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Video ‘Chef’ Thinks That Cold Water Boils Faster Than Hot Water | Hell's Kitchen
03:09   |   views   |   05/01/2018


  • okay guys first tables coming yes tied
  • over sections let's go
  • the restaurant is filling up and the
  • first orders are being taken red team
  • very quickly line up blue team something
  • urgent a line alongside the red team
  • please
  • poor dear don't worry about that his
  • living second-second second-second in
  • that dining room tonight you've got big
  • pressure two of America's top
  • influential food critics are here to
  • experience your food and their
  • experience may influence my decision
  • later as you know one of you will be
  • leaving Hell's Kitchen disappearing with
  • your dream of owning your very own
  • questions that was definitely a little
  • scary just to have two critics you know
  • in the restaurant nobody knew where they
  • were sitting so we had to perform to a
  • tee let's go good luck
  • the critics are each dining with a
  • friend and are seated at separate tables
  • they will be sampling at the same menu
  • from both kitchens blue team first
  • ticket of the evening here we go once
  • these are said I want to Martha sue one
  • resulting one spaghetti a lobster yes
  • Amy leaf on the hot plate I got this
  • worried about something else every table
  • that leaves this kitchen you treat as a
  • critic is that clear yes 20 minutes into
  • dinner service and on the red team
  • Jeff's delivered his first appetizers to
  • the chef Jeff come here one's got all
  • the lobster in one sock you missing
  • lobster get it even let's go back in the
  • pan and get it even back we have two
  • spaghetti on the same table one plate
  • has got no Lobster in it there that
  • one's rendering Lobster work that one
  • out Jeff
  • Chef Ramsay's edition of Michael - the
  • red team is already paying off
  • say thank you Mike say Jeff do you want
  • him to cook you're right for you - what
  • do you want me to do
  • I've never been on a line before
  • I'm trying stop shouting
  • what we're waiting on I'm working on
  • that spaghetti right now move your ass
  • get it done
  • Michael you've got a risotto with a
  • tuner nothing more in your ass main
  • course three Wellington one salmon after
  • frustration in the red kitchen Chef
  • Ramsay turns to the blue kitchen in
  • search of good news
  • seven minutes Wendy let's go why should
  • we get to go in there yet
  • the waters glad at a rollin the waters
  • not boiling did you talk about we've got
  • water yes chef why do you put cold water
  • in that I fought cold water was supposed
  • to boil faster than hot water
  • [Music]

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In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.


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