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Video Focus: The Rings of Power
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  • the rings of power were crafted by the
  • elves of eregion led by Calabria more
  • son of kuru Finn and grandson of
  • Feyenoord the greatest Smith to ever
  • live
  • Kaleb Rimbaud was tricked into forging
  • 19 rings by the Dark Lord Sauron who
  • posed as the fair elf an ATAR claiming
  • only to want to share his knowledge and
  • skill with his elven kin and so Sauron
  • imbued his evil into each of the Rings
  • yet saving the greatest of his power for
  • the One Ring which he would craft
  • himself in the fires of Mount Doom one
  • ring to rule them all
  • in which he imbued so much of himself
  • his body became attached to the ring
  • unable to exist without it the rings of
  • power were said to bring their bearers
  • wealth and long light and many of them
  • even turned their holders invisible yet
  • each of these rings contained great evil
  • and would eventually bring great
  • misfortune when Sauron completed his
  • work he put on the One Ring in the hopes
  • of corrupting the elves who bore the
  • other 19 yet when he did so the elves
  • immediately felt his wicked presence and
  • took the rings off Sauron was enraged
  • and made war against them demanding they
  • surrender the Rings sixteen were
  • recovered but the elves managed to keep
  • the greatest three crafted by Caleb Reem
  • bore himself
  • the first was Nadia the Ring of Fire
  • worn by High King gil-galad later given
  • to Kieran and then to Gandalf the Grey
  • the second ring was ninya the ring of
  • adamant worn by Galadriel the lady of
  • light who kept it in her Fortress of
  • lothlórien the third ring was velia the
  • ring of air first possessed by gil-galad
  • but later given to Elrond of Rivendell
  • these three rings were kept hidden from
  • Sauron and their locations were closely
  • guarded secrets for years Sauron took
  • the sixteen he was able to recover and
  • gave seven to the dwarflords one to each
  • of the kings of the seven clans
  • however they proved resistant to his
  • touch unable to be turned obedient it is
  • said this may have been because they
  • were creations of Allah and not
  • eluveitie and were therefore given
  • special gifts such as resistance to
  • certain evils yet the dwarf Lords were
  • not totally immune though they could not
  • be made subservient the Rings did affect
  • them in other ways the dwarf leaders
  • became ever more gree
  • delving deeper and deeper into their
  • mountains developing an insatiable lust
  • for gold and treasure this greed would
  • ultimately attract dragons and lead to
  • the ruin of their houses and clans four
  • of these rings would end up consumed by
  • dragons while the other three were once
  • again recovered by Sauron with one of
  • them being taken off the very finger of
  • Thrain the second heir of thrall and
  • father to Thorin Oakenshield in the
  • battle to retake Moria after leaving
  • seven rings with the dwarf Lords Sauron
  • made his way to the realms of men
  • traveling to see the black númenóreans
  • the easterling's and others nine leaders
  • of men were chosen and at first the
  • Rings gave them great power and wealth
  • extending their lives and making them
  • powerful sorcerers but eventually the
  • Rings took their minds and they became
  • the ring wraiths called the nazgûl
  • turned permanently invisible and made
  • completely obedient to saurons will
  • their leader was the witch-king of
  • Angmar who would serve as so Don's first
  • lieutenant and would lead his armies in
  • the war of the ring after saurons defeat
  • in the second age he lures son of a done
  • deal took the One Ring of Power for
  • himself as a result Sauron would survive
  • and return in the Third Age to wage
  • further war after a sealed order the
  • ring would come into the possession of
  • Smeagol one of the river folk who became
  • corrupted by its evil and turned into
  • the creature Gollum next Bilbo Baggins
  • would steal the ring and pass it down to
  • his nephew and heir Frodo
  • finally it would be Frodo and his friend
  • Samwise Gamgee that would destroy the
  • ring casting it into the fires of Mount
  • Doom and ending sarang's reign of
  • darkness once and for all
  • you

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A Brief History of the Rings of Power and the One Ring. Based on the "Lord of the Ring" Series as well as the expanded Universe Writings by J. R. R. Tolkien.

Covered in this Episode:

Celebrimbor and the Elves of Eregion # - #

Sauron posing as Annatar # - #

The One Ring # - #

Powers of the Rings # - #

Attempted Corruption of the Elves # - #

The Three Rings worn by Gil Galad, Elrond, Galadriel, and Cirdan # - #

Rings given to the Dwarf Lords # - #

Rings given to Kings of Men # - #

Ring Bearers (Isildur and Smeagle/Gollum) # - #

Bilbo, Frodo and Sam # - #

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