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Video Minecraft FTB BLOOD AND BONES 1 - THIS IS HARD (Minecraft Mod Survival FTB)
25:45   |   today at 11:13


  • this modpack is freakin demented hey
  • what's going on guys sunny here and
  • welcome to at a new mod pack a new
  • possible series this is called blood and
  • bones and this is possibly episode 1 as
  • always I'll leave that up to you to do
  • is if you want to see more of this mod
  • pack be sure to show me up to hit that
  • like button down below or leave me a
  • comment saying you want to see more
  • that's up to you dudes though yes so
  • this mod pack dudes um this is a basic
  • certain out of basic survival I'm sorry
  • poor choice of words this is a survival
  • of Minecraft but take everything you
  • know about Minecraft throw it out the
  • window
  • and then play this mod pack this is by
  • far the hardest mod pack I have ever
  • played in my life you know crazy craft
  • right how crazy crap is supposed to be
  • difficult
  • this makes crazy craft look like you're
  • playing and creative this is tough news
  • this is extremely tough everything in
  • this game is nerfed everything
  • absolutely everything food whenever you
  • eat something uh it only gives you half
  • hunger unless it's like way down the
  • line it takes a lot of crafting to make
  • something that'll fill up your hunger
  • it's tough dudes this is by far the
  • hardest survival I have ever played in
  • my life not to mention I'm playing in
  • hardcore mode so if I die my world gets
  • deleted
  • and the mod the mod pack creators
  • decided to add something in this game a
  • bunch of mobs that absolutely suck that
  • will one shot you
  • this is extremely tough dude so what I'm
  • gonna do I'm gonna try to play this
  • series I'm gonna try to play this if you
  • guys want to see more and try to just
  • walk you through it and teach you how I
  • play it uh and I may fail I may fail I
  • don't know it's just really tough um so
  • yeah you spawn in this world and we'll
  • look there's Tower okay I wanna I think
  • yeah I think I want to make my home in
  • this tower keep me from one of these
  • already nice okay
  • so I'm gonna make my home in there but
  • since I have a full day I'm going to go
  • around scale
  • averaging and looking for a bunch of
  • stuff I need a crap ton of food notes
  • Kiwi I need a crap ton of food I need a
  • crap ton of gravel um okay let's get
  • let's get some gravel while I'm here
  • let's get a crap ton of grout that too -
  • crap
  • uh hold on let me turn on um I give you
  • do its permission if you're gonna play
  • this modpack you can play with magnet
  • mode on I give you Dukes permission
  • I hope the mod pack does also I also
  • need to get wood and I know what you do
  • is you're thinking you're like Sundy why
  • aren't you making wood tool I don't
  • understand you can't you can't make wood
  • tools nor can you make stone tools you
  • can't make them you need to do a whole
  • nother crafting recipe with different
  • blocks different crafting tables to make
  • a single tool yeah welcome to freakin
  • blood and bones mod pack bros this thing
  • is tough I'm good I've got to do my best
  • to try to show you how to what is that
  • what's a rat
  • what the Freak are you are you mad are
  • you dangerous is he mad I don't know if
  • he does damage or not I don't know okay
  • I don't think he's pissed I think he's
  • good he's just very somewhat
  • temperamental but let's ignore him okay
  • he'll ignore us we ignore him okay so
  • what I need to do during what while
  • we're well I'm honest daytime I need to
  • run her and look at that see I had to
  • eat twice just to fill up one hunger bar
  • um and that's if I if I go kill a pig
  • and take its pork chops and eat its pork
  • chops app it'll fill one hunger or it'll
  • fill half a hunger bar I'm telling you
  • dude it's insane
  • okay so what I need to do I need to get
  • as much stuff as possible I have to I
  • know the basic crafting recipes to get
  • started in this mod pack so I need to go
  • get all this stuff to make all that and
  • like I said you can't make with tool
  • suits you can't make wood tools you have
  • to you have to make other tools and to
  • make those tools I need a bunch of flint
  • um I need a bunch of flint and not yeah
  • I need a bunch of that gravel rather and
  • yes I need a bunch of food dudes this is
  • gonna be tough okay okay why's your hole
  • there
  • f3a stop it stop it you freak okay
  • where's the where's the tower towers
  • back that way okay I'm just gonna run
  • around here for a little bit I need to
  • go get cobblestone soon I really need to
  • make a furnace ASAP
  • um look how fast my food goes down it is
  • absolutely insane and everything is
  • nerved like check this out
  • see how fast I'm walking forward know
  • whenever I turn around and walk
  • backwards look how slow I walk it's
  • actually legit like everything is nerf I
  • can't
  • kite mobs anymore just by walking
  • backwards it's insane dude it is
  • extremely tough okay let's eat the rest
  • of that so I have five wood
  • I have two gravel I think that tower has
  • a bunch of gravel in it but I need more
  • food and I need more wood um okay let's
  • get a little bit more rubber wood and
  • then I'm going to get some other wood um
  • and I really need to get cobblestone
  • ASAP crap is it almost that is it almost
  • nighttime I gotta take a look at the
  • rest of this tree let me eat while I'm
  • getting this tree because you can do
  • that you can hold right click add left
  • click which is sick and yeah okay so I
  • got eight nine maybe ten if I get ten
  • rubberwood that'd be good um and then I
  • need to get then I need to get some
  • other wood because the crafting recipes
  • so wow what the heck some of the
  • crafting recipes I can't I can't use
  • rubber wood okay I'm almost to the tower
  • crap Nuits I really need to make these
  • tools I'm trying to think what should I
  • do
  • should I make the tools get cobblestone
  • um cuz making the tools is it's it's not
  • that easy of a task it's a lot of
  • crafting recipes just to make a simple
  • dad axe
  • yeah and you can't even make a sword you
  • can't even make a sword right now you
  • have to upgrade all your stuff it's free
  • this this bond factor it's okay so I
  • have five oak let me get some more oak
  • wood is it almost nighttime is it almost
  • nighttime
  • okay I've I have less than half the day
  • um if I can get cobblestone I can I have
  • enough food to last me the night I just
  • need cobblestone I need to find
  • cobblestone okay so let me get this tree
  • let me get the rest of this tree real
  • quick while I'm
  • here let me eat not I want to eat right
  • now I need to save as much food as I can
  • I got Kiwi I can eat Kiwi I love it love
  • it let me get the rest of food or the
  • rest of this wood and then we'll head
  • over to that Tower
  • and I need to get cobblestone dude I
  • need them I need to make the tools as
  • fast as I can and then I need to get the
  • cobblestone okay let's go back let's go
  • back let's go back I think if I can get
  • cobblestone I'll have enough food I just
  • need to get in here and I got wood right
  • next to my tower so that that works
  • perfectly what is that
  • more grapes grapes I don't get
  • blackberries I got time to read stuff
  • bro I got two okay I need be careful
  • going in here let's hit f7 to show where
  • mops okay mobs can spawn everywhere Oh
  • balls
  • okay there's gravel good yes okay umm
  • what's in here pants oh yeah okay pants
  • we'll check this out whenever you put on
  • pants it gives you armor and then one
  • heart of absorption which is pretty sick
  • and something's on fire what the heck is
  • on fire okay I heard a zombie
  • please don't you come up here zombie oh
  • okay let's get that oh I got torches too
  • good
  • I'm gonna get rid of that that uh I need
  • I got sticks too good should I make it I
  • really do I need any oh oh oh I got a
  • run I got a run what don't freak is that
  • thing it was oh no oh no please oh
  • please
  • they've been known oh oh my gosh dude ah
  • what don't freak is that oh my gosh that
  • Tower is demented okay let's get let's
  • get some dirt I got a block that off
  • dudes I gotta stay in that Tower
  • it's got a bunch of it's got a bunch of
  • gravel that I need oh that sucks and
  • look I'm bleeding oh oh please don't let
  • me bleed out this ah what is it what is
  • it what don't freak
  • stop
  • shooting me I'm out I'm out I gotta go
  • oh oh stop it stop it dude
  • I gotta eat I gotta eat let's eat this
  • bread let's eat this bread oh stand here
  • he no no no no shut the daylight now
  • fire zombie
  • it's a fire zombie told you I'm dead I'm
  • dead I'm dead
  • I'll play your ring round the Rosie
  • playing ring-around-the-rosy what the
  • Freak am I supposed to do oh I gotta go
  • I gotta go
  • this freaking sucks please don't kill me
  • please for the love of God I gotta get
  • in there how do I dodge dodge come on be
  • like frickin Criss Angel dr. death
  • please okay just get in this tower get
  • this tower I dodged them I got him out
  • of the tower I don't we were friends
  • yeah we just beep I'm almost there I'm
  • dizzy I'm dizzy I'm injured I know this
  • dude I'm injured I'm walking slow look
  • in the top left corner it says I'm
  • injured okay let's get in here
  • let's get in here we got to block that
  • off it wait no black block that off I
  • need to get up here get up here okay
  • okay Shh
  • yes did I get it did it get it oh good
  • block that off Oh block that off block
  • that off I blocked that off oh my gosh I
  • almost had a freaking heart attack I'm
  • bleeding everywhere
  • Oh
  • Mike okay hold on love it love it let me
  • fix myself give it give me a second oh I
  • got it I gotta go get something to drink
  • hold on okay dudes I'm back oh dear Lord
  • okay I'm composed I'm good
  • it looks like I need for more flint to
  • finish my to finish to start my tools
  • rather okay so I've blocked everything
  • off we're good I think that little jerks
  • down there yep I can see him walking Oh
  • God okay I'm injured I don't know if
  • that means I'm gonna start losing health
  • ah
  • but uh I got enough food to heal up let
  • me let me let me eat a bunch of food
  • even if I feel up to full health I still
  • won't regen only certain foods in this
  • modpack
  • will heal you yeah some of that doesn't
  • suck
  • okay so let's eat a little bit more
  • let's get out of pika Sh um if you look
  • in the top right corner it says what
  • hunger you're in let's get rid of all of
  • this okay should almost fill me up okay
  • let's eat this blueberry pie so full on
  • hunger and it looked like that filled me
  • up
  • alright gave me a little bit of health
  • okay so I need four more four more
  • gravel one at two actually you know what
  • oh my gosh I forgot about this Oh mobs
  • can spawn up here I got a flipped or
  • chipped out okay let's put one dere just
  • put one under quarters oh dear Lord that
  • would suck face okay there we go I have
  • a little bit of dirt let me cover up
  • some of this
  • so mobs don't fall through I don't think
  • miles will fall through anyways cuz
  • there's a lot of torches up there right
  • so I'm seven um eight dear Lord look how
  • dark it is out there and one more I need
  • one more come ah I don't want to go down
  • there it's scary down there there's a
  • thing down there that'll shoot my face
  • off there's got to be another clip
  • somewhere there's gotta be should I take
  • a risk no no no no I'm not gonna do it
  • let me just start the crafting recipes
  • let me make what's most important you
  • make a bunch of sticks uh there we go
  • okay so here's what I need to do is make
  • a bunch of sticks and I need to make a
  • bunch of stencils blank patterns now I
  • need to make crafting tables oh yeah
  • look at this remember I said
  • everything's nerfed at instead of
  • getting four planks for putting in wood
  • I only get to tell me that doesn't suck
  • okay so let's make a crafting table and
  • then I need another crafting table there
  • we go and then I need some planks okay
  • so let's go ahead and make everything I
  • need put that there I need a part
  • builder um stencil table and a what is
  • this called a tool station okay so
  • all three of those so I can make my
  • first tool I need all of that to make
  • one tool tell me that's not ridiculous
  • it sucks throughs I'm telling you and
  • let me put let me put this that I want
  • to put that let's put that there there
  • and there
  • okay I'm still bleeding dear Lord it
  • says I'm hurt
  • am I gonna start losing health I hope
  • not now it's oh there's a zombie out
  • there headed
  • oh wait he just used a freak
  • dad you he just used a fishing pole on
  • me and pulled me to him you wait till I
  • get some tools bro I would all okay all
  • right that means work this means
  • freaking Willem eat this mushroom stew
  • and I can't crap I wanted to heal myself
  • I'm pretty sure mushroom stews will here
  • to heal you okay so what I need to do
  • now um let's put these stencils in the
  • stencil machine right there I need to
  • make four different stencils okay I need
  • to make a pickaxe I need to make a
  • shovel I need to make a axe and I need
  • to make an X where's Dex hello piggy I
  • won't eat you soon stay in here be my
  • friend just please be my friend okay so
  • I got that
  • I need more sticks also crap alright
  • let's get some more sticks Oh creeper
  • creeper creeper where is he okay go
  • check it for me please okay so I need to
  • put this there I need to make an X good
  • oh I got a fire charge nice um I need to
  • okay let's take the flint and let's make
  • two Flint I need to make a pickaxe the
  • pickaxe is most important right now oh
  • it's raining good lord are you kidding
  • me this is ridiculous
  • now you guys can't probably can't even
  • hear what I'm saying know what I don't
  • need to shovel and I need a axe okay
  • cool
  • now I can make these two tools see what
  • it takes to make these tools
  • it's insane ain't it it freaking sucks
  • and it's not time right biggie and now
  • right mr. piggy
  • okay I need to turn off this rain at
  • toggle toggle doubt I don't even think
  • this will work
  • yeah what even works I'm a permission do
  • all right so um let's go ahead and turn
  • this crafting table into a crafting
  • station and put this right there
  • and there we go okay I got a chest oh it
  • works with the chest oh that's awesome I
  • like that okay so um what I need to make
  • now actually I need to go over here to
  • the tool station
  • where's tool station part builder there
  • are a tool station so let's make a
  • pickaxe put this dare put that there and
  • put that there yes dudes we got our
  • first tool is it that sick and now we
  • need to make a hatchet put that there
  • and put that there go fast beautiful I
  • really want to make a shovel but I need
  • one more gravel crap um hold on let me
  • think about something real quick and
  • I'll be right back
  • alright so I really need to get one more
  • flint I really I really need one more
  • gravel I just I can't go down there
  • cuz yeah there's a creeper down here and
  • I'm bleeding all over the floor
  • dear Lord okay um I really I want to go
  • up here I want to go up there
  • let me try going uh I can go right there
  • I'll use the I'll use the gravel okay
  • dude spawning stuff will spawn there
  • crap
  • okay let me go let me break this is
  • there gravel up here yes okay good good
  • good good um let me let me break this
  • let me break that I'm getting rained on
  • miss socks put that there
  • yes now no mobs will spawn up here let
  • me get this gravel nah don't yeah let's
  • break this one um now let's go let's go
  • make a shovel real quick and then I'll
  • look at this I'm bleeding everywhere
  • this cannot be healthy I'm just bleeding
  • out everything wait a creeper no where's
  • the creeper gosh that scares the crap
  • out of me okay let's make the flint
  • let's go over to the yeah this so I need
  • a shovel need a shovel head there we go
  • and let's make a shovel put this rate at
  • need a shovel there we go okay put that
  • there and did you now we got a shovel
  • yes
  • now we got a full arsenal of tools this
  • is good dudes this is a good first
  • episode no normally whenever I play this
  • modpack I die within like five minutes
  • ah
  • thought I'd jump down there like an
  • idiot I'm bleeding everywhere
  • and to think Goods this is a good start
  • I'm bleeding all over the ground
  • I have crappy tools and I barely have
  • food and this is a good start that's how
  • hard this modpack is and you do too
  • haven't seen half of it yet yes just
  • trust me it sucks okay so what I'm gonna
  • do now I really want to get cobblestone
  • before anything so I'm just gonna hang
  • out in here and wait for daytime so yeah
  • I'll be right back
  • oh my gosh what is that big thing oh I
  • was trying to build over to the mountain
  • and that friggin thing oh my gosh
  • umm umm dudes I don't know what to do
  • what is that thing
  • holy crap okay I didn't get over there
  • somehow it's daytime but it won't stop
  • raining so nothing's dying well that's
  • not good that's not good that's not good
  • that creeper will come up there okay
  • okay okay I gotta kill that creeper
  • there's a zombie with a bow and arrow oh
  • dear lord I just gotta get in there why
  • does it have to rain
  • alright I'm gonna try it I'm gonna try
  • to get enough dirt and I don't disturb
  • it that's zombie with a bow that makes
  • no sense
  • that's against the rules you're not
  • supposed to have a poet Oh what is that
  • a death creeper
  • what the Freak does that even mean oh my
  • gosh okay okay let's build up let's
  • build up let's let's build let's build
  • back there we go okay okay that's good
  • that's good this is good this is this is
  • good this is progress we're slow stop
  • shooting at me you are against the rules
  • you're not whatnots created stop it okay
  • I'm going to eat I gotta eat
  • I want I want to dig in that cave I want
  • to make it I want to made a man-made
  • cave on NATO Dukes okay let's just
  • finish eating let's see if I can heal up
  • a little bit
  • Kiwi heals me it looks like this bamboo
  • shoot' bamboo shoot' does not heal me
  • that sucks
  • that's fine though okay uh and let's
  • fill up on the mushroom stew maybe the
  • mushroom stew will heal me yes okay go
  • and let's put this up I just need
  • cobblestone if I can get cobblestone I
  • will have a lot of food don't you come
  • over here you get freak don't you come
  • over yeah what don't freak is that
  • things problem I don't like it I don't
  • like it it's scary
  • Bobby protect me yeah what am I talking
  • about
  • okay let's put that there ah okay that's
  • good that's good ah let's create that
  • that that I need more I need more oh it
  • stopped raining okay maybe some of this
  • stuff will go away dear Lord just go
  • away already
  • nobody likes you nobody likes you at all
  • okay let's get rid of that let's get rid
  • of that okay okay okay okay my god I
  • gotta be careful I gotta be careful here
  • you put that there and put that there
  • okay am I good am i good
  • I don't think I'm good yet I don't think
  • I'm good let's dig into here though
  • we'll stick into here I think I can I
  • think I can can protect myself wait
  • that's a no it's a frigate silverfish
  • what is my luck more silverfish what is
  • my what is my luck what is my luck more
  • silverfish oh my gosh what is this this
  • is ridiculous
  • what is my luck
  • what the Freak is this crap ah no where
  • did he go
  • wait where are these silverfish coming
  • from where are these silverfish coming
  • from there's more oh I got okay I got I
  • got gunpowder I'm sweating right now
  • dudes I'm so scared are you all done
  • are you all done coming out of there are
  • you done please say you're done oh dear
  • Lord let me get some cobblestone that's
  • more okay good
  • are all of these cobblestone are always
  • okay that's not that's cobblestone good
  • oh my gosh dudes that was stupid
  • how many for how many days silverfish
  • kinder no oh my gosh I absolutely hate
  • this vodka yeah actually I really love
  • it I love challenges this is too
  • difficult cuz put that there
  • alright nothing can get in here now good
  • nothing can get in here now
  • um okay let me get a little bit more
  • dirt and then I'll finish my um yeah
  • I'll finish I'll finish my little bridge
  • here oh my gosh dude this is ridiculous
  • there we go
  • okay now nothing can get in here so now
  • I'm protected for now at least okay let
  • me get it let me get a bunch of
  • cobblestone and then I'll be right back
  • hold on okay so dudes check this out
  • I found a coal it's of course it's not
  • just regular coal check this out
  • whenever I mine it watch this look at
  • that you see that cloud look at that
  • that is called a explosive cloud if that
  • cloud were to hit that torch it would
  • explode it would combust so yes that's
  • why I put that dirt block over that
  • torch so I'm gonna get as much of this
  • as I can so I can make toy dogs getting
  • close is getting too close okay good
  • we're good alright let's get let's get
  • as much coal as I can
  • um I don't think that'll hit anything
  • yes okay look at all this look at all of
  • this oh my gosh that is so much smoke
  • does it smoke do anything to me now the
  • smoke doesn't do anything to me
  • it's just combust if it would hit a
  • torch it would blow up it would
  • absolutely blow up okay so we got that
  • uh okay I got nine coal that's that's
  • good enough for now uh so I think we're
  • good let me let me head back here I'm
  • gonna make let's go ahead and make a
  • let's go ahead and make a furnace real
  • quick and I need to cook I want to cook
  • these ah crap I don't want to put that
  • there let me move it over one let me
  • move it over one let's put it right
  • there and let's cook these mushrooms I
  • want to cook these mushrooms because
  • they're they're more potent than actual
  • um they're more potent than actual
  • what's it called any other food they
  • give one hunger instead of two and I'll
  • put one coal
  • I think they nerfed coal too I think I
  • don't know it doesn't look like it maybe
  • they did I think they did a nerve coal
  • but we'll see um okay so we got food
  • going dudes we got our tools I need to
  • go I need to go on an adventure after
  • this I need to go on an adventure I need
  • to do it do it I gotta go out into this
  • world
  • I gotta find more stuff but anyways dude
  • I'm gonna go ahead for having this
  • episode possibly episode one it's
  • completely up to you if you guys enjoyed
  • this be sure to show me some love dudes
  • hit that like button down below maybe we
  • can get to 15,000 likes on this first
  • episode that would be awesome and also
  • if you're new to my channel hit that
  • subscribe button now it'd also be
  • amazing and yes um SmartPak sucks dude
  • if you're gonna play it um don't get too
  • mad yeah yes I'll see you dudes later

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WATCH AS SSUNDEE STARTS A NEW FTB MODPACK SURVIVAL!! BUT THIS IS NO ORDINARY SURVIVAL!! THIS IS THE HARDEST MODPACK TO DATE!! LOL, Thanks for watching! I appreciate the support and any ratings would be greatly appreciated also!

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11 Normani

Dancing With A Stranger flac

Normani. 2019. Writer: Mikkel S. Eriksen;Tor Hermansen;Jimmy Napes;Normani;Sam Smith.
12 The Chainsmokers

Hope flac

The Chainsmokers. 2018. Writer: Kate Morgan;Chris Lyon;Alex Pall;Andrew Taggart.
13 Skrillex

Face My Fears flac

Skrillex. 2019. Writer: Poo Bear;Skrillex;Utada Hikaru.
14 Imagine Dragons

Believer flac

Imagine Dragons. 2019. Writer: Dan Reynolds;Lil Wayne;Wayne Sermon;Ben McKee;Daniel Platzman;Robin Fredriksson;Mattias Larsson;Justin Tranter.
15 Slushii

Never Let You Go flac

Slushii. 2019. Writer: Sofía Reyes;Slushii;Aviella Winder.
16 Mike Perry

Runaway flac

Mike Perry. 2019. Writer: Andreas Wiman;Dimitri Vangelis;Richard Müller;Sasha Rangas;Stefan Van Leijsen;Mike Perry.
17 Gesaffelstein

Lost In The Fire flac

Gesaffelstein. 2019. Writer: Ahmad Balshe;Nate Donmoyer;Gesaffelstein;DaHeala;The Weeknd.
18 Hozier

Almost (Sweet Music) flac

Hozier. 2019. Writer: Hozier.
19 Alan Walker

I Don't Wanna Go flac

Alan Walker. 2018.
20 Aspyer

Don't Tell Me flac

Aspyer. 2019.

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