Video Kevin Hart vs Draymond Green - 3 point Shootout - 2016 All-Star Weekend

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07:36   |   Feb 13, 2016


Kevin Hart vs Draymond Green - 3 point Shootout - 2016 All-Star Weekend
Kevin Hart vs Draymond Green - 3 point Shootout - 2016 All-Star Weekend thumb Kevin Hart vs Draymond Green - 3 point Shootout - 2016 All-Star Weekend thumb Kevin Hart vs Draymond Green - 3 point Shootout - 2016 All-Star Weekend thumb


  • Golden State Warriors Draymond Green let's make some noise, and
  • He's got the movie in theaters right along to comedic genius. He is a champion 8D and Four-Time MVP
  • We have Kevin Hart. Now, Dre my footlocker three-point contest is coming your way in just a few minutes
  • Who's going to be your pigfoot tonight's competition?
  • I got a room my dog stuff for clean you know
  • If that's only right gotta roll with the Fellas
  • Ok.thank seems to be returned about something are you familiar? But what do you may be talking about?
  • You're always talking so you never know what he talking what am I talking about though? What are you talking?
  • What am I talking we don't know well? I tell you I'm talking but honest what you talkin
  • I'm talkin about the challenge that was giving that she didn't accept and I feel like your chump tonight accepting I
  • Sentence each other did you accept my challenge? You saw me a certain charm so them so weak and shit
  • We [gotta] stage right now can we shoot why wouldn't we suit well Jay mine said you're not ready? Who's not ready?
  • You can't shoot ok do what I'm drug those days ago. What's going?
  • this
  • Vs. Celeberty
  • introducing first from Saginaw
  • Michigan and Michigan State
  • To the world Champion Golden State warriors. He stands six feet seven and wings in at
  • 232 pounds
  • ladies and gentlemen he's an NBA
  • All-Star forward he is dream on
  • on tomorrow
  • And his opponent standing five feet four Mr.. Kevin hart
  • Here we go. That was great
  • Four-time MVp you go first four-time MVP says draymond green you go first you go first. Let's do this
  • Let's go ladies and gentlemen the officials are ready the shooters already, so for the thousands in attendance
  • And the millions watching around the world
  • Let's get ready
  • Stand aside for Mr.. Government is no way. There's no way to betray my business unless he
  • I hope you're right. I don't know
  • Chuck well, we never got to that. Yeah, but ya'll guys got eliminated first round so did he
  • This is good now. He's off now. He's walked up. He don't walked up. Yeah
  • This is that [I] [figure] world with him and step. That's why you put all his money balls right here
  • Absolutely is better. That's the way he gets the ball most of the time. I just said that's wrong. I'm in the high screen
  • cheating bastard that you should go out with shoot for Kevin hart like a
  • Gallatin Kevin won't make one in four. I'll take that bet okay
  • You won't make the morning for sure. I'll bet you okay if you lose you gotta go ice skating
  • So we got a bad kidding. That's it bad ok
  • Normal our normal back. Hey that got my good friend Rick who read the excuse me, too
  • You're welcome, sir. All [your] wife doing. I would have done it. So no you didn't do [it] though
  • You met him with he was with reggie earlier. I know
  • You said you gonna introduce me to drink, but you didn't okay so reggie took advantage of the situation in trees me the truth
  • oh
  • my Goods
  • What if he gets [bored] is that a push? That's the push I gotta push. Yeah, okay. We won't hit more than four
  • zero
  • Give your customers
  • You should my finger traffic school likes to throw oh
  • ok
  • Hey, Jimmy
  • Let's get it on
  • Ok with the school. We got a winner
  • Such a mouth
  • That wasn't lets you what?
  • Legit why was that not?
  • Legitimize that takes a sim Rosie. Oh stop it Carrie. Yes. He is not begin people we see compete in this competition
  • Great shooting and ladies and gentlemen make sure [no]
  • Let's go
  • Can we use shooting so well? Let's bring out the trophy. Oh ok we have some for you as well. Dre my ninja trophy
  • Here is from your ribbon
  • Ladies and gentlemen we hope you ready I gotta put like a three-point contest he we shall preserve participe Rose women wait
  • You're a winner. Where is [it] you're a winner
  • Why would I get a truck you're going with I can you wait you did not win. I wouldn't spirit. You're in women real life
  • [alright], let's try to talk me around so everybody can see it. I think you
  • Green
  • That is not right attach any thoughts takes
  • Whole school he shot it. Well he shot it well
  • He made it rain though. Yes. He did
  • When we come back we'll see the best shooters in the world
  • In the footlocker three-point contest on tnT

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