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Video NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2018 | Weekly #30
27:18   |   4M+ views   |   10/23/2018 at 17:02


  • You told me the story of the war when the ground shook and the sky burn
  • Of the ones that survived
  • Who will walk to a different world
  • Or the powerful prey on me
  • But that's not the way it has to be
  • When I found you a very human brain was miraculously
  • It's the loneliest feeling not to know who you are in time you'll remember
  • Oh
  • The leaders knew again
  • It's a harsh world down here did that'll be willing to do what it takes
  • laleta run
  • My God
  • She's the last of a kind
  • She contains technology that have been lost for 300 years
  • Let me show you something
  • This body I feel a connection to it
  • I can't explain, you know more about me than you're saying Leda. Some things have been enlist forgotten
  • And I'll find out for myself
  • She's threatening the natural order thing. I need you to destroy her leader they will come for you
  • I'll have to face them head-on
  • Tonight is not again
  • I'm with her
  • You must be the crazy guy I'm not crazy I'm just saying things no one else has a
  • Megalodon a massive prehistoric killing machine so glad I'm not crazy
  • The Megalodon was the largest shop that ever existed it feared nothing
  • So now we kill it tell ya
  • One fish did all this musky yourself
  • I'm gonna make this thing, please
  • I was a serious man versus nature moment the Meg only in cinemas
  • Paddle the Tampa Bay's got missing just above the culprit peninsula
  • So we've got a shootout under the ice I told six feet you want a hunter-killer
  • We've been ordered across waters as no American sub has ever crossed before submerge the ship
  • We are witnessing the most aggressive military buildup in Russian history
  • We've been keeping tabs on the Russian president - his defense minister Durham
  • Oh
  • My god, it's a cool. We're dealing with a single Road Minister
  • What if we could free presidents the car we rescue the Russian president?
  • amazing years underground
  • Captain waiting orders. We're going in with four of our boys and get one Russian president
  • We need a look of navigator
  • Everest my men, where's my ship because it was the right thing to do. This is about our future
  • If we don't pull this off
  • It's gonna be World War three, you will be court-martialed. That's my job to keep you alive long enough
  • So you can testify
  • Sube toes in the water chip honey solution ready weapon ready 5 seconds, sir fire
  • Did we just start a war, you know put myself in the one
  • Bow stations
  • That's a warship
  • All right, let's do this
  • A tomato fight let's get this show on the road
  • Mr. Knox listen to me very carefully
  • We have your nice
  • Somewhere in this stadium is Dimitri Bella
  • If he is not found within 90 minutes
  • We will detonate explosives killing everyone inside
  • The clock is ticking
  • Tick-tock
  • There's an emergency situation at West Ham Stadium, what are we dealing with highly skilled paramilitary Eastern European?
  • How do you know this
  • Because I just killed one of them
  • Michael no is exile. He nods destiny
  • As soon as he gets to be treated he'll get night the expression
  • What if we get to him first
  • We're gonna kill them all you better run
  • Sometimes we have to sacrifice the signal of the most or the greater good
  • Not tonight
  • Have more bullets than you watch this
  • You
  • I'm sorry, I got held up at work. You'll be working this weekend. Well, it can't be helped father
  • I never see your life is happening now right in front of you. I am sorry Madeline
  • What to do what to do what to do what to do and become Oh
  • Christopher Robin fear. Oh
  • No, no, no, no, no
  • This can't be happening stress. It's not stress. Let's pool pool
  • How are you here? Oh
  • Well, I went through the door through which Christopher Robin is known to appear
  • and now
  • I'm here
  • The tree I remember was behind the causes in the countryside not here in London. I suppose it's where it needs to be
  • That's a silly explanation watch. Thank you
  • I've lost all of my friends want you to find them
  • Although there. Are you on an expedition sir, Oh bother
  • Do you think he's alright come here come in here look
  • can't just keep saying hello to people you can't see moving and talking but why because
  • You're different so I shouldn't be me. No, nothing slows by yourself. No, this is very confusing
  • Just try and be LLS a less exuberant you look Stuber and flop
  • sag
  • Play naptime. I love play. Well, let's see it like this
  • Well done
  • Boom do you think you might be able to amuse yourself for a while? I've got some rather pressing work to do
  • House
  • clouds
  • tree
  • Go
  • for
  • What are you doing? Oh, I'm playing a game. It's called say what you see. Could you say what you see a little more quietly?
  • House grass trees, I'm sorry the snack compartment. It's rather full
  • That's his nap time
  • Christopher Robin got back exactly. He's giant and he smells a little funny
  • Just an average Wednesday morning
  • Not who I used to be we lost you need to remember who you are
  • Kristopher always comes to save us now. It's our turn to save him
  • Let's bow
  • It's always a sunny day
  • When Christopher Robin comes to play a little better Disney's Christopher Robin
  • Was called saying what you'll see in faster. Yeah disgrace - a little humiliation
  • Well, that's one way to play it in theaters on his third rated PG get tickets now
  • You won't be lonely tell you when I felt alone
  • Salani when was me and 1,600 other people in this town
  • I
  • Was pretty fuckin
  • Spinach today
  • Fucking crow look
  • There
  • Before they're so cute
  • Then we get the eggs before guys become dicks
  • You think you're pretty cool big ghetto ass friends you good
  • You think you're tough and shit give this a little fucking kid a
  • Lot of the time you feel that our lives are the worst
  • But think of you looking anybody else's closet you can trade your ship for their sheet
  • So let's go
  • That's why we ride up here some food what that does to somebody in spirit
  • See me what the fuck are you doing?
  • Stevie fucking shame
  • Okay, Twitter pull if you could stay one age forever, what would it be what about the age we are right now seriously
  • Sometimes I wish we could just get out of the stupid town together
  • The cops asked me oh
  • You wanted to know if she ever talked about running away
  • Check this out. Oh
  • Here's the last site she visited
  • Slenderman he preys on innocent youth
  • Whoa, I think this is how we get Katie back
  • Those who hear the three bells toll accept his invitation
  • When you hear the first you must close your eyes
  • Opening your eyes
  • Only once you hurt the third
  • He gets in his head like a virus
  • Something he takes some drugs mad once you see him do you see him?
  • I
  • Never told you about my first wife tonight Erica got married when I was only 19
  • Mourner head to their parents
  • Creditor funeral and of course the house look like an accident. They cannot tell you anything about Jenny
  • Oh, no, never
  • Who did this a meet yours?
  • You must be confused
  • Why would your wife do this to you?
  • Probably thinking
  • We're in love, right
  • Yeah your heart racing
  • may you feel
  • I know these words
  • I turned you into this monster this nature not nurture
  • People they trust in you I trusted you I'm free in all the ways you're not
  • Through trapped by Moses weighed down by guilt you are never going
  • I'm not going to let you do it again
  • Your conscience isn't a source of strength
  • Chili's heal
  • Dad he used to say to me you only kill what keeps you alive
  • So why you wanna find this bother he took something from me
  • He needs to pay
  • I'm bestow a hombre body al español. I'm not accepting any propositions right now
  • Podrick
  • I'm gonna rub a church. They stole from you. They stole my land
  • And they stole my sister and I'm going to get her back
  • What's the plan
  • That's her if she knows where she is going
  • Church
  • white then
  • money
  • How many churches are in the city
  • He's distracted
  • Sure you want to do this, I'm afraid I miss when you get cool I'm US Marshal, where's the girl?
  • You have no idea who she is
  • You got a big sin to confess tea?
  • Oh God, will you let her talk
  • Maybe you know people who try to get her what if something goes wrong
  • At what?
  • You know they say when you seek revenge, you must dig two graves
  • I told you to stick to the script
  • It ends here
  • Nikki, what do you mean she's gone?
  • That baby we ought to be home with your family, she's alright she's fine
  • I've been telling them for years
  • You got to figure out what you want to do with mom when the time comes because we all know why this thing works
  • I'm sorry out of here more often. You got family. You got girls. You got a husband. You're here plenty
  • She was trying to go home. She thinks she's still a little girl, or she can't figure out why she's stuck here
  • Who's that all what is there? No, that is he's my boyfriend
  • see
  • You got an idea what I got going on here I get to pick up mom-and-pops dry-cleaning taking the church
  • Grandma drink the holy water
  • At least you side, right?
  • And I'm not putting your mother in a nursing home did you
  • You know, everyone thinks being alone is so bad
  • Tables lonely looking over at the man
  • You've been married to for the last 20 years and thinking he must be feeling the same way. I am
  • Love is commitment. I don't have what you have. Oh
  • No, that's the other honor his name's Nick two
  • Horses me I got my life savings dumped in in this place. You're a bartender bar owner dad
  • You know, I'm gonna have a baby did you know this dad I heard you saved all your old baby clothes
  • Just gonna forget everything the better or worse sickness
  • And now that do you part that is the promise. She's my girl. You can't take my girl away from me
  • What happen according life of any life happened in wedding
  • They ask you something I'm not in a position to refuse is it true you called the camp's liquidation machine
  • Everyone used flippin terms for dirty work to make us seem like animals for all animals
  • Some of us just have bigger teeth than others
  • Welcome to Argentina we have our guy
  • Adolf Eichmann
  • The architect of the final solution
  • We should be putting him down like a mad dog
  • I would happily put a bullet in between his eyes, but that's not what we're doing here
  • This is strictly catch and extract Eichmann will stand trial here in Israel
  • My job was simple save the country I loved from being destroyed as your job any different
  • There is a problem with the fight
  • This is a country full of X Nazis. They're all over the city
  • Whom did we take from you Peter whom did you lose? We lost six million asking about you
  • Destroyer manipulators keep your distance. He's dangerous
  • For the first time in our history, we will charge our executioner for the sake of the world. Do not fail start the engine
  • They'll say my death is justice that makes my life worth 6 million people you lost
  • For all animals

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