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15:00   |   views   |   02/19/2018


  • hey guys good morning today I thought I
  • would try to live up to the beauty guru
  • that I always say that I am if you've
  • watched my channel for a minute you'd
  • know that I am horrible at makeup every
  • time I try to do it it turns out awful
  • you look like a monster
  • I love the idea of makeup I know nothing
  • about it so today I thought it'd be a
  • great idea to learn a simple man glam
  • look from sister James Charles and I was
  • going through his channel but everything
  • seemed very aggressive for a beginner
  • like me so I did settle on this look
  • that seems doable and affordable I just
  • bought a car so you girls out of budget
  • [Music]
  • thankfully sister put an ingredient list
  • in the description of his video so we're
  • going into CVS now to try to find
  • everything we need so now I got to
  • figure out where I can find these
  • products in all of this what the hell
  • this is already a nightmare first on the
  • list is foundation and there's literally
  • a million different options and I have
  • no idea what I'm looking at and when I
  • finally found what it is I'm supposed to
  • use how am I supposed to decide on a
  • color what okay so I decided to go with
  • the creamy natural I feel like it's the
  • closest to my face tone I'm freaking out
  • because I have literally no idea what
  • this is
  • and again there's so many options he
  • doesn't give a color so I'm gonna have
  • to choose my own ok literally an hour
  • later I finally almost have everything I
  • think I just need some setting powder
  • and I need to also find something to
  • apply the makeup with because I have no
  • brushes I feel like for a one-time
  • makeup look that has to be fine
  • this is hard alright let's go well I
  • just spent a hundred and twenty dollars
  • on makeup thank God I chose to do the
  • drugstore version because if I did one
  • of his over-the-top looks and went to
  • Sephora or something I can't even
  • imagine how much that would have cost me
  • but I'm starting to think being
  • beautiful isn't worth it so I thought if
  • I'm gonna become James Charles or at
  • least do his makeup routine I needed to
  • order a pink kitty drink a tea pink a
  • Dietrich godís for some inspiration
  • could I get a pink kitty drinking a pink
  • kitty chickadees yeah okay I get grande
  • I mean she knew what I was talking about
  • for sure
  • thank you okay here we go
  • first sip of our pink kitty drinkin e
  • this is weird cuz it's semi sweet and
  • semi sour but also delicious I'm not
  • gonna lie I'm kind of into it I wonder
  • how much sugar is in this thing what
  • you're doing are you just might crack
  • [Music]
  • okay so I've got all of my ingredients
  • has I've shaved and I showered I have my
  • products laid out nicely and the
  • inspiration looks staring me in the face
  • by scissors so I actually haven't seen
  • any of this video yet
  • hi sisters James Charles here and
  • welcome back to my youtube channel hi
  • sisters Ryland Adams here and welcome
  • back to my youtube channel they ask you
  • are you just going to say that you're
  • fine so for today's to do I sat down and
  • we're gonna go way back just walk quick
  • and easy makeup tutorial hard sure other
  • so for those of you who are on a budget
  • I feel you girl makeup can be super
  • expensive when I was in school yeah I
  • spent a hundred and twenty dollars on
  • your cheap makeup look Bogg for
  • foundations today I'm gonna use the
  • brand new covergirl how the elixir
  • Foundation and I'm gonna mix the shades
  • 725 and 745 watch my skin it using my
  • damaged Beauty Blender this foundation
  • is definitely am light to medium
  • coverage foundation it is definitely not
  • full coverage glam you can see my faith
  • today reason the Maybelline fit me come
  • here too fast oh my god there's so much
  • of a phase Oh garnet iRiver I literally
  • do not know what I'm doing
  • okay so so far it doesn't look great I
  • also don't know if you're supposed to go
  • over the brow oh my god
  • I look like a crazy person oh no what if
  • I got the wrong shade okay maybe the
  • more I blend the better it looks also
  • how much are you supposed to put on ooh
  • and what about the hairline it's a
  • drastic difference when I'm looking in
  • the mirror that I'm working in do I look
  • crazy I guess this is kind of what he
  • looks like right now to else we don't
  • have anybody to impress girl this took
  • me 10 minutes and you're saying the
  • entire look is supposed to take that
  • long
  • chicken see my face today I'm using the
  • Maybelline fit me concealer in the shade
  • of light there's one thing that we do
  • definitely wanna focus on it is probably
  • gonna be concealer just actually really
  • hide any blemishes or under-eye bags
  • I've never used I literally think that
  • this had been opened before the sticker
  • was broken he did his under eyes and
  • once again just have my Beauty Blender
  • and I'm gonna pounce it into place I'm
  • just gonna grab a little bit of powder
  • really lightly on my r-13 brush from
  • morphe and just set my under eyes in
  • place that understand look at my r0r
  • brush once again from motherfucker's
  • going too fast oh my god nobody can keep
  • up with this I can't even get my
  • stocking powder open what is this trash
  • food CVS
  • officially hate being a beauty guru okay
  • so I think I finally figured out how to
  • use this powder but I honestly think
  • that by now my eyes are probably already
  • set or dry do you even know if it's
  • working maybe I'm using the wrong kind
  • of brush well hopefully it worked
  • I know Murphy's obviously not a
  • drugstore brand that is sold in like CVS
  • or Walgreens or anything but their
  • products are super super cheap compared
  • to a lot of their competitors and they
  • are very very good as well and you guys
  • know you can use KO jinx or ten percent
  • off all their products
  • this bitch is trying to sell me brushes
  • after I went out and bought a hundred
  • and twenty dollar makeup and bronze
  • today I'm gonna go with my NYX highlight
  • and contour palette and my morphe emma
  • final 9 brush okay see how he actually
  • applies this lightly bronzer contour
  • face because let's be real we definitely
  • know how time to do both
  • wait what I think the stuff that I got
  • great this does say it's a contour kit
  • but I don't know how to use it I'm four
  • steps behind at this point trying to
  • catch up with no idea how we're moving
  • on to the elf blush palette that he was
  • just using I actually dig the packaging
  • of this for a drugstore brand not that I
  • know what a fancy brand entails
  • okay now I can actually see color being
  • placed onto my face maybe too much color
  • let's see what he does next
  • me oh my god mimimi mimimi mimimi
  • okay so next James is doing the brows I
  • literally looked for 45 minutes to try
  • to find the same brow brush and now
  • while I'm watching the video he said
  • that benefit is a non drugstore item and
  • for this time actually been using a nut
  • judge-sir pot and he's using it because
  • this Vegas sponsor by benefit I am
  • teaming up with Benefit Cosmetics while
  • my favorite brands in the entire world
  • if you're interested in the benefit bra
  • search and you want to be on hashtag
  • team sisters I literally don't know how
  • to do a brow so next is the liner I'm
  • using the exact same thing he is in his
  • video within and hugging the lash line
  • up very very tightly I'm not gonna be
  • doing a dramatic wing today and I'm also
  • not gonna be running faulty this is just
  • gonna help out a little bit more volume
  • to a lot as when it comes to adding
  • mascara just a super super simple and
  • guess I'm just gonna go for it oh my god
  • can you see this it just dripped on my
  • fitting I hate makeup I don't know how
  • to redo one little patch I don't know
  • how you do this with the other hand
  • because I'm left-handed so oh no oh my
  • god do you see what I just did okay so
  • he did say that he's not putting on
  • lashes thank God but we still have to
  • figure out how to make the lashes that
  • we already have pretty L'Oreal
  • voluminous lost paradise oh my god I
  • actually really like how this mascara
  • applies once again he's not really
  • telling me how to use the product so I
  • might just be the dumb girl in the room
  • maybe this is something literally
  • everyone already knows how to do
  • I got it on my nose are you kidding me
  • oh my god I look bad
  • I thought makeup supposed to make you
  • look good so now I'm going in with the
  • highlighter that James has suggested I'm
  • going over the places on his face that I
  • saw him do this he says that
  • highlighters the most important part of
  • this entire look never underestimate the
  • power of a good glow sisters so I'm
  • hoping that this helps me look sickening
  • BAM as of right now I'm not really
  • seeing the highlight coming through
  • maybe you are on camera I'm not sure
  • oh god now I went too heavy on the
  • highlighter let's find out how to do
  • lips and then last but not least for the
  • lipid you do does today I'm gonna go to
  • these soft matte lip cream from NYX in
  • the shade London I definitely feel like
  • I got too pink of a shade for a man
  • makeup look I'm not saying that Pink's
  • only a woman color but I really was
  • going for like an everyday male makeup
  • look let me go figure out how to do a
  • brow and I'll be back okay so I tried to
  • learn how to do my eyebrows then I
  • watched this girl do hers effortlessly
  • and they looked flawless however when I
  • tried to recreate the look it obviously
  • tanked that's what finally not least to
  • set our face in place there are eight
  • hours of hell sorry again I mean school
  • I'm gonna grab my morphe prep ins that
  • setting spray and I'm just gonna express
  • my entire face I've literally always
  • wanted to do this
  • [Music]
  • all right sisters with that I do believe
  • my makeup is done I'm going to do a
  • modeling montage now okay so I'm
  • upstairs packing because we're leaving
  • to San Francisco tonight but I just
  • heard Shane get home so um let's go get
  • his reaction Shane are you ready for the
  • big reveal
  • oh so today while you were gone I did an
  • everyday sisters James Charles makeup
  • look no I think I did okay I mean
  • there's some definite faulty areas are
  • you coming I'm scared you're just
  • standing there waiting I don't know what
  • this is gonna be it's just a makeup look
  • maybe you should have a ring light in
  • front of you you're not doing his voice
  • very well
  • - Thurs that sound like another hi
  • sisters oh okay just look at my face
  • like you have a dick in your pocket
  • ready one two three
  • what okay first of all am I allowed to
  • critique yeah great
  • so it's so wrong you can see the skin
  • like the changing color from your head
  • to your skin I feel like it's the
  • closest to my face tone were you crying
  • there's like cry marks no okay the guys
  • aware that there's no highlight no there
  • is a highlight it just sucked it was
  • drugs enough no being a makeup artist is
  • hard have you ever tried genuinely
  • suggests I'm a guru
  • no this is so hard and the hairline was
  • really hard there's makeup on your shirt
  • I know if there's makeup everywhere you
  • know what Tina always does makeup on
  • - so it's huh no I think you look really
  • really not like well but ain't for
  • effort right if I put on a wig you to F
  • me if F stands for forget that's me no
  • I'm just kidding but you look scary
  • don't touch me wasn't lipstick no no I
  • think I look great doing a legitimate
  • makeup look was genuinely so much harder
  • than I had ever expected after today I
  • honestly have such a newfound
  • appreciation for the artistry that these
  • beauty gurus literally use on their face
  • daily looking at myself now I feel like
  • I did a better job than I thought -
  • these eyes those are wrecked however I
  • don't think I'll be doing this again in
  • the near future I feel like I did waste
  • a hundred and twenty dollars but the
  • experience was well worth it alright you
  • guys that's all I have for this week's
  • video if you enjoyed your time here make
  • sure you hit that like button and
  • subscribe because I make new videos
  • every single Tuesday if you want to hang
  • out with me in between videos I've
  • posted all of my social media accounts
  • just right over here thank you guys so
  • much for watching and supporting my
  • channel I'll love you very much good
  • [Music]

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