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Video HOW IT ENDS (2018) Ending + Cause of Apocalypse Explained
16:45   |   01/19/2019 at 18:28


  • [Music]
  • what's up everybody welcome to found
  • flicks on this ending explain we'll be
  • looking at the post apocalypse roadtrip
  • thriller how it ends detailing the
  • initial fallout after a mysterious event
  • throws the planet into chaos and the
  • cause of the apocalypse is certainly
  • mysterious because the movie
  • frustratingly never reveals the COTS
  • these elements are more or less in the
  • background with the story much more
  • focused on the cross-country roadtrip of
  • Tom and will to find the missing Sam
  • there a daughter and pregnant girlfriend
  • respectively which leads to one of the
  • most abrupt endings I can recall in
  • recent memory as the movie seems to
  • simply give up on itself and just kind
  • of end so I can't fix that aspect to the
  • ending but I can safely say that I do
  • know the cause of the apocalypse based
  • on several clues that we are presented
  • with over this story so let's check out
  • how it is breaking down the story the
  • ending and what's behind the
  • earth-shattering event things begin in a
  • hopeful place introducing us to couple
  • Will and Sam who learn and they are
  • having a baby boy but there is one
  • problem they aren't married yet and will
  • has to ask Sam's ball buster dad Tom for
  • his daughter's hand in marriage she
  • urges him to not be too freaked out as
  • long as he doesn't bring up the boat
  • incident which we find out about later
  • and seems to be the entire basis for why
  • her dad doesn't like will and on the way
  • to his flight they tell each other
  • goodbye love you too can't you just feel
  • the love guys arriving in Chicago at
  • Sam's parents high-rise apartment things
  • are already pretty awkward right off the
  • bat with Tom treating him quite coldly
  • we see that he served in the Armed
  • Forces and it's obvious for some reason
  • he doesn't respect Tom whatsoever
  • and is most likely just a protective
  • hard-ass especially considering his
  • military background at dinner they
  • discuss helping Sarah and him purchase a
  • house but Tom voice is concerned about
  • protecting his money if the to wind up
  • breaking up geez what a dick and we'll
  • just kind of takes it and tell Tom
  • suggests that the two moved to Seattle
  • to get away from him and will is pushed
  • too far to remain quiet revealing it was
  • actually Sam's idea to move not his own
  • and it is specifically because of not
  • wanting her father breathing down her
  • neck all the time and I'm already
  • starting to see why now things are in
  • the uncomfortable and Sam's mom pretty
  • much kicks will out of their home after
  • this argument well that didn't go so
  • well and he didn't even get to ask about
  • getting married the next morning he's
  • awoken by a video call from Sam somehow
  • he overslept and is running late for his
  • flight but missing a flight will be the
  • least of his concerns as a strange
  • crackling comes over the phone she
  • responds mysteriously that something is
  • wrong looking away then the signal
  • breaks up and the call is dropped when
  • he repeatedly attempts to call back he
  • could not reach her so he still tries to
  • catch his flight and tell it along with
  • every flight is canceled completely hmm
  • something definitely strange is going on
  • here no one knows what the heck it is
  • though with a reporter on TV saying only
  • there was a large seismic event off the
  • California coast resulting in all power
  • and telecommunications down on the
  • entire seaboard but have no further
  • information and that's the end of that -
  • as the TV signal distorts away cutting
  • to nothingness this is a huge element to
  • how the story is told where we are given
  • very little pretty much no information
  • about the grander story or specifics of
  • this major event we're stuck in the
  • trenches with will and everything in his
  • personal perspective if he doesn't know
  • we don't know already the airport is
  • beginning to turn into a shit show with
  • people jammed outside trying to get cab
  • rides and it's only by giving one cabbie
  • 200 bucks that he is able to get back to
  • the city where not knowing where else
  • the head returns to Sam's parents
  • apartment unsurprisingly her parents are
  • already packing up to leave and Tom is
  • just as worried about Sam as he is as
  • they haven't been able to contact her
  • either since the incident considering a
  • plan of action to get to her with the
  • airport's down they have no other option
  • but to drive to Seattle asking if will
  • will come with him the two then set off
  • on a life-changing road trip where they
  • encounter a number of signs that these
  • are the end times of society as we know
  • it even before getting out of the city
  • it's already pretty much a Mad Max
  • scenario at the gas station with a huge
  • pile of cars and people all fighting for
  • supplies and of course cash only
  • there's also already hustling goons on
  • the prowl with a girl approaching will
  • hitting on him which he rebuffs
  • and quickly other bros show up asking
  • what's going on and extorting money from
  • the two to get them to leave them alone
  • Tom plays along sandy has cash in the
  • trunk in
  • said pulling a gun on the game scaring
  • them off in a hurry back on the road
  • will complains about not telling him he
  • brought a gun along but Tom wisely
  • considers if they had taken their car it
  • would already have been game over for
  • their journey and he is not gonna let
  • that happen they soon encounter another
  • problem though
  • the Army has blockaded the main highway
  • out of the city since they don't even
  • know what is going on and it's a matter
  • of Public Safety did not have people
  • wandering around outside that isn't
  • enough to stop Tom who appeals to the
  • soldier describing a situation and
  • asking for his help and the soldier
  • relates letting them pass through and
  • get out to the open road out there
  • finding pretty much no one else around
  • or any sign of life everything already
  • appearing completely abandoned until
  • after driving late into the night they
  • pull over after a cop car appears behind
  • them flashing its lights and guess what
  • it's not a police officer but another
  • crazy survival guy opening fire on them
  • and they speed off still in pursuit they
  • are able to escape momentarily using
  • another abandoned vehicle to block his
  • path and lose him slinking through the
  • darkness with their lights off they
  • switch them on and are surprised when
  • deer leap out onto the road causing them
  • to swerve and crash allowing their
  • pursuer to catch up but it's taken out
  • by Tom who gets the jump on them the
  • crash caused some damage to their
  • vehicle as well as breaking some of
  • Tom's ribs and now they have to find a
  • garage of some kind to repair the car to
  • even continue their Trek they happen
  • upon an Indian Reservation meeting a
  • young girl Ricky who is able to repair
  • their car
  • well here's on the radio someone trying
  • to understand how an event like this
  • could happen and that all the satellites
  • around the world are down well will
  • witnesses a certainly strange sight
  • birds flying in the air in an odd
  • formation in the sky Tom worried about
  • other car problems potentially for the
  • rest of the trip asked Ricky to join
  • them and she actually is trying to get
  • to California herself wanting to be a
  • rapper which is ridiculous she does
  • agree to tag along
  • only after Tom doubles his original
  • offer to two grand and it does seem like
  • she has other motivation to want to
  • leave the reservation when she's spotted
  • by two others on the way out telling
  • them to keep driving and not wanting any
  • trouble seems like something was going
  • on with these guys in the car we get
  • another little clue about what is going
  • on as Ricky shows a compass to the other
  • to seeing the needle flying all over the
  • place
  • indicating that the magnetic fields in
  • the area
  • are out of whack later they witness a
  • car wreck right in front of them one car
  • literally flying off the road and when
  • they go to check out the aftermath more
  • scavengers soon pull up to the rack and
  • three dudes get out causing them to get
  • driving and almost leaving Ricci behind
  • but will demands they stop to get her to
  • Tom's annoyance filling up with gas will
  • and Ricci get a little more friendly
  • until something demands their attention
  • massive strange swirling clouds covering
  • the sky are seen as lightning strikes
  • nearby hitting a telephone pole and they
  • hurriedly get back on the road as
  • extremely heavy rains begin to fall and
  • they eventually take cover under a
  • bridge to wait out the storm as the days
  • wear on things are only becoming more
  • dangerous as it looks like the
  • temperature outside has started to get
  • increasingly hotter as well will seen
  • cranking the AC in the car in another
  • example when the trio decide to stop at
  • a rundown water park to look for
  • supplies and Ricci is quite excited to
  • jump into a pool hoping it would cooler
  • down
  • however it's hot caused by the
  • aggressively rising temperature outside
  • and have yet another interaction with
  • scavengers coming to a stop van in the
  • road and a woman asking for help with a
  • flat tire Riki and will still decide to
  • be nice and help her out but it appears
  • to be a trap as armed men surround them
  • demanding they hand over their gas will
  • begs with them to leave them one tank
  • but they refuse basically leaving them
  • to die understanding how dire the
  • situation is they quickly chase after
  • them in and when they catch up Ricci is
  • able to shoot out their tires aim the
  • car to violently crash they still do
  • their best to help them in but with gas
  • pouring out of the car they have to make
  • the choice to get their own fuel back
  • and not save them putting their own
  • survival first the car exploding and
  • killing all of them they're all
  • understandably upset over this but Ricci
  • is even more so believing that they
  • killed them and she did take the shot
  • that caused him to crash but the truth
  • is they did rob from them in the first
  • place and in this kind of environment
  • you have to do whatever you can to
  • survive she's inconsolable though
  • thinking she's made a horrible choice
  • coming along with them and wanders off
  • on her own the two thinking she just
  • needs a minute to calm down don't when
  • they wake up on the next morning on day
  • four she along with her stuff is gone
  • for good and I really thought Ricky
  • would come back later in the movie
  • because that's pretty much what always
  • happens in these kinds of stories you
  • know comes back at the end to save the
  • day or whatever but nope she's gone and
  • never comes back and
  • don't even find out what happens to her
  • after she leads oh well unabated the to
  • continue happening upon a wreck train
  • that was carrying military vehicles to
  • look for gas Tom's injuries are becoming
  • more severe coughing up blood but
  • amongst the wreckage they find a medical
  • kit that alleviates the pressure in his
  • lungs and allows him momentary relief to
  • breathe back in the car the two finally
  • began to open out to each other
  • discussing their own father's will
  • revealing his left when he was a child
  • and while Tom's didn't leave he
  • remembers him as a shitty father but a
  • good man with his heart in the right
  • place seeming to refer to his own
  • domineering nature though he does have a
  • request for will and makes will promise
  • he will always keep his daughter safe
  • which of course he agrees to and Tom
  • surprisingly admits that he knew about
  • Sam's pregnancy this whole time but
  • never told this to will throughout the
  • trip and will it turns out has a secret
  • of his own that the infamous boat
  • incident that wrecked Tom's precious
  • boat didn't actually have him behind the
  • wheel but a drunk Sam instead and he
  • took the blame for her and Tom finally
  • understands he is a good man and will be
  • a good father for his grandkid after
  • he's gone crossing a bridge entering
  • into another talent will consider as
  • they could get help for Tom here but
  • when coming to a truck walking the road
  • it's obvious they're not here to help
  • them even when will explains the
  • situation they offer to help but he
  • knows better now getting back in the car
  • and flooring it in Reverse as
  • motorcycles follow after they make a
  • sweet fast and furious maneuver blowing
  • up the truck and allowing them to escape
  • but it's too late for Tom now lying
  • unmoving in the backseat and will after
  • checking on him knows that he's passed
  • on from his injuries but at least they
  • were able to come to an understanding
  • with each other before he perished and
  • all will can do now is keep pressing on
  • until the car begins to break down a
  • check engine light on the dash mocking
  • him as the car completely ceases to
  • function as he continues on foot
  • entering into day 5 after the incident
  • it was around this point in the movie I
  • started wondering just how many miles is
  • it exactly from Chicago to Seattle which
  • after a quick search on Google Maps
  • would take 31 hours but we're on day
  • five already or 120 hours I know they've
  • had some slowdowns along the trip but
  • they've been driving for a long time too
  • and it's definitely taking way
  • longer than it should for will to get to
  • Seattle dam narrative conveniences will
  • gets picked up by a family on the side
  • of the road
  • the district will father agreed to take
  • him as far west as they can arriving at
  • a house which it turns out is wills
  • dad's he generously offers them the
  • place to stay and the food inside in
  • exchange for the families G to which the
  • father agrees allowing will to return to
  • his seemingly never-ending pilgrimage
  • though he is finally approaching his
  • ultimate destination passing a sign that
  • Seattle is 284 miles away seeing flames
  • burning amongst the skyline remnants in
  • the distance the destruction becoming
  • more severe the closer he gets at 30
  • miles outside of town there's ash
  • raining down which whatever it is is
  • toxic enough to cause will took off as
  • soon as he breathes it in entering the
  • city limits the environment is even more
  • ravaged with debris and bodies littering
  • everywhere and ash covering the entire
  • landscape the aftermath of a huge tidal
  • wave as we learn in a bit reaching what
  • must have been Sam's apartment building
  • he climbs the ladder outside discovering
  • the entire half of the building is gone
  • giving him another view of even more of
  • the city's total destruction
  • so well it looks like Sam is dead huh
  • but maybe all isn't lost noticing a note
  • written on a door to come find her along
  • with an address it must be her getting
  • to the house he's greeted by a man
  • firing at him but Sam emerges from
  • inside rushing to will she's alive the
  • two embracing finally together after
  • this harrowing journey through the
  • wasteland he can't believe she's alive
  • either
  • and even the baby is okay to do but this
  • other dude Jeremiah that helps Sam get
  • out of the city is obviously super
  • jealous that will is back like oh man I
  • hope mr. dreamy was dead and I could
  • take over as daddy even though it's
  • definitely an odd situation she
  • expresses that she appreciates what the
  • man did who is their former neighbor
  • saying he was responsible for getting
  • her to safety
  • later another rumble awakens will whoo
  • right outside sees the Northern Lights
  • going on right there wonder if they've
  • got any steamed hams of cookin finding
  • Sam and Jeremiah hanging at a campfire
  • Jeremiah fills us in on what he thinks
  • caused the event believing it to be
  • man-made even saying he's seen Intel to
  • support this that it could have been a
  • man-made bomb that was dropped on the
  • coast and caused the fallout but will
  • doesn't agree based on what he's seen
  • out there on the road could possibly be
  • man-made and it's more likely Jeremiah
  • is just speculating as many conspiracy
  • theorist types
  • about how the government controls
  • everything in bed with Sam she recalls
  • seeing ash clouds over the ocean and
  • cities when the event occurred as
  • another Rumble goes off Sam saying
  • they're happening all the time now but
  • they don't let that stop them from some
  • spicy time that ain't no earthquake
  • that's just you and me baby later
  • catching a glimpse of Jeremiah out by
  • the car uses the excuse of seeing two
  • kids and thought they took something
  • asking will to join him checking the
  • perimeter he quickly realizes it was a
  • setup
  • Jeremiah turning a gun on him saying he
  • wants Sam to stay with him but will
  • takes him down first which happens to
  • coincide with another huge event
  • arriving as a massive ash cloud manifest
  • and will rushes back to get Sam and get
  • on the road they speed down a mountain
  • with the fiery cloud gaining on their
  • tail enveloping the entire landscape
  • behind them despite this will things
  • everything's gonna be fine
  • telling Sam he loves her but sure
  • doesn't look like they're gonna make it
  • as the clouds nip at the back of a car
  • but they dissipate pulling back and
  • allowing them to keep going the end I
  • know this was definitely one extremely
  • abrupt ass ending you're like oh wow
  • that sure is getting closer they gonna
  • make it and credits I don't know if they
  • ran out of money or what the heck
  • happened maybe a cliffhanger for a
  • sequel but they picked a pretty strange
  • moment to call it quits
  • not even one last beat with them making
  • it out and will is like phew that was
  • close let's keep heading north or
  • whatever though from what I can tell it
  • does look like they at least escaped
  • this final doom cloud and keep going
  • after this moment rather than the entire
  • movie being a completely futile journey
  • gray he finally found Sam after the
  • entire movie and now quickly after being
  • reunited they're both dead thanks movie
  • so again it really does appear that they
  • survive the end with the cloud pulling
  • away and they drive off but perhaps even
  • more frustratingly they never exactly
  • reveal what the causes behind the
  • apocalypse with Jeremiah being the only
  • one in the movie who even considers what
  • caused it and sorry Jeremiah but you are
  • totally wrong based on the few clues
  • that we are presented with over the
  • course of the movie it makes it pretty
  • clear what the causes the flipping of
  • the Earth's magnetic poles throughout
  • history the north and south poles have
  • flipped every several hundred thousand
  • years that is except for now
  • where they haven't successfully flipped
  • in about 780,000 years though recently
  • there appears to be signs of the
  • shifting beginning our planet is
  • protected by a magnetic field to protect
  • us from lethal levels of radiation and
  • other things like solar rays they don't
  • enter our atmosphere because the
  • magnetic field deflects them so if the
  • field is shifting with the poles it
  • leaves us open to numerous forms of
  • devastation and could send humanity the
  • way of the dinosaurs such as the
  • aforementioned radiation which would
  • take out our satellites after eating
  • through the ozone and since all
  • satellites are linked would quickly lead
  • to a massive power loss all of this is
  • explicitly seen in the film like the
  • power loss the shifting of the tides
  • causing the huge waves that hit the
  • coast as well as the compass going nuts
  • since it uses the Earth's magnetic field
  • though there is one potential perk of
  • this according to NASA which would be a
  • spike in Aurora lights displays at low
  • altitudes as seen by will at the end
  • it's pretty obvious what they're going
  • for here those scientists are still
  • unsure of the connection between the
  • poles flipping and mass destruction it's
  • more than apparent based on the evidence
  • given in the movie that this is what is
  • going on here and caused the apocalypse
  • in the story with that we have reached
  • the conclusion of this ending explained
  • on how it ends oh and don't forget you
  • can send me video suggestions on my
  • social media accounts of any kind at fan
  • flicks and I just might do them like
  • this one
  • thanks for the suggestion guys what did
  • you guys think of how it ends and its
  • ending do you think they got away at the
  • end or were they just killed let me know
  • your thoughts in the comments below make
  • sure to LIKE subscribe and follow thanks
  • for watching conflicts see you next time

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Theo James and Forest Whitaker hit the road in Netflix's apocalypse thriller HOW IT ENDS. The movie never reveals what is behind the event, but gives us enough clues to figure it out. We'll be breaking down the story, what caused the apocalypse, and explaining the ending.

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