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Video The 2020 Kia Telluride Is Kia's New Family SUV
22:51   |   views   |   03/14/2019


  • this is the 2020 Kia telluride and it's
  • the new family SUV from Kia it's about
  • the same size as the Ford Explorer and
  • the Toyota Highlander and it's priced
  • like those SUVs - and it's now
  • officially on sale firmly entering Kia
  • into the world of the three row family
  • SUV I've borrowed this 2020 Kia
  • telluride from Covina valley Kia here in
  • Southern California
  • east of Los Angeles where they have all
  • of the new Kia models on sale as you can
  • imagine and there are a lot of them you
  • have the new soul you have the new
  • stinger and now you have this the
  • telluride Kia's first SUV designed to
  • take on some of the most popular family
  • haulers in North America to be clear Kia
  • already has the Sorento family crossover
  • which has three rows seating but the
  • Sorento is smaller than the Telluride
  • and that third row is pretty tight the
  • tele ride is designed to address that
  • complaint with more interior space and
  • more power to make it a foam rival to
  • competitors like the Honda Pilot the
  • Toyota Highlander and the Ford Explorer
  • which cell in the bazillions like most
  • of those vehicles the telluride comes
  • standard with a v6 in this case a 3.8
  • liter v6 that makes 290 horsepower and
  • 260 pound feet of torque which is pretty
  • healthy numbers the Telluride has boxier
  • brawny ER styling than most of its
  • competitors for sort of a bolder look
  • and prices start around 30 $2,500 for a
  • base level Telluride which places it
  • within a few hundred dollars of the
  • Explorer the Highlander and the pilot
  • this is an upper-level IX model and the
  • price on this one is just under 39
  • thousand dollars it's also the hottest
  • new SUV on the market if you're looking
  • for family transportation I've had
  • dozens of people already email me tweet
  • me asking me to review the Telluride
  • even though it's just been on sale for a
  • few weeks so today I'm going to do just
  • that first I'm gonna take you on a tour
  • of this car and show you all of its
  • quirks and features then I'm gonna get
  • it out on the road and drive
  • and then I'm going to give it a dug
  • score and four more of my thoughts on
  • the Telluride click the link below to
  • visit slash oversteer
  • where I've also rounded up a list of my
  • favorite vehicles named after places
  • now I'm going to start the quicksand
  • features of the Telluride in the back
  • seats usually I start upfront but I
  • figure most of the people who are buying
  • one of these are you can be using it as
  • a family car so they want to know how
  • the rear seats work and getting into the
  • third row is especially easy to access
  • it you press this little circular button
  • on the side of the second row seat and
  • then the second row folds forward and
  • provides a path to get into the third
  • row very very simple and useful and the
  • path to get into the third row is
  • actually rather large despite the fact
  • that I'm a fairly tall adult I can climb
  • back here no problem even though the
  • third row is primarily intended for
  • children okay so now that I'm back here
  • let's talk third row as you can see I
  • fit back here just fine but that's with
  • this seat folded forward if I fold this
  • seat back into place I have a lot less
  • room back here and the third row really
  • is primarily intended for children but
  • an adult could be back here in a pinch
  • now one cool thing about getting out of
  • the third row you don't have to reach
  • all the way back up and find that little
  • button to release the second row there's
  • a button right here on the back of the
  • second row you just press it and it does
  • its thing it folds forward and then that
  • pathway is created to once again get out
  • other items worth noting here in the
  • third row one is the fact that the third
  • row in this vehicle has three seats and
  • there are three seats in the middle row
  • and obviously two up front which means
  • that this is an 8 seater vehicle which
  • is pretty impressive some of these 3 row
  • SUVs stop at only 7 seats but I will say
  • you won't be putting 3 adults back here
  • you could put an adult on either side in
  • the 3rd row but the middle seat is very
  • much only for small children and even
  • then probably not for a very long ride
  • other interesting items with the third
  • row for one it isn't a complete
  • afterthought like it is in some cars you
  • have cupholders back here in fact you
  • have three cupholders one for each seat
  • you also have USB ports back here so
  • third row passengers can charge their
  • devices even though they're in the
  • furthest back seat and speaking of being
  • way back here this is Kia's biggest SUV
  • ever and it's pretty far from the front
  • seats to the third row so if you're
  • driving this car you have one of your
  • children in the third row you won't
  • easily be able to just talk to them and
  • tell them something
  • fortunately Kia has a solution for that
  • it's called driver talk and it works
  • similarly to Honda's Kevin talk feature
  • that I showed you in a Honda Odyssey
  • review a couple years ago if you didn't
  • see that check this out you go into the
  • infotainment system and you select
  • driver talk and then while you're
  • speaking you're not just speaking to
  • yourself instead your voice is amplified
  • on the rear speakers alright I'm gonna
  • demonstrate this take a look okay so
  • obviously I'm sitting up front here and
  • I've turned mine microphones off the
  • camera is mounted in the third row and
  • it's just recording what it's hearing
  • which is the same thing your child would
  • be hearing if your child was sitting in
  • the third row so I turn around and this
  • is without driver talk on here's what
  • you hear
  • oh I'm driving the Kia Telluride ah the
  • Kia telluride kia kia tell your children
  • stop fighting okay so now with that in
  • mind I turn on driver talk the point is
  • that driver talk makes it easier to talk
  • to your third row passengers and if you
  • want to turn off driver talking you
  • don't have to go into the infotainment
  • system you can just press the end call
  • button on the steering wheel and then
  • driver talk is off now back to normal
  • okay that's the third row seat now I'm
  • climbing into the second row where there
  • are a couple of interesting quirks and
  • features starting with the fact that the
  • second row USB ports for second row
  • passengers to charge their devices
  • they're located on the back of the
  • driver seat backs over on the side just
  • kind of quirky little interesting place
  • to put it I also like the fact that on
  • the back of the driver seats you have
  • these little cargo storage pockets
  • pretty standard but in these cargo
  • storage pockets there is a second
  • smaller cargo storage pocket integrated
  • into them for smaller items like for
  • example a cell phone mixed up another
  • interesting atom of the rear seats is on
  • the ceiling where you have the climate
  • controls as far as three zone climate
  • control so two zones in front and then
  • there's a zone for the rear which means
  • that the rear passengers can adjust the
  • temperature or the amount of air all
  • that sort of stuff of course the front
  • passengers have
  • the final say-so they can lock out the
  • rear controls if they don't want the
  • kids back here playing with the climate
  • controls another cool item in this car
  • is the fact that it has built-in rear
  • sunshades for the second row they're not
  • power operated but they're there you can
  • lift them up from the door panel and
  • then you can have a sunshade to shade
  • your baby or a child back here who's
  • sensitive to sunlight instead of having
  • you just stick one on some rivals still
  • don't have this feature but it's really
  • really good to have in a family SUV and
  • speaking of family SUVs I should mention
  • it's quite roomy back here even for an
  • adult I have absolutely no problem with
  • Headroom legroom there's a ton even
  • sitting behind the driver's seat where I
  • would sit if I was driving I have room
  • back here and if you need more room you
  • can always move the seats forward or
  • backwards they slide into all sorts of
  • different positions and this seat slides
  • as well even though it's the larger of
  • the two so you have a lot of different
  • possibilities you can even recline the
  • seat just a little if you want to lay
  • down back here and get chauffeured
  • around by your parents and the key to
  • Telluride now next we move on to the
  • front seat of the Telluride where there
  • are several quirks and features worth
  • noting but first I want to start with
  • the interior materials the interior
  • materials in this car are very very nice
  • I think this car has a much nicer
  • interior than its rivals Honda Pilot
  • Toyota Highlander the buttons look nice
  • they feel really nice to press there's
  • no blanks this car also has this nice
  • wood trim that goes across the dashboard
  • that gives it kind of a classy upscale
  • look this is a really nice place to
  • spend time I think better than rivals
  • which is surprising me for what is
  • effectively Kia's first entrant into
  • this segment in fact in this interior
  • you even get three Center climate vents
  • not just your usual two with that said
  • there are a couple of things that I
  • would change in this interior for
  • example the door lock it's impossible to
  • tell whether it's locked or unlocked the
  • difference is tremendously subtle so you
  • never really know if the doors are
  • locked and if you're worried about that
  • sort of thing and probably be pressing
  • the lock and unlock button just to make
  • sure as you're driving down the road
  • another thing that I would absolutely
  • change and immediately is the placement
  • of the driver side climate control dial
  • and the volume dial they are right next
  • to each other literally with
  • an inch they are the same size the same
  • shape the same material and I guarantee
  • it's gonna happen very frequently people
  • are gonna go for the volume knob and
  • accidentally turn up the climate control
  • or vice versa
  • which will be annoying those two things
  • should never be placed that close
  • together now the other thing that I
  • would change in this interior is the
  • gauge cluster screen in the middle it's
  • just this kind of small black and white
  • gauge cluster screen there might be a
  • better one on the upper end Telluride
  • models but this one is almost $40,000
  • and for that money I would expect just
  • something a little bit nicer in there
  • with that said this gauge cluster screen
  • does have some interesting quirks and
  • features of its own starting with the
  • fact that it will monitor your attention
  • level basically how long you've been
  • driving do you need a break it will even
  • tell you when your last a break was but
  • my favorite thing is it shows you your
  • attention level in the form of a graph
  • some cars just say you need a break this
  • thing actually displays on a high to low
  • scale what your current attention level
  • is so you're driving along you're
  • getting tired you're like no no it still
  • says I'm a 2:05 I can make this next up
  • maybe my favorite item in the gauge
  • cluster is the fact that there is a
  • configurable option in this car to
  • adjust the power tailgate opening speed
  • you ever get behind your power tailgate
  • you like this thing is it fast enough we
  • need more speed well in this vehicle you
  • can do that you set and adjust the speed
  • at which it opens unfortunately only two
  • adjustments fast and normal I personally
  • would go fast of course in this gauge
  • cluster screen like an other Kia models
  • I've reviewed you can also turn on or
  • off the welcome sound which actually
  • doesn't play when you turn on the car
  • but when you turn it off still it's a
  • wonderful thing to hear take a listen ah
  • [Music]
  • the welcome sound but joking aside there
  • is one other item I really like in that
  • gauge cluster screen and that is a
  • reminder to check the back seat if the
  • car knows that you opened the back door
  • and then closed it and then got in and
  • drove somewhere when you turn off the
  • car it will actually remind you how to
  • look in the back seat and that way you
  • don't forget anything back there
  • including potentially a child it is a
  • really good idea and frankly all cars
  • should have it's a good feature now next
  • we move on to the infotainment system in
  • the Telluride and I've already reviewed
  • this infotainment system in several
  • other cars the Kia stinger the Kia k9
  • and I will link those videos in the
  • description below so you can go into
  • greater depth but on a general level I
  • should say I really really do like this
  • infotainment system one of my very
  • favorite in the business it's wide
  • enough that you can see three things at
  • once which is important because you can
  • have the map up and not have to cancel
  • the map to change the song on the radio
  • you can see everything it's a really
  • really good system and it's tremendously
  • responsive to your touch the moment you
  • tap your finger on it it moves very
  • responsive to your touch just like a
  • smartphone it really is one of the best
  • infotainment systems in the entire car
  • industry which is a good thing because
  • Kia puts it and basically all of their
  • vehicles now next up a couple of
  • interesting quirks of the infotainment
  • system I've already shown you driver
  • talk but there's another interesting new
  • idea in here and that's called quiet
  • mode and the way that works is if you
  • turn on quiet mode the car will mute all
  • of the speakers in the back seats and it
  • will only leave on the speakers in the
  • front seats but even then those speakers
  • won't be allowed to be adjusted over
  • volume level 7 which is fairly quiet the
  • theory here is you're a parent on a road
  • trip your kids have fallen asleep in the
  • back you can still listen to music up
  • front while you drive but the music is
  • muted in back so your kids can sleep and
  • it's quieter up front so it won't
  • disturb them that is a pretty good idea
  • for a family SUV and next up here's
  • another great idea the steering wheel
  • has a mode button on it as most cars do
  • so you can cycle through the stereo
  • modes you can change between FM AM
  • Bluetooth audio whatever while in this
  • car you can also go into the
  • infotainment system and remove some of
  • those things from the mode cycle button
  • so for example if you only want to
  • toggle between Bluetooth audio and
  • satellite radio you can take everything
  • else out so you won't waste time going
  • through different stereo media players
  • that you're not going to use now next we
  • move on to the cargo area of the
  • Telluride
  • obviously it has a power tailgate so you
  • open it it opens right up and you can
  • see there's not really all that much
  • cargo space back here with the third row
  • in place although that's fairly typical
  • of vehicles of this size usually you
  • need to fold down the third row in order
  • to gain a bigger more gigantic cargo
  • area one cool item though what this
  • vehicle is there is a load floor
  • underneath the cargo air if you pull
  • this up you can see you have a separate
  • loading area under there so you can put
  • items that you don't want rolling around
  • back here or something that you don't
  • want to be able to be seen if you look
  • in the windows next we got to talk about
  • folding down the third row of seats now
  • I review a lot of luxury SUVs where you
  • come back here and you push a little
  • button and the third row folds down
  • automatically and that's very nice but I
  • got to be honest nothing is easier than
  • this it's down to the other side it's
  • down it takes literally a second to fold
  • down these things now I love technology
  • and cool features obviously and I always
  • hate those people who are like I'll
  • never have a screen in my car I'll never
  • have a self-driving car but in this case
  • you got to admit this is easier than any
  • other solution including a little button
  • which just adds complexity and time to
  • this relatively simple process the
  • second row it's worth noting does fold
  • with a button although it isn't power
  • folding you just press this little
  • button on the left side of the cargo
  • area to fold the second row seats and
  • then they fold forward and once you have
  • all the seats folded you can see there's
  • a lot of space back here this vehicle
  • effectively becomes like an enclosed Kia
  • pickup truck and you can drive around
  • with large items if you need now one
  • drawback to the fact that these seats
  • are not power operated with a button is
  • the fact that then you have to manually
  • put them back up when you want seats
  • again with the third row seat it's
  • pretty easy you just reach back here and
  • it's up same to you on the other side
  • just reach here pull on the latch put it
  • in the place you want and it's up but
  • the second row is a little bit more
  • cumbersome I admit you have to open each
  • individual door pull a latch push the
  • seats back into place go around to the
  • other side do the same thing which does
  • take longer than a power seat button by
  • the way one other item I love back here
  • is the power tailgate height adjustment
  • now in some cars you can choose if you
  • want the power tailgate to go all the
  • way up or to stop at a lower height
  • because maybe it'll hit the ceiling in
  • your garage or whatever in this car you
  • don't just choose between low or high
  • you can actually pull the power tailgate
  • to exactly the place you want it to stop
  • and then you hold the power tailgate
  • button and then that will set its height
  • and it will always remember it which is
  • a great idea you can pull it to open
  • basically just as far as your garage
  • roof and leave it there rather
  • having to use the pre-programmed heights
  • from the car company that is really a
  • smart smart idea and finally on the
  • outside of the Telluride I want to talk
  • about styling namely the fact that I
  • really like how the Telluride looks so
  • many crossovers and suv's these days are
  • just basically copies of each other
  • although this isn't as common as they
  • get larger like the Telluride but
  • especially the small SUVs they all look
  • about the same the Telluride though has
  • way more style and one contributing
  • factor is this big grille in front
  • instead of having a soft line that
  • slopes down like a car it really looks
  • brawny and bold and muscular how big and
  • upright it is and I think that gives the
  • Telluride more of a capable overall look
  • like you could tackle terrain in this
  • thing if you wanted to I also really
  • liked up front the way that the running
  • lights look you can see there's
  • basically this little LED box around the
  • headlights those are the running lights
  • for this car very distinctive look for a
  • very distinctively styled car and it's
  • the same story in back once again the
  • Telluride carries it's sort of brawny
  • bold boxier more muscular look to the
  • back that gives this thing the look of
  • more intense capability than its rivals
  • even though that might not be true it
  • does have that look which is nice I also
  • really like the taillights of the
  • Telluride being upright like this gives
  • it a more substantial look compared to
  • normal boring taillights like most other
  • SUVs have in general I really do like
  • the look of this vehicle and I'm
  • surprised that it comes from kiyow kiyow
  • is usually pretty conservative with
  • their styling they don't want to rock
  • the boat or do anything crazy but in
  • this case they went brawny muscular and
  • kind of took some risks and I think and
  • I hope that it will pay off for them and
  • finally we move under the hood where you
  • can see the 3.8 liter v6 that powers the
  • Telluride as of right now this is the
  • only engine option like I mentioned 290
  • horsepower 260 pound feet right around
  • there those numbers may sound big and
  • muscular especially for any Europeans
  • watching this but they're actually
  • pretty standard for this segment too
  • Toyota Highlander the Honda Pilot or
  • both right around there with their v6
  • engines as well now one other quick I
  • like in the engine compartment this car
  • I've always loved Kia's little warning
  • label that explains why you shouldn't
  • stick your hand into the engine fan the
  • label actually shows someone's fingers
  • getting
  • cut off in real-time it is just
  • wonderful I only wish Kia would add
  • little droplets of blood so we could
  • really get the full effect from this
  • warning label and so that's a
  • comprehensive look at the crooks and
  • features of the Kia telluride now it's
  • time to get it out on the road and see
  • how it drives all right driving the Kia
  • Telluride first thing I want to mention
  • for this money I didn't talk about it
  • before but you get a lot of safety
  • equipment yeah blind spot monitoring
  • Lane keep assist so it'll steer you back
  • if you start to drift down forward
  • collision braking if you're about to hit
  • something it'll stop for you you get
  • rear cross-traffic alerts so you're
  • backing up it'll beep if there's a car
  • coming that you can't see obviously you
  • get a camera it is a pretty
  • well-equipped vehicle in terms of safety
  • and I complained about the quality of
  • that gauge cluster screen the black and
  • white one but I would rather have the
  • safety stuff if I had to choose between
  • the two so I still consider this car
  • pretty good value and you have a nice
  • driving position here you set up higher
  • than some midsize crossovers but either
  • way you do feel like you you're kind of
  • above the world reasonably quiet and
  • here a fairly typical of midsize SUVs in
  • this segment not particularly unusual or
  • different I do think the interior stands
  • out though this is a nicer interior than
  • most of the of the rivals I think it did
  • that because you know Kia already
  • doesn't really have a presence in this
  • segment so if they're going to compete
  • they almost have to be better than the
  • others for people to notice them and
  • this interior does that feels reasonably
  • quick enough passing power exactly you
  • want sitting at a stoplight and driving
  • in general it's reasonably quiet again
  • sort of in keeping with class rivals you
  • know there's not that much new and crazy
  • and different stuff that can be
  • discovered in terms of driving
  • experience for these midsize SUVs they
  • all have about the same sizing about the
  • same power about the same transmission
  • there's nothing particularly crazy
  • that's gonna happen so instead what you
  • kind of will you start looking at what
  • you start expecting is differences in
  • equipment safety features which this car
  • has a lot of new and interesting
  • technology like driver talk and like the
  • quiet mode which i think is actually a
  • really really good idea I think people
  • don't buy car
  • this class because of how they drive but
  • they will not buy them because of how
  • they don't drive there's some glaring
  • flaw and I'm happy to report this car
  • has no obvious glaring flaws visibility
  • is good the mirrors are big you can see
  • everything it's just a really really
  • competent package which is no surprise
  • he has been making a lot of vehicles
  • that are really really competent
  • packages and so that's the 2020 Kia
  • telluride which is an excellent family
  • crossover in a market that's full of
  • excellent family crossovers and it's
  • debuting at the same time as the hyundai
  • palisade which will share many of its
  • same benefits but this is a great car
  • and it comes with Kia's great warranty
  • which offers five years of bumper to
  • bumper coverage and 10 years of
  • powertrain coverage those terms are
  • unmatched by any rival except for
  • Hyundai
  • anyway with that in mind now it's time
  • to give the Telluride a dug score
  • starting with the weekend categories and
  • styling the Telluride is a handsome SUV
  • but not quite distinctive or attractive
  • enough to earn more than a 5 out of 10
  • acceleration 0 to 60 is 7.3 seconds
  • which just earns it a 1 out of 10
  • handling is normal for the segment and
  • it gets a 3 out of 10 fun factor despite
  • its brawny styling and muscular look
  • it's not especially fun to drive but
  • that too is normal for the segment and
  • it gets a 1 out of 10 cool factor this
  • is the hot new SUV and for right now and
  • earns a 2 out of 10 though I'm sure I'll
  • revise that down to a 1 as these start
  • to get everywhere
  • that gives the Telluride a 12 out of 50
  • in the weekend score next up are the
  • daily categories and features that
  • telluride is loaded with a lot of great
  • safety and convenience stuff and it gets
  • a 7 out of 10
  • Comfort is normal for the segment and it
  • gets a 7 out of 10
  • quality to is normal for the segment and
  • it gets a 7 out of 10 same story with
  • practicality 3 row SUVs with this many
  • convenience features always get a 10 out
  • of 10 including the Telluride
  • finally value and there's a lot to like
  • here it's spacious practical attractive
  • and well equipped then it gets a 7 out
  • of 10 for a total daily score of 38 out
  • of 50 added up and the dug score is 50
  • out of 100 which places it here against
  • some similar family vehicles I've tested
  • the 4runner TRD pro wins overall because
  • of its off-road capabilities but the
  • telluride beats out its closest rival on
  • list the Subaru ascent the Telluride I
  • test is slightly better equipped than
  • the Subaru and just a little cooler but
  • both are excellent choices in this
  • crowded family SUV segment Telluride
  • snow falling down I was waking up in
  • that sleepy little town in erisa world
  • came
  • [Music]

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The 2020 Kia Telluride is a new midsize family SUV. Today I will review the Kia Telluride, and I'm going to show you all the important things to know about the Telluride during my Kia Telluride review.

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8 Brooks

Better When You're Gone flac

Brooks. 2019. Writer: David Guetta;Emma Lov Block;Ido Zmishlany;Jackson Foote;Jeremy Dussolliet;Brooks.
9 P!nk

Walk Me Home flac

P!nk. 2019. Writer: P!nk;Scott Harris;Nate Ruess.
10 Louis Tomlinson

Two Of Us flac

Louis Tomlinson. 2019. Writer: Bryn Christopher;Andrew Jackson;Duck Blackwell;Louis Tomlinson.
11 LSD

No New Friends flac

LSD. 2019. Writer: Labrinth;Sia;Diplo;King Henry;Jr. Blender.
12 Anitta

R.I.P flac

Anitta. 2019. Writer: Chaz William Mishan;David Delazyn (The Fliptones);Shari Lynn Short;Thomas Augusto;Omar Tavarez;Tainy;The Fliptones;Rita Ora;Sofía Reyes.
13 Ariana Grande

Needy flac

Ariana Grande. 2019. Writer: Tayla Parx;TBHits;Victoria Monét;Ariana Grande.
14 Fall Out Boy

I've Been Waiting flac

Fall Out Boy. 2019. Writer: Andy Hurley;Patrick Stump;Pete Wentz;Joe Trohman;Lil Peep;​iLoveMakonnen.
15 Thomas Rhett

Look What God Gave Her flac

Thomas Rhett. 2019. Writer: Thomas Rhett;Rhett Akins;Julian Bunetta;John Ryan;Jacob Kasher;Ammar Malik.
16 Ariana Grande

Imagine flac

Ariana Grande. 2019. Writer: JProof;Priscilla Renea;Happy Perez;Andrew "Pop" Wansel;Ariana Grande.
17 Epik High

Sleepless flac

Epik High. 2019.
18 Avril Lavigne

Crush flac

Avril Lavigne. 2019. Writer: Johan Carlsson;Avril Lavigne;Zane Carney.
19 Avril Lavigne

Dumb Blonde flac

Avril Lavigne. 2019. Writer: Mitch Allan;Bonnie McKee;Nicki Minaj;Avril Lavigne.
20 Bebe Rexha

Last Hurrah flac

Bebe Rexha. 2019. Writer: Andrew Wells;Nick Long;Lauren Christy;Bebe Rexha.

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