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02:31   |   6K+ views   |   09/20/2018 at 21:03


  • [Music]
  • Buhler is a leading manufacturer of food
  • and animal feed processing equipment our
  • hammer Mills with a reputation for high
  • quality and cutting edge technology have
  • been the solution of choice for some of
  • the world's most successful feed
  • manufacturers Buehler takes another step
  • forward with our new multi impact hammer
  • mill technology offering a new line of
  • heavy-duty high capacity hammer mills
  • that are more efficient than ever
  • conventional hammer Mills operate under
  • the principle that the greater the
  • hammer tip speed the smaller the
  • particle size as particles enter the
  • mill after initial impact they are
  • projected outward toward the stream
  • where fine fragments can escape leaving
  • the remaining coarse pieces to travel
  • around the outer edge of the mill at
  • nearly the same velocity as the hammer
  • mill rotor this means the coarse
  • particles must hit the hammers
  • repeatedly until the particles are fine
  • enough to turn 90 degrees and exit the
  • screen this leads to the generation of
  • heat and wear of hammers screens and
  • other parts due to excessive unnecessary
  • friction Bueller's multi impact hammer
  • mill technology operates under the
  • principle that it's not only hammer tip
  • speed but also the differences in the
  • velocity of the particles and the
  • Hammers that contribute to efficient
  • grinding while the lower part of the
  • rotor enclosure utilizes conventional
  • streams the upper part utilizes cutting
  • plates this allows particles to be
  • impacted repeatedly at greater velocity
  • differences thereby greatly increasing
  • grinding efficiency as particles enter
  • the mill the first impact cracks the
  • particle projecting it to a second
  • impact against the cutting plate this
  • bounces the fragments back against the
  • hammers which projected again against
  • the plate then again the Hammers and
  • finally the screen it's these multiple
  • impacts due to the changes and
  • trajectory and velocity and not higher
  • hammer tip speed that cause particles to
  • be hit more often and with greater force
  • improving grinding efficiency even at
  • the highest capacities this design also
  • minimizes heat generation and potential
  • nutrient damage while also reducing wear
  • and tear of hammers screens and other
  • parts the
  • salt is smaller particle size and a
  • tighter spectrum than conventional
  • hammer mills and reduced overall cost of
  • ownership contact Bueller to learn how
  • our multi impact hammer mill technology
  • can impact your grinding operation

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Buhler Hammer Mill - product animation

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