle on the table make sure they're made of metal
  • Steel the metal part make sure it's real pretty handed back to Amber Lynn. Wow Amber Lynn is going to bring them back
  • That's just we wanted you to
  • Ensure that. This is real you want the ball guy to ensure the scissors are real real scissors
  • Absolute real scissors perfect now. This is a little bit strange. It's a little bit gross. I'll go start this out real scissors
  • real nose
  • Pegan [oh], [God] I didn't do it yet. I didn't do it real scissors real nose check it out
  • That's not the gross part another gross [five]. How we did just have him in his hand
  • Not the first time they've been in my nose Howie
  • That's not a partier as other a party there watts
  • What helpful that's how you get the nose hairs at the very back. Oh my God take it out
  • Here we go. That's not the girls parlor watch
  • What?
  • It's looking snot upper specific [wrong]. I don't want to be right that's all I'm saying don't fight it at home now
  • [that's] just one [way] to clear out the sinuses [we're] going to show you guys something kind of weird not what?
  • I'm the kind of intense with this [meathook]. I can tell by the look on some of your faces
  • You're already thinking where is he going to stick that?
  • Ladies and gentlemen we call it the human week head how we [do] you want to take a look at that?
  • You learn from your [mistakes]. [oh], it's good to see ladies and gentlemen this meat. Hook is 15 inches long
  • It's 3/8 of an inch thick it's solid steel
  • Sharpened on one end with a handle on the other side
  • This is going to get a little bit weird a little bit sick ladies and gentlemen let's kick it up a notch
  • Yeah
  • Laughing well, I'll be feeling when you are feeling
  • All day on the star
  • oh
  • the pain you
  • I'm sure a truck
  • like a second
  • What on Earth Kalama now?
  • Tonight, we want to show you something very special and different
  • everything's coming
  • And I got on the show for the first time people have been coming up [to] me saying it
  • Must be great to always know what your boyfriend is thinking
  • Well, it's not always [festering] but tonight for the first time you [are] going to feel how this is
  • Can we lift up the board?
  • We started very simple we lived in a small apartment
  • But we always kept [a] bowl of Jelly beans on the table our favorite sweets because they come in all flavors and colors
  • Emily look away
  • Simon pick one Jelly bean anyone thank you. Give it to me
  • tell me you're tasting something like
  • Really sweet it tastes like variant. What's the purple one? It is very. What's the purple one?
  • It was it was hide your turn take out a different one
  • Cool you were going to eat it
  • Emily how do you taste something different [I] spend?
  • Bubblegum it was the pink one is that correct the pink one if I go? Thank you hi
  • Now may I ask assuming you have a with [two] so I want to take you as many jellybeans as you like
  • [we'll] do this very fair. How many look away and
  • They'll be thickness coupe
  • Take the glass in the other hands and you can add scoops into the glass half screws pull through just a few whatever your life
  • How are you? How are you tonight? I'm very good. How are you? I'm good. Oh, what would be your dream flavor for charity oh
  • mel B mel B, right
  • over
  • Okay, indeed chocolate
  • Bicycle could now be excellent very fun
  • Mel B. You're happy or you at somewhere you could add some more if you like to stick it perfect for me
  • So there's still [some] left for us. Thank you so much um. How about a glass with one hand
  • Put the other hand on top
  • Amelie, we are ready
  • So we all agree that no one knows how many jelly beans are inside this [glass], [right]?
  • but our brain is a curious thing and
  • Somewhere in that you're probably you already know mommy
  • Okay, [I'm] [elise]. [thank] [you]. I
  • Wanted to look into my eyes [now] [see]
  • Your mind seems to be very busy at the moment
  • Relax
  • Somewhere a sense the jellybeans already, and I'm sure that you have
  • 22 challenges inside this class you can remove the end
  • 22 are you sure? I'm sure
  • 22,000 be okay. Let's be very clear for all the jelly beans on the tray
  • Push them all to one side. There's nothing left in the class Bryce and count one by one bean babies are for everyone to hear
  • [5] [6]
  • 78021
  • exactly I
  • have to apologize [because]
  • [maybe]
  • We were not
  • Completely honest with you you thought we are reading your minds, but no remember at the beginning
  • I believe of standing next to the chalkboard. She said it will be different tonight. We were not reading your minds tonight
  • We were controlling your thoughts
  • This sport has hanging in Fulfil the entire time whatever has written on it cannot be changed
  • Emily
  • Simon will pick a purple jelly yeah
  • Heidi will Select [the] Bubblegum one and [Melfi] will [have] exactly 20 to tell edie
  • Yeah, we have [sell] [release] [spicy] chocolate Jelly beans very soon
  • The Claire boy they got it
  • Hello
  • you
  • Wow
  • oh
  • you
  • Okay, go to the pool. Are you doing?
  • oh
  • you

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