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Video Key & Peele - Free Fro-Yo
02:34   |   4M+ views   |   07/21/2018 at 17:10


  • so you got to keep the toppings full
  • okay got it
  • I'm on top of that you don't fit in just
  • that yeah hey something that might be
  • your picture on the wall
  • Oh Employee of the Year when does she
  • work what I was just wondering when she
  • works
  • butas me Oh Congrats out of the other
  • side is you get all the free Froyo you
  • know mm-hmm you can't believe how
  • delicious too dear and also fat free
  • thank God because my boyfriend he just
  • got back from his tour in Afghanistan
  • he's coming here to pick me up he should
  • be here in a minute I haven't seen him
  • in a year a whole year you say hey
  • Russell I'm good now if you need extra
  • shirt or anything they're gonna be in
  • there because these seem to shrink
  • uh-huh okay you a girl can't get enough
  • of that stuff I mean you should have
  • some it's free no I'm okay I'm I'll have
  • some later
  • I just got back from Afghanistan I'm
  • here looking for my girlfriend Latia no
  • it's not what it's me
  • apparently she doesn't work anymore
  • Thanks
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]

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A new employee at a frozen yogurt place discovers one of the perks of working there.


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