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Video What is Ancestor Money and How Do You Burn It ?
14:39   |   50K+ views   |   10/23/2018 at 17:11


  • these piece was good solid coming back
  • at you with another video in this video
  • I'm going to show you what ancestor
  • money is and also how to burn ancestor
  • money since we begin selling on the
  • website third eye activation comm I've
  • got numerous questions about how to burn
  • ancestor money and I also notice that
  • during the classes where people are
  • asking you know how do you burn it so
  • I'm going to knock out two birds with
  • one stone let you know what ancestor
  • money is first and foremost and why you
  • need it and also show you how to burn
  • ancestor money before I begin I want to
  • recommend a book that I feel like is
  • very important and critical for setting
  • up altars finding your divine parents or
  • your spiritual parents and also some
  • more information on how to give
  • offerings this book is from it says
  • Michael St John T that is another name
  • for the master dr. Mitchell Gibson and
  • this book is entitled discovering your
  • spiritual parents building your
  • spiritual altar and if you go back to
  • the video I made about how to set up an
  • altar which is the last video I made on
  • our YouTube channel I recommended this
  • book and I'm going to recommend it again
  • you can find a tightrope TYB or Oh calm
  • and click under products and then books
  • right now the master is holding 20% off
  • this is originally a hundred dollar book
  • but you can get it I think to the end of
  • the month December 31st you can get it
  • for $80 which is a bargain so I
  • recommend this first and foremost um
  • this is ancestor money this one in
  • particular is eight hundred eight
  • hundred billion or eight hundred million
  • dollars pardon me eight hundred million
  • dollar notes and this pack has 48 of
  • these notes in it
  • what ancestor money is is also called
  • Joss paper and sometime called held
  • notes or a heaven note and the hell note
  • don't get spooked out and because
  • devilish it was actually a
  • mistranslation but they went along with
  • it so it's nothing dealing with demonic
  • or negative energy but I know one of the
  • notes we have it says from the held bank
  • corporation
  • don't get spooked out it's nothing evil
  • but what ancestor money is is it's money
  • for your relatives for your deceased
  • loved ones we have money on the earth
  • plane physical money and whenever you
  • transition what many people call it
  • death if you have debt in this world
  • that energy just doesn't disappear
  • because you die in fact a lot of times
  • when our ancestors transition they leave
  • bills and usually as the the
  • grandchildren and the children to have
  • to take care of these bills because it's
  • a financial obligation not in all cases
  • but in some cases you're still they're
  • still obligated to pay these bills even
  • on earth so if you have a lot of debt or
  • if your ancestors had a lot of debt your
  • way that the master dr. Mitchell gets in
  • talk was that the energy would trickle
  • down to the next generations so say say
  • my grandparents peace and blessing be
  • upon them say they had debt they didn't
  • satisfy that debt well that energy that
  • negative partner would trickle down
  • knowing to me but my siblings my cousins
  • my aunt's my uncle's my mom that sever
  • etc in the ancestor money what it does
  • is it only it not only does a race the
  • debt that the ancestors left while on
  • earth but it will also give them enough
  • energy so they can get things they need
  • in a spirit realm depend on your level
  • of consciousness your level of spiritual
  • awareness once you transition for the
  • most part most people still need things
  • and when you burn this in cesta money
  • not only does it take care of the debt
  • that they had but it also allows our
  • ancestors to get what they need in the
  • spirit world in the way it works because
  • you took care of them then they can take
  • care of you and I've known no
  • instead throughout my life I've brought
  • started burning ancestor money on a
  • daily basis I burned it six out of seven
  • days because one day I'm out of town so
  • I burn ancestor money every day and is's
  • our practice I've done for over a year
  • now easily and what I've noticed was um
  • that the ancestors will help you out
  • more so they'll start to manipulate
  • certain events in your life they'll
  • start to coordinate certain events in
  • your life where you end up prospering
  • from it so you can get more money you
  • have a different resource come to you
  • you can have more beans work out in your
  • favor a couple real quick examples of
  • what I'm speaking about it's been on two
  • distinct situations where I was
  • overslept and I had to wake up at a
  • certain time and my grandfather peace
  • and blessings be upon him and one dream
  • he came and woke me up when I woke up I
  • noticed that the power went out and my
  • alarm clock was obviously off but that's
  • one example and that's a small minor
  • example but it's so big imagine you're
  • missing a $10,000 appointment you know
  • Ming and the ancestor come and wake you
  • up but that's what happened to me I got
  • woke up by my grandfather peace and
  • blessing be upon him and I was able to
  • get up in time it also happened another
  • time where my alarm clock went off two
  • times my alarm clock went out and two
  • times I had ancestors come to me in a
  • dream and clearly wake me up another
  • time my grandmother peace and blessings
  • be upon her she was able to arrange it
  • which is a long story
  • but she was able to arrange it where we
  • were notified about our water or not
  • water heater but we had a gas leak and
  • if you know anything about gas leaks you
  • can't smell it most part in for the most
  • part and it could have been detrimental
  • where we could have got a fire or
  • something like that down in our basement
  • we're on that now and our oldest son
  • sleeps down here so and when the guy
  • came out and fixed it which we had
  • insurance it was only $100 deductible as
  • opposed to thousands upon thousands of
  • dollars and it could have been works
  • where it could have burned down the
  • whole cricket but my grandmother peace
  • and blessings be upon her she arranged
  • it in a way that we were aware of it we
  • can't earn the wife contacted the right
  • people who we were able to get that fix
  • but since we honor our ancestors by
  • burning money by giving offer and every
  • day during a position where they can
  • help us out more because for the most
  • part one person usually in a family is
  • considered a black sheep where they're
  • into setting up altars working with
  • crystals herbs etc etc and everybody
  • else in their family are either
  • religious atheists or just don't give a
  • crap and this one person that takes
  • their practice of setting up an altar
  • giving an offering and also burning the
  • money you become like an ambassador for
  • your family so your ancestors in the
  • spirit ring can help you out even more
  • so this is a very very important
  • practice and I can't stress it enough
  • and I'm eternally grateful for master
  • dr. Mitchell Gibson for introducing this
  • concept to the West because it is a
  • widespread practice everywhere else but
  • in the West it seems like we forget
  • about our ancestors so once again I
  • recommend this book which is priceless
  • once again tie Broadcom TYB ro calm and
  • this is the ancestor money we have and
  • I'm going to show you how to burn it but
  • this is the ancestor money we carry on a
  • website third eye activation calm and I
  • recently two weeks ago got a wholesale
  • plug so we're giving away a great amount
  • in fact you get a pack of forty eight of
  • the eight hundred million dollar notes
  • so these are ten dollar notes five
  • dollar knows like a lot of people like
  • to promote these are big boy notes you
  • know mean and it also comes with a nine
  • of these hundred billion Billy beat 100
  • Billy or 100 billion dollar notes 90
  • days 48 of these and we sell this on a
  • website for 11-11-11 dollars priceless
  • and what I recommend is you burn at
  • least one per day if you want to amp it
  • up some more obviously you can burn more
  • but these burn one per day alone we
  • giving your daily all free um so yeah
  • what I was saying was we got a wholesale
  • plug so we're able to sell it for more
  • than we were we were able to give more
  • than we were given before so right now
  • um if you go to our website third eye
  • observation calm and get something
  • you're going to get a whole lot more
  • than when we first started selling it we
  • also got these in from Asia and I'm only
  • giving these out for people that ordered
  • the highest package which is the UM the
  • 200 note package watch I'll believe it's
  • 44 44 I'll send a couple of these but
  • you see these are huge and are also 100
  • building hundred million dollars so
  • that's what we have on a website but
  • depending on where you get it you like
  • to get it from me
  • depending on where you get it I want to
  • make this video to show you how to burn
  • the ancestor money collect self got a
  • lot of questions in regards to it um
  • this is a fireproof pop and the handle
  • broke off so I just took it and I keep
  • it on my altar and you can see that all
  • the ashes from making old friends so
  • what I do is I leave this on altar
  • make sure you light a candle when you
  • give your old friend and also when you
  • burn the ancestor money because it's
  • like ringing a doorbell to the spirit
  • world you have a fire it acts as a
  • doorway in the bridge is your altar so
  • it lurks the spirit and the gods if you
  • wanted to burn incense to money for
  • God's it alerts these energies that
  • you're prepared to give them something
  • it's like reading a door bill best Azam
  • block
  • I can use so what I do and I want to
  • show you just one for the ancestors what
  • I do is all you have to do is say state
  • what your who you're giving it for I'm
  • going to show you two ways of doing it
  • you can say something like this is for
  • all my ancestors both known and unknown
  • and what I do is from the candle
  • I fold up the bill light it that'd be
  • real cute if I burn myself on YouTube
  • and just throw it in the pot if I want
  • to get more which I give to to the
  • ancestors and to to the gods why it's on
  • fire
  • just Bergen it just put it in there
  • that's going to burn then just going to
  • go out the ancestor many firms like this
  • so it's very simple that's all you have
  • to do I'm going to give you another
  • example just one more time and I'm going
  • to do it for the gods if you want to
  • burn the ten steps for many friends
  • golitsin just something that I wasn't
  • doing before if I recently started doing
  • it and I can see the effect and it's
  • happened in my life so I recommend
  • burning it for the gods also and let me
  • say this real quick from here all most
  • of the ancestors money you see this
  • figure right here that is a jade emperor
  • and he is considered the deity or to God
  • and charge of all money on earth so all
  • the money is said to come to the bank of
  • the Jade Emperor which is a high-ranking
  • deity at a Dallas system so most of the
  • ancestral money will have this figure on
  • it own the poem that's why I was saying
  • I'm going to show you how to stay tuned
  • for the gods so say that you have
  • Lakshmi and connection on your own
  • delicious used illness to common deities
  • that people like to work with so um you
  • just light it and you just say something
  • like this is for the gods Lakshmi and
  • Lord Ganesha that's it state who is for
  • burn it and put it in a pot that's all
  • you have to do so hopefully this video
  • will give people good reference points
  • so instead of answer requests I can just
  • link the video to show you a clear and
  • simple way on how to burn ancestral
  • money like I said we've knocked out two
  • birds with one stone I'm describing what
  • ancestral money is and also how to burn
  • it so if you want to know more
  • information we also have a article on
  • our website third eye activation com
  • click on all articles and it's called
  • how diverting ancestor money and we also
  • have another article how to set up an
  • ancestor altar and like I said on a
  • youtube channel we have a video the last
  • video we made a couple weeks ago how to
  • set up an altar ancestor altar and I
  • take you in my spirit room and I'll show
  • you step by step on how to set up your
  • altar other than that if you want to cop
  • some from us which all our ancestor
  • money is also blessed which is another
  • great benefit from copy from us because
  • I blessed ancestor money and the whiz
  • has made a prosperity oil so I'm
  • sprinkling a little bit at oil into the
  • money so base is a supercharged and
  • getting a blessings from the deities I
  • work with in just my position in the
  • spirit world is able to give it a little
  • more energy so all that can be found on
  • our website we have four different
  • packages on ancestor money third eye
  • activation calm so appreciate the love
  • it's important that everyone has shown
  • if you have any video topic ideals may
  • hit me up be sure to befriend me on
  • Facebook si Lee Myers be sure to join
  • the group slash family of myself one of
  • my top students and blood cousin juice
  • Meijer which is team enlightenment and
  • other net until next time peace

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S. Ali Myers of describes ancestor money (Joss paper, hell notes, heaven notes) and how to burn it. What is ancestor money and how do you burn it? Ancestor money is used to burn at the altar for our deceased loved ones. Once you begin to do this everyday or as often as you can, the ancestors will be able to help you out even more. Your ancestors can help with abundance, prosperity, luck, resources, relationships, and love to name a few. This video will teach you about ancestor money and how to burn it at your altar.

Book mentioned in video: "How to Find Your Spiritual Parents: Building Your Spiritual Altar" by Dr. Mitchell Gibson

Ancestor Money

Deity Linkage Manual: How to Find Your Gods & Goddesses Using Numerology (Book)

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