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Video MLB | Giving revenge
06:25   |   2M+ views   |   09/21/2018 at 21:21


  • [Music]
  • today through behind my back and that's
  • why he's upset and then I hit a homerun
  • so stepped
  • and Jones is giving it his side of the
  • thing and
  • [Applause]
  • Bautista gets hit by the pitch and he
  • has to go to first and maybe here we go
  • again now Matt Wieters steps up in front
  • of Bautista
  • chosen
  • [Applause]
  • he throws him a ball like ahead of moyen
  • - and he gets it with a curveball side
  • retired
  • Britney Ike hits a deep to left on the
  • Phillies will win the game bird comes
  • home with the winning run a woman
  • Bautista gets hit by that Bush
  • that's weak
  • dan is Sonia hombre that's bad one away
  • to ground ball left side they'll trade
  • pics to his left throws to second for
  • one reading at first have Batista goes
  • after him and really pushes the Pisa and
  • they're in the fight at second base
  • no quibbling about that and if tomorrow
  • has gone the Blue Jays are not only
  • running out of players
  • [Applause]
  • jose bautista Sam Dyson and Edwin
  • Encarnacion da haven't words and here
  • comes the middle
  • not just the home
  • Baptista admiring the blessed that
  • just ago Stephen
  • off-speed output center field hit pretty
  • well Andy Chavez however where the chalk
  • will make the catch just out of the
  • green filling and you see pointed out
  • toward centerfield but this family point
  • rivals go now
  • he is a college
  • and here's its key not only bangs into
  • Barrett
  • bangs on in the play exception to
  • Pierzynski getting up and trying to go
  • through right there and then he's just
  • going to go ahead and hit him and cuz
  • DJ's - for - is he low bridges market
  • and DJ gets hit and square in the middle
  • of the back that's not even close DJ not
  • for now free great kiss
  • [Applause]
  • there's the three to change bran rifles
  • one and a good pitch said alright you
  • really for that one maybe seven it back
  • and Cespedes gets hit on the hand well
  • season without it now Nieuwenhuis is hit
  • by a pitch Oh Jose Ramirez lifts off
  • deep right goodbye
  • rosario drives on a deep left martinez
  • looking up and it is gone Eddie Rosario
  • with home run number 33
  • [Applause]
  • now Wow Leona's immediately objected Vic
  • you're having a horrible night back at
  • his boss
  • there's a man who wouldn't want to make
  • meth that is behind Rizzo and that
  • he's out of the game those first couple
  • is's who would hit him in the helmet and
  • he's down and that hit him up and in and
  • that got him on the helmet and common
  • arrows but this time was tall before Dan
  • rough strikes out and wrote lay stairs
  • as he walks off the map
  • [Applause]
  • and he hit C Sammy wish you the best and
  • here we go now we have to talk about
  • running the line at third whoa hit with
  • the pitch in the hand hit by pitch most
  • prolific home run over that one really
  • and one in Game three of the playoffs
  • last year as live right back up the
  • middle of a set of Bissell Ventura kind
  • of staring at Fernandez was down 4-1 and
  • now that pitch is behind Jose Fernandez
  • who takes exception the ball floor
  • behind him and Tyler Flowers is only in
  • Fernandez his face Fernandez
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • you
  • [Music]

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