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Video Game Theory: Ash's Age FINALLY Solved! (Pokemon)
16:49   |   views   |   07/15/2018


  • [Music]
  • no one wants do the research no one
  • really needs to know no one cared about
  • the answer enough to watch the show each
  • time I try gonna get even fall for
  • street head each time I cry why's this
  • beer so complicated it's a YouTube world
  • we live in you just have to watch every
  • Studios we watch for free I've been
  • working on this vid so far long
  • and I'm going stir-crazy for this
  • Pokemon Theory where my favorite Pokemon
  • is miss fam p fam p miss fam p last
  • episode in our quest to calculate Ash's
  • true age we used every trick that I had
  • in the book from Island fruit weather
  • pattern school schedules and
  • japanese-exclusive airline clips to make
  • it all the way up to season 9 at the
  • battle frontier arc where ash travels
  • back to Kanto to rest on his ya knees I
  • mean rest on his laurels as the TV
  • studio stalled for time waiting for the
  • next generation of video games near the
  • midway point of that season we concluded
  • that Ash was 15 and that it was summer
  • and remember every time that we past may
  • 22nd we celebrate Ash's birthday so with
  • all that information in mind let's not
  • waste any more time because we still
  • have 592 episodes of this darn thing to
  • get through before we're caught up with
  • the series oh boy it's gonna be a long
  • episode so the next time we see the
  • seasons change is an episode 431 overall
  • or episode 157 by the advanced arc time
  • warp heals all wounds which is without
  • question the point in this series when
  • all possible craps about the writing
  • were thrown out the window
  • it is the single strangest episode of
  • Pokemon ever created opening up all
  • sorts of cans of worms that are probably
  • discussed for another day don't believe
  • me here's what happens in the episode
  • ashes travel companion may finds herself
  • a locket on the ground which for no
  • explainable reason teleports her back in
  • time with me Alf and squirtle that alone
  • would make this an unusual episode of
  • Pokemon but no no they are not
  • none yet while may is in the past she
  • changes the course of history by making
  • it snow so when she teleports forward
  • again this guy who used to be dead in
  • the present is suddenly alive and this
  • train station which was completely
  • abandoned in the present is now fully
  • operational you know what this means we
  • mess with the space-time continuum and
  • stop what I can't even usually the most
  • fantastical part of this series is help
  • rock doesn't get arrested for sexual
  • harassment but this this just crosses a
  • line anyway all absurdity aside you can
  • tell it's winter because it's close to
  • the anniversary of this day and no one
  • thinks it's odd for it to be snowing I
  • didn't hear anything about a snow storm
  • today did you
  • when is the weatherman ever write the
  • episode 182 of the advance series or
  • episode 454 overall of the entire series
  • we're back to summer we know this
  • because in the episode channeling the
  • battle zone Ash catches himself in a
  • palm an eight pontipines prominently
  • with the rest of his team in the ninth
  • Pokemon movie Pokemon Ranger and the
  • battle of the sea that's a pretty cool
  • name for a Pokemon Pokemon Ranger
  • hi-ho silver it appears that nature's
  • protecting arms have gotten quite a bit
  • warmer than our heroes would like
  • because it's somewhere in the movie we
  • know that Ash has once again passed his
  • birthday making him now sweet 16 from
  • there we're practically done with the
  • battle frontier are the season ends in
  • winter with its final episode home is
  • where the star kids even though there
  • isn't snow on the ground we can tell
  • it's winter based on this shot a clock
  • showing the time to be 505 p.m. just
  • before dusk looking at Japanese solar
  • calendars to track sunrise and sunset
  • times across the year we know that this
  • is either happening in October or
  • February so long story short it's about
  • winter as the advanced series finally
  • comes to an end and we prepare to head
  • off to a new region and you know what
  • that means a brand new arc means a brand
  • new girl for ash to have totally
  • platonic relationships with Episode one
  • of diamond and pearl introduces us to
  • dawn who just like Bey before her is a
  • ten year old girl ready to start her
  • Pokemon adventure and this young lady
  • dawn is one of those people as her tenth
  • birthday has come and gone and her
  • pokemon now waits in the wings
  • as we established last episode Pokemon
  • journeys start on April 1st to parallel
  • the Japanese school year so this means
  • that yet again we're near Ash's birthday
  • his 17th birthday and on that note can I
  • please make a public service
  • announcement
  • dear tumbler shippers please remember
  • these ages ash is 17
  • dawn is 10 if that totally squeaks you
  • out chances are you may be dealing with
  • a problematic fave please adjust your
  • fanart accordingly other related side
  • note here the rule of thumb which was
  • the first thing that I learned about in
  • college someone just came up and told me
  • this it was very strange anyway if
  • you're ever asking yourself is it creepy
  • that I'm dating this younger person you
  • divide your age by two and then you add
  • 7 that gives you the minimum age of the
  • person you could be dating without it
  • getting to Wicky so ash yeah you're
  • squeaking me out man and we haven't even
  • gotten to the awkward part of you
  • turning 18 yet let's win against real
  • weird figuring out the timeline through
  • the four diamond and pearl seasons is
  • actually pretty darn simple we just
  • talked about how we're starting in
  • spring and by episode 88 camping it up
  • we're into summer
  • we're directly told that this is summer
  • school by the narrator it's time for
  • pokemon summer academy and we can double
  • check using the japanese title for the
  • episode pokemon summer school course the
  • summer school adventures carry on for a
  • few episodes before Ash and the gang
  • head to snow Point City and it's here
  • that we get a pretty decent jump in time
  • although we were just in summer only 30
  • episodes later we're back into winter
  • and you can tell this based on episode
  • 116 the drifting snow runs where
  • everyone's caught in a snow storm sure
  • the town is called snow point but here's
  • the thing Sinnoh is based on the real
  • world Hokkaido the northernmost of
  • Japan's main islands and when I say
  • based on
  • I mean directly ripped off from snow
  • point in-game directly relates to the
  • city of walk and IRL but here's the
  • thing even though wok and I is so far
  • north it only dips below freezing
  • temperatures between December and March
  • meaning that the snowstorm that we see
  • ash in the crew caught in could only be
  • happening during the winter my episode
  • 126 we're back in school meaning that
  • were in the third trimester of the
  • Japanese school year but phrase Arceus
  • because it's not too long before we're
  • back in summer how do we know this well
  • we've done this enough times in these
  • two episodes for you to know the drill
  • at this point ash catches himself a
  • pokemon in this case Monferno in episode
  • 1 3
  • - which appears in some other Pokemon
  • related thing outside of the main
  • timeline this time though I'm not
  • talking about an obscure short made for
  • Japanese exclusive Airlines I'm talking
  • about a movie that raked in more than 50
  • million dollars in the Japanese box
  • office Arceus and the jewel of life or
  • as wikipedia literally translates that
  • Pocket Monsters Diamond and Pearl the
  • movie
  • Arceus to conquering space-time the best
  • Pokemon in all of Pokemon games
  • something tells me the people that
  • Wikipedia may have missed fact-checking
  • that one although the setting for the
  • movie macchina town is inspired by
  • Greece specifically the city of meteora
  • which is one of the craziest places I've
  • been to actually they just have these
  • monasteries on top of pillars of rock
  • that just hang out in the middle of
  • nowhere
  • it's wild mechina town is still set in
  • sin oh and that's how we get our date
  • you see Hokkaido in real life is indeed
  • known for producing watermelons
  • including its $200 specialty black
  • watermelons which all have a harvest
  • season of June through August thereby
  • making it summer and meaning that once
  • again ash has crossed his birthday 18
  • years old 18 years old and still
  • sleeping alone in a tent with the
  • tweenager nothing creepy to see here
  • ladies and gentlemen nothing creepy
  • after getting his eighth Sinnoh badge
  • it's established that there's a
  • one-month gap before the start of the
  • league championship the Cinna league is
  • taking place in a month on
  • lily-of-the-valley Island which
  • basically confirms that by the end of
  • the art were well into autumn so to
  • recap 13 seasons and 645 episodes in
  • we've got ourselves an 18 year old Ash
  • Ketchum ready to start his black and
  • white adventure or do we cue the
  • mysterious music come on please please
  • cue the music you've ruined the dramatic
  • mystery guys you see things start
  • getting a bit sticky here because it was
  • around this point in the series when the
  • Pokemon company attempted a shift that
  • many fans consider to be a soft reboot
  • of the series the idea was to keep ash
  • as the main character of the series but
  • then treat him as an adventurer who was
  • starting off for his very first time
  • wherever you may find yourself
  • bizarre Pokemon will be there too and
  • that includes the Kanto regions Pallet
  • Town home to this young man ten year old
  • Ash Ketchum this would all be totally
  • fine I am more than happy to end the
  • episode here but there's one huge
  • problem
  • ash retains all his memories from his
  • past adventures first when Dawn rejoins
  • the team and later when dawn
  • specifically mentions that Brock cooked
  • for her and ash on their journey he'd
  • get Brock a run for his money who sprung
  • cash he's a good friend I was on my
  • journey with for a long time and in the
  • wider Pokemon world time has clearly
  • continued to pass for a great example
  • look all the way back to Johto and the
  • episode a goldenrod opportunity where
  • the magnet train specifically needed a
  • year to be completed and yet
  • fast-forward to the best wishes episode
  • until we meet again
  • where Ash's new friends decide to travel
  • from Kanto to Johto using that exact
  • same train which shows us that there has
  • indeed been a passage of years here
  • you're going to the black thorn gym
  • right iris from there you catch the
  • magnet train to Joe Tom it's almost like
  • they knew an 18 year old Ash Ketchum was
  • getting awkwardly old to be hanging out
  • with ten year old girls so they decided
  • to boot him back a bit but not boot him
  • back far enough I guess anyway since
  • it's all still part of the same canon
  • with the same guy in the same memories
  • I'm gonna keep treating this character
  • like he's the same ash even if the black
  • and white series sometimes has him
  • acting more like a rookie trainer than
  • someone who's competed in four regional
  • leagues and has saved the world multiple
  • times from overpowered Pokemon gods
  • so we plow onward to the actual
  • substance of black and white or best
  • wishes as it's sometimes called as I
  • mentioned earlier when we left ash at
  • the end of Diamond and Pearl he was in
  • the autumn following his 18th birthday
  • once we got to the you know Veria the
  • Unova region excuse me what what region
  • the Unova region Unova region Unova
  • region so pronouncing it may not be as
  • easy as we all thought but telling the
  • seasons is thank the Garuda because of
  • the existence of Deerling a pokemon that
  • has different appearances depending on
  • the season at the start of Ash's Unova
  • journey we see Deerling in its pink
  • color spring form they then switch to
  • summer form in episode
  • 54 and 55 of the season and with the
  • Deerling now in its summer form it means
  • we've once again passed may 22nd and
  • another birthday for ash thereby making
  • him 19 oh wow we're going by boat I'm
  • totally psyched can't you girls don't
  • know the half of it and believe it or
  • not but the Deerling stand their summer
  • forum for the rest of the black and
  • white series episodes 85 90 92 112 114
  • 117 118 127 and 137 all have summer
  • forum Deerling towards the end of black
  • and whites third season adventures in
  • univille we get a reminder that the
  • autumn migration is coming which
  • solidifies the idea that all of these
  • episodes are still happening in the
  • summer they're all beginning their
  • migration once again there's a two-month
  • gap between Ash obtaining the last
  • required gym badge and actually
  • challenging the league for the region so
  • the unive illega bent must happen
  • sometime during the late summer or early
  • fall of that year with ash still at age
  • 19 so progress check that is 17 seasons
  • done and 799 episodes covered ladies and
  • gentlemen we are in the final stretch
  • now where most of black and white
  • occurred during the summer most of X&Y
  • occurred during the fall we can figure
  • out when he arrives in Kalos for the XY
  • series by looking at one of the seasons
  • earliest episodes a jolting switcheroo
  • which takes place in a vineyard as the
  • grapes are ripening as any wine
  • connoisseur will probably tell you
  • grapes tend to hit peak ripeness around
  • late summer and early fall the same time
  • that Ash was done with his business in
  • univille we get another mid series time
  • confirmation in the 73rd episode of the
  • XY series of fashionable battle where
  • the camera shows us falling autumn
  • leaves in the sky and lastly there's
  • episode 98 dream a little dream from me
  • where the characters take a break from
  • their journey to camp outside and
  • observe the lit Leone it's an annual
  • meteor shower based on the real-life
  • event the Leonids named after the
  • constellation Leo except in the Pokemon
  • universe that meteor shower is totally
  • more lit fab
  • this real-life meteor shower peaks in
  • November telling us yet again that this
  • final part of the XY story arc is still
  • happening during the fall and it stays
  • that way through to the end of the last
  • episode and with that at the end of the
  • XY arc ash is nineteen and a half which
  • I gotta admit feels kinda weird time was
  • flying for ash in the earlier seasons
  • but after that soft reboot at the top of
  • black and white each arc has only seemed
  • to take a couple months it's almost like
  • they realized that they were making him
  • too old for his own good and once again
  • technically I could end things here
  • there's a lot of agreement that the most
  • recent arc Sun and Moon are the start of
  • a new Canon at least that's what the
  • staff of the show wants you to think
  • quote this is not a continuation of
  • Pokemon X Y & Z it's a completely new
  • Satoshi Ash and Pikachu
  • but dear theorists if I've taught you
  • anything over the course of this series
  • do not believe everything that you're
  • told at face value they are lying to us
  • the show goes out of its way to show us
  • that hey this isn't just a character who
  • happens to have the same name and
  • roughly the same appearance as the Ash
  • Ketchum we all know and tolerate the
  • first episode of Sun and Moon
  • specifically makes the point of
  • mentioning the fact that he caught a
  • bunch of Toros in the Kanto Safari Zone
  • actually I'm good at dealing with Toros
  • see I've qotsa we are still very clearly
  • rolling with the same group of
  • characters with some familiar faces from
  • Kanto that Ash seems to recognize they
  • even have a collective flashback to some
  • of the key events from the first season
  • of the show we did lots of things and
  • had lots of fun
  • so yet again I call foul this is still
  • the same 19 and a half year old Ash
  • Ketchum we are following his adventure
  • in these episodes to the absolute bitter
  • end so the question is when does Sun and
  • Moon start well it's harder to track the
  • seasons in the low-low region because
  • it's based on Hawaii which is tropical
  • all year round likewise there are some
  • episodes that take place with visible
  • snow but that's because they take place
  • on a mountain where it snows year-round
  • due to climate in elevation not due to
  • seasons
  • luckily though we get a reference point
  • during the first episode of the Sun and
  • Moon arc there are vendors selling
  • seasonal produce which we're told is all
  • fresh the berries at this market are
  • always fresh and delicious sounds great
  • in that episode we see lai cheese being
  • sold which peak in the summer months
  • between May and September which means
  • that this season does start during the
  • summer months
  • in other words ash would have turned 20
  • years old which makes it kind of awkward
  • that he's still acting like a
  • hyperactive kid who runs off whenever he
  • sees an interesting looking Pokemon hey
  • don't let the world kill your enthusiasm
  • Ash Ketchum no need to be embarrassed
  • about being excited friend you do you
  • and that's where things sit for now
  • everything in a Lola
  • up to this point is seemed to be
  • happening in the summer months as for
  • how old ash is by the end of Sun and
  • Moon oh that information will have to
  • wait since the current season is still
  • airing but based on the creator's
  • slowing down time for Ash and these more
  • recent seasons gonna say that oh Lola
  • ends at the end of summer or late fall
  • which means he'll still be 22 probably
  • by the end of Sun and Moon so there you
  • have it after researching this topic for
  • literal days out of my life I think I
  • have the most definitive answer that we
  • will ever get ash is 19 years and 6
  • months old at the end of the events of
  • the XY series and turns 20 shortly
  • before the events of Sun and move you
  • haven't changed one bit I haven't
  • changed am i sorry ash I think you've
  • changed a lot more than you realize just
  • watch out for that midlife crisis it's
  • sooner than you think
  • but hey that's just a theory a game
  • theory probably took years off my own
  • life doing it hey if you're in the mood
  • for another pokemon episode I have a
  • bunch check out the one to the left or
  • check out the one to the right there
  • ones from earlier generations of the
  • game and probably came out at a time
  • when you weren't watching
  • this channel so they're new to you check
  • them out they're actually really good
  • all about evolution and stuff we have so
  • many Pokemon episodes I'm so sick of
  • talking about Pokemon right now
  • wooly wow that was such a long episode

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