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Baked Potato Puffs -  Food Wishes
Baked Potato Puffs -  Food Wishes thumb Baked Potato Puffs -  Food Wishes thumb Baked Potato Puffs -  Food Wishes thumb


  • hello this is chef john from food wishes comma with baked potato puffs that's
  • right they said there was no way to do a big version of these famous french fried
  • potato puffs which go by the name pom dolfinh but you know what I think we did
  • and for the record I'm just assuming that's what they said I mean no one's
  • ever reached out to me directly but I'm pretty sure someone said you can't do
  • these in the oven and you know what if those people do exist they were just
  • proven wrong but anyway let's go ahead and get started by making some mashed
  • potatoes which I'm going to do by simmering some Yukon Golds and some
  • salted water for however long it takes for them to get very tender but not
  • falling apart okay if we cook these too far they're gonna absorb water and our
  • puffs might get too heavy okay we're making puffs not lumps so we're gonna
  • want to be testing that with a knife and when they are in fact very tender
  • without falling apart we'll go ahead and drain those and then mash them which I'm
  • just gonna do using this regular potato masher all right if we were in culinary
  • school they would make us use what's called a ricer which is basically a
  • press that has a screen and you push the potato through and it's nice because you
  • don't get any lumps and if you have one in you're feeling fancy go ahead and use
  • it but just a regular masher like this will totally work and then once that's
  • mashed what we're gonna need to do is absolutely nothing okay just simply set
  • that aside while we move on to make the other major component which is believe
  • it or not the exact same dough we used to make cream puffs and eclairs no I'm
  • not kidding so what we're going to do is bring some
  • water and butter and a little pinch of salt to a boil over medium heat and as
  • soon as our butters melted in that starts to bubble we'll go ahead and stir
  • in some flour and then using a wooden spoon what we'll do is cook this for a
  • few minutes still over medium heat until it
  • basically pulls together to form a dough and all that stuff should pull semi
  • cleanly off the bottom and a few minutes later if everything goes according to
  • plan you should end up with something that
  • looks like this and once that happens what we'll do is transfer that into a
  • bowl and kind of spread it out a little bit because we want to let this cool for
  • about five minutes or so so it's not too hot for the next step which would be to
  • mix in one whole egg which is you can probably see I beaten ahead of time
  • because it does mix in a little better that way and I'm gonna go ahead and mix
  • that in with a spatula and in case you're wondering yes I do usually use a
  • whisk which does a much faster job but once it comes together I'll get stuck
  • inside the whisk and you have to use a spatula anyway to get it off so I
  • figured I would save a step and while we'll take a little bit longer
  • eventually if you keep smearing and smashing mix it in mashing eventually
  • you should end up with a very very soft very sticky dough and once that's been
  • accomplished we are now ready to mix our two components so we'll go ahead and
  • take exactly one cup of our mashed potatoes and add it to our pot tissue
  • which I believe is the French name for that dough and we'll go ahead and mix
  • that with our spatula until well combined and I should mention you can
  • change the ratio between potato and dough depending on what kind of texture
  • you want to end up with okay with less potato you're gonna end up with
  • something that's a little bread here more like a fritter or maybe like a
  • potato flavored donut whereas with a higher potato concentration you're gonna
  • end up with something that's more like a deep-fried mashed potato which by the
  • way is what I prefer but anyway we're gonna go ahead and give that a mix which
  • one we're gonna give it a taste for seasoning because even though there's a
  • little salt in the dough and we cooked our potatoes with salts we're probably
  • gonna need some more so I did add some more salt as well as a little shake of
  • cayenne plus a very small but possibly very important grating a fresh nutmeg
  • okay just a little touch mostly down or the traditional palm dolfinh recipe and
  • we'll go ahead and give that one last mix and by the way if you were gonna add
  • something like crumbled bacon or green onions or chives or something like that
  • this would be the point you do that all right I'm just showing you the basic
  • chords here you have to write your own song so feel free to accessorize this I
  • mean you guys are after all the bots of your mashed potato tots and that's it
  • once everything's mixed together we are ready to cook these which traditionally
  • would mean scooping this into a deep fryer but we're not doing that
  • as you may have heard we're gonna bake these so I went ahead and scooped those
  • into a very well buttered mini muffin pan and I was really hoping this would
  • work because generally baking is a lot easier than deep-frying so I went ahead
  • and scooped those in and I was thinking about giving him the old tappet abba but
  • I didn't I left those as is and then I headed to the oven where I pop those
  • into the center or sort of the center of a very half 450 degree oven for about 20
  • minutes or until they were golden brown and puffed and looked like this so at
  • this point I was very happy with how they looked but I was kind of scared
  • they had stuck but much to my delight they did not and they actually came out
  • very easily and as I was lifting these up transferring them onto the cooling
  • rack I really was amazed at how light they felt I'm talking feather-light so I
  • thought that was a really good sign and I couldn't wait to try one but I did for
  • a couple minutes okay we don't want to eat things that
  • are so how we can't taste him so I left those cool for about five minutes
  • before breaking one open so you could see what was going on and what's going
  • on is this a super light airy fluffy mashed potato encased in a buttery
  • golden-brown crust all right what part of that doesn't sound like something you
  • really want to eat and they really did taste and feel every bit as good as they
  • looked so I think the name potato puffs really fits
  • although mashed potato top would be pretty good too and then as far as
  • serving these I think there's a lot of different directions we can go and right
  • here I'm serving them with a green chili aioli which is nothing more than my
  • famous green chili pesto mixed into some mayonnaise and yes I should probably
  • show you how to make green chili pesto but anyway that made for an absolutely
  • spectacular dip for these warm puffs and since I'm gonna need all of these I can
  • totally double dip if I want so as far as doing these as a warm snack or
  • appetizer they definitely passed the test but I
  • also think they would make a great and very interesting breakfast potato next
  • to a couple fried eggs and in the spirit of full disclosure I fully admit I'm a
  • mashed potato fanatic and loved any and all kinds so I knew I was gonna love
  • these I just didn't realize how much so these really did work well with the eggs
  • and the dip but these were also make for a great side dish for something like a
  • steak which is basically what the original fried recipes used for speaking
  • of which I did save a little bit of the batter so I could show you what these
  • look like fried and while I did want you to see the difference not enough to
  • actually get my deep fryer out and do correctly so as you can see I'm just
  • shallow frying these in a little bit of oil for a few minutes at let's say 375
  • until nicely browned and while the insides gonna be pretty much the same
  • whether you bake these are deep frying the outside is definitely gonna be
  • darker and crispier and I would have done the fork scrape but these were too
  • small so then I tried rubbing one on the rack but that didn't work so you'll just
  • have to settle for the sound of me biting one and like I said the outside
  • is gonna be a lot crispier although these could used another 30 seconds
  • since these were still a little bit underdone in the center nevertheless I
  • still enjoyed those very much and they really are amazing fried which is
  • something to keep in mind if you're one of these families that likes to deep-fry
  • their turkey I mean you're already gonna have a big vat of hot oil so why not but
  • anyway that's it how to make the classic palm dough Fein whether you end up
  • deep-frying them or baking them in the oven if you like mashed potatoes and you
  • like puffs I really think you should give these a try soon so head over to
  • food wishes dot-com for all the ingredient amounts of more info as usual
  • and as always enjoy
  • you

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Learn how to make Baked Potato Puffs! We took a classic French fried potato puff recipe, called “pomme dauphine,” and adapted it for the oven, with fairly fantastic results. Whether enjoyed as a snack, a breakfast potato, or a side dish, these mashed potato tots are not to be missed. Visit https://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2018/10/baked-potato-puffs-new-way-to-pomme.html for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I really hope you enjoy this easy Baked Potato Puffs recipe!

You can also find my content on Allrecipes: http://allrecipes.com/recipes/16791/everyday-cooking/special-collections/web-show-recipes/food-wishes/”

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