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Video Spacecraft Technology - Course Introduction
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  • modern satellites are much like your
  • latest smartphone but unlike your
  • smartphone the environment is harsh and
  • there's no person available to recharge
  • it move it or rotate it to shoot a nice
  • picture did you ever wonder what kind of
  • technology makes a capable and reliable
  • satellite this is where spacecraft
  • technology will open the black box for
  • you in this course you will be
  • introduced to the latest industry level
  • knowledge about spacecraft systems from
  • the brain and very inner parts up to
  • power generation and propulsion the
  • course is organized in six learning
  • units each with an idea duration of one
  • week and a CubeSat workshop a group
  • assignment running in parallel to the
  • other learning units this course switz
  • professionals were recently entered in
  • space industry but don't have a specific
  • background in space engineering and
  • would like to improve their technical
  • incentive knowledge of the field in the
  • first half of the course we will dive
  • into technologies of ba subsystems I
  • will introduce you to the function of
  • each subsystem first and then dive into
  • the technologies being used we will
  • focus on three subsystems camonte and
  • data handling electrical power and
  • attitude determination and control to
  • get a true understanding of important
  • design aspects and different
  • configurations we will explore some of
  • the lower-level technologies at
  • component level to complete the picture
  • of a typical spacecraft bus we will also
  • briefly deal with structures Thermal
  • control navigation and radio
  • communication however no one of these
  • functions can be completely exploited
  • without a proper propulsion system in
  • the second half of the course we will
  • identify the propulsion options
  • available to move a spacecraft when it
  • is in orbit or to actually send it to
  • its final orbit you will first take a
  • closer look at liquid and solid
  • propellant engines then you will learn
  • about the basics of electric propulsion
  • and the different types of electric
  • propulsion systems finally we will go
  • small and discuss the challenges and
  • opportunities of miniaturize the proper
  • it's fundamental differences with the
  • conventional propulsion and the main
  • macro propulsion concepts available
  • today in the CubeSat workshop your task
  • will be to design the CubeSat concept
  • with your fellow group members starting
  • from given mission objective and
  • requirements under our guidance you will
  • produce technical budgets a system
  • architecture and by means of a subsystem
  • and component trade-offs a feasible
  • conceptual design of the cube set with
  • this workshop you will learn how to
  • relate a mission with the spacecraft
  • technology and how the technology of
  • different subsystems interact with each
  • other are you ready to dive with us into
  • the exciting world of spacecraft
  • technology we are waiting for you

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Read more about the course:

Exploration of space is never out of the news for long and the desire to construct lower-cost, reliable and more capable spacecraft has never been greater. At TU Delft years of technology development and research experience in space engineering allow us to offer this course, which examines spacecraft technologies for satellites and launch vehicles.

This course provides:

*knowledge of the technical principles of rockets and satellite bus subsystems
*the ability to select state-of-the-art, available components
*analysis of the physical and technical limitations of subsystem components
*identification of the key performance parameters of different spacecraft subsystems
*comparison of the values obtained by ideal theory and real-life ones
*opportunity to make preliminary designs for a spacecraft based on its key requirements

Other spacecraft types, such as interplanetary rovers, are not covered in this course. Spacecraft instrumentation and other payloads are also not covered.


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