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Video MAZE RUNNER 3: Final Trailer (2018)
03:25   |   3M+ views   |   07/21/2018 at 17:02


  • We're running out of time you've seen what's happening out there?
  • Five
  • I can handle zombies show up eventually
  • That's what I'm afraid of
  • They took you because you're immune a plague, that's wiping out the human race
  • They think you're worth sacrificing to find a cure
  • We'll never stop moving stop that the last city critical base of operations
  • Mr.. Lyons dinner bottle - people going
  • Three years we spent behind wolves trying to break out now
  • We're trying to break back in
  • All right, I get shotgun
  • The world is dying
  • If we find a cure, that's the only way all this was worth it
  • To regret are you just us I?
  • Did what I thought was right?
  • There's no guarantee we make it back from this. Don't we stop this together. There's where I'll end it that way, too
  • You still care about it. Don't you lie to me?
  • I'm gonna Cates beneath around uh torture kill when the hell does it stop it stops. Holy find a cure
  • Thomas you can save your friends, or you can save us all
  • Please
  • Three years we spent behind walls trying to break out and now we want to break back in I get shotgun
  • You can't save everyone cost I could try
  • When the hell does it stop it stops when we find a cure there is no cure
  • Thomas you can save your friends, or you can save us all
  • Best

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Here is the Final Trailer for Maze Runner 3 The Death Cure


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