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  • let's get was popping this your boy from
  • the stars what a room sell it to the
  • people to like the video for the video
  • of it start your real nigga you learn I
  • appreciate every last one of y'all if
  • you know subscribe like the video man
  • I'm telling you bro I got the juice to
  • k18 bruh I got to choose bro
  • there's nobody stopping me out here I'm
  • on the grind grind time but anyways we
  • finna get into the video um we have an
  • unlimited vc unlimited badge progress
  • unlimited everything skip excuse me man
  • but anyway yeah we got unlimited every
  • day now it's the same old glitch bro
  • it's a shame I thought they might have
  • patched it you guys know what this is
  • now for the people that don't know this
  • glitch is you have to play a little bit
  • of my career but not that much um you
  • have to play a game once you play a game
  • go to the second half once you get to
  • the second half you should be up by 10
  • you have to be up by 10 points I know
  • you can't change the difficulty to
  • rookie because they don't have a rookie
  • which I think it's dumb but you know
  • they making it harder for you to get to
  • 99 so I kind of understand it but um
  • it's got you have it on pro you
  • be easier even though Pro is kind of
  • hard you know you play on my career but
  • having on Pro once you have it on pro
  • play a game when you play a game play to
  • the second half you should be up by 10
  • when the second half starts press
  • options or if you plan in the fourth
  • quarter it doesn't matter press options
  • once you press options or start you go
  • to sim with BC it should say Sam wit BC
  • not without with BC once you see that
  • you click on that it'll say yes or no
  • you hover over yes have yo Buffalo
  • fingers on the option button which is
  • the start button for the PlayStation 4
  • and have your fingers on the x-plane is
  • shown as you click X I'm gonna make this
  • clear for the people that don't
  • understand as soon as you click X spam
  • options or start this is an old glitch
  • back in the day it still works like
  • brand new bro it's it and you can keep
  • doing it in this video I think yeah this
  • is the video I didn't like until I got
  • like 200 until I got like 200 points
  • some insane stuff like 33 blocks and 50
  • steals I had like some crazy stats BAM I
  • had some crazy stat this also helps you
  • to get your playing time up there so you
  • can just start you know I'm saying so
  • this will help you start or whatever I
  • kept doing it this is this should be no
  • excuse but you know I don't post no fake
  • stuff nothing this should be notes you
  • should be able to get this in no time
  • I'll get your badges in no time um I
  • suggest you do a little something while
  • you playing the game before half-time
  • I suggest you shoot a couple baskets you
  • know you don't got to do nothing crazy
  • shoot a couple bashing hit a couple of
  • rebounds get a couple steals don't do
  • not credit you ain't got to do nothing
  • crazy but get a little stats fill your
  • stats up so when you do that glitch your
  • stats go crazy that's what I did I got
  • the right 200 points bro 33 rebounds
  • from crazy stuff I don't even remember
  • it's gonna be in the video you're gonna
  • see the video but um I got some more
  • videos for y'all some basket Orioles
  • some how-to videos I'm running all we
  • can I even took off work what I took off
  • work to do this I had a I have one off
  • day and I chose Monday so I'm gonna be
  • doing this all weekend and if you guys
  • have any questions please leave your
  • questions down below in the comment
  • section below this video boy foolish
  • thoughts if you want me to do any bad
  • tutorials anything let me know what
  • badge and I got you this when you're
  • losing starts I'm
  • [Music]

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