Video KICKED OUT FOR WINNING Apple iPhone XR!!! *banned*| JOYSTICK

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KICKED OUT FOR WINNING Apple iPhone XR!!! *banned*| JOYSTICK thumb KICKED OUT FOR WINNING Apple iPhone XR!!! *banned*| JOYSTICK thumb KICKED OUT FOR WINNING Apple iPhone XR!!! *banned*| JOYSTICK thumb


  • which one of you is joystick yeah that's
  • an issue so we're gonna have to keep you
  • up are you serious
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • what's up joy fam so really quick before
  • the video starts I'm reminding everyone
  • my iPhone X s giveaway is still
  • continuing guys if you have not
  • subscribed yet to enter to win this
  • iPhone XS for free do so now because I'm
  • gonna be giving it away in a live stream
  • that's completely random and the only
  • way to know when it'll be happening is
  • if we turn on those Bell notifications
  • and subscribe down below don't forget
  • I'm giving hints down in my social media
  • below so go follow the social media if
  • you want to even a better chance at
  • winning if you guys are watching this in
  • the month of December the giveaway is
  • happening very very very soon so please
  • be alert if you guys aren't watching
  • this in December then don't worry I will
  • be having more giveaways in the future I
  • will never stop doing icon giveaways as
  • long as you guys keep subscribing so
  • please subscribe down below turn on
  • those Bell notifications to get notified
  • and I'll see you guys in the video what
  • is going on family welcome back to
  • another video
  • it's your joy boys back at it again guys
  • we are at a key master and check this
  • out there's an iPhone XR that is insane
  • I haven't seen one of those yet in my
  • area so this is the first one that's
  • popped up I'm gonna try to win it today
  • I've got a handful
  • I've been waiting for this machine abhi
  • do I haven't played it before or one
  • from it yet but I've got a lot of money
  • so we're gonna try
  • [Music]
  • and we went in if we get it dead-on
  • come on baby my neck sorry it looks so
  • cool and dark I want it now
  • oh come on oh my gosh it's a hair off
  • guys just a centimeter away
  • [Music]
  • XR sorry all right right here is it do
  • oh okay that time I felt it a bit for
  • sure all right guys about twenty dollars
  • later we're still here playing this
  • machine away
  • I noticed it's it's unsticking from the
  • phone but what's funny about keymaster
  • as unless you win the door doesn't open
  • so even if it were to fall right now it
  • would just go to the honor and that's
  • why you never want to shake the
  • keymaster
  • and see if we can win fair and square
  • here oh right there oh my god that was
  • did you see how close that was oh my god
  • guys I can't tell if it's rigged or not
  • [Music]
  • - XR so bad I love the dark color it
  • feels like it's evil for some reason
  • right there oh my gosh she deviated on
  • me I got I don't know what it is maybe
  • it's completely random I don't know guys
  • [Music]
  • on iphone XR please be do daddy need to
  • do
  • [Music]
  • that sucks all right
  • because we've calmed down you don't have
  • many quarters left I'm gonna have to get
  • change after this if you don't win so
  • we're gonna put in
  • Oh
  • it's gotta get it just right
  • if it's in there a lot of people think
  • it doesn't even fit but it does oh right
  • another deviation
  • dude on our last dollar I'm gonna have
  • to get some change after this find an
  • ATM and
  • or something
  • and I am broke as a joke I still need an
  • iPhone XR
  • [Music]
  • oh my God look how close that was
  • that's insane guys I'm gonna get more
  • cash it's got to be random it's really
  • weird but I think it's random I'm gonna
  • get more cash deep echoing that iPhone
  • XR I'll be right back we are back with
  • more quarters we are not giving up on
  • this iPhone XR and you know somewhere
  • deep inside my heart I will use this key
  • to unlock one of the most valuable
  • things to me the iPhone XR
  • ah
  • sometimes I really hate keymaster
  • [Music]
  • no way oh my gosh you see how close that
  • is like in the camera see how close that
  • is that's literally centimeters not even
  • centimeters what's millimeters
  • what's even smaller
  • it's really small amount guys you kind
  • of got to be here I guess to know for
  • yourself that
  • all in a deviated again what the heck
  • Oh
  • [Music]
  • mommies
  • got this I got this here we go
  • oh my god
  • I found X are brand new
  • I'm gonna watch four months old yeah
  • three months old we got this I got this
  • no way come on yes oh my god no way no
  • way did we just win the iPhone XR no way
  • yes oh my god no way guys check this out
  • oh my God look so nice
  • which one of you is joystick you think
  • or you know
  • no I'm going stick what's up okay so
  • there's no filming allowed on them all
  • whatsoever no filming of these machines
  • [Music]
  • yeah that's an issue so we're gonna have
  • to keep you out are you serious yes
  • coming right now no no there's no
  • filming allowed you have to leave yeah
  • but that's not fair I didn't know policy
  • [Music]
  • I mean we didn't know
  • I mean
  • what else you got your stuff yeah
  • let's go to guys all right
  • oh I know those are really weird ending
  • to the video but we did end up getting
  • kicked out and we weren't allowed back
  • in the mall and I might try to go back
  • and film again but there's a good chance
  • I'm just gonna get kicked out again um I
  • was able to get the iPhone XR though and
  • it's super dope um I think this thing
  • looks awesome and guys I'm gonna be
  • giving this away if I hit 1 million
  • subscribers by the end of the year so if
  • you guys haven't subscribed yet
  • subscribe now and you guys might have
  • another chance to win another iPhone if
  • I can hit a million subscribers by the
  • end of the year that means I'll be able
  • to giveaway both these phones in the
  • same month so if you guys haven't
  • subscribed now please do turn on those
  • Bell notifications so you guys have the
  • best chance at winning because all my
  • giveaways are completely random guys
  • don't forget to follow my social media
  • down in the comments for hints when I'll
  • be doing the livestream and if you guys
  • want a second chance to win head over to
  • my buddy
  • Aaron's channel his name is Claudia a
  • lot of you guys know him already
  • and he's actually doing an iPad giveaway
  • himself so if you guys want even a
  • better chance check him out in the
  • description I also wanted to let you
  • guys know I recently got a claw machine
  • and I'm gonna be spending 24 hours
  • inside it it's gonna be happening on
  • Friday December 21st now I'm gonna be
  • live-streaming the whole thing so if you
  • guys want to stop by and join me or
  • check up on me to see if I'm still alive
  • make sure you check that out on December
  • 21st don't forget to subscribe turn on
  • Bell notifications to win these iPhones
  • and I'll see you guys in the next video
  • [Music]
  • [Music]

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