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Video 20 Most Heavily Guarded Places On Earth
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  • from huge underground ice faults that
  • contain the seeds of life in case of a
  • natural disaster to the sprawling the
  • Vatican archives that hold the deepest
  • and darkest secrets of religion in this
  • video we take a look at the twenty most
  • heavily guarded and secure places on
  • earth
  • Fort Knox Fort Knox is home to the u.s.
  • bullion depository it only stores
  • thousands of tons of gold but it is said
  • to house important historical documents
  • as well such as the Declaration of
  • Independence and the Magna Carta all of
  • this is not only extremely well guarded
  • but also protected by a 22-ton last door
  • that is effectively impenetrable ADX
  • Florence prison the administrative
  • maximum facility
  • ADX for short its supermax prison for
  • men in Colorado that houses the baddest
  • of the bad these criminals are
  • considered the most dangerous cons in
  • the US and have earned the prison the
  • nickname of Alcatraz of the Rockies
  • described by one former ADX warden as a
  • cleaner version of hell security
  • measures at the prison include attack
  • docks guarding the area between the
  • prison walls and the 12-foot fie razor
  • wire fence 1,400 remotely controlled
  • steel doors motion-detecting laser beams
  • pressure pads and cameras current
  • residents of the prison include the
  • infamous shoe bomber Richard Reid 9/11
  • terrorist mastermind Zacharias moosari
  • an Oklahoma City bombing conspirator
  • Terry Nicholas among many many others
  • area 51 this top-secret Air Force place
  • in New Mexico is guarded so well that no
  • one can even come close to the base
  • without express permission and even
  • flying over it is strictly forbidden
  • what exactly is contained inside area 51
  • is a secret to the public but there
  • definitely must be something pretty
  • weird or cool going on there
  • why else would it be so well guarded
  • many people claim area 51 can
  • alien or UFO artifacts and relics from
  • throughout time others believe the
  • airbase hides top-secret government
  • experiments chances are we will never
  • truly know what goes on inside area 51
  • now I would love to know what you all
  • think is going on there so please let me
  • and everyone else know in the comment
  • section down below what you think is
  • actually going on at this top-secret Air
  • Force Base Air Force One one of the most
  • well built planes in history and what
  • many consider to be the world's most
  • secure moving location Air Force One has
  • a vast array of security the United
  • States President travels in a modified
  • Boeing 747-200 B series aircraft it has
  • the world's most advanced flight
  • avoidance at air defense and electronics
  • technology aboard all for the protection
  • of the commander-in-chief and his
  • entourage of advisors colleagues and
  • family members the Mormon Church's
  • secret vaults these secret vaults
  • contain genealogical and historical
  • records not only are they heavily
  • guarded but also rumor has it the
  • records are even protected by
  • temperature control as well as motion
  • and heat sensors photos and video can be
  • a challenge to come by at this place due
  • to the Mormon Church's high level of
  • secrecy Saddam Hussein's Baghdad bunker
  • the 2,150 square yard bunker was
  • originally designed to withstand the
  • blast of a nuclear bomb and housed 50
  • people located nearly a hundred feet
  • underground security measures for the
  • dictators refuge included three ton
  • swiss-made doors five foot thick walls
  • and a six foot thick steel reinforced
  • concrete ceiling and to escape tunnels
  • the bunker survived seven American
  • dropped hunka buster bombs and twenty
  • cruise missiles during the war
  • unfortunately it couldn't survive
  • looting and was picked almost completely
  • clean during the last days of the war by
  • Araki soldiers the New York Federal
  • Reserve it is said that roughly 25
  • percent of the world's gold is stored
  • here with that much money to protect it
  • is no wonder that it will
  • extremely well guarded the vault itself
  • is 18 feet below street level and fifty
  • feet below sea level and the perimeter
  • of the building is guarded 24/7 by well
  • trained marksman the ban half bunker the
  • US State Department probably isn't very
  • fond of this safehouse buried a hundred
  • feet beneath the streets of Stockholm
  • Sweden this old nuclear bunker is the
  • king of all data centers that's because
  • the facility owned by the Swedish
  • internet provider ban Hoth famously
  • shelters the servers for the Doria Slee
  • controversial WikiLeaks Julian Assange
  • is most precious computers hide in the
  • depths of this data center tucked behind
  • a 1.5 feet
  • steel door and driven by backup
  • generators who can go for weeks
  • WikiLeaks will keep on going as long as
  • their servers are located here Bold Lane
  • car park you won't have to worry much
  • about car thieves when you leave your
  • car parked here this car park or parking
  • garage in Derbyshire England is one of
  • the safest places in the world you can't
  • get in unless you have a ticket
  • indicating your exact parking spot then
  • once your car is parked it is protected
  • by motion detectors and other alarms
  • that will go off if someone dares even
  • mess with your car in the slightest way
  • if the alarms do go off the entire
  • parking garage gets put into lockdown
  • mode and no one can leave until the
  • problem is solved the Bank of England
  • gold vault it looks like something
  • straight out of Indiana Jones the UK's
  • largest gold vault second in the world
  • to the Federal Reserve in New York
  • stores a hundred and fifty six billion
  • British pounds worth of gold or around
  • 206 iliyan u.s. dollars the bomb-proof
  • door is unlocked by a sophisticated
  • voice recognition system
  • aided by multiple three-foot-long keys
  • the bank won't say how heavy the door is
  • or how deep the vault is buried but we
  • do know it has more floor space than
  • London's Tower 42 which is a forty seven
  • story building
  • - this probably quite a lot of room down
  • there the Tumen River this river makes
  • up part of the boundary between Russia
  • and North Korea and also snakes down
  • into Chinese territory within a mile you
  • can go from North Korea through China
  • and end up into Russia which makes this
  • a very good place for those wishing to
  • defect from North Korea for this very
  • reason the North Koreans have made it
  • one of the most heavily-guarded places
  • on earth the 1960s bar located a hundred
  • feet underground within britain's secret
  • subterranean burlington bunker complex
  • in Wiltshire England the 1960s bar is a
  • recreation of a pub popular in London
  • with the British government officials
  • this top-secret base was first
  • constructed during the Cold War and
  • designed to be a refuge for higher
  • officials to reconstruct Britain in the
  • event of a nuclear attack
  • luckily the British government never had
  • to use this underground bunker the
  • Korean Demilitarized Zone or otherwise
  • known as the DMZ is a strip of land
  • dividing North and South Korea it is one
  • of the most heavily guarded borders in
  • the world stretching 160 miles in length
  • and 2.5 miles in width because of the
  • high defences surrounding the border on
  • each side people rarely dare to cross
  • the land in between which is led to land
  • becoming an accidental Nature Reserve
  • doomsday Seed Vault as its name suggests
  • the vault officially known as fell guard
  • international Seed Vault is designed to
  • store a wide assortment of seeds in an
  • effort to preserve crop diversity and
  • assure humans will have a source of food
  • no matter what earthly disaster occurs
  • the storage compound is located in small
  • bar one of the most remote places on the
  • planet that humans can still access
  • small bar is a large barren rock island
  • in the Arctic Circle and the vault is
  • situated inside an old copper mine as if
  • the isolated landscape wasn't enough the
  • seed safe is too
  • with blast-proof doors motion sensors
  • airlocks and 1 meter thick steel
  • reinforced concrete its unique climate
  • and position should keep the seeds safe
  • from any disaster man-made or otherwise
  • for centuries to come
  • The Greenbrier spread across 6,500 acres
  • of land this exclusive resort lies deep
  • within the forests of West Virginia
  • however what lies underneath this huge
  • estate is the real secret a 25-ton
  • nuclear blast door secures a long stream
  • of tunnels that create one of the
  • largest nuclear bunkers within the
  • tunnels are enough supplies for all
  • members of the US Congress to weather
  • out a nuclear attack for quite some time
  • there aren't really any photos or videos
  • from within the bunker for security
  • reasons Iron Mountain what did the
  • charred remains flight 93 the original
  • photo of Einstein sticking out his
  • tongue an Edison's patent for the light
  • bulb have in common
  • they're all stored under the iron
  • mountain 200 feet below the ground this
  • retired limestone mine houses 1.7
  • million square feet worth of vaults the
  • US government is the biggest tenant in
  • the identities of 95% of all buttons are
  • fully confidential we do know however
  • that Warner Brothers the Smith Estonian
  • Institute and Corbis all have vaults
  • there thousands of historic master
  • recordings photo negatives and original
  • film reels to live here the Iron
  • Mountain is home to room 48 a data
  • center arcing up some of America's
  • biggest companies to waves of armed
  • guards protect the entrance and is said
  • to they inspect guests so thoroughly
  • that even the TSA would be embarrassed
  • Haven cut havenco was a data production
  • company located in the North Sea of the
  • coast of Great Britain the only people
  • ever allowed in were authorized
  • personnel investors and members of
  • Britain's royal family however it
  • allegedly shut down in 2008 although
  • there are many claims that is still
  • secretly running today set in the middle
  • of the North Sea the site was virtually
  • inaccessible to most people the real
  • question is what data was stored here
  • and why does it need to be stored in
  • such a secure and remote location
  • takaku Bank when the first atomic bomb
  • was dropped on Hiroshima the city and
  • its people were obliterated but downtown
  • just a football field away from Ground
  • Zero the vault of the takaku Bank sat
  • undamaged the exterior was frightened
  • but the interior was totally pristine
  • Malta the company that built the safe
  • saw the incident as a great marketing
  • opportunity for the next decade it
  • exploited the tragedy to boast about the
  • great quality of their products the
  • Cheyenne Mountain the Cheyenne Mountain
  • complex is a military installation and
  • nuclear bunker located in Colorado
  • Springs Colorado at one point it was the
  • command center of the North American
  • Aerospace Defense Command or NORAD for
  • short the tunnel is protected by several
  • feet of solid granite and fully
  • reinforced with steel the Vatican Secret
  • Archives
  • despite the church's attempt at openness
  • critics say the contents aren't
  • accessible enough since only qualified
  • clergy and academics are allowed inside
  • the facility and even those granted
  • entry cannot view items without advance
  • to prove thus the skeptics remain with
  • theories ranging from the cavern hiding
  • Gospels that contradict the Bible to it
  • housing the earliest known collection of
  • pornography and even holding plans that
  • a lead to world domination and control
  • oddly enough there's even an urban
  • legend floating around in some Mormon
  • circles that the Vatican vaults have
  • some missing books of the Bible which
  • verify that the Mormon religion is
  • actually true while my friends that's it
  • for the 20 most heavily guarded and
  • secure places on earth
  • obviously there are even more heavily
  • guarded and secure places all over the
  • world but this is a pretty good
  • collection of just some of them going
  • down below which place you thought was
  • the best and why and also let us know
  • the zombie apocalypse ever did actually
  • happen which one of these places would
  • you hide in if you had the choice please
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  • so much for watching and I'll see you in
  • the next video goodbye

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Heavily Guarded Places can be found all around the world, from under the deepest, darkest mountains to the dryest, most secret and remote deserts. In this top 10 video we take a look at the 20 Most Heavily Guarded Places On Earth!
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Well my friends, that's it for the 20 Most Heavily Guarded and Secure Places on Earth, obviously there are even more heavily guarded and secure places all over the world, but this is a pretty good collection of the some of them. Comment down below which place you thought was the best and why. And also let us know, if a Zombie Apocalypse ever did actually happen which one of these places would hide in if you had a choice!? Please give the video a like if you enjoyed it, share it with all your friends on social media and finally subscribe to eatmyclick if you haven’t already for even more video just like this one! Thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video! Good Bye.

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