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  • where every slice is a different pizza
  • way to get everybody's favorite type of
  • pizza and put it on one pizza that's the
  • goal
  • you've never seen a pizza this epic
  • welcome back I am back in New Castle
  • Pennsylvania which I talk about a lot
  • but I never really show you guys so I
  • just want to show you a little bit of
  • where I came from this was my first job
  • I worked here for two years I think of
  • 16 to 18 or something yeah this was a
  • huge part of my life so we're gonna go
  • in I'm gonna work a day at my old job
  • humble myself from the LA lifestyle that
  • I've been living and hopefully I didn't
  • Lee cook something when I worked here I
  • was only a cashier they didn't let me
  • touch the food they don't let me touch
  • anything except for the toilets and the
  • cash register which actually sounds
  • really gross because it sounds like I
  • was like dealing with your food with
  • hands okay let's go inside
  • okay so this is my first manager that I
  • ever had you try a different that's nice
  • of him to say because I got in trouble a
  • lot what was it like working with me
  • don't say fun just because you're on
  • camera cuz we all know that's not true
  • you crazy
  • yeah are you gonna let me make a pizza
  • because he never knew we're gonna pizza
  • shop for two years never made a piece
  • I'd like to keep you up front because of
  • my pretty face that's what I get to wear
  • oh I'm so happy oh my god Thursday I'm
  • dead
  • Casey was of the mindset that you could
  • always be working so even if you're slow
  • for like eight hours there's always a
  • box to be folded there's always
  • something to be cleaned do you remember
  • one time Stephanie and I were here and
  • you said that to us and we folded so
  • many boxes that you had nowhere to put
  • just commute for that's it I got this
  • this is like riding a bike don't you
  • know it you know it I don't even I
  • haven't had pizza in so long
  • let's talk about it I when I was in high
  • school no wonder I had so much trouble
  • with my diet because we would sit here
  • and I would steal pizza as soon as those
  • hot slices came out those veggie pizzas
  • immediately ate so many of them he would
  • also make me really good special ones
  • for my break you remember doing that
  • Etha Jose has a thing called veggie
  • pizza which is probably the best thing
  • in the entire world
  • I think about it before I go to bed at
  • night but look at this pizza instead of
  • sauce they have a ranch dressing and in
  • my brain growing up I thought that
  • veggie pizza was the healthy alternative
  • to people so good it has what is that
  • cheddar and mozzarella cheese ranch
  • dressing garlic salt and pepper I'm not
  • paying for this mom oh good it's really
  • hot but it is so bombed not healthy oh
  • this is what I used to do a watch in
  • between orders this is how you steal
  • food from work like a pro under somebody
  • called State Street pizza Jose how can I
  • help you
  • then we have cameras even though state
  • shape it's a choice how can I help you
  • / pickup ok cool what would you like
  • half sweet honey hot half pepperoni 12
  • and a gyro what kind
  • Bethany what you do my boobs are
  • sweating I can feel the drip all the way
  • from here to here do you guys get to
  • make the cookies we used to make cookies
  • we have to go ask Casey about the
  • cookies Casey yeah um do you not make
  • the cookies here anymore
  • I used to eat all the cookie dough's
  • it's not why - I don't actually work
  • here so I'll have to clean he's no what
  • did I do wrong I blocked out a lot of my
  • memories from Newcastle this window
  • member mattad why I tried to find his
  • Facebook recently I wanted to see if he
  • was still hot because he broke my heart
  • he's not please show me a picture later
  • do you remember when eat this guy I used
  • to work with he was so cute he had the
  • cutest curly hair and then he asked me
  • to homecoming I was so excited and then
  • he told me oh just kidding like I can't
  • go anymore and then he asked my sister
  • and then you brought my sister to
  • homecoming did you remember that
  • devastated I was so mad at him he's not
  • cute anymore these things are so bomb
  • and you put them in a ranch dressing
  • Yama California food sucks
  • except sushi mom I'm sushi I used to
  • serve you all the time though yes for
  • sure but I look different I had long
  • brown hair that was awkward
  • I had really bad teeth and then I had
  • braces me too kidney I'll make up for
  • you my armpits are sweating a lot I need
  • to stop eating this I've been here for
  • five seconds I just ate breakfast -
  • would you believe me if I told you I
  • planned this entire things that I could
  • come here and just eat
  • Casey said he doesn't let you guys make
  • the cookies anymore that was my favorite
  • part we used to fight over who got to
  • make the cookies and then we were just
  • like eat all garage oh we ate a lot of
  • them dude what is this mom he said it is
  • so bomb it's so good I need to slow down
  • it's happening state tree pizza Jose how
  • can I help you
  • okay go ahead all right
  • mmm what sighs okay awesome I don't know
  • what's happening I want to be able to
  • survive here put all these peanut
  • butters we got I've almost burnt this
  • place down so many times my tummy kinda
  • horts ate a lot of pizza I had too many
  • people on it'll probably cost me two Joe
  • has more money than I ever made me Tommy
  • really hurts I can't help it
  • it's a Pepsi sponsorship sponsor me
  • unless coke wants to sponsor me you can
  • sponsor me to whoever wants to sponsor a
  • Pepsi Coke I'm right in the middle you
  • guys take your pick start bidding try
  • make pizza now I've been waiting how
  • what am I I've been waiting ten years to
  • make a piece of pizza Jose and today's
  • the day because we brought a camera so
  • now they have to let me because that's
  • how the universe works right I ate a lot
  • of food and one Kyle I'm uncomfy um I
  • need to pray let's make a pizza this is
  • Katie
  • she is pizza Joe's daughter pita Joe is
  • a real person a lot of people don't know
  • that
  • fuck I'm full oh my god I used to get so
  • nervous when he would come in well we're
  • just because he's like here's what I
  • would like to do now you can tell me no
  • I want to make
  • where every flight is a different pizza
  • tree to get everybody's favorite paper
  • and put it on one visa that's the goal
  • okay repeat the performance so I have to
  • make one poor man slice for you maybe
  • we'll try a pizza we're gonna find out
  • cases they repeat the pizza Stephanie
  • what's your favorite pizza triple cheese
  • and bacon if you had a triple cheese and
  • bacon
  • we'd veggie Joey stay fairly stay hey
  • what's your favorite kind of people what
  • you've ever tried to be fun that's what
  • I'm saying that's like been saying why
  • do I feel like this isn't going to cook
  • evenly
  • [Music]
  • now just put this bad boy in the oven
  • Wow veggie pizza buffalo chicken pizza
  • ugly cheese steak pepperoni and cheese
  • poor man's homestyle rush spinach and
  • pepper and a barbecue chicken pizza what
  • if I just drop this whole trip
  • oh I'm proud I have to go make sure
  • everybody gets their slice of pizza
  • this one's mine nobody eat it you
  • probably don't get very much pizza so I
  • just wanted to treat you guys today it's
  • probably been a while since you had a
  • slight deaf I made you pizza but I don't
  • remember which one yeah I thought wait
  • what did you ask for oh I really meant
  • to is there anything here that you would
  • like I'm not sorry Hugh sad music got
  • the door you see someone that you know
  • and they ask you how you are you just
  • have to say that you're fine when you're
  • not really fine but you just can't get
  • into it because they would never
  • understand thanks gaps who asks for
  • veggies oh wait where's my buffalo pizza
  • dude it's so long who's like my fourth
  • fly since I've been here I got a chill
  • yeah let's go find the cookie dough
  • if I had to guess hey Casey
  • [Music]
  • are you listening thank you oh I need a
  • lot of food yes I can't pay for the food
  • that I ate so thank you for watching
  • it's not an area where there's a pizza
  • Joe's seriously try it by the way not
  • spawn make sure you like this video
  • subscribe grab a slice of veggie pizza
  • if you ever see a pizza Joe's anywhere
  • this is this week's showstoppers week
  • thank you so much for being so
  • supportive you're amazing and as always
  • I love you very much
  • I made a part of this and I see you next
  • time watch three how can I help you guys
  • this is just a lot of buttons oh my god
  • well I think they still want pizza today
  • no if I don't get I'm gonna pizza
  • there's my aunt oh yeah are you
  • uncomfortable
  • beautiful your belly lady you're my
  • pupil eat dodo that's the Gabby had a
  • special are we done okay
  • [Music]

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Basically a mukbang.







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