Video Chef CHEATS To Win Gordon Ramsay's Challenge | Hell's Kitchen

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Chef CHEATS To Win Gordon Ramsay's Challenge | Hell's Kitchen
Chef CHEATS To Win Gordon Ramsay's Challenge | Hell's Kitchen thumb Chef CHEATS To Win Gordon Ramsay's Challenge | Hell's Kitchen thumb Chef CHEATS To Win Gordon Ramsay's Challenge | Hell's Kitchen thumb


  • my signature dish have a quick smell
  • just there should be something in there
  • now have a taste this is your next
  • challenge 20 minutes do we create that
  • let's go
  • this challenge is one of the hardest
  • tests any chef can face I would get your
  • pans on without any knowledge of the
  • recipe
  • they must recreate a dish by taste alone
  • I will leave the dish out for you
  • yes yes you keep on coming back and
  • referring everything needed to make Chef
  • Ramsay's signature dish can be found in
  • the kitchen but can they select the
  • correct ingredients
  • this Keith uses the Chilean seabass
  • while Heather and Virginia have chosen
  • the wild striped sea bass
  • I could be wrong I'm really
  • second-guessing myself today now each of
  • them must create the puree for the dish
  • taste taste taste taste and taste I
  • couldn't think of what the puree was it
  • was creamy and starchy like a mashed
  • potato so everybody was getting potatoes
  • but I really don't think it's potatoes I
  • looked on the speed rock yes that's all
  • their beans are like that's what it is
  • I'm like Ethan Heather who are using
  • mashed potatoes for their puree Virginia
  • is taking a chance by using the Tuscan
  • white beans
  • [Music]
  • so halfway just under ten minutes to go
  • yes now they've moved on to the sauce
  • and Keith has made a discovery about
  • what he thinks is in the sauce but he's
  • not sharing in this sauce it was Israeli
  • couscous and these girls were ton of
  • watching me what I was taking it I
  • didn't want them to see no I knew that
  • cous Virginia said she was looking for
  • couscous too but she didn't even know
  • couscous looked like I'm not cheating I
  • fucking saw that shit Keith this little
  • brat I don't think I was cheating at all
  • minute come on
  • while Keith in Virginia have both used
  • couscous in their sauce they disagree on
  • the seasoning keith uses cilantro as
  • does Heather while Virginia seasons her
  • sauce with basil and grapefruit come on
  • ten seconds
  • yes
  • [Music]
  • 20 minutes that went quick now it's up
  • to Chef Ramsay who must decide who has
  • come the closest to recreating his
  • signature dish now what it tastes
  • what is your dish sea bass potato puree
  • with pancetta the sauce is a confetti of
  • vegetables tasting unused slender yes
  • sir Virginia yes chef
  • let's Rob your dish please wild striped
  • sea bass over Tuscan bean puree with ham
  • hocks and Chris pearl couscous
  • [Music]
  • and the sauce is a grapefruit beurre
  • blanc finished with a little bit of
  • basil quite interesting so far you put
  • cilantro in yours and you put basil in
  • yours
  • two very good dishes hey what is it well
  • the sauce I mean it's I sweated down a
  • mirepoix finished it with cilantro and
  • butter the potatoes I made a sauteed
  • chorizo and onions and then the fish I
  • just pan-roasted nice balance and a
  • really nice creamy puree
  • three very good accomplished dishes all
  • individually different but for me it's
  • one of these three dishes that has the
  • fast puree and the sauce absolutely
  • spot-on
  • that person is
  • Virginia congratulations

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