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Video When Biker Gangs Attack (reupload)
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  • Hey moto friends dodge rider here ah
  • today it was an interesting day I got
  • attacked by a motorcycle club I mean I I
  • don't know that I would necessarily
  • suggest that they physically battered me
  • but definitely assault
  • it was definitely assault and actually
  • if you take my argument since they were
  • riding on a land barge you could almost
  • argue its assault with a deadly weapon
  • because any motorcycle the weighs in
  • over half a ton would certainly kill
  • somebody
  • [Music]
  • you see here's what happened we're on
  • the chair Halen Skyway we're just
  • cruising and I catch up to this group of
  • Harley's
  • I thought no big deal there behind a
  • jeep the jeep will pull over in a minute
  • well the Jeep went past a couple pull
  • over spots like all right the Jeep is
  • clearly not gonna pull over we're not
  • even doing the speed limit and then
  • we're doing like five under the speed
  • limit and then we're slowing down for
  • every corner that's like okay I'm not
  • gonna stand for this it's a downhill
  • section of monta Grom I clearly have the
  • power to pass I think I'm gonna go
  • around so I gave it a little bit of time
  • for somebody in the MC to actually go
  • around the Jeep but they didn't they
  • just sat there in formation
  • [Music]
  • pull over after pull over after pull
  • over and passing zones nothing fair
  • enough well if y'all don't want to pass
  • I will maybe you're with the guy in the
  • Jeep I don't know I just came upon you
  • guys so I start looking for an
  • opportunity to pass and that meant that
  • you know sometimes you a little bit
  • closer I was about to distance I am
  • writing out of this Harley in front of
  • me where's it the same distance he is to
  • that car in front of him you know and
  • I'm this distance back and the guy on
  • the motorcycle at the very back of their
  • group got a little upset with me about
  • this might you they keep breaking going
  • in every corner so the distance would
  • shrink up at at going into a corner
  • because I don't know how much they're
  • gonna have to break to get there land
  • barges around the damn corner so he
  • looks back at me because he I guess
  • because he thinks I'm riding too close
  • to him or something I'm not sure really
  • but in any case it was like yeah
  • so he looks back at me and gives me this
  • angry look and then looks forward and
  • then he just NAB's the brakes real hard
  • trying to break check me and I'm offset
  • from him so when he does that my
  • reaction is oh look an idiot on the road
  • trying to stop suddenly I will just
  • avoid this no need to try and break
  • myself because there's somebody behind
  • me too and I don't need to be in a crash
  • today so I'm not gonna be in a Grom
  • sandwich so I swerve around the left for
  • this person who brakes suddenly for no
  • reason whatsoever with the intent to
  • cause a crash right
  • I went around him on the left oh my god
  • did that piss him off see when he braked
  • hard I just went around him suddenly I
  • am in the middle of his group and he
  • pulls up next to me in the wrong side of
  • the road through a blind curve is
  • yelling and shouting it hand gestures
  • and like that
  • and it's like wow dude you need to then
  • I don't know what's wrong with him but
  • [Music]
  • yeah that was just uncool of him
  • so I give him a little bit of extra room
  • to you know allow his ego to inflate
  • around him and as it turns out then he
  • just spent the next 20 miles staring at
  • me angry in the mirrors and I all right
  • the problem I have with this is this is
  • a particular organization that I'm not
  • gonna say what UMC it is because I don't
  • want to give them the publicity but
  • their organization is supposed to be
  • about helping others the people that
  • I've talked to in my friends list you
  • know a fair a some of them even like
  • their page so clearly they're an
  • organization that normal people are okay
  • with and like alright so you know well
  • that's all good and fine and dandy
  • though but if you're gonna be acting
  • like that that's not cool
  • this particular organization tries to
  • help people out and do volunteer things
  • and go to military funerals and stuff
  • like that I just don't understand where
  • people get this this being all ego trip
  • like they own the road or something
  • there are multiple people in the road we
  • all have different ideas of how to enjoy
  • it if you want to get on the Skyway and
  • enjoy it for the scenery great there are
  • other people that won't enjoy the road
  • for the road that it is and I wasn't
  • even speeding I'm talking about going
  • the speed limit down the mountain and
  • they weren't even doing that cuz I'm on
  • a Grom on nabis how fast do you really
  • think I'm going you know no 145 it's a
  • 45 zone
  • they weren't even going 45 I caught them
  • doing the speed limit yeah I was in
  • fourth year or just chillin but they had
  • a big problem with me going around them
  • it's like well what you're clearly not
  • going faster people get bent out of
  • shape over the weirdest things and with
  • a ego and a temper like that man to be
  • set off by something so simple as being
  • past and then trying to attack somebody
  • like that
  • and that kind of person does not belong
  • in the road

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