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Video So sánh máy làm đá trực tiếp và máy làm đá gián tiếp
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  • today I'm here to introduce indirect
  • type and direct the type ice maker
  • indirect type is the making ice by
  • supplying chill air from a freezer space
  • to an ice tray in an ice maker
  • on the other hand iron tie is the making
  • eyes rapidly by touching a cloth pipe
  • directly under an ice tray let's see the
  • difference of the structure between two
  • types this is the front view of the
  • indirect type ice maker
  • this is on cover the side view in case
  • of indirect type doctor system is used
  • for transferring chilled air from a
  • freezer space to the ice tray let's see
  • the section view of the path for cooling
  • air
  • this is a front view of the dart type
  • ice maker
  • this is uncovered side view let's see
  • how it works this is the coolant pipe
  • which touches ice tray directly to my
  • eyes it is expanded from an evaporator
  • tire the tire for the ice maker which is
  • allocated in free space such as a French
  • door refrigerator is more efficient as
  • the following reason first don't need to
  • wait too much two times faster ice
  • making is possible with the crud pipe
  • next you can provide extra free space
  • because it has compact icemaker since
  • high speed ice making is possible plus
  • new mixing order with pressure anymore
  • because ice maker space is independent
  • from freezer space lastly your energy
  • consumption then indirect icemaker
  • because there isn't elbows caused by
  • transferring air through adult now I
  • believe that you can empathize our
  • outstanding ice maker technology to your
  • customers be proud of our best products
  • best technologies thank you

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