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Video Weed Wheels | National Geographic
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  • CBP officers are about to extract drugs
  • they found tightly packed into four
  • tires on an 18-wheeler
  • Wow
  • it feels like a brick there's something
  • loose about it well of course ik dick
  • that creates a term on of density
  • cutting it - it's the only way to get it
  • out it is very intricate very arduous
  • very labor-intensive to put this
  • together he's gonna try to wedge this
  • open and hopefully these will come out
  • intact and this to our advantage of
  • course is that these were already
  • sectioned off into wedges
  • the truck was hauling 240 pounds of
  • marijuana in its tires
  • now CBP officers question the driver
  • they want to know if he's working for a
  • cartel got a son and a vehicle in that
  • but you're not man so travel oh man
  • ause not really totally pathetic away
  • yet dicen que lo que hace a Jessica was
  • a bad bad boy yes I was on the transmat
  • revenge puzzle no the driver denies any
  • knowledge of the drugs how about another
  • open edit or see the truck he could be
  • an innocent man
  • Smuggler's sometimes hide drugs and
  • vehicles without the drivers knowledge
  • one of the from here again is
  • yvonne.stowe tobu tojo no no children
  • this is your tea please respond
  • mentor house key the mattress our games
  • LaPenta draw gay
  • yeah

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A tractor-trailer is carrying 400 pounds of marijuana in its 18 wheels.
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Weed Wheels | National Geographic

National Geographic


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