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Video Trevor’s Solution to Unnecessary 9-1-1 Calls - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show
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  • - The latest story, I don't know if you saw it
  • over the weekend was black people were,
  • they had a barbecue in Oakland,
  • and they were in a park.
  • Then some woman called the cops
  • because she said they weren't supposed to be using coal
  • but then other white people had been using coal
  • in their things and they were just like, just hold,
  • and people like, are you really calling the cops about this?
  • That's like, this is like, these are the police.
  • And you know what I was thinking to myself
  • as I was like, essentially I think a lot of white people
  • call the police the way the do,
  • because there's no price to pay, all right.
  • 'Cause black people, the cops come,
  • like some shit's gonna go down.
  • So it's like maybe you need to make it so
  • that white people have a price to pay.
  • So my proposal is,
  • (audience laughing)
  • you say, my proposal is you say,
  • if you call 9-1-1, there's a five dollar charge, right?
  • And then you get the money back when
  • like the thing is actually,
  • so you if you go like, hey, there's a crime,
  • then they get there, they're like, okay there's a crime,
  • the money goes back into your account.
  • If there's no crime, they take the five dollars
  • for administration fees, and if you're wasting people's time
  • then you get charged a thousand dollars.
  • (audience cheering)
  • Right?
  • Yeah, because, because I also feel bad,
  • I also feel bad for the cops in a way,
  • 'cause the cops are told something is happening.
  • There's a man with a gun.
  • And then they get there, and it's a black guy
  • and he's holding a cell phone.
  • It's like, where was the gun, what was the,
  • so I feel bad for the cops.
  • But if people knew that they would lose money
  • in this thing, I think people would
  • be a lot more, like you know what I mean?
  • People would be meticulous, of,
  • when you know you gonna lose a thousand dollars,
  • we'll see how quickly you all the cops.
  • (audience laughing)
  • You'll be like, can you guys keep it down?
  • And be like, I'm gonna call, okay, wait,
  • lemme, let's talk first.
  • Let's talk. (audience laughing)
  • I don't, yeah I gotta buy something this weekend.
  • I gotta buy a Mother's Day gift,
  • so I don't have time, but let's just talk.
  • Let's talk as human beings.
  • ("The Daily Show Theme")

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Trevor proposes an idea to stop non-emergency 9-1-1 calls in the wake of a white woman calling the police on a group of people for barbecuing while black.


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