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Video DIY SUCCULENT DECOR CHALLENGE?! w/ Karina Garcia, MayraTouchOfGlam & Julia Gilman
10:25   |   today at 10:41


  • our first contestant is a lifestyle and
  • comedy chipper who is a pro ad to get
  • wise come on out Julia oh hey girl hey
  • guys it's Julia I'm also known as are
  • you taking in on YouTube
  • our next contestant is a makeup beauty
  • girl on YouTube and she happens to be my
  • twin sister so you better not put my
  • name to shame come on out thank you I'm
  • Mayra
  • also known as Mara touch with them on
  • YouTube and I like to do Beauty videos
  • which is make the toriel's hacks all
  • that good stuff I hope you ladies
  • already because there's no DIY show like
  • this one you'll either have to up your
  • game or you'll go down in flames I got
  • this I do beauty minutes I don't know
  • what they don't do then
  • Karina Garcia is my twin sister honestly
  • I don't think I have the DIY Queen this
  • in me so I'm kind of scared for your
  • first challenge you ladies will be
  • making a crafts Cuban up or up flat what
  • a plan what I thought it was gonna be
  • making slime or play-doh what's going on
  • Karina just couldn't get any weirder and
  • that's all I'm gonna say so I hope you
  • guys can figure it out on your own
  • because I'm gonna be judging and I'm
  • gonna judge you even harder because
  • you're my sister so get it together my
  • rose okay
  • also there's a catch you can only grab
  • three items from the store and you have
  • to use them in your craft I've never
  • been able to create a craft with just
  • three items and there's another cash you
  • cannot use scissors for this challenge
  • how is that even possible but you guys
  • won't have access to a scrap box and you
  • only allowed to use it two items win
  • that box and they will be located in
  • front of you all right ladies you guys
  • are both starting off with two minutes
  • on the shopping clock but here is your
  • chance to gain some additional time by
  • answering this DIY question correctly I
  • really need this extra time because I
  • don't come to crafts stores so those 30
  • seconds will really help
  • when at a craft store I need to be cut I
  • am mainly used to cover these up I don't
  • wait no I just can't figure out what
  • this is it's just not coming fabric yes
  • yes I need the extra time my god I'm so
  • excited I already would good so going
  • into the shopping around we have Julia
  • in the lead with 2 minutes and 30
  • seconds and in second place we have
  • Maura with 2 minutes on the clock to go
  • shopping I really needed those 30
  • seconds y'all I'm screwed
  • alright are you ladies ready Julia
  • you're in the lead ready go whoa are a
  • handful there's something to hold the
  • plant oh my god Jennifer plant but it
  • has to be really creative I just can't
  • figure it out I've never been in this
  • posture before I'm used to Michael's
  • okay um we're two minutes ready set go
  • oh my god I don't know what again um I'm
  • already late I didn't get my 30 seconds
  • okay so I need something with a plant
  • okay a pot I need a pot what do I get
  • the pot she got those extra 30 seconds
  • so I'm gonna make sure I get that plant
  • pot first oh this could like wrap this
  • around the plant I'll sit
  • okay so I've seen stuff like this on
  • tumblr like trendy styles
  • this one has smaller ones okay
  • okay I feel like if I glued this
  • together it would look like an urban
  • outfitters plant holder I need hot glue
  • so I need a something career plant I've
  • never been here so I don't know like
  • what you get oh my gosh so a minute
  • thirty ladies there's only one left no
  • no I have to read the whole project oh
  • are you kidding me there's nothing wrong
  • with a little friendly competition
  • I need paint for my pot I don't even
  • know what I want to paint it though like
  • what color green my gosh I found it I
  • found it the last one the last hot glue
  • okay got it
  • okay we have it right over here I'm
  • thinking white lights really cute I want
  • a pop of color but still keep it
  • glamorous Gold's really pretty I'm gonna
  • do that okay Giulio what are you having
  • your basket what are you thinking well I
  • wasn't really sure but I saw these like
  • metal rods and I thought maybe I could
  • build like a house around a little like
  • green house about the okay the window
  • part girl I could smell victory already
  • okay so there was only one standing pot
  • and Myra took it so I had to improvise
  • and I grabbed this little miniature
  • mason jar that's smart
  • okay and then I grabbed a hot glue gun
  • because
  • alright Mara what do you have here were
  • the thoughts what's going on well I got
  • a pot and that's the most important for
  • this project no shade you know what girl
  • you can play all the games that you want
  • but I'm still gonna win this I also got
  • some white paint and some gold paint
  • because I think those gonna really like
  • look cute so alright Mara looks like you
  • know what you're doing Julia I'm gonna
  • be honest I don't know about building a
  • house around your plant but I'm wishing
  • you both the best my DIY actually makes
  • sense okay so like I told you guys
  • earlier you will have accents to the box
  • of scraps in front of you but choose
  • wisely you can only use two items in
  • there also you have some succulent
  • plants located in front of you to
  • complete your projects so good luck you
  • guys will have 15 minutes on the clock I
  • will step out and come back in a few
  • minutes to check on you guys and your
  • time starts now
  • girl my nails are no homido
  • ok waiting for this glue - this little
  • stick from there ok hold on black glue
  • stick or clear glue stick I'm thinking
  • of going with something very glam so I'm
  • going with a white paint and I'm gonna
  • add some gold glitter just to get that
  • touch Myra I think the pressure is
  • really on for you because that's your
  • sister judging girls go partner yeah
  • girl I know Julia that actually does
  • DIYs I don't even know this is fair coz
  • I I don't do none of that it's okay I'm
  • gonna thrown in okay I found this
  • triangular thing I think if I just draw
  • like cute little triangle in there so
  • you're not gonna paint it no I decided
  • you know that's your thing I need to
  • wait for paint to dry I can just draw on
  • a cool triangles all right we'll see how
  • that comes out hope that paint dries or
  • maybe not 10 minute I haven't got time
  • to wait right now so I'm gonna just jump
  • in to the gold
  • I think the black hot glue is better
  • than the clear top I'm looking over and
  • Julia's little DIY looks like a complete
  • mess
  • what is that there's something else
  • alright it's coming on better than yours
  • okay well we'll see what Carina Garcia
  • has to say about this one triangle
  • glitter I think we only need like one or
  • two more triangles
  • okay this is like not looking gold right
  • now but you know what I think I got a
  • shot at me and she's my twin sister so a
  • bit real shady or she'll choose me I'm
  • good
  • oh this is gonna look so cute oh my god
  • Brooke what are you doing you need some
  • help
  • cuz I'm gonna give it to you oh my god
  • how rude
  • alright guys you guys have five minutes
  • left I don't know what's going on here
  • but my looking good it is Tamara
  • I'm kind of nervous Karina's look at my
  • masterpiece like it's trash so I really
  • I need to hurry up and get this done
  • because it's looking really weird right
  • now I don't know what I'm doing I've
  • never plotted a plant before there's
  • dirt everywhere
  • Oh
  • a little glitter and never hurt anybody
  • unless it's a little she's getting
  • glitter everywhere it's even in my plant
  • Meyer you haven't even planted your pot
  • yet oh that's easy
  • boom oh I mean what if you hadn't don't
  • have a thing on me I would have been a
  • little better but BAM
  • alright times up ladies step away from
  • your grass
  • all right they need to tell me about
  • your projects Myra what were you
  • thinking what's going on I wanted it to
  • something very glamorous so I wanted it
  • white but I wanted to add a touch of
  • gold and glitter you know to give that
  • touch of glam
  • my final project actually looks really
  • good I'm so impressed and I think I got
  • this bag
  • well I think it's really cute Myra I
  • didn't expect this from you at all
  • and I like it honestly I'm glad you're
  • not putting my name to shame Julia what
  • do we have here
  • okay so it's very like Tumblr Urban
  • Outfitters seems I got a little house
  • around my clan of T in the door I get
  • off some gold to match the gold on the
  • jar okay
  • together I like it it's really cute at
  • first I was like what does she mean by a
  • house I have no idea where you were
  • talking about but I see what's going on
  • and the fact that you didn't have a
  • plant pot and you made it work with a
  • mason jar or whatever this is so cute
  • it's so creative I love it your blood
  • we're twins we're family if she does not
  • pick me so the winner of this DIY -
  • challenge is I can't believe this oh my
  • god Thank You Korina I just did not see
  • this coming
  • best day ever she went outside the box
  • on another level I mean I would have
  • never thought about this it looks like
  • it's store-bought so creative and it
  • looks so cute so congratulations to
  • Julia and thank you guys so much for
  • watching this episode of DIY - be sure
  • to tune in next time to see who we get
  • to run wild through our aisles have a
  • great day bye
  • [Music]

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Karina Garcia challenges MayraTouchOfGlam and Julia Gilman to a DIY succulent decor project in a huge craft store - under an intense time limit! Who will win this DIY Dash?!

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