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Video [LPL China] Namei's Lucian Penta Kill!
00:52   |   6K+ views   |   07/22/2018 at 18:44


  • but that's VG turning in first easyhoon
  • gonna try and turn them off it Mozza
  • needs to make a huge play but the baron
  • is already solo butyou gonna be able to
  • get it now mark is gonna turn tail and
  • run and that loop is gonna get locked
  • out there by easyhoon that snares in
  • group are still taking too much damage
  • at most you know I would have save him
  • with a guardian angel actually Mike in
  • the back into the fight and he's getting
  • low but he doesn't go down II take that
  • mlx G Lancers but still off cooldown
  • room slice blooper and shall we just
  • come to anything but who's gonna walk up
  • Martha easyhoon getting up to PI Nami
  • Nami
  • I think it's himself a double kill is
  • that daddy's gonna come over Nami he
  • pushes over the side he's trying to go
  • another caveman still carting away life
  • steals a look go tell nobody gets a
  • triple kill and our caveman what our
  • position is the Quadra there's a
  • pentakill Nami saves his team welcome
  • back to the LPL Nami
  • I've missed you boy

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