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Video When The Fastest Players Finally Meet‍♂️ SPEED vs SPEED! |“Adoree's Worst NIGHTMARE” ᴴᴰ
04:49   |   788K+ views   |   09/21/2018 at 21:21


  • [Music]
  • Los Angeles right now 78 degrees and
  • sunny so a very different scene here in
  • South Bend USC warm the tops will
  • receive so the Trojans will get their
  • hands on the football first and a Dorie
  • Jackson awaits one of the most dangerous
  • kickoff return men in the country
  • returned a couple four touchdowns last
  • in his freshman year
  • [Applause]
  • for the Notre Dame offense will fuller
  • and CJ Prosise continue to be the big
  • threats for Kaiser Ronnie Stanley
  • continues to anchor that offensive line
  • although left guard has been a little
  • bit of a question Alex Barros gets to
  • start for the second straight week after
  • 20 Nelson continues to come off of an
  • injury and here is Kaiser in his fifth
  • start for Notre Dame
  • after taking over for the injured Malik
  • Zaire
  • seventy-five yards
  • [Applause]
  • dori Jackson the best athlete on the
  • field number 2 in coverage and will
  • fuller runs right by him no safety help
  • because of the play-action fake is a
  • hard play action fake USC trust their
  • quarters in man-to-man coverage the
  • safety gets drawn up and will fuller
  • blows by Jackson and what did the Jean
  • Kaiser tell us yesterday he said these
  • USC corners are good
  • they haven't seen the speed of will
  • foreign company
  • and appease the little games deep
  • the day Jackson adjusted slices
  • [Applause]
  • god
  • there's the speed of a door rejection
  • and another Jude play for us see 83
  • yards
  • inserted and then that aid the messed up
  • one day that said he was home beat that
  • his duties will take the helm for the
  • years of that was
  • that was just second catch for willful
  • Oh
  • was
  • that was Kevon Seymour who just got into
  • the play too early that the last couple
  • of games after the red-hot starts stick
  • dangerous some more thinking he was
  • going to get loose called for the flag
  • sat-nav Notre Dame at the USC 36
  • trailing by 7 31 24 Kaiser sets up again
  • with time he wants color again in
  • Flagg is in at this time it's a Dori
  • Jackson on the coverage call for
  • interference so this is how you can
  • affect the defense even though you're
  • not making catches his speed is amazing
  • because Jackson is back to back
  • interference balls on what is the
  • strength of that USC defense a secondary
  • I mean will fuller get to step on them
  • right away it's got to be a perfect
  • throw I really feel like kaisers hanging
  • on the ball letting them run too far
  • down the field and making a more
  • difficult throw you want to throw that
  • ball just as the separation starting to
  • happen and then that will fall or
  • accelerate to the ball so I should my
  • counselor just when we're talking about
  • how
  • good he is but I was really
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • the birds Jackson I mean this isn't open
  • this is a phenomenal throw with a guy
  • it's very hard to out throw will fuller
  • and the two fastest guys on the field
  • are going strive to strive but the ball
  • is in a perfect spot and that's not an
  • easy catch fading to the outside I mean
  • how close can Jackson be to the ball
  • those are two elite athletes speed on
  • speed
  • fuller wins of battling in that's his
  • third catch he's got hundred and
  • thirty-one yards on three receptions

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