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Video Toyota Sienna Stereo Removal 2004-2010
04:50   |   59K+ views   |   today at 04:57


  • today we are taking the stereo out of a
  • 2004 toyota sienna we see the stereo and
  • shop for the CD changer jammed and
  • several other problems there is a reset
  • process you can go through before
  • thinking about sending it in for repair
  • try disconnecting the battery for five
  • or ten minutes and hooking it back up
  • this may reset the change or bring it
  • back to working otherwise this is one
  • we're going to have to see in the shop
  • for repair well let's get started we're
  • going to start on the left side
  • woodgrain panel and gently pry the edge
  • of the bottom of the panel up it will
  • release all the way up and remove it
  • these clips all release with pry
  • pressure we can pull this panel to the
  • side it's not necessary to disconnect it
  • and we're going to move over to the
  • right side do the same thing pry the
  • bottom of the wood grain looking panel
  • up this route
  • releases the clips and we're going to
  • pull that panel back and set it to the
  • side as well this will give access to
  • the stereo there are four bolts that
  • need to be removed one is on the top
  • left this is a 10 millimeter bolt next
  • we're going to remove the lower 10
  • millimeter goal
  • and we're going to move over the right
  • side and remove the top 10 millimeter
  • bolt this removal guide also gives you
  • access to the tweeter that's up in the
  • center of the dash if you have problems
  • with that we have seen the tweeters bad
  • as well so at the same time you could
  • get access to the stereo and the teeter
  • then we're going to remove the fourth
  • mounting bolt
  • ten millimeter at the bottom right of
  • the car stereo we've noticed that all
  • these dashes tend to come in and they're
  • all cracked all the way across the dash
  • next we're gonna pry the edge back edge
  • of the tweeter panel up and this will
  • release and allow the car stereo release
  • and here you have access to two ten
  • millimeter bolts on this tweeter to
  • remove and replace if you having
  • problems with it and then we're going to
  • pull the stereo from the dash this will
  • give access to all the connectors that
  • are at the back of the stereo here we're
  • going to start with
  • the antenna connections there are to
  • grasp the table and pull it out there's
  • a mini and regular we can see because of
  • this red Scotch locks on the wire
  • harness here that some external audio
  • device has been added to this car in the
  • past these connectors all have triggers
  • on them and you squeeze the trigger on
  • them and it allows the connector to be
  • removed and for a better look here we've
  • got a trigger at the bottom of the
  • connector squeeze it in and same with
  • the remaining connector sometimes having
  • difficulty remove them push them back in
  • try that again
  • we'll use a little pry tool because this
  • one's being a little difficult to push
  • down on it to remove it there we go now
  • looking at all these connectors they are
  • all different and they're keyed so they
  • only fit one specific spot in the radio
  • again these connectors all have triggers
  • on them and if you look closely at the
  • triggers the trigger on these gets
  • pushed down into the connector and it
  • releases this is how you remove the
  • stereo from a 2004 Toyota Sienna hope
  • this video has been helpful thank you
  • for watching
  • you

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