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19:04   |   views   |   01/09/2019


  • hey what's up guys Peter's here Oh Oh
  • wrong way hey what's up guys Spears here
  • and welcome back there sort of gta5 you
  • know I you know eat wow you know you
  • know what normally I'd cut that out but
  • it's snowing right now it's 7 a.m. I
  • haven't slept and I'm drinking hot
  • chocolate which makes me shit everywhere
  • so mmm we're gonna get into this here
  • hit that like button if you have a
  • sensitive stumble bowel stomach why is
  • my car in the middle of the road what is
  • it you know why we're here ok there's a
  • new DLC not sure if it's a new DLC or
  • not why what is going on there I got a
  • moose knuckle what is that ok I'm not
  • sure if it's a DLC there they added some
  • new guns some laser some laser guns
  • they're like nerf guns but with lasers
  • so we're gonna go check them out it's
  • not the combat mg by the way I'm sprite
  • gonna be a short video I'm just kidding
  • it could be super long probably an hour
  • we're in the Ferrari 812 super fast this
  • thing is super fast should I go to my
  • check go to a regular ammunation or
  • should I go to like they're not legally
  • actually burnt my lips on the hot
  • chocolate I got a Keurig sponsor they're
  • actually pretty shitty like they're okay
  • but like they're not it's better to get
  • the coffee summers you know you've
  • received $2,000 oh thanks what's up man
  • you know what I don't like you you know
  • why I don't like you where the hell are
  • all the guns at are you serious
  • like I I know as soon as I look in the
  • menu they're all gonna be there or watch
  • let me talk to you oh wow crazy how they
  • all just appeared me immersion yeah I'm
  • sorry by the way if you can hear some
  • snowplows going by throw on the highway
  • right now and I live close to a highway
  • hmm yep that's still hot ouch
  • alright we're are the new guns at oh my
  • okay hmm
  • we could be real for a second why is
  • this side of the look how normal this
  • side is like oh yeah you know that's
  • cool shotgun well cool then you get to
  • the alien side over here what four
  • hundred and forty thousand four hundred
  • and ninety nine that is that yeah okay I
  • was it was that I was like is that four
  • million
  • afford that if that's what that is I can
  • afford it though so unholy hell bringer
  • Republic Space Ranger special if you
  • wouldn't run you give you green mint
  • okay
  • I'm gonna buy that I'm gonna buy it and
  • I'm gonna put some tint on it what tint
  • you might ask yellow no green no purple
  • purple would be sick it would match my
  • suit I actually think the yellow looks
  • good gold sorry that's not yellow you
  • idiot it's gold this one the Widowmaker
  • that's funny it's actually kind of funny
  • what is that oh is that rain yo was it
  • raining - no I'm gonna lose my power
  • 100% it just snowed a bunch and now it's
  • gonna are you should to buy rounds for
  • this come on it's a it's a laser gun my
  • whatever full um I'll just go with
  • there's purple tint
  • why does pink and purple look pretty
  • much the exact same I'm colorblind
  • that's the problem oh that looks yeah
  • I'm going with that one too it looks
  • like Megaman no I wasn't done he did buy
  • ammo for the other laser gun probably
  • yep full look at that great now you are
  • prepared thanks man I appreciate it
  • that's what you just told me I was
  • prepared alright let's try this out
  • where's my minigun oh there it is oh my
  • god that's huge
  • oh my god that's what she said dude just
  • like that - it's crazy
  • you listen to this why does that sound
  • like I hate it sound like a like a beard
  • trimmer or like a what like an electric
  • lawnmower what is that oh my god I've
  • run like I'm constipated too with it
  • what the fuck what is going on oh yeah
  • by the way we gonna change it we
  • changing that shit up real quick hold up
  • give me a minute let me find a clothes
  • there we go
  • I'm not gonna take the Ferrari Emma's
  • gonna walk see if people care what if
  • the cops would care if they saw this
  • he'd be like what's that guy holding up
  • a water heater for what is that it's
  • like I know common sense is a thing but
  • like it's a laser gun like laser guns
  • aren't illegal laser blasters like why
  • would that be illegal it's not it
  • doesn't even exist you know
  • there's a cop coming this way please
  • don't make that turn oh my god he heard
  • me okay
  • I'm gonna climb over this then
  • okay it actually looks like I might not
  • be able to change my outfit here they're
  • giving up slowly that's fine good climb
  • up this real quick so what I call the
  • shortcut McGee right there oh that was
  • really high up well sup yo what's up
  • girl hey like a manageable person you
  • look like a mint are you a manager or
  • something what's going on okay that's
  • good for you I'm excited probably put
  • that away before I go in here yep okay
  • hey lady you look like a dinosaur what's
  • up I need the Baldy seats that's what I
  • need I need to change that to a purple
  • one the green one is a little much
  • Oh JK oh there's the purple one he it's
  • me and purple oh great
  • how much is it it's 300 great what why
  • is it 300 I guess I'm sticking with the
  • green one that or not I'm ending her
  • hold on a minute
  • give me a moment it's gonna be the first
  • time I use it bitch this thing is
  • ridiculous what is this oh my god it
  • shoots so fast that's amazing
  • was it oh yeah and then you got this bad
  • boy point you know what I mean it's the
  • same guy it's all good there where's the
  • Widowmaker
  • what is the Widowmaker a sniper knew
  • there it is a PI only oh shit that's uh
  • okay
  • allows the lots of horn noise going on
  • here I'm not liking that at all
  • that's the little extra isn't it I like
  • that
  • what about one of these dude this it no
  • Tony no no bad time bedtime bedtime in
  • the middle of something here
  • oh that's ridiculous oh yeah speakers
  • likey a lot what does first person look
  • like on this out top stop putting it
  • away oh my god I feel like Buzz
  • Lightyear I'm actually buzzing with my
  • laser weapon my laser gun to infinity
  • and beyond
  • oh sorry hot chocolate makes me really
  • like stuffed up makes you sound like I
  • have a cold I don't know why I'm
  • allergic to hot chocolate is that even
  • possible
  • like what how did that window when did
  • that occur you know what is with this
  • gun is it just super powerful I mean
  • that's pretty impressive probably
  • doesn't have much of a range on it like
  • you know what I mean like oh my god like
  • I almost murked me play my back it's all
  • from him yo chill this is it one shot
  • people it hit one shots oh my god it one
  • shots people what what do you mean is
  • that is she did oh she's alive that
  • could have been that was probably
  • actually because yeah that would make
  • sense never mind the rate of fire on
  • that is so dumb look look at this
  • you can kind of tell there's like a
  • little bit of there's a little Agyness
  • when it comes to like this minigun but
  • you can just tell it's kind of like like
  • it's fast but it's not SuperDuper fast
  • this it's just like a line it's a line
  • of laser beams frickin laser beams dude
  • and look once you hold it down for long
  • enough it goes crazy turns in like a
  • shotgun scatter that is weird
  • feel like I'm I like that I like a lot
  • at all I think I like this thing - man I
  • like all these things man good job
  • rock star again you know what I mean I
  • saw a lot of people commenting on a rock
  • there's Twitter post saying that that
  • this is like Saints Row online now or
  • something like that like my hot man this
  • is a it's not like that this is a lot
  • different I like that they're adding
  • crazy stuff like this cuz it just like
  • brings a new life to a GT online you
  • know like you can like I can make I can
  • make cool videos on it like this you
  • know what I mean like oh I like I like
  • it I like messing around when you get to
  • mess around with new things that's like
  • the best feeling ever you know what I
  • mean oh yeah by the way thank you guys
  • to everybody that messaged me and told
  • me about you yep oh oh god he hit him
  • not me that messaged me and told me
  • about the DLC update I really appreciate
  • that you're the real MVP you know who
  • you are
  • okay hit that like button if you told me
  • there should only be like 20 people so
  • that's unless you you know messaged me
  • on any up email maybe I don't know could
  • went to my my trash so when you combine
  • the up an atomizer the that's the
  • Widowmaker what the hell is this one the
  • unholy hell bringer oh yeah okay
  • that's the Widowmaker right right
  • makes sense think I read that wrong so
  • once you combine those three that's kind
  • of like the Infinity stones man if you
  • think about it like you're combining
  • this one can be space this one is power
  • and this one is soul maybe I don't know
  • that's it's not you're not like it's not
  • like Infinity stones at all really it's
  • I tried you know what I mean I tried to
  • do if it didn't work in my head it
  • sounded way better though so that's good
  • it sounded way better in my head all
  • right what's up dude who's that
  • sup bro hey come back I can't jump over
  • this it's clearly a wall are you serious
  • how did this dude see me I'm high I'm a
  • green dude hiding in a bush yeah it's
  • over dawg oh he's gotta do that thing
  • real smooth real smooth like oh my god
  • do they stay down
  • stop it dude I don't want your phone
  • calls
  • alright one tab okay is he down oh ok so
  • if you I found their weakness if you
  • shoot them in the head with the laser
  • guns that's what that's what stops them
  • see just boom
  • feel like a shot anywhere should figure
  • this it shouldn't it shouldn't have to
  • be a headshot you know what I mean like
  • that's a little too much it's a laser
  • gun so frickin laser gun shooting
  • frickin laser beams from their frickin
  • heads you know prick from Austin Powers
  • by the way I'm not just saying Frick I'm
  • not I'm not that guy you know I mean
  • Frick man Oh Frick like I got melted god
  • this looks like a big burrito an
  • absolute my god the fuck was that looks
  • like an absolute unit wait
  • No oh my god I almost worked I'm trying
  • to do like a 360 lawn mower sort of
  • thing I've only used that many rounds
  • are you serious out of eight oh man
  • nothing is shut down completely if I can
  • blow it right out of this guy here wow
  • wow wow wow wow I'm trying to believe
  • that took so many hits that was
  • ridiculous what was that dude okay come
  • on I was laying into that thing hard
  • with frickin lasers okay frickin users
  • look at that wait let's try the spread
  • on these actually so like that and then
  • we'll take the minigun mmm interesting
  • do this I'm gonna move the laser gun at
  • the same speed as I knew that one hmm if
  • a laser gun is definitely it's more
  • consistent just like it's it's blue
  • it'll be like a laser you know lasers
  • are pretty precise the minigun yeah like
  • you see that that space right there
  • the laser beam doesn't have that but it
  • has like little spaces in between I
  • don't know I think it that would make it
  • probably more accurate it's definitely
  • more accurate I mean unless you hold it
  • down for a long period of time cue who
  • just shot me I just got shot by a
  • shotgun okay think whoa
  • all right chill chill chill Oh who did
  • that who did that
  • no oh we meet again old friend nope no
  • you're not getting out of this guy
  • you're blowing ray out of this are you
  • serious
  • again oh my god can you even blow those
  • things out of the sky or is that like
  • just not a thing
  • man imagine getting out of your car and
  • arena wars and just using these and I'd
  • be sick so sick oh here we go here it is
  • back again blowing you look at the scar
  • dawg that's exactly what I wanted to
  • happen I didn't want it to hit the
  • ground before blue oh shit here we go
  • please please please be so funny all of
  • you hate the cops in this game I hate
  • them the sound it's so ridiculous just
  • the sound I open the hood on that thing
  • look oh I tried to take it off imagine
  • the radio call them for this thing hey
  • what's going on and we got a deuteron an
  • alien suit down here - shooting a Lee
  • ray guns in like blasters and shit like
  • you from Star Wars I don't know what's
  • going on me ridiculous I don't think I
  • like it really like I don't think
  • anybody likes it
  • and you hate me so that's weird in the
  • Internet of itself you know what I'm
  • saying hold on let me see if I can do
  • this and then oh oh that didn't do
  • anything
  • whoa that didn't do anything holy shit
  • I'm gonna throw that right there and
  • then no I'm trying to be creative you
  • serious that was ridiculous hold on I
  • got shot again
  • oh my teeth hurt Oh where's my to firm
  • hold on can I drop this thing yeah well
  • that'd be funny fuck
  • i'ma drop that are you fucking kidding
  • me Paige Oh North the time honey not the
  • time here we go
  • wait okay hmm
  • I don't get how that makes any sense
  • because I'm throwing it you know like
  • I'm going like that and then I go like
  • this
  • and then I shoot it and it moves it like
  • an inch that way oh that sucks for you
  • bro whoa what okay oh that's gonna blow
  • up that's gonna blow up wait let me do
  • this before it blows up oh my god that's
  • frightening whoo that was frightening
  • hey I gave you a little boost there
  • that's great I wonder if that actually
  • works let's see here you go doesn't
  • really do that much yeah just kind of
  • Boop's them up man add more of these add
  • more cool guns like this rock star I
  • know you're watching I know someone from
  • there is watching come on what are you
  • doing this thing looks cool in first
  • person - that's true Oh bro it's like
  • not even chill it's just trill trying to
  • aim down sight any beam
  • that'd be too cool Oh bullshit how would
  • you aim down sights on a minigun now
  • that doesn't make any sense
  • oh wow this seems really accurate first
  • person oh my god just popped it up his
  • dead friends ass the hell happened there
  • whoa I'm gonna need y'all to chill real
  • quick please I'm gonna need you to chill
  • oh my god
  • boys are so inaccurate now what is going
  • on I can't run you may not run in first
  • Bert
  • am i running I think I'm running oh no
  • oh no he totally like it if you did that
  • to me pretty ridiculous oh I'm getting
  • shot by lasers what's happening comes
  • out after we be real for a second it's a
  • little unbelievable fear if you ask me I
  • don't believe it my dead ass just said
  • wow man well first of all I said dead
  • ass like legit I didn't even I saw this
  • car right okay let me do this over here
  • it'll look way better it'll be funnier
  • it's for the video hold on I that car
  • right there and I was like man that's a
  • nice-looking car and then I just
  • realized that it was my car so funny man
  • that's hilarious Wow oh hey what's up
  • guys just paid my name in the road here
  • with laser please why do you get out
  • shoot first ask questions later huh
  • it's not how you're supposed to do job
  • okay innocent until proven guilty and
  • you ain't proving me guilty cuz you did
  • oh my god why did that even okay can
  • someone rewind that I'm a hundred
  • percent did not shoot that like once
  • cool cool anyways hey listen ouch
  • I hope you guys enjoyed this video if
  • you did hit that like button let me know
  • man also if you haven't subscribed
  • already what are you doing bro you
  • you're not listening to those little
  • pop-ups down at the bottom left hand
  • corner are you crazy
  • make sure if that buttons red down there
  • you turn it gray okay cuz no wants to
  • see a red button it's weird man we want
  • to see that shit grayed out you know
  • what I mean like my life just gray just
  • bleak and gray get better it gets
  • happier and also ring that Bell
  • I feel like I should get a bell and keep
  • it by my desk that be hullick ring the
  • bell yeah because YouTube won't tell you
  • I've uploaded a video unless you ring
  • the bell so you should ring it it'd be
  • great anyways thanks for watching I hope
  • you have a great day

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