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Video Annie Guide | Season 7 | League of Legends Champion Guide
14:51   |   02/23/2019 at 17:22


  • hey guys monomers smell Fox and welcome
  • back to another League of Legends
  • champion guide today we're gonna be
  • doing an e the dark child in my opinion
  • an E is a very strong mid laner she has
  • a great early game her damage and
  • utility is consistent throughout and she
  • brings a lot to a team but only if you
  • know how to player and that's why I'm
  • here I'm going to tell you how best to
  • player let's not waste any time
  • let's just get straight into this so
  • first guys I'm going to talk about
  • Annie's abilities you already know these
  • and please feel free to skip ahead but
  • let's first talk about her passive
  • pyromania after casting for abilities
  • and ease next damaging ability stuns
  • enemies for 1.25 to 1.75 seconds it's a
  • very simple passive but just it alone is
  • a great owning tool as you can walk
  • around with your stun ready and people
  • can see that you have your stun ready
  • and this will inherently force them to
  • not go near you as they know that if
  • they get in range of maybe your ultimate
  • then they'll probably die if they are
  • quite squishy target and HQ is
  • disintegrate and he held a fire black
  • target enemy dealing magic damage if
  • disintegrate kills the target it refunds
  • its mana cost and half the cooldown
  • because of this ability you pretty much
  • never run out of mana as Annie in the
  • early stages of the game as you get your
  • mana back from last hitting minions with
  • your Q although because it is a single
  • target ability this does mean that
  • Annie's waveclear is not very good in
  • the early stage of the game in
  • comparison to other champions like
  • syndra or Orianna who have more a OE
  • damage Annie's W is incinerate and he
  • releases the count of fire and a target
  • Direction dealing magic damage to all
  • enemies in the area because her W is an
  • AoE ability it doesn't mean that if you
  • have your stun ready you can actually
  • stand multiple targets at once also in
  • the late game of W is great for wave
  • clearing as it can clear out the whole
  • backline of range minions in one go but
  • I will point out that the cooldown is
  • quite high meaning that there is quite a
  • bit of a risk we're using it as it will
  • leave you vulnerable and ez is molten
  • shield and he wraps herself and tippers
  • in a fiery aura reducing damage taking
  • fur for next 3 seconds enemies who use
  • beta protect on Connie or Tiber's during
  • this time are also dealt magic damage
  • no.1 ability that you really notice
  • doing anything although I will point out
  • that at max rank the damage reduction is
  • 40% although I will say that her E is
  • more often used for Perce none more so
  • than actually using it to defend
  • yourself
  • Annie's all is summoned to boots and he
  • summons Timbers to a target location in
  • a burst of flame getting
  • damage to all nearby enemies he then
  • remained on the field as a controllable
  • pet from the 45 seconds and he can use
  • their our key to move tippers around
  • while he is summoned aside from the
  • massive damage he deals when you summon
  • him to visit as many other uses for
  • example you can see towers while you
  • stand back at a distance he can block
  • skill shots and also you can soak up
  • damage for your team and also stand in
  • the way of enemies so they can't get to
  • you next is runes and masteries I'll do
  • this quickly as it's kind of boring
  • but the kind of masteries thunderlord's
  • is kind of the obvious answer I can't
  • even think of anything else that makes
  • sense on a knee
  • so usually thunder loads is the way to
  • go in the matter if you're playing her
  • mid or support or top or anything
  • thunderlord's is usually the way to go
  • for Annie in terms of ruins of her
  • generic set up will be a key quints
  • armor seals magic penetration marks and
  • scaling magic resistance glyphs next
  • I'll talk about some summoner spells you
  • should take so flash I think if you take
  • all the time it's kind of a default you
  • know you always usually take flash on
  • most champions in terms of second some
  • of the spells
  • I really think ignite is the most common
  • option you use you know play quite
  • aggressive with Annie because what you
  • can do is that you do your combo you do
  • your cue your W and then tippers and
  • that's sort of the combo but if you
  • ignite them as well then the damage of
  • the time usually adds up with tippers
  • because what will happen is that tippers
  • will chase after them assuming they run
  • away and the damage over time from
  • tippers hitting them and also the damage
  • around him the AoE he has adds up with
  • ignite and usually ends up in getting an
  • early kill although I will say that
  • taking barrier does work as well
  • especially if you're in a matchup that
  • isn't very very safe to someone like
  • syndra or vigor that have these
  • point-and-click alts that your massive
  • damage and it's really hard to avoid
  • then a user would take barrier also if
  • you're not very confident with Annie
  • you've not played her that much then I
  • recommend taking barrier in most cases
  • because usually a lot of time could save
  • your life
  • and lastly ghost is an option I wouldn't
  • take it most the time I've never really
  • taken it myself properly I don't think
  • it works that well because a lot of the
  • time you're not chasing someone for that
  • long you should kill them in one go but
  • so you can give it a go have a little
  • fun especially if you know you're going
  • to be winning Lane next I'm going to
  • talk about the items so the optimal
  • build you have here is the build that
  • works in most matchups it's a very
  • generic rule that most mid laners will
  • go
  • because it works out you get the
  • defensive Ness from the bezel and
  • zhonya's but also get the damage from
  • void and rabid dogs so I'm not really
  • going to talk about that too much I'm
  • going to talk more like the defensive
  • items and other items on how you can
  • implement them into your build so for
  • the defensive items when would you buy
  • them so we're in the mid lane and you're
  • losing Lane you're getting bursted down
  • very quickly then these items can help
  • as they'll give you health and
  • inherently make you more tanky which
  • means you will survive births more often
  • watch if the playing top lane you want
  • to kind of have that inherit tankiness
  • so I recommend getting at least one or
  • two of these items I always want to
  • point out that rylai's and The Andrews
  • kind of work hand-in-hand and if you're
  • going to get one you may as well get the
  • other as the proc from rylai's will
  • actually mean that the andrews does
  • double damage which means it's much more
  • effective so you're going to get one you
  • may as well get the other if you're
  • going to buy rod of Ages I recommend
  • getting it as early as possible because
  • of the passive it's just not worth it
  • when you get it in a late-game because
  • you can't take advantage of the full ten
  • stacks it will give within 10 minutes
  • and if you don't get to that 10-minute
  • mark then obviously it's not worth
  • buying in terms of the other items
  • Luden's is kind of an awkward item I
  • never show when to buy it and on what
  • champions to buy on but I will say that
  • it's quite useful than an e because of
  • our waveclear
  • in terms of most mid laners how
  • waveclear is is just kind of bad it's
  • not very good
  • you're quite reliant on your W which has
  • a very high cooldown to deal damage to
  • multiple minions but Luden's can change
  • that a lot of time you can use its web
  • clear a lot quicker so if you're really
  • struggling with that your team doesn't
  • have a very good wave clone comp then
  • usually by Luden's can make up for that
  • and lastly if you want to go super
  • aggressive you can go up roustabout and
  • Lich Bane if you're going to buy one and
  • I recommend you just buy the other
  • because it doesn't make sense not to do
  • that you might as well go fall out and
  • just buy both and go super aggressive so
  • it doesn't always work it's kind of a
  • feast of famine sort of thing it might
  • work out it might not if you know you're
  • going to win Lane you know you're
  • playing get someone who maybe isn't as
  • good then I recommend just buying it
  • because in the long run it will actually
  • be very much worth it but in terms of
  • what you lose and what you gain from
  • buying this if you actually buy these I
  • recommend replacing it with a vessel and
  • zhonya's sort of get rid of those
  • defensive items for the more aggressive
  • items in terms of what you lose you
  • don't actually lose any CDR because both
  • these item to give you CDR you actually
  • get that back and also pros about gives
  • you health meaning you actually get a
  • soul amount of tanky
  • as well legend also gives you mana so in
  • extended teamfights you have a lot more
  • mana to work with and also because of
  • the passive your dps is inherently
  • higher as long as you remember to use
  • basic attacks while also using abilities
  • this also means that your siege
  • potential is a lot better because of the
  • passive on linchpin you can do a lot
  • more damage and you're not going to be
  • so reliant on your team to take out
  • turrets but like I said this is a very
  • aggressive build you should always be
  • going it because a lot of time won't
  • always work if you know you're going to
  • be winning Lane or you are winning Lane
  • and you can switch out some of these
  • items in the optimal build here but some
  • of the items like product about or Lich
  • Bane but yeah your build should be
  • changing in each game it should always
  • be the same a lot of the time because a
  • lot of time the circumstances change and
  • things can be different
  • next I'm going to talk about what you
  • should be doing in the early mid and
  • late game so for the early game you
  • should be farming with your auto attacks
  • and last-hitting with your Q this is
  • because when you kill a minion with your
  • Q you get the mana back and also half
  • the cooldown is refunded when it comes
  • to poke the usual setup that I think
  • works very well is to have your stun
  • ready to cue them
  • then W then Auto Attack this will mean
  • it will proc sunder lords and also it
  • will be a free trade as they'll be
  • stunned for the whole duration not be
  • able to deal any damage back towards you
  • careful when using your W as the
  • cooldown is quite long I don't recommend
  • using it early on because it doesn't
  • really work when wave clearing it makes
  • things awkward in most cases so I don't
  • recommend using it but if you are them
  • be careful when you do use it as the
  • cooldown is quite long and can leave you
  • vulnerable especially you could get
  • ganked remember to use your stun to zone
  • enemy champions away if an enemy
  • champion sees you have your stun they're
  • more likely to stay away from you so you
  • can learn them from minions you can just
  • zone the enemy laner themselves and also
  • it can ward off junglers I do want to
  • point out that you should be careful
  • when you do not have your stun up
  • junglers are more likely to go in when
  • you do not have your stun that wait for
  • you use it and then I'll going to gank
  • you I recommend once you've used your
  • stun you should back off get to parts of
  • just stand back and then go back in so
  • you can quickly get your stand back if
  • you need it this all may be obvious but
  • you should stun the jungler or the laner
  • when you get ganked or whoever's closer
  • to you as soon as possible so you can
  • get another stun ready as soon as
  • possible afterwards if you get towerdive
  • during a gank that if you have your stun
  • you can stun them under Tower and maybe
  • get a kill on them instead
  • but yeah just make sure that you have
  • your son ready when
  • maybe you think gank is coming along
  • anytime soon and lastly the combo that
  • works most of the time is just QW also
  • this Wilcox underlord and it's very good
  • for poke as well as just dealing damage
  • itself
  • next is the mid game so in regards to
  • waveclear when it comes to range minions
  • and Auto Attack and then a queue will
  • usually kill them in one go
  • as I said Annie's website is not very
  • good but this is just a little trick to
  • making waveclear a little bit easier use
  • your W and E to prepare stun this is
  • mainly the case when you're just leaving
  • the fountain maybe you've just died or
  • recalled usual W e to get two points
  • into your stun as soon as possible so
  • when you get into Lane you only need to
  • use two more ability to get this done
  • and also when you do some people try
  • stun multiple enemies with your W or
  • your ultimate you want to get maximum
  • efficiency from your abilities and doing
  • this will do exactly that for any I find
  • that her Altima doesn't really have a
  • certain time that you should use it you
  • can kind of use it at any point in the
  • fight it can be initiator or it can end
  • the fight if there are a lot of grouped
  • enemies then just don't be scared sort
  • of take the initiative and maybe flash
  • of them because a lot of the time you
  • will engage a fight and deal a lot of
  • damage and if you have the stun a lot of
  • times you will probably win the
  • teamfight because you've stunned like
  • maybe one or two enemies and your Vesta
  • team can come in and dive in to get all
  • the kills and lastly keep track of your
  • stuns this is very important because if
  • you don't know if you have your stun or
  • not or don't know how many abilities you
  • need to use to get your stun and a lot
  • of times you can be caught out maybe
  • just you just needed to use one more
  • ability to get your stun but you just
  • didn't know it she didn't preemptively
  • use your IVA forehand so just make sure
  • you know how many more abilities you
  • need to use before you get your stun so
  • if you do get caught out you know what
  • you're doing to get your stun off and it
  • could save your life
  • and lastly the late-game stay with your
  • teammates I said it's for every single
  • champion because it's totally viable on
  • every champion you should be relying on
  • your team to protect you and also follow
  • up on your you're doing only if you're
  • super fed can you go out on your own and
  • do what you want in most cases even if
  • you are super fair there's a lot of
  • times where you can just be caught out
  • and die on your own but in the late game
  • you should really be staying with your
  • team because they're the ones going to
  • help you win target carries another's
  • might be quite obvious but there's one
  • thing I want to point out and he does
  • have a lot of burst mini so you can take
  • out squishy champions very very quickly
  • so for example the enemy team has a
  • Lucian who's super fed he seems to be
  • winning all these teamfights for
  • team no one seems to be able to touch
  • him he's on the back line all the time
  • no one can hit him if you have flash
  • then just flash all him because a lot of
  • time that will end up killing him or at
  • least zone him out of the fight remember
  • that you have this ability to burst and
  • so on very very quickly and if it means
  • you end up winning the fight then it is
  • worth it and you should do it be before
  • you stun and this is quite a cool little
  • trick you can do to surprise people it
  • doesn't really work with more
  • experienced players who kind of know but
  • less experienced players may fall for
  • this if you have three points in your
  • stun all you need to do is your E to get
  • that stun ready so what you do is you
  • have your eraider you sit there you wait
  • for someone to come close thinking okay
  • she doesn't have us done yet and then
  • you eat and then you queue very quickly
  • or your alt depending on what you want
  • to do now you can get a quick kill this
  • doesn't work all the time it's just one
  • thing I want to point out that I like to
  • do sometimes I don't know if it always
  • works it's very hard to tell but a lot
  • of cases you can trick people into
  • coming closer than they think because
  • they think you don't have your stump
  • remember to zone with tubers now even
  • after you summoned him and del all that
  • damage and stun a bunch of people you
  • can use into zone people off of you so
  • for example you're taking Baron you're
  • doing a drake you can use into stands of
  • in the way the enemy champions blocks
  • kill shots and forth the enemy teams
  • have to deal with him before they can
  • deal with you Tippett is kind of like
  • your sixth expendable teammate you can
  • use in two zone people off you'll push
  • them away you back him off again to heal
  • back up again you put him back in to
  • scare people off objectives I recommend
  • you you really use him after you summon
  • him because he's just as useful dealing
  • damage as he is being utility to zone
  • people away and lastly I'm going to talk
  • about some matchups so the rule of thumb
  • here is that the higher range that they
  • have the more effective they are against
  • Annie this is because Annie's range is
  • very very short
  • our highest range ability has an
  • ultimate and even that isn't very high
  • so champions like sind Ravel cosmic
  • serif cache appear zigs people like that
  • of these stupidly long ranges it can hit
  • you from a mile away you're really going
  • to struggle playing against them because
  • they will poke you down hard
  • although champions like yes well
  • Katarina Twisted Fate anivia
  • champions I have to get quite close to
  • deal much damage to you are very very
  • easy because the fact that they get
  • close to you if the close of range they
  • are to you the easier is to land your W
  • and also it means landing your all it's
  • very easy
  • someone like Katarina the moment she alt
  • you all because she's just standing
  • there it's impossible to miss
  • and you probably end up stunning here as
  • well if you have your stun ready other
  • champions are like brand maybe Orianna
  • these champions have sort of a mediocre
  • sort of range but are still a threat in
  • most cases they won't kill you unless
  • you let them kill you so you should also
  • play carefully but all these champions
  • have the sort of potential to be a flash
  • all sort of thing so like Ahri she's
  • really squishy even though she can run
  • away if you flash stun her there's
  • nothing she can do she'll probably end
  • up dying providing maybe you ignite her
  • as well they're champions like EKKO who
  • is pretty hard to kill because if you
  • even if you do your full combo onto him
  • he'll just all away and I usually save
  • him but all the time
  • you won't be able to kill you unless you
  • let him but yeah there's no much else to
  • say just a very general rule the high
  • range they have the more likely they are
  • to kill you anyway guys that was my
  • guide for Annie I really hope you found
  • this useful if this is the first time
  • playing her and hopefully you can go out
  • and do well with it you already know as
  • a player hopefully you learned something
  • new I do want to point out guys if you
  • know something about Annie maybe tips
  • and tricks certain builders very good so
  • match up she's goes well into then
  • please tell us in the comments that I
  • can learn and we can all learn and we
  • can all get pensive with Annie I always
  • want to point out that if you want me to
  • make a guide for a certain champion then
  • please tell me in the comments I will
  • say that I do have to go out and learn
  • the champion and then make the guy which
  • both take a long amount of time but I
  • all sort of take it into consideration
  • if you guys tell me that every guys that
  • is all for that video if you like this
  • video then please like the video
  • subscribe if you haven't done so already
  • my name is so folks I'll see you next
  • time goodbye and good night
  • [Music]
  • hahaha
  • [Music]

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