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Video Minecraft: PEACOCKS HIDE AND SEEK!! - Morph Hide And Seek - Modded Mini-Game
26:07   |   12/15/2018 at 23:44


  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • hey what's going on dudes it's Pat and
  • welcome back to my craft hide and seek
  • hey guys so today we are actually
  • morphing into beautiful peacocks
  • yes we have an albino one we've got let
  • me check it out so yeah we've got albino
  • wait till we have topi tobyGames and we
  • have India blue also we can become super
  • tiny guys this is actually really cool
  • but if we make this choice there's only
  • a couple I spawned in on the entire
  • villager map so if someone sees you
  • hiding as this it's gonna be very
  • obvious that that is you oh my god your
  • wings are flapping they flap when I jump
  • okay look at it screen there's napping
  • for some reason on mine they just stand
  • like this so we can hide us any of these
  • guys but very risky to be the small one
  • part there are cooler hiding spots so
  • let me go back to myself here if you're
  • on the village map so there's all kinds
  • of cool areas to hide different
  • buildings
  • toute words what's just happening and
  • Jen's now gone all right nerds we are
  • back and we are about to go over the
  • rules and then oh by the way Jan is
  • recording once again in case she wins it
  • will go up on her channel but I'm not
  • letting it happen because on your
  • channels that why okay so we have three
  • rounds they are two and a half minutes
  • long we must move after one minute point
  • that's right we must move and that's
  • gonna be a lot harder hide if we're
  • moving around must be creative hotter in
  • survival we can spawn in mobs to find
  • the other player and kill them and we
  • got one point per win for lasting the
  • entire round that is right and by some
  • Jen dude win so I can't let it happen
  • today in his chest let's all go over
  • today we have a giant sword 12 attack
  • damage we have 64 raw prime bacon yeah
  • and we each get a pinch beetle for each
  • round and those are the things that pick
  • you up and pretty much you just kill him
  • so we have to really avoid them but
  • that's the reason we only get one per
  • round and up here are you hiding first
  • alright so I will go into creative and
  • are
  • ready for them are you ready all right
  • oh also truth if you drew the shield
  • be sure to smash that subscribe button
  • will also leave me a comment down below
  • right down here I'll be replying to a
  • bunch you guys because we appreciate
  • your amazing support and 20 19 18 17 at
  • the watch ready Jen
  • 16:15 14 this view is horrible 13 12 11
  • 10
  • I don't snowy 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ready not
  • here I come I heard a door open
  • yeah I'm not ready though well you
  • better be ready I did hear a door quite
  • sure you're in here maybe maybe not
  • alright so this is it guys so I have to
  • watch started I have two and a half
  • minutes to find Jen I'm pretty sure she
  • went in somewhere you'll never find me
  • Jen is literally the master of Oh be
  • quiet I think I just thought of it I
  • think I know what you did I figured
  • where you are have you climbed up here
  • and then jumped onto the tower I really
  • thought that was you I thought I had you
  • so where is she then okay so there's a
  • bunch of different buildings I could put
  • that a pinch beetle right in the middle
  • but I don't like ruin my chance at
  • hiding ever okay maybe she's open the
  • door to confuse me 55 seconds seems she
  • needs to start moving in about 30
  • seconds I don't see anyone in here wait
  • a second
  • all right I didn't even do anything
  • oh alright so I know that she didn't go
  • behind the structure she may have hidden
  • in one of these holes it's kind of her
  • thing our chicken okay I think it's on
  • the other side oh man she needs to start
  • moving in five seconds okay three two
  • one move
  • [Music]
  • all right don't think you're down here
  • since there's no moving happening at all
  • okay so I think she might have went
  • really tiny and I just can't see her and
  • I don't know where she is
  • oh really big yeah do you ever think
  • about that the best what I thought the
  • whole time but now I'm realizing you
  • must be really tiny I swear you heard a
  • door and that's a peacock open the door
  • hello well I'm just gonna have to kill
  • everything I think our two minutes in we
  • have 30 more seconds for Jen to hide
  • okay
  • all these peacocks all right you quiet
  • out all right you weird out none of
  • these are moving I have to look for
  • moving there's no one moving I'm dancing
  • I'm even twerking over here I'm trying
  • to throw it doggy a bone all right
  • you're just hurting my feelings five
  • four three two one one point for Jen
  • it's already heading towards her channel
  • isn't it hello oh okay I was up there
  • I'll show you I was come here okay I'm
  • following you it looks right at me it
  • was kind of funny no why didn't you I
  • couldn't see you you know what you were
  • probably too far in the quarter or the
  • corner right there I can't see you can't
  • see me oh man I hate your highness all
  • right well you know what don't say that
  • because you haven't won yet we're a huge
  • story for the next rounds I think that
  • was the advantage I think it's hard to
  • find the person when it's snowing all
  • right I brought into survival you're
  • going to creative and I'm just gonna own
  • you no joke okay ready yeah go
  • hey 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 I feel
  • like I have to hiccup
  • sorry good timing 16 17 18 19 20 right
  • now here
  • all right I believe I took a page out of
  • Jim's book I've been watching your video
  • studying your waves and I think I
  • finally figured out hi bye Jen you will
  • never find me oh that was me
  • Oh give you ignore sure when you eat it
  • by the way oh it does I think it's raw
  • bacon it's not that good to eat raw oh
  • yeah guys she'll never find us she won't
  • believe what I choose to hide I can't go
  • down the ladder no no don't go back up
  • all right remember that you may be
  • getting videotaped right now I forget I
  • was doing things I know
  • oh man all right she's like so it's
  • cheating she says flying all right so we
  • are about 45 seconds in not even close
  • to find a man this I know how much you
  • love this room you absolutely adore it I
  • have to keep my eyes peeled yeah you're
  • gonna have to really look around to make
  • sure because I love that room so very
  • much I'm nervous right now I feel sick
  • okay okay okay so I'm basically one
  • minute and nine seconds and at this
  • point oh my god way that's yeah what's
  • me all right you're allowed to fly to my
  • area to try to kill me that that means I
  • don't okay so you could totally fly to
  • get over to try to kill me I thought I
  • had it I took a page out of your book
  • and I guess no the only way to make that
  • it was really unfair where I had to set
  • it no you couldn't get to me so if
  • someone is in a spot like that you could
  • totally fly
  • have you ever seen a family that stick
  • it seems like maybe you have never seen
  • a penguin before I've never seen one in
  • real life I've seen them in pictures we
  • saw one hit the sooner you can there and
  • by the way I didn't ever keep inventory
  • on I lost them no you did alright as we
  • are back it is going down it is Jen's
  • turn to hide so I'm going into creative
  • again I'm going into survival alright so
  • okay you accidentally switched me back
  • into survival alright there we are be
  • creative okay I'm still creative okay
  • now I'm in survive so right now I'm a
  • one zero but anything could happen still
  • yeah 18:17 you realize I said I was
  • winning out of my mind right now guys 15
  • 14 13 12 11 10 9 I have a feel like feel
  • where she's hiding
  • I can feel it where do you feel it 5 4 3
  • 2 1
  • I can feel it no no I'm my back door
  • wait what what what you know what I mean
  • what does that mean I don't know alright
  • so it is on I'm gonna find him right now
  • because I know she's right bitch beetle
  • go
  • alright you failed me piss me off
  • alright so what I had to do is I have to
  • get couple pinch beetles out I can use
  • two since it's the second round that is
  • passed you know no wait what embarrass
  • oh nothing because you think you're
  • getting recorded right now it's not
  • happening yet alrighty I'm just gonna
  • kill everything I know that Jen is
  • inside the base because pinch beetles
  • are all outside of chance don't even try
  • to rock any pics beetles are out there
  • to pinch beetles alright so let's all
  • right that looks peculiar over there you
  • see something that looks a little bit
  • strange in the area I see this weird
  • peacock up here hello wait I have to
  • check these corners like really
  • thoroughly it out alright so she's not
  • over there just so embarrassing alright
  • okay
  • kill every peacock so there's none she
  • can blend in with it's really my only
  • choice I don't know why she's laughing
  • she's like falling morphing back into a
  • person you just found a spot now wait
  • you dropped your weapon I never mind
  • that's like I know it makes you sick I'm
  • just gonna go on to kill everything in
  • here oh by the way you need to start
  • moving I said a little late what do you
  • mean already unless I messed up my watch
  • at some point where's it's quite
  • possible I did but I kind of ran right
  • into you anyway
  • oh okay so it looks like Jen did not get
  • two points all right if I can catch up
  • with you this round then that means to
  • create you alright you are recording
  • this I'm just making sure right yeah
  • yeah yeah pretty sure you did all right
  • here we go so we are going on to my
  • second round your creative right yes I
  • am alright okay one two three four five
  • six seven eight nine ten eleven you
  • count so quick yeah 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
  • and 20 ready or not here I come
  • alright it is odd I'm finally gonna spot
  • in some Pig beetles alright so this
  • round you can actually spawn in two of
  • them right yes all right so it is gonna
  • be super super close this time I'm
  • really nervous about my hiding spot but
  • I think it's pretty good
  • look look around hello man I feel sick
  • oh no she spotted me
  • hello I'm just getting like a nice
  • little overview of the land from here
  • all right I'm glad I'm hiding behind the
  • place because this makes me feel better
  • what is this what's black oh there's
  • like peacock feathers sticking out of
  • the bushes oh that's where I killed
  • those peacocks before there's like a
  • bunch in a hole all right so we are 42
  • seconds in right now the thing is
  • because of the pinch beetles I can't
  • really like run or go anywhere at all
  • cuz I put them behind the structure you
  • put them inside the shirt yes you know
  • next right you have nowhere to hide
  • because of that right gosh I didn't even
  • think about that
  • see I tried to plan for the next round
  • and Jen disrobing alright so right one
  • minute I waited use to pinch beetles are
  • one so far I use two of them okay so you
  • say everyone for the final round man yes
  • all right minute 15 of halfway to be
  • that good of a job search it I just kind
  • of like spins I notice it to wear out my
  • back usually when were in like the same
  • area I kind of like notice it too all
  • right I need to start moving now
  • all right so right now second here no I
  • think that you're actually really good
  • at it you haven't liked seeing me or
  • anything like that
  • hello wait I feel like you're like near
  • me oh yeah you can sense it
  • alright so right now guys we are at a
  • minute and 55 seconds that was you know
  • yeah you didn't find me oh yeah alright
  • two minutes in ten things have 20 more
  • seconds - hi yeah I'm really good you
  • almost died Oh doh alright okay
  • nervous all right 15 more seconds and
  • then I'm gonna get my point I'm gonna be
  • so happy all right just tell bow to me
  • you just walked right by there didn't
  • you
  • all right I have the voice if this is
  • maybe the way where the whole time
  • no it's so embarrassing what follow what
  • happy all right I'm gonna go to creative
  • so the monsters don't kill me but I'll
  • show you what I did okay
  • all right so it's all off with me I
  • climbed up here you're following me
  • right
  • and then I hit on top of the torch no
  • yep I blend it in for a minute and a
  • half and then when it hit a minute a
  • half you were right next to me but I was
  • like you were like really close I jumped
  • in here I went here the second you
  • walked in okay walk and Jen I came out
  • and then you went up on the side like
  • over here like you know up these vines
  • right yeah okay so go up there and take
  • the same way that you went before okay
  • okay so I was right over here
  • oh yeah point for me dudes here we go
  • gents ekend turn to hide right no no
  • this is the last turn oh it's last round
  • over title last round all right this is
  • gonna be interesting
  • okay so I will go into creative and you
  • load a survival okay okay
  • all right so let me just get my watch
  • together be careful the pinch beetles
  • all right here we go 20 19 18 17 it's
  • your fault
  • 13 12 7 6 cuatro Cinco de Mayo I totally
  • ran out oh I don't remember
  • Spanish 4 3 2 1 ready or not here I come
  • watch is going and I haven't
  • and speed already for yeah okay all
  • right but I wanna put this baby okay so
  • I need to find Jen
  • so you neither must have even tried the
  • height is the big one so far
  • maybe have a big one right now I
  • honestly don't believe that you are okay
  • so they're like dead everywhere - hello
  • kill it everything that I can at this
  • point there's like a lot of spots you
  • can hide when you're really tiny like
  • that there's so many good hiding spots
  • all right so she's not the big ones she
  • did that that would be cool huge Dom
  • bees go over this way I'm checking that
  • hole again I really don't want her to
  • get a victory but hiding him like the
  • same spot twice or something oh she's
  • not down there she's laughing which
  • means something sewing all right have
  • you done anything cringy yeah I mean
  • yeah I do crazy things all day no no all
  • right I'm in here trying to kill
  • everything and we're at one minute so
  • far still it's here okay
  • my heart's pounding all right it is okay
  • yes looking hello Jen I see you're
  • acting weird weird laughing I know
  • you're laughing weirdly I'm not making
  • fun as it sounds peculiar nothing funny
  • happened all right okay where are you
  • all right she's not even in here she's
  • outside oh my god she's outside here we
  • go let's do this
  • the hot dung beetles there pinch me oh
  • yeah I did oh my god the mad bro
  • I'm not mad about to beat you in this
  • game I already found me you have to move
  • I forget to say that I don't know but
  • I've been moving no way okay
  • I've killed everything alright there's
  • we are back we're gonna continue in a
  • second by the way Jen totally forgot to
  • record the last portion of the video I'm
  • still getting used to remembering and
  • that means if it doesn't a bunch a
  • channel she's basically cutting out the
  • section of the video where she lost the
  • round all right okay so you have
  • basically 20 seconds we're into a
  • countdown and we're gonna go okay okay
  • alright three two one good and you have
  • to move during this time okay I need to
  • go quick you go quick have 14 seconds to
  • find her she could be Eddie where oh
  • nothing
  • how did you get up there oh wait where'd
  • she go
  • it's over here over here hello hello
  • jumpin oh wait you were just on this
  • were you but you saw me said I got off
  • it quickly oh yeah do it it's so hard to
  • get up there R is there easy right there
  • you can't jump up from here can you know
  • I went up here so you did what I did
  • right I jumped over there
  • Jen I have no idea where you are you're
  • so tiny all right it looks like jen has
  • two points but I'm gonna tie it up right
  • now guys on to the final round basically
  • I would um no because I could win right
  • now and I'm going to win right now
  • you're gonna find man let me get into
  • sir no not creative alright and I'm
  • going to see probably even record that
  • either alright dude she was recording it
  • three two three four five six seven
  • eight nine ten eleven
  • 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 ready or not
  • here I come all right here we go news is
  • on so what I need you to do is I need to
  • catch up a chance she's up two to one
  • but if I can survive for this round it
  • will be tied up and we'll go on to a
  • bonus round which is based on who could
  • survive the law guess you already sworn
  • in - you can't do that
  • Oh with others born total no there was
  • three before all right so she's cheating
  • hardcore over there there's no P cogs
  • around here yeah there shouldn't be
  • because we killed them on I was thinking
  • nowhere to hide it's horrible okay
  • [Music]
  • there's a peacock another penguin all
  • right so we you hit small every single
  • round yes yes why would you hide some
  • more every single round yours oh my god
  • what your small No you know nothing yes
  • you don't know if I'm smaller if you do
  • what you have no idea I could be
  • anything at this point
  • all right okay so the thing is they
  • missed
  • they missed around Jen we're gonna
  • reenact right now in quick motion
  • what exactly happened that router it was
  • the second round the one idea oh wait we
  • missed you going to hide up on that okay
  • okay all right so I'm gonna count to 10
  • and you're gonna go do that on top of
  • the room oh they always saw the end oh
  • they didn't see the other part okay all
  • right so let me go into survival I'm
  • going to creative I turn nine eight
  • seven six five
  • four three two one ready or not here I
  • come okay all right so where could she
  • be oh you'll never find me all right I'm
  • just gonna stop haha I'm gonna spawn at
  • about 50 beetles there get her men no
  • idea where she could be
  • I don't know we scatter no that can't be
  • I think that's just what is that wood
  • where's that ready boys
  • Ritchie go I lost her what all right
  • I don't think he's a real one where'd
  • she go oh no better outside
  • oh no there's only ten seconds left oh
  • [Music]
  • oh no that's you I thought you were my
  • baby I thought you was my baby boy the
  • pitch Peters not attacking you the pitch
  • beetle killed me every single time and
  • what if it's a new version in 1.12 it oh
  • yeah baby
  • but anyways I hope you enjoyed the video
  • if you did definitely subscribe to my
  • youtube channel also leave a comment
  • down below subscribe to my youtube
  • channel since I won oh my perspective
  • will be on my channel yeah if you like
  • half copy this like half recording
  • recordings and everything done really
  • terribly say you messed this one up when
  • I'm ya guys see you so much I hope you
  • guys have an epic day and we'll see you
  • next time guys
  • [Music]
  • you

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We are playing Morph Hide and Seek as peacocks!
Jen's Channel
Don't forget to subscribe for epic Minecraft content!
Download Morph Mod
Animania Mod:

- 3 Rounds Each, 20 Seconds To Hide
- Seeker In Creative Mod & Hider In Survival
- 2.5 Minute Rounds
- At 1 Minute You MUST start moving
- 1 Point Per Round
- Do Not Look At The Other Plays Screen

Credit to for the "keep moving" rule!

In this Peacocks Morph Hide and Seek Modded Mini-Game:
We are hiding while morphed into peacocks on this Jen's House map!

Intro by:
Intro song: Spag Heddy - Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records:
Follow Spag Heddy:

Royalty Free Music by - Download Hi-Res Songs

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Tell Me It's Over

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