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Video BEST CHEESESTEAK Sandwich in Philadelphia! Philly Cheesesteak Tour
21:08   |   views   |   08/07/2018


  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • hey guys it's Mike Chen I've been
  • travelling through a lot of different
  • places around the world this past year
  • and what I really wanted to do this year
  • is go to more of the cities right here
  • in the US because we got a lot of great
  • food right here and of course I've done
  • a lot of videos in New York so I figure
  • I go to the next closest big city and
  • that's why I'm here today in
  • Philadelphia and when you are in Philly
  • you've got to eat some cheese steak of
  • course there are just a ton of great
  • cheesesteak places in Philadelphia so on
  • this trip we're really gonna go take a
  • cheesesteak tour of Philly and I want to
  • go to places I've never been before try
  • it out and let you guys know what I
  • think
  • well actually correction we are gonna go
  • to a lot of places I haven't been before
  • today except for this place I was here
  • at John's roast pork about eight to ten
  • years ago I tried their sandwich
  • it was absolutely you loved that first
  • bite so I don't know why it took me so
  • long to come back but my first stop in
  • Philly it's got to be here now this
  • place has excellent cheesesteak but
  • they're really known for their roast
  • pork sandwich which is just oh I can't
  • you got to just try and they're open an
  • I am this is the perfect breakfast let's
  • do this
  • I would love to have a cheese steak with
  • a sharp provolone and a port with
  • broccoli rabe gotcha gotcha okay perfect
  • so if you want cheesesteak come to the
  • first part of the counter and then you
  • come here and order your roast pork
  • sandwich which you must do when you're
  • here
  • [Music]
  • so excited thank you let's go I think
  • this cheese steak day is one of my most
  • anticipated most excited food days ever
  • I'm gonna start with a cheese steak
  • first because you're gonna save the best
  • for last
  • as soon as I unwrap this I could smell
  • the cheese the bread the beef this is
  • almost too much for me it's like
  • overwhelming my senses a bit and look at
  • this so much be very loaded she's
  • beautiful a street like that she's it's
  • saucony and their nose right now look
  • how juicy the sandwiches how'd I choose
  • as being soaked into the bread right now
  • [Music]
  • that's one of the BPH easiest most
  • licious bite of sandwich I've had in a
  • long long time excuse me
  • that's not BP I don't know what ish yeah
  • oh yeah
  • that she's a sharp that's a little
  • peppery we mean the onions do lightly
  • crunchy and fragrant look at the bread I
  • mean this is like a hoagie right and I
  • know I squeezed a little bit but look
  • how thin has become look at this bread
  • to meet racial tell me you don't want to
  • buy to this my first Philly cheesesteak
  • is such a long time this thing is giving
  • me like food goose bumps and by the way
  • this is the most peppery she steak I've
  • ever had to filet it's almost nothing
  • like tongue a little bit however I think
  • I'm ready this delicious cheese steak
  • has opened my palate enough where I
  • think I'm worthy enough for the roast
  • pork sandwich I feel like there should
  • be a spot of sunlight shining on this
  • sandwich right now and and hallelujah
  • singing somewhere by angels oh look at
  • this spinach this thinly sliced pork and
  • all that gravy is soaked into the bun
  • again sharp provolone cheese bread and
  • meats racial spectacular there's so much
  • pork here this would be like Angry Birds
  • worst nightmare
  • we go
  • [Music]
  • I've been thinking and dreaming of this
  • encounter for him like I said 10 years
  • now I thought of every possible way it
  • could go I could fight it a might not be
  • in as good as I thought or they changed
  • the recipe a little bit and taste
  • different I wouldn't get the same
  • feeling I got the first time it's all
  • back
  • oh that feelings back oh my gosh the
  • feelings the pork is so succulent the
  • sharp provolone perfect contrast to that
  • nice fatty porky flavor this finish to
  • the pork is like Robin to Batman the
  • perfect perfect complement and again how
  • much pork is in here the bread is soaked
  • up that heathering porky healing elixir
  • which turns it into like like almost a
  • moist chaser that that Ross loved so
  • much I love how the texture and flavor
  • just hits you and waves first when you
  • bite into the bread they good that
  • slightly tougher outer layer and then it
  • just tore gentleness inside as you
  • chewed the port hits you you kind of
  • like it out in a porky days then this
  • spinach comes and offers that almost
  • like cream of spinach texture a
  • ridiculous complementary flavor that
  • that kind of wakes you up on the porky
  • trim a little bit but at the same time
  • making that dream is slightly better
  • then you get that sharp peppery taste of
  • the provolone cheese that's when you
  • wake up ever so gently and wish you
  • could have that same dream over and over
  • again and you can't by taking another
  • bites I know this is not a cheese steak
  • but Philly I feel like it's more than
  • ajust a shoe stink town it's a sandwich
  • town and this is its mayor right here
  • and I'm sure like I'll discover other
  • great sandwiches today and I'm so
  • excited for that but oh my god is so
  • wonderful to visit a passion love I knew
  • a little private time with this thing
  • and then we'll head on to location
  • number two
  • this next place I heard a lot of good
  • things about from my local friend Jim
  • steaks so it looks like a little
  • old-fashioned diner you got tables you
  • get outside on Oh see it's been here a
  • long time yeah I love a cheesecake
  • cheese steak with waves with onions yeah
  • hooked me up man please thank you so
  • much
  • now those delicious
  • onion steak as mr. Jim I heard great
  • things thank you best in the country
  • all right here that number one that's
  • mr. Jim right there oh my your is a
  • choo-choo my friend
  • [Music]
  • oh this is almost hurting me how good
  • this looks
  • then they got mountain I don't like a
  • close to sandwich oh I just ate a lot
  • already but this it's just come on
  • listen listen let's get a closer look at
  • this this might be the most overly
  • stuffed cheese steak I think I've ever
  • had in a couple of observations right
  • away it's much juicier than John's look
  • at this you guys want to see a beefy
  • waterfall right here one thing I do love
  • about this place is I cannot believe
  • they serve roasted chili peppers look at
  • this thing looks like a crazy tentacle
  • just crazy the thing is a chili with
  • little chili stuck to it it's like a
  • chili magnet
  • oh wow this is the most tender beef I've
  • ever had in cheesesteak not only is the
  • beef superbly tender it is just
  • ridiculously cheesy because we get the
  • whiz cheese I mean that she's really
  • seeps to every single nook and cranny
  • and gets on top of that beef and clings
  • to it until you take that sultry fight
  • hang on this is look at this gonna be
  • the best part that's the moneymaker
  • right here you see where all the excess
  • cheese is just coming gathering paint
  • around the bottom right there that's
  • where they all go to party but now that
  • party is right in here I mean they give
  • you a ton of exercise pickle I think is
  • a must because that's gonna cut down a
  • lot of that cheese it is gonna enable me
  • to eat more cheesecake today which is
  • really important but this I need to
  • fight a vicious on it's all
  • Wow shashi a lot of oil whoo Thursday
  • heat
  • wow you know has a lot of heat it's
  • almost like my chili oil except for
  • using a whole chili pepper then they
  • fried this and oh man it is intense whoo
  • about is now
  • I think delicious moist tender delicate
  • cheesy beefy it just doesn't even begin
  • to do justice for this cheese steak I'm
  • gonna add in some pepper oh by the way
  • that bite with a pickle marvelous
  • marvelous let's just do like a one
  • all-encompassing bite right here
  • that's everything
  • cheesesteak lover could want in that
  • bite I mean I never lived in Philly I
  • never had a cheesesteak torque like I'm
  • doing today before but so far grated
  • cheese steak I've ever had all that beef
  • it's just magical that's magical beef oh
  • and the onions in hmm
  • so onions actually really really tender
  • and this sweet this you gotta just add
  • some heat add some pickles it's gonna
  • make this already beautiful sandwich
  • even more fabulous koha this is good
  • also the rolls want to say really but
  • it's so gentle and soft it kind of
  • almost blends in with the tenderness of
  • the beef itself perfect cheese steak and
  • that she's Wiz is so incredibly creamy
  • is like a creamy cheese with tender
  • steak delicate onions on such a soft
  • gentle roll just like the tender
  • mother's case of all cheese dates right
  • here one thing that she's dig does to me
  • I don't usually drink soda but I've been
  • really feeling a cream soda right now
  • with a cheese stick
  • about a cheesesteak little cream soda my
  • day is going so well right now and it's
  • only getting better I think because
  • after this we're off to location number
  • three
  • [Music]
  • there are this next place I'm going to
  • cleaver steak shades and Bruce could I
  • get a cheesesteak sure thank you so much
  • and cleavers it's not like any of the
  • restaurants I've been to so far today
  • it's actually a sit-down place and they
  • bring your cheese steak to you in the
  • cheesesteaks little unique as well
  • because just like a giant pork the
  • cheese is on the bottom so the whiz is
  • not drenching all over the meat it's
  • right over the bread so it's like a
  • cheesy Betty for the beef again a lot of
  • sauteed onions a you can either get a
  • sesame roll or not of course you gotta
  • get the sesame roll in this thing just
  • like at Jim's stopped with meat like
  • it's like Stilton there oh my gosh oh I
  • didn't notice this so I saw that my
  • cheese steak was was a little you know
  • slanted towards the middle because
  • that's where all the meat and cheese is
  • I got a little puddle got a little
  • cheesy puddle right there that's just
  • all beef juice and shoes and this thing
  • look at this that's some tender cheese
  • dead Wow this I don't even know how to
  • put my cheese steak back in without
  • getting it all wet come to Daddy
  • oh I want to hug you thank you for
  • making me feel so happy - my taste buds
  • are all just rocking and rolling right
  • now
  • this beef it's got more of a chew to it
  • I love the heavy beefy flavor the onions
  • subtly sweet the cheese although is only
  • on the bottom his presence is everywhere
  • this might be the cheesiest cheese steak
  • I have today roll not as tender as Jim's
  • but it's got a nice chewy outer layer
  • and I love the fragrance and the crunch
  • of the little sesame seeds it's perfect
  • especially the onions at the unsung hero
  • here provides such a subtly sweet
  • contrast they get the cheese you get the
  • beef is and then like you're almost like
  • drowning in and all that delicious
  • creamy flavor and then onions just
  • comment and makes everything a little
  • less intense a little more mellow like a
  • little sailboat guiding you through that
  • sea of flavor there's such a solid
  • shushing I came in beginning to stop
  • eating inertia this is a solid 9 out of
  • 10 like solvent Wow
  • everything about this I love its passion
  • its personality its insecurities
  • everything about it I looked at you and
  • I see your inner beauty and all your
  • cheese
  • that spider association like I said my
  • day just keeps getting better and better
  • let's keep on going she Stig number four
  • [Music]
  • my next stop brings me to Germantown
  • where I hear a nice estate is supposed
  • to be pretty darn good
  • [Music]
  • if it tastes as good as it smells
  • I'm gonna be pretty happy Wow look at
  • this just a mountain of hay right here I
  • just kind of want to climb on this skate
  • bounce in it and play ping up the big
  • hill when they ask you what size of us
  • she's taking one you say large they are
  • not kidding around
  • it's the Latham bye all huh okay so I
  • was trying to figure out what size was
  • on top
  • this whole thing is literally sitting on
  • my arm right now and it's it is
  • overflowing by like a good six inches
  • and this is like I said I'm about to
  • just like eat that off the ground
  • because like I don't want to waste any
  • beef
  • Oh
  • [Music]
  • oh yeah better I'm losing people beef
  • down
  • I feel like this cheese steak it's just
  • in your face full of beef and flavor
  • from the onions which are a little
  • crispy a little sweet juicy immensely
  • cheesy
  • there's nothing 4020 about this it's
  • just in your face
  • here's your feed here's your cheese here
  • some peppers and we're gonna shove as
  • much as we can of it into this bread and
  • then they give it to you and you're
  • gonna just basically figure out how to
  • eat this because it is can we have a
  • moment of silence for all the beef
  • that's fallen off my sandwich today I'm
  • about to like cry right now because not
  • a single piece of this should be wasted
  • [Music]
  • everything about this just so pulled so
  • aggressively delicious but beefs got a
  • good shoe to it and the meat that you're
  • using the more you chew the more
  • flavorful it guess wait a minute I'm
  • almost done with half of this I can keep
  • that oh do you know weigh it look big a
  • little intimidating but it's so good you
  • won't realize how easy it all goes now
  • this place is pretty in shape I was
  • really insane that beef and cheese combo
  • mines like the Romeo and Juliet up
  • cheese - right there ah $18 for that
  • monster this might be the best value
  • cheesesteak in Philly if not one of the
  • tastiest so glad I came from all right
  • let me finish this up then we got one
  • more place to go finally last
  • cheesesteak of the day D'Allesandro
  • steaks I really anticipate this place
  • because of all the recommendations of
  • cheesesteaks and Philly most people
  • recommend it need to come here and try
  • their cheesesteak the expectation is
  • high my last cheesesteak of the day and
  • by the way the way they were cooking the
  • cheesesteak in there yeah literally I've
  • just dismounted like a literal hill of
  • beef the beef reminds me of what gems
  • looks like it's basically chopped into
  • pieces look at this beautiful layer of
  • onions on top what do you love about
  • places that really chop the beef up is
  • that you can fit more of that into the
  • bread and more Beebe's always better Oh
  • American cheese on the bottom covering
  • the lower half of the beef that's just
  • all gooey cheese I'll get to that
  • I am absolutely filled up to here with
  • cheesesteak
  • I still can't wait to finish this one
  • what Mesa is so good is the beef it's so
  • amazingly tinder whether cheese is
  • almost like eating a beefy cheesy
  • casserole you're gonna put that filling
  • in any paper but this definitely needs a
  • little acid get that little dip in the
  • hot pepper
  • [Music]
  • hurry up a little bit actually really
  • highlights how awesome this Pete pissed
  • it's probably most similar to what I had
  • today in gym suit the bun is fluffy and
  • soft and cheese is melty the meat is
  • tender onion slightly crispy and sweet
  • only thing is the flavor of the beef
  • itself is missing a bit for me I taste a
  • beef I taste a cheese I don't taste much
  • seasoning on the beat myself but it's
  • winning my heart over just with a hell
  • tender and cheesy this fingers I think
  • when she asked me if I want to solve and
  • pepper on there should I say yeah
  • actually because it is missing a bit of
  • salt and pepper right hang on a second
  • oh let me try this again
  • all right each take number two here I
  • got some salt and pepper this time on my
  • beef and I got some sauce I don't know
  • this will make a difference so they put
  • marinara sauce it looks like on the
  • cheese steak I don't know I just saw a
  • lot of people getting sauced so I
  • thought I better get some sauce through
  • again every single cheese think you get
  • absolutely loaded which I love
  • have you ever come here make sure to ask
  • for salt and pepper it's really really
  • important they also have the fried chili
  • and I got some pickles as well probably
  • one of the most tender steaks I've had
  • today
  • I love the hole in Samba with the thread
  • and the onions and the cheese
  • but again even with the salt and pepper
  • I'm not loving the flavor of the meat
  • it's a bit too Brin for me and that's
  • just my own personal opinion maybe it's
  • because I'm used to really strong
  • flavors but the flavor itself is not
  • really doing it for me
  • well anyway this is my last cheese steak
  • here in Philadelphia I think the best
  • for me it is so hard because all these
  • steaks are pretty darn awesome in Norway
  • but I think if I had to pick a favorite
  • ah I don't know I'm gonna have to say
  • it's gems - steak was tender it was
  • flavorful the cheese was melty delicious
  • the bread was scrumptious and fluffy I
  • think the most value for your dollar
  • cheesesteaks gotta be out maxin I mean
  • you saw that Fame nothing was longer
  • than my arm and it was loaded with
  • cheese and ingredients also I saw if he
  • asked for mushrooms there they literally
  • stuffed a peeve in the bread first which
  • is already full then they put the
  • mushrooms on top with some more beets
  • that's definitely a really fulfilling
  • cheese steak and of course John's I love
  • not as much for their cheese steak but
  • really for that delicious pork sandwich
  • that
  • I'm gonna be thinking about that for a
  • long time it's like a loan this is food
  • lover I'd only good to see like once
  • every ten years but again what a
  • thrilling date thank you for having me
  • for the dumpling you guys are awesome
  • you make some of the best sandwiches in
  • the world and I cannot wait to come back
  • and taste some more of your delicious
  • eats again guys this is just my own
  • personal opinion you don't have to agree
  • but let me know in the comments below
  • which Philadelphia cheesesteak war
  • sandwich is your favorite and as always
  • all the places I went to is listed for
  • you in my description box below thank
  • you so much for watching until we eat
  • again see you later

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So glad that I got to do a Cheesesteak Tour when I visited Philadelphia this time because when you are in Philly, you got to eat some good Philly Cheesesteak!!
Cheesesteak sandwiches have always been one of my favorite kind of sandwiches, that's why I had to make it my mission to see what the best Cheesesteak Sandwich that Philly has to offer!

Not only did I get to taste the cheesiest Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich that was oozing out with cheese, but I also got to try one of the biggest Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches too! This Cheesesteak sandwich is filled with an insanely amount of toppings, full of juicy seasoned meat, fried onions, peppers and most of all, and it has so much cheese!
Mmm, thank you, Philadelphia for your fantastic Cheesesteak Sandwiches, I will be back for more of that cheesy sandwich!

1)John’s Roast Pork
2)Jim’s Steaks
4)Max’s Steaks

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