Video Justin Bieber Wannabe Gets Destroyed On X Factor

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Justin Bieber Wannabe Gets Destroyed On X Factor
Justin Bieber Wannabe Gets Destroyed On X Factor thumb Justin Bieber Wannabe Gets Destroyed On X Factor thumb Justin Bieber Wannabe Gets Destroyed On X Factor thumb


  • My god, already thiz guy looks like da biggest douchebag- in the history of douchebags. (101)
  • I mean just look at the way he's brushing his hair backward like he's a fucking supermodel or some shit.
  • When in fact, he's out here looking like da broke boi, Off-brand, wannabe Justin Bieber. *~*
  • - What're your names?
  • - AcHiLleS- and PhIlLy.
  • - And together, *dramatic pause* We are... PrettyBoyKarma.
  • - Where'd you get the name? ;>
  • - We just came up with it. *aha*
  • Oh, you just came up with it. prettyboykarma, Oh my god. *you disgraces*
  • Two points in Da Douchebag Olympics, It's a new record.
  • - So we just wanted to use it- as our clothing "bran", and then our moosic as well.
  • - So you're thinking big. *Not really a question*
  • *All together now!* Yeah.
  • Oh my god, they're thinking big. *Damnit Carl.*
  • We don't need another Jake Paul- Logan Paul brother duo. *Jebus that was bad.*
  • Coming to the spotlight and making "fringy ;)" ass music videos and all that shit.
  • Please, we've had enough already. (Stawp it, get some halp.)
  • - Mah name is (jeff) Achilles, and I'm 19 years old.
  • - And I'm Phillip, 19 years old as well- we're twins.
  • And together we are, *together class!* Prettyboykarma!
  • This has to be the most cringiest (when you don't know how to spell) shit I've seen all week.
  • Look at this shit! These guys actually think by lifting up their shirts- while they're singing,
  • That; that's going to get them 4 yes's from teh judges. -.-
  • HoLy CrAp
  • - We are from Athens originally, we moved to London about 5 years ago, reciting in our bedrooms, in the shower.
  • Now we sing at "screws or something" and protests. And we plan to go big, so watch OuT.
  • These guys are the pinnacle peak of all fuck-boy douchebags,
  • I MeAn, just look at their faces, it screams,
  • "I'm a guy, and I spend like four hours on my hair," (Don't we all?)
  • "And I think I could sing, and I'm gonna get famous just so I could boost my bIg-AsS ego even more!"
  • *SeXy_WaNnaBe_MuSic.OrG*
  • As someone please, please stop this shit. I I mean you know honestly...
  • I was just joking around before earlier in the video, but now I'm actually getting pretty afraid.
  • ...Because this... I have a bad feeling about this.
  • -How much you got on Snapchat then?
  • -'Bout 5k.
  • -Oh WoW, tHatS a LoT.
  • Most of our followers are... (you had it folks,) Justin Bieber fans.
  • WoWW, No shit, Sherlock. (GORSH MAN.)
  • Of course most of your fans are gonna be Justin Bieber fans- when you and your brother are over here looking like the dollar store
  • 50% off version of Justin Bieber! Like what are you doing with your lives?
  • - Well nice to meet ya both.
  • - You're not gonna do a Justin Bieber, song, are ye?
  • *dies inside*
  • It was at this moment, that these off-brand Justin Bieber wannabes knew... they fUcKeD up.
  • *judges trying to be supportive*
  • - Ready? - Simon was not surprised at all.
  • You can already tell that this old guy's over here, patiently waiting to laugh his aSs OfF at what he's about to see.
  • *MoReSeXyWaNNaBeMooSic.OrG*
  • Look at Simon's face. He looks so goddamn scared- and rightfully so.
  • *OfF-KeY-SiNgIn-FaM*
  • Jeez- wow. My god, you can already tell that these guys go to bed every night listening to a JuStIn BiEbEr song.
  • And wake up every morning listening to a JuStIn BiEbEr song.
  • *top-10 Worst-anime songs*
  • Okayy- this is super cringy already! Like you could already tell that these guys cannot sing... at all.
  • I mean, goddamn!
  • They're over here someone like fucking pedophiles and shit... kind of reminds me of that-
  • *Sexy-ass Barney.*
  • *and now this again*
  • Look at Simon's face. He's like- "What. The fuck. Is this shit."
  • *The world laughing at the worst case of Bieber-Fever.*
  • Look at her- look at hEr! She has to cover her face because the cringe is too much for her to handle.
  • And now you've got Sheran over there covering her face too- Like holy crap.
  • *They probs don't got any real friends.*
  • You know,
  • Simon just needs to really call the security guards right now to drag these wannabe-
  • off-brand Justin Bieber wannabes off the stage and kick them out of the stadium!- or wherever they're performing at, because this is this is just...
  • A national embarrassment.
  • *TrAsH*
  • Look at her- looks like she's trying her best not to throw up.
  • Obviously- complete dogshit, trash. Hot garbage.
  • - Louie? Did you like that?
  • - I thought it was- TrAsH
  • Honestly, you make general look like- tRaSh.
  • Uhm, Guyz.
  • You can't just come in here because you look a bit like Justin Bieber.
  • sO WAIT- You're telling me- even if I look like the homeless version of Justin Bieber... I can't get rich and famous?
  • - And your singing is- TrAsH.
  • - Have you ever had any vocal lessons?
  • *crickets better at sound than they are*
  • Boi you don't get- the voices right before you get the clothing range... it *has* to go in that order.
  • Okay, Louie.
  • MaN, I cAn'T BeLiEve Me AnD mY BrOtHer AcTuaLLy WasTeD OuR tImE CoMinG Out HeRe, SinGinG a ShiTtY SoNg
  • Sounding like a group of Backstreet Boy rejects from the 90s, man. Maybe we should have tried harder.
  • - Prettyboykarma. I have to say no.
  • Are you serious dude- are you fUcKinG kIdDinG mE?
  • - We need more experienced boys to know for me today.
  • - Ye guyz, it's 4 yes's, but nice to meet... you...
  • - 4 No's..
  • What the hell is Simon smoking?! 4 yes's?
  • - I mean- what am I saying? That literally is a nightmare... It's- wakeup, 4 no's.
  • I was about to say- my god. These guys actually melted Simon's brain with their shitty ass singing. (Poor man.)
  • *Chorus of thank you'zzz*
  • I'm just surprised that Simon's hairy ass didn't go off on those guys.- Like he's usually more...
  • I don't know? Tempered... and seriously you look at his fucking arms my god out here looking like Chewbacca from Star Wars. (Nu my poor bean)
  • Please trim that shit down!
  • Yeah, I don't think so. Hot garbage trash, please don't ever come back to the Internet!
  • *Top-10 outros.>:D*

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