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Video the real reason why I got evicted: A RANT.
36:26   |   02/23/2019 at 18:08


  • Hi guys, it's buy my phone case mongeau welcome to my channel or welcome back to - its litterally instant karma for being a stupid bitch
  • hi guys its buy my phone case mongeau, welcome to my channel or welcome back to - its literally instant karma for being a stupid bitch. Hi guys its tana mongeau
  • Hi guys, it's tana mongeau I'm on tour right now. I'm in Cleveland, Ohio. I'm filming in a shitty hotel room. I literally
  • Discombobulated and broke a lamp to have decent lighting for this video. to a horrible start
  • But I am so annoyed to finally tell you guys this story today
  • Not because I want to tell the story matter of fact the other day
  • I was telling the story to someone and I got so
  • legitimately angry just telling the story to like one other human being face to face that I'd like take deep breaths like I got so
  • fucking mad i shat myself. seriously
  • but I'm excited to tell you guys the story because I have been
  • Promising it to you for like months now
  • And in all of the comments of all of my videos you guys are like where is the eviction story like are you running out?
  • of story times. shes running out of story times. tell us the eviction story
  • I never hear the end of the eviction story, and I'm not gonna lie to you guys, hi
  • I'm tana, and I run away from my problems
  • I don't want to tell the story and I put it off for the longest time
  • But I feel like as my friends
  • I owe you guys this I want you guys to understand what happened and my current living situation
  • And why I'm going insane
  • And I've been seeing so many comments lately saying and got evicted because of the trampoline in my living room
  • And that's just like adding to my insanity because that's not why I got evicted. I just I need to talk about it
  • Okay, okay, so I'm just going to hop right into the story
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  • A daily vlogger now let's get into the story, so I used to live in this loft with isabella
  • We lived there for probably like six seven months we had a great time
  • It was really dope living there
  • But it was very expensive for a very small amount of space
  • When we moved in there the security was really good, and that was one of the big reasons
  • Why I moved in and then over time the security started to get kind of shitty all of the amenity started to get really shitty
  • All the things we were promised were just kind of like slowly dissipating
  • I was overpaying a lot of money
  • But not getting my money's worth and then conveniently right around that time Maya and ashley hit me up and they were like hey
  • Basically ashley was breaking up with her ex-boyfriend and they were on really shitty terms
  • And he's kind of a dick so he was like kicking them out of his and their house
  • So they had nowhere to live so they were like can we stay with you for a little bit so Maya
  • Ashley move in and now me Ashley
  • Maya and bella all live in my little loft and lumen and like our five other friends that were always over
  • It was just way too much for a space meant for like two people if that make sense and so
  • Conveniently my lease was coming to an end at the loft
  • So basically my loft complex then said to me
  • You can either renew your lease for an entire year, which would mean I would be lost in to live there for another year
  • Or you can keep living here for a little bit and pay Month-to-month
  • But if you pay Month-to-month rent your rent is going to be way more money
  • So I didn't want to do either one of those things
  • I also really wanted to move out my lease was coming to an end basically
  • I had like a month to get the fuck out of this loss because I didn't want to do any of the options that they
  • Were offering me so for an entire month?
  • I'm in this giant frantic rush to find another place to live there was literally just nothing like nothing on my side of town
  • Nothing with enough bedrooms for all of us
  • I hate carpet because lumen likes to shred it. So I wanted to link up a tile
  • I couldn't find anywhere to live and the clock was ticking down
  • And I was going to have to renew this lease I didn't want to be in and I was getting super stressed out we contacted
  • Realtors we looked on real estate websites like there was nothing and then like five days before I had to move out
  • Someone gave me the bright idea of checking craigslist for houses for rent
  • And any other time in life. I feel like I would have been more opposed to this
  • But I was very desperate I needed a place to live
  • What is it her to check whatever so we have on Craigslist?
  • And I kid you not one of the first houses that was on this list of rentals like there are
  • Thousands and thousands of houses for rent on this page of Craigslist and one of the first like three was this house
  • Immediately looking through the picture it fit
  • Every single one of the things I would want for like my dream home if that makes sense at this point
  • I was desperate I would have settled for like a house. I didn't even really love
  • I just wanted to move out and live in a house if a house would have been like oh the right area
  • Tyler like had the right bedrooms or maybe did not carve it or just like one of those things I would have been inclined to
  • Settle for that, but this house was literally my dream house
  • I got everything
  • I wanted was like my perfect color Scheme Giant Kitchen was a beautiful island
  • Insanely huge master with a huge bathtub huge closet like huge bedroom a backyard for lumen to run around
  • Not that much carpet so lumen couldn't destroy it. It was literally in my dream neighborhood
  • I remember growing up being poor and all of my rich friends living in this fucking neighborhood and me being like I want to live
  • There one day what I want to live in that neighborhood
  • I will consider myself like successful once I live in that neighborhood
  • Like what are the odds you know and then on top of it all this house was in the most highly
  • Secure neighborhood in all of Las Vegas guard Gated everywhere like police Patrol cars
  • just patrol the neighborhood the 24/7 the safety Factor was such a
  • Giant step up from where I was living before it was like Mind-blowing
  • And I originally moved into that loss because they were supposed to be high
  • Security and then they weren't it all and like right before I moved out there was so many crazy things
  • Going on with like my stalker and like people breaking in and all that kind of crazy shit to find somewhere
  • That was not only perfect, but the highest security money could buy was like Mind-blowing to me
  • You know what I mean
  • So you guys get the point like just my perfect
  • Dream home and on top of it being my perfect dream home the rent was like less than half of my normal budget like literally
  • a 60% off what I was willing to pay for rent
  • So I would have been saving so much money and the rent was cheaper than the loft
  • I was living in currently
  • So I was getting 10 times the house for like what I was paying for this little loft for less money
  • It was a literal mind bust to me
  • And it definitely was one of those things where I should have stepped back and been like is this too good to be true
  • But I didn't
  • So I end up having to go out of town and maya Ashley go and look at the house, and they call me
  • And they're like yo, you need to come back to Vegas you need to come look at this house
  • It's perfect like it's your dream home like come look at it
  • So I fly back into vegas just to go see this house. I show up to the house
  • I drive in the security is incredible the neighborhood is beautiful the view from the house is
  • Gorgeous like I haven't even walked in this house
  • And I already know I'm going to be in love with it until we blow up to the house
  • We walked through the front door and I literally remember standing there in the lake fo yay ariel
  • I haven't seen the kitchen haven't seen the living room haven't seen the master
  • Haven't seen anything and being like I'll take it like I want this house. It's perfect
  • It's flawless whatever so the landlord walks up. He's in the house with me
  • He literally shows me the kitchen and the living room
  • And I'm like you don't even have to show me the rest of the house
  • I want it like I don't want to waste your time. What do I have to do to get this out?
  • I will do it. Whatever it is. I need to move in like five days
  • What can I do to have this house and so as we're walking around talking to him?
  • We all notice that there's a lot of who ever lived there priors stuff in the house
  • And we're like why is someone stuff still here with the house is correct and so then the landlord was like oh
  • They moved out because there was lightning damage, so they moved out really quickly
  • And they're coming back to get it tomorrow all of the stuff will be out of the house
  • When I tell that sentence to people that like that grown man looked at me and said that there was lightning damage
  • And that's why someone moved out, and I still was just like oh, hey
  • Sorry that happened to their stuff like can I find the lease now
  • I died a little inside at my own fucking stupidity this man
  • Just told me in Las Vegas
  • Nevada where it rains like once a year never any lightning let alone lightning the does any damage to anything
  • That people moved out of this house because lightning
  • Damaged their stuff and like is lightning damage their stuff like the house would be damage to over the house. It was just fine
  • I'm just so fucking stupid so he tells me that and I'm like. Oh, okay, cool
  • It's fine like I'll move in like whatever until then. He's like, okay
  • I'm not going to lie to you like I'm a little apprehensive about renting to someone with little to no credit history
  • Like you're 18 years old everyone
  • I've ever rented to was like 40 with like four kids
  • This neighborhood is full of old people like I don't know if you're the right fit
  • Personality wise for this house well a lot and I'm like I want you to know like even though. I'm 18
  • I am responsible when it comes to this stuff. I will always pay my rent on time
  • I'm out of town 3/4 of the month anyways like I won't be here to be like causing damage even though. I'm young
  • I'm not like a party thrower like I'm never going to have like hundreds of people in this house
  • I don't have kids who are going to like ruin anything please rent this house to me
  • what do I have to do so then him and I came to a
  • Consensus that I would pay him three months rent in advance because apparently the landlord's financial security it shows responsibility
  • I was completely finds it like it
  • Was all it took for me to move into my dream home and get out of this loft in like five days like of course
  • I'll give you three months rent in advance. Whatever so he pulls the lease out
  • I look over it, but very vaguely which was such a giant mistake
  • everything looks peachy keen he then tells me that I don't have to change the
  • Utilities over to my name such as lighting water electricity he'll leave them in his name and every month on top of my rent
  • I can just add five hundred dollars to pay for all of the utilities and I killed a it
  • Which is such a fucking ridiculous stupid in your face giant?
  • 100,000 foot sized red flags because first of all this house was like 4,000 square feet the
  • electricity Bill alone, it's going to be like six or $700
  • especially because I keep my house on like
  • 68 degrees because I hate being hot I need to be freezing cold at all times or if I'm freezing cold
  • I want it on like 84 degrees like I am a ballsy bat bitch fuck a 73 ass house
  • It's one extreme or the other which means
  • Electric bills for me are often very hot so for him to cap not only the electric bill
  • But the water bill which five people lived in this house were all showering 24/7 drinking the water 24/7 and every night
  • I sleep with all the lights on cuz I'm a pussy ass bitch like all of my bills were just asking to be high and
  • Here's this man being like no
  • I'll keep them in my name pay me five atar bucks a month like even though it's going to be like
  • $1,200 and bills is fine then so me being the dumb young naive teenager human that I was at the time
  • I was like. Oh my God what a steal of course we can do that. Let's leave them all in your name
  • No
  • big deal fuck any proof that I ever lived in this house fuck any proof of me paying my bills on time in Case I
  • Ever God forbid get evicted so I go ahead and I sign the lease literally over the next two days
  • He gives me all of my keys and my garage clicker is my gate clickers all of my stuff to apply for the proper security
  • living there ETc, and I never see him again, but like
  • We'll get into that later. He did the piers of the picture, so then over the course of the next few days
  • I move all of my things into this house
  • And I can't even say this without feeling such genuine deep sadness
  • but the next few months were genuine the best few months of my life living there was
  • Nothing short of a dream. I remember three months in feeling like the beginning of March being like good
  • God my life is so together my house is organized my stuff is finally all unpacked. I finally have room for everything
  • I live with all of my best friends all of our rooms are super nice lumen has a backyard my closet is huge
  • I come home from La and I walk into my beautiful fucking giant home that I pay way too little for that
  • I feel so happy like I'm saving so much money
  • I love where I live the security was incredible
  • So on top of being so happy this was like the safest I felt living in a house since I lived with my parents I
  • Was always having my friends over and because the house was so big we weren't getting
  • Complaints or anything like we were all just like super happy living there my friends were over every day like my life was so perfect
  • And I can honestly accredit a giant portion of that to my living situation
  • Finally feeling like perfect if that makes sense all these thing I like to drink my friends are great
  • You guys are great too, so great
  • But I'm saying this was the first time where I genuinely was like holy shit my living situation is perfect like I want to live
  • In this house for the next 10 years like I would have fucking get married and raise my kids in this house. I'm so happy
  • Fuck my life dude, but while living there every once in a while random people
  • would show up to collect their mail or collect their stuff the day that I rented the house my
  • Landlord told me that only one person lived there before
  • Me the house got built. He moved in he moved out
  • He rented it to one person they moved out because of lightning damage
  • and
  • then I moved in but
  • over the course of living there so many random people kept showing up to get their mail or random people's mail were sent to my
  • House it became very clearly evident to me that like at least four to five
  • Different sets of people have lived in that house that all weren't
  • Correlating with each other like it was very clear to me that I was receiving the mail of like a young
  • Couple and then there was like a giant family and all their stuff and then the lightning damaged people
  • And then just random like single lady like I don't it was just all random people, and I never added up to me
  • But again like I was looking at the world with like Rose-colored glasses like Yuri
  • I'm living in this beautiful house for way too fucking cheap, and I'm finally happy
  • I'm not going to look for things wrong and if you
  • I think about house was literally a year old like all of these people couldn't have lived there for a full year
  • Lease what the fuck and normally I've always had really good
  • Relationships with my landlord or companies that I rent from and stuff like that
  • and I just felt like every time I would talk to the landlord on the phone that he was kind of sketchy or
  • Wishy-Washy or just an overall weird dude the way that he talked would drive me insane like he was the type of person that would
  • Call you about something and then you would talk to him and the entire time you were talking he would just like yeah
  • Yeah, okay. Yeah. Yeah, so here's my stand point, and then he would talk and then you would talking the whole time
  • You'd be like okay, okay, okay? Yeah? Yeah, yeah, but like look at yes-man like wouldn't let you talk which drives me insane
  • I hate people who interrupt people
  • I hate people who talk over people like how hard is it to just say something and then like listen to someone and then say
  • Something I'm getting off on the tangent. I hate this man a bit angry. Yes, all right so earlier in the story
  • I told you guys how I paid three months rent in advance remember that so I started my lease
  • And I started living there in January which means I paid January's rent and utilities February's rent and utilities and March's rent and utilities
  • So that meant that come april first
  • I owed him a new month of rent because the three month rent that I paid had been paid off and in the lease him
  • And I came to an agreement a signed
  • Documented agreement that says every month on the first. I would owe him rent
  • So I'm in Mexico on March 24th, and I get a phone call from my landlord
  • So I'm answering the phone just expecting me like a random call. Whatever. I'm like. Hello. He's like
  • Hey, just letting you know your rent is three days late, so I'm like what are you talking about?
  • What do you mean my rent is three days late, and he's like well
  • I'm deciding now that every month your rent is due on the 21st
  • It's the 24th, so your rent is three days late, and so I'm like you can't do that
  • Like I paid you three months rent in advance
  • The month of March isn't even up
  • And I paid you the full rent so like how could I owe you more rent for March when I paid off all 30 days
  • of March by giving you rent in advance
  • even if you were going to do that like couldn't you
  • Implemented on April 21st like this makes no sense like the months that I paid for isn't even up yet and you and I agreed
  • that rent was going to be due on the first of every month like what are you talking about typing anyways as well in the
  • Afraid of your lease that you signed I said that at any point if I wanted to change the due date of your rent
  • I could which first of all it's such a weird clause to put in fine print of a lease like it doesn't even make sense
  • Secondarily why why would you want it do that?
  • I don't I don't like I can't even think of a weird logical reason I've been wanting to do that also
  • Why would you wait until I'm three days?
  • late in your weird fucking new rent terms to tell me that I'm late like why didn't you call me on like the 15th of
  • This month and be like yo rents
  • Due on the 21st now and like my dumbass still would have fuckin obliged to that no question because I was loving where I was
  • Living you know like it's like
  • I'm trying to like not pay my rent and so I say all of this to him
  • And he's like well like I just think it would be easier for me
  • And you if it was due every month on the 21st, and so I'm like well. I don't know what to do like
  • I'm in Mexico right now. I have no way to get you that check on time in any way. It's already technically late
  • I have no idea how to get it to you like today or tomorrow like I'm in Mexico
  • If it's really that big of a deal to you
  • I can have my mom mail you a check or something like I don't want you to be upset with me for any reason that
  • So many likes no like I'm just letting you know like I really
  • Trust you like everything is fine like have a great time in Mexico. Don't worry about it. I think you're a great girl
  • I think you're really responsible the guy was just calling you to let you know so hopefully next month
  • It's not late like just when you get home like mail me your rent
  • Check like everything's fine and like this conversation went on for like thirty minutes of him
  • Just telling me like how much he trusts me and like probably was just like letting me know. I told you guys earlier
  • He was a yes-men
  • And you never stopped talking he never shut the fuck up so this conversation just went on and on and on and I'm like okay
  • Don't worry look I'll pay you listen to like whole global level God Ashley Maya and Bella
  • We're all sitting there for this entire conversation like he was on a speaker. So we're all like okay
  • Don't we're fine like we'll just pay the rent
  • We get home this man is obviously a little fucking cuckoo for cocoa puffs like why did you change the rent date?
  • But like we're going to oblige
  • We love where we live whatever so now it comes to the last day of us being in Mexico
  • I want to say it was March 26
  • We get a call from Maya's husband yong Dyan ended up staying at my house while we were in Mexico
  • To watch the house to watch lumen he also can't go to Mexico because he's fucking British and doesn't have like the right green card
  • Yet, so like he just had to stay in the us at my house, and so he calls me and he's like hey
  • Just letting you know like there's a five day notice on the door that basically says if you don't pay your rent in five days
  • You're going to get evicted so I call my landlord and I'm like hey. You said everything was fine
  • Why would you send me this notice to evict me like you know I'm in Mexico
  • I told you if you really needed the rent like I could have had my mom pay. I'm not out
  • You're not trying to pay rent at all like and you know I'm on time with like everything when it comes to that stuff you
  • Said you trusted me. Why would you do that to me and so immediately? He's like
  • I'm so sorry that must have been an accident. We just like filed it right when it was due before I called you
  • It's like why would you like change the date of rent being due me not know about it?
  • So obviously I'm not going to pay and I have no idea is even happening
  • I have no idea about this little dick ass clause in a lease that I even signed for it and then just file for an
  • Eviction like that that makes no sense you know and so I'm like okay
  • So you're not trying to evict me right I get home from Mexico Literally in like 8 hours
  • I will mail you the rent check
  • I'll pay a late fee which I shouldn't even have to pay anyways because it's still not even april 1st yet
  • And I pay for the entire month of March
  • But I'm out here just like eating this motherfuckers ass because I love where I live. He's like. It was a complete accident
  • I'm so sorry again. I trust you so much like just mail me the check when you get home
  • I promise you everything's fine. It was a serious accident like we love you, and then he goes on this long
  • I've changed about how like he's richest shit
  • And he like doesn't even need the money and he like rents out a bunch of houses
  • It's telling me that he just rents this one out for fun and like he doesn't even care about the money he just cares about
  • People being kindly and respectful, but he thinks I'm like the most timely respectful 18 year old. He's ever met blah blah fucking blah
  • We suck each other's dicks for like 30 minutes on the fucking phone I go home from Mexico
  • I nail him a check for my rent
  • So then like three days go by I think
  • Everything is peachy fucking keen like I over and I do this fucking check like this motherfucker
  • It's sitting there rolling around in my money by this point like everything should be fine
  • It's still not even april for the date that my rent was technically do like he got his money early from what he normally
  • I'm having N
  • Pain so then I get another notice on my door that says three-day notice to pay rent or exit the premises oh
  • My golly oh Mike. You know what the fuck dude. I'm over dieded you a fucking check. It should be there by now
  • It's still not even april first you told me the last eviction notice was an accident
  • So why would I be getting another one? What the fuck is going on?
  • He hits me with the same fucking spiel like at this point
  • I could be talking to like a pre-recorded set of ten phrases that are like. I trust you it was an accident
  • I rent this house out for fun. I don't need the money. We think you're so respectful and responsible love renting to you
  • Thanks for mailing the checks Anna rent is now due on the 21st
  • Just letting you know sorry about the confusion. We talked it out everything's fine
  • He says he hasn't gotten my check yet, but he trusted
  • I mail it he never meant for the second eviction notice to go through it must be an accident
  • Everything's fine, basically enjoy your fucking months like Hasta Luego bitch like Adios motherfucker
  • Talk to you next month, so I think everything is great and now I am leaving for Australia in two days
  • And I'm about to go I'll show you for a month
  • So I'm super focused on shopping for Australia preparing myself filming extra video to get ahead
  • And I finally get home and it is now the night before the day before I leave for Australia
  • So I get home to all of my friends
  • Sitting around my kitchen island with a notice in their hands and so I walk up to them and I'm like guys what's wrong
  • And basically it's a piece of paper that in super fucking what the fuck I dropped out of high school and don't understand this
  • unnecessary big worded lawyer terms says
  • 24 hours to exit the premises you've been evicted
  • This is the point where I lost my mind like this is the point we're like to this day
  • I have like full-on brain damage like I have full-on brain damage from exact moment in my life
  • I will never forget standing there reading that and the amount of like dumbfounded
  • Anger I had sitting there I called my landlord at this point. I'm just like drained, but I'm not surprised. I'm not shocked
  • I have no pitch or tone or range in emotion in my voice. Damn. I'm literally just like okay
  • So we received a third
  • eviction Notice I
  • Paid you do you want me to get the fuck out could you just give me like two weeks if you want me to leave
  • I don't think if this was an accident, I would have gotten a third one
  • Tell me what you want me to do and so then he's just like you sound so upset
  • Like I got your rent check today. They probably just follow through with it like I don't know but it's all an accident
  • Don't worry. We'll get this squared away. Everything's Gonna be fine McKenna
  • You've nothing to worry about like I got your check
  • Chuckling giggling if you will this is all just a funny little bit in his life
  • We're just little puppets on his fucking string, and he's just enjoying it to the max. Well. I'm over here like
  • I'm like okay. I leave for Australia in like 48 hours
  • I don't have any giggle in me like you are telling me right now face-to-face over the phone. I am not evicted
  • This is all an accident you. Have my rent check. We are just fine any like yeah. I trust you you're responsible
  • I don't think you could pay your rent wait. I love renting to you. Talk to you next month and so I'm like okay
  • Bye, we look up all the terms on the paper
  • That was like put on our garage
  • And we somehow all convince ourselves that it doesn't say we have to get out in 24 hours our landlord isn't crazy and everything is
  • Just fine and so that night what I later would find out would be the last night in my house
  • Was a really great night. We jumped on the trampoline we hung out with all of our friends
  • I got one really good last night with all my best friends in my house before I went to Australia
  • We drank a little we filmed this video. Look how fucking happy. I look first of all that is so good
  • We're all up into like 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning the sun begins to rise we filmed that video everyone basically decides
  • It's time for them to go to bed
  • But me I was now leaving for Australia in like 24 hours like I needed to pass I needed to film like three videos I
  • Have so many other things to do so I was like
  • I'm not going to go to sleep like good night everyone
  • So everyone goes upstairs into their bed, and I'm sitting in my room filming a pSychic coincidences video the very first
  • I say coincidences video my tie on and mid filming this video. I just feel super weird all of a sudden
  • I like something really bad is about to happen and so I pause the video. I facetime summer. I'm talking him
  • I'm like like something really shitty thought to happen me, but I don't know what I'm sitting there like weighing out my life
  • I'm like everything is perfect like my living situation is perfect my friends are perfect like love life is perfect family is perfect
  • I'm going to Australia business and sort of everything is great
  • What could go wrong, and then I'm like the rent check the evictions saw the help something is off with that
  • And that's why I feel like this and so I sit back down
  • I film the rest of my pSychic coincidence video and after filming that video if it's pit of my stomach
  • I'm like I need to do something like all of a sudden
  • I said something horrible that has happened
  • And I need to do something so I call my landlord go straight to voicemail and I'm like hey
  • But at this point is probably like 7:30
  • Almost 8 in the morning because I'd been up filming all night my friends didn't go to bed till like 5:00 the sun was coming
  • Up, so I'm like I know it's really early in the morning. I'm so sorry to bother you
  • I know that just last night you told me everything was fine
  • I might just sound like a crazy person, but like I feel like something's wrong
  • I don't know
  • I would have gotten three eviction notices I sent you my money if you could just give me a call back to reassure me that
  • Would be great again. I'm really sorry for bothering you thirty minutes go by and for those 30 minutes
  • I'm just like packing for Australia. I'm very frantic. I'm just in a horrible mood
  • I feel like something bad has about to happen and then my landlord texts me
  • So it was like 8:00 10:00 in the morning, and he texts me and he says I'm so sorry
  • I should have told you sooner
  • I just really want my house back the constable will be there to lock your doors at 9:00
  • So then I look up what that means what a constable is what all that kind of stuff is and basically
  • Constable is a person that deals with severe eviction where people won't get out of their house, and they come in
  • They're also like a police officer and like if you don't leave your house willingly
  • They make you leave
  • And then they drill giant locks on all of your doors and windows so that you can't get in your house
  • I basically text that I don't know what the fuck
  • I did you you didn't have to be so fine a cruel sick fucking joke. I paid you my rent
  • You told me you received my rent check. I literally do yesterday if you want me to get the fuck out
  • I will like it's your house. I'm not going to live somewhere where someone doesn't want me to live give me five days
  • I'll put all my shit in storage
  • I don't know why you would tell me that someone's going to be at my house to forcibly remove
  • Me from my house like I'm some kind of like unruly
  • Person who's telling you I won't get the fuck out like why would you do this to me?
  • And he's like I'm so sorry it had to be this way like I'll personally come in in like a month or so and put
  • All of your stuff in storage for you like hopefully you can find a place to live and I'm like what do you mean like?
  • I want my stuff now. I need my stuff now. I'm leaving for Australia in like 20 hours
  • I just start bawling my eyes out and immediately run out of my room run up to all my friends rooms
  • Shake them awake one by one that might feel we have to get out in 45 minutes, and they're all like wait
  • What the fuck we were just fine like 10 hours ago
  • and I'm like police are going to be here in like 45 minutes to get us the fuck out so get up so all of
  • Us are up
  • We're all just like crying for reaching out because we've nowhere to live
  • All of our stuff is maybe like trapped in this house by this man
  • and the police I'm leaving for Australia in 20 hours live to pack for
  • Australia in this time - I'm trying to get everything that means anything to me because it's common when people
  • Evict people that like the landlord will come in your house and like take your nice shit because like they can get away with it
  • So like I'm trying to pack everything
  • expensive and nice
  • I have my calling my dad was the only person in my life who has a truck which I really could have used it that
  • time because I wanted to just throw like
  • Boxes and trash bags of shit into a truck my dad is basically being like shit
  • I paid your rent on time like I'm not coming there which like I didn't even not fit
  • My rent on time like I didn't do anything wrong my mom shows up were loading shit into her car her and I are like
  • Fighting out of stress then til then nine o'clock rolls around these police officers come in my house
  • And I'm like is there anything I can do can I have another hour to pack my stuff?
  • Is there anything I can do for you to give me more time or whatever and he basically tells me like the only way you
  • Could get more time as if your landlord or someone close to your landlord improves it my landlord text me telling me
  • he's blocking my number and is sending me a
  • Pdf file of everything I need to know about this and that will be like the last he ever hears from me
  • He's just going to put my stuff into a storage unit
  • And he'll come give me the key that like this all happened because I didn't pay my round XxI and then even though I didn't
  • Know like he wrote that clause in the lease. I'm still the wrong basically I am devastated
  • Everything I worked so hard for like everything finally felt at peace
  • I'm leaving for Australia so I can't even like go look for a new place to live all
  • Four of the people who live with me have nowhere else to live they live with me
  • Diane is literally from England why I can't move in with her family like Ashley's parents live in fucking
  • California like everyone lives with me and they know I'm nowhere to live also my dog like I'm going to
  • Australia like I can't handle any of this and so basically we all just grab our stuff and the police make us leave our house
  • They're drilling the locks on our door
  • We're loading stuff into our car and as we're doing that we notice that there is this woman
  • standing outside of the front of my house like in the steps before the
  • Entryway of my house like just crying like there is this little old woman
  • Crying on my porch step and so I walk up to her and I'm like help you like
  • What are you crying girl like you want to share some stories goodbye?
  • I'll tell you why I'm cry and like you can help you while you're crying and so she doesn't really speak any English she speaks
  • Very broken to little English and she's bawling her eyes out and she's like. I'm so sorry we had to do this to you
  • You're a really sweet girl
  • I'm so sorry for my son blah blah blah
  • So it becomes prevalent to me that she is the mom of my landlord and so that I'm like
  • Oh my God like you're the mom of my landlord like this officer
  • Just told me that if you tell him to give me more time I can have more time and like I already paid my rent
  • So I could I have a day and so the officer comes over and he looks at her and she's bawling her eyes out
  • He's like if you want mislike
  • You can give them another hour like it looks like they just found out about this or like you could give them another day all
  • Of their stuff is still inside. Do you want to give them another hour and she literally just stops crying and it's like
  • No
  • I'm just and good
  • But like you were just crying and no you like what you said you were sorry like you can't help me and then she's like
  • No, sorry I can't help you and I'm like what the fuck is going on. So then I just get in the car
  • I'm like bawling my eyes out my mom somehow reasons with her to let her let us get our own stuff in like a week
  • Instead of the landlord getting our stuff
  • Which was really awesome, so we get in the car my dad
  • in a three-story
  • Townhome with an empty bedroom in an empty living room and of course he wouldn't let anyone stay there no tea
  • No, shade like love my dad, but like that does make things a million times harder
  • So then me yayan maya Ashley and bella all are staying in my mom's
  • One-bedroom 800 square feet apartment, and we're all sitting in there, and I'm like okay. I have
  • T-Minus 18 hours until I have to leave for Australia
  • So I start packing all my stuff
  • Thankfully I went shopping the few days before so I had all of that new stuff, and then I'm like okay
  • Well my mom already lives in this apartment complex
  • So why don't I just right now go over to the leasing office and just try to apply for an apartment in this apartment complex?
  • today so that my friends have a place to live for the next month that I'm in Australia so that I can put all my
  • stuff there
  • so that my mom doesn't have to deal with this so I walk over to the leasing office and literally just sit down and I'm
  • Like I'll just take your biggest department. Can you give it to me?
  • And so they're like luckily we have one left of course you can apply for it right now like I'm sure you'll get approved like
  • Your income is very substantial for like a small apartment complex like this like I don't see any reason why you wouldn't get approved
  • So I sit down in this leasing office, and I apply for an apartment. I file all these papers
  • I give her all of my identification, whatever the lady looks at me and says unfortunately
  • Not only can I not approve you for this apartment?
  • But you would be wasting your time if you applied for any
  • Apartment Townhome Condo anything under a leasing property place in Las Vegas because we all use the same
  • System and unfortunately our system shows that you have an eviction. Which is grounds for an automatic turndown
  • Application so then I pack up all my stuff and in like ten hours
  • I am literally contractually obligated to leave for Australia
  • So I hop on the plane to Australia having nowhere to live all of my stuff in the storage unit
  • No
  • Ideas is watching my dog no idea how I'll even get a new place to live heart broken ten day enemy being in Australia
  • I realized that AI can't apply for anywhere to live because I'm in Australia B
  • I can't apply for anywhere to live because I'm not going to get approved so we have to get an apartment in my mom's name
  • Say that only her and maya live there and apply for it at one of the shittiest
  • Apartment complexes ratings was in my entire because that's the only place that will even accept this far-fetched
  • psycho idea of like five people living in a three-bedroom
  • apartment under the name of Someone who doesn't even live there and the person paying the rent can't even be on the lease because they
  • Won't get approved so not only did my landlord lock me out of somewhere to live but my entire rental and credit history
  • but the state of all of my nice ass furniture and all of my things that are now in a storage unit
  • But he have kind of fucked me for life or at least the next five years
  • So I come home from Australia to learn that my apartment is and has been since they moved in
  • infested with bugs and that the entire
  • complexes
  • So it has to get sprayed all the time my washer and dryer are broken five people live in this
  • Three-bedroom apartment like it's just miserable as is and a dog Ashley and I share a room nothing works
  • The stove is like fucked up Janky electric like it's just a shitty fucking apartment
  • And so I still live there the entire apartment itself is just filled with boxes
  • Because there's no room for any of my stuff because I had a five bedroom 4,000 square
  • Foot house of things that I'm now trying to fit into an 1,100 square foot three-bedroom apartment. It doesn't work
  • I am truly miserable my bed frame doesn't even fit in my room
  • So I just have a mattress on the floor and my closet has five shirts hanging up because that's all it holds
  • while it is a first-world problem while I'm grateful that I'm even able to be moved out at 18 and live with my friends and
  • live in an apartment to go from my dream home that I loved with everything in me to
  • The exact opposite like my worst nightmare home have a fucked credit history of fucked rental histories not be able to move
  • Anywhere else unless some landlord is nice enough to hear the story and feel sorry for me
  • Have none of my stuff because it's all in a storage unit
  • my dog has no yard like you get the point like one extreme to another it is so
  • Upsetting, so that is my current living situation
  • I have no idea when it will look up
  • But hopefully soon hopefully six months from now I can be moved in to a new house that I love and be happy
  • Everything in life that
  • happens to you is for a reason and I'm sure I've learned a lot from this and will learn a lot and to be a
  • Lot more wary of things that are too good to be true and obvious red flags and not to look at the world with Rose-colored
  • Laughing but I despise that I had to learn the lesson this way because I genuinely don't know what I did to deserve it
  • I told you guys this story was not going to be funny
  • It was not gonna end in a good way or in a conclusive way
  • Nor was I going to be happy telling it but y'all motherfuckers wanted to know and you guys have not shut up about it
  • So there to my landlord if you are watching this every story, I make about people normally then I'm like don't leave them
  • Hey, people change people have bad days, but to do this to a human being and not only to do it
  • But to do it while smiling in their face and telling them everything is fine and telling them that you want them to live there
  • I would respect you so much more you cowardly little
  • Pussy footed motherfucker if you could have just said to my face that you wanted your house back
  • But no you had to have a fucking constable do it at 9:00 in the morning before I was leaving for Australia. You got damn
  • Motherfucking piece of shit, I literally hope you burn in hell look if you are watching this I wish nothing
  • But the worst most horrible fucked-up things to happen to you for the rest of your life
  • I hope you stub your toe on every fucking couch. I hope everywhere you go every time you go to the DMV
  • There's a long-ass line. I hope every single one of your favorite shirts you spill coffee on
  • I hope every single person you every day for the rest of your life cheats on you
  • I hope you get early erectile disfunction
  • I hate you
  • But if you were watching this I just want you to know from the bottom of my toes to the top of my fucking scalp
  • Fuck you. Yeah
  • That's the story of my eviction. That's the story of my horrible scamming raps giving
  • Spineless Boldness cowardly pussy-footed
  • Motherfucking landlord who ruined my life temporarily though a bitch will bounce back
  • I hope you guys enjoyed that story because every single time I tell it one of my brain cells
  • jumps off the top of my brain and fucking kills itself
  • So I hope someone got some genuine enjoyment out of my suffering the next stories
  • I have to tell will be a lot funnier a lot lighter hearted
  • I have a really good over story to tell you guys the story of how g easy tried to fuck me when I was like
  • 15 Dr
  • Phil experienced teen choice awards experience lots of really good story times coming up for you guys
  • But I just had to get this off my chest. So thank you guys so much for watching bye
  • My home game make sure to subscribe to click that little belt come meet me on tour
  • I will talk to you guys in the next video. I love you. So very much. It would be only been keeping me sane
  • Bye

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