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Video 4chan EXPLAINED
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  • what is it now peasant they want us to
  • do a fortune up so look we can't do that
  • okay think of the backlash I mean do you
  • remember the episode the things they
  • can't be a lever being sent it is one of
  • them I mean I gave a Triforce properly
  • absolutely disgraceful facing loom it's
  • too much of a Megalodon episode 2 I mean
  • look at all the memes that 4chan produce
  • and look how much they've committed to
  • the Internet
  • like at all there's a whole there's a
  • whole look let's face it I'm a pleb I'm
  • a Chad I'm ignore me I'm a normal fag
  • I'm a little fake I even have white look
  • at this I even have a fraternity paddle
  • with the fraternity nickname and what is
  • your nickname why it's scopes why Luke I
  • think you're right I can't do this it's
  • time I man up aruond face through my
  • problems I can do this
  • also being called an army isn't exactly
  • the worst thing I've ever been called in
  • my life let's do this go get a bitch for
  • Jam mother fucking 4chan one of the
  • greatest contributors to internet
  • culture as a whole why without 4chan we
  • won't have ball cats we wouldn't have
  • Rick bowling and we wouldn't have
  • glorious green text stories but where
  • did this all begin us why let's check
  • our glorious internet text books and see
  • where this all began in 2003 Christopher
  • Poole aka moot decided that he was going
  • to create his own forum website with
  • blackjack and hookers he loosely based
  • the website around another popular
  • Japanese forum website called Fuji macho
  • also known as - Chan in the old
  • testament of 4chan the first boards out
  • there were the a B broke rule number one
  • of the internet scrum
  • only place for raised dick the first
  • boards out there were they a b c h and
  • the wide boards then in 2003 4chan
  • closed unexpectedly and for unknown
  • reasons and then reopened again in 2004
  • with more boards those boards with a k o
  • MP for ins respectively the addition of
  • more boards continued on until there was
  • 63 boards in total at that time there
  • was a little something for everyone at
  • 4chan land and it was all run by their
  • once glorious now fuckin cook leader
  • moody kins why it's so grand and
  • glorious why don't we just stop by there
  • now yeah that's a penis the example
  • means I gave weren't even the tip of the
  • iceberg when it comes to the Mima to
  • that 4chan has contributed Caturday
  • pedobear shootin the term fat Chocolate
  • Rain boxy and much much more lie in the
  • history of this grand old center of shit
  • postings and top cats they even made a
  • video game where you could date the
  • handicapped we've even used music from
  • that amazing heart-wrenching fili field
  • game on here a few times and they also
  • even came up with a list of rules for
  • the internet and here are the most
  • important rules out of the mall rule
  • number one don't talk about B rule
  • number two do not talk about B yet again
  • this is mostly a raid sort of thing
  • rule number six anonymous can be a
  • horrible senseless uncaring monster the
  • users of 4chan are known as anonymous
  • since each user on the 4chan base is
  • anonymous unless they type the name
  • specifically into the rule number
  • fourteen don't argue with trolls and
  • means they win rule number twenty
  • nothing is to be taken seriously
  • rule number thirty there are no girls on
  • the Internet it's a bit
  • the little rascals and finally the most
  • popular rule of them all rule number 34
  • if it exists there is a porn of it
  • though sometimes I do doubt that because
  • I have yet to see a part of my crippling
  • anxiety isn't 4chan one of the most
  • wonderful places on earth another you
  • laughs you lose thread ha I'll well
  • every time whoa check it out anonymous
  • got dumped
  • look I forget to name another band can
  • we call it the whales cuz they're fat
  • that's so clever
  • is it fortune to the king just a buck
  • right off hi I'm nan tour guide
  • realistic Logan and I'm generally here
  • with this Wizarding training fuck's up a
  • meme or a website or something or gives
  • up the wrong general 5 4chan it's an
  • alright web site ok I'm not saying it's
  • a greatest web site of the world but
  • it's pretty damn alright and sure we've
  • come up with great memes before and
  • we've done great things like prove that
  • even though you think you're anonymous
  • justice will be served bitch but bear in
  • mind fortune is a fucking and forum
  • website it's not some hyper-fast main
  • base if you come here from any other
  • meme sharing website and think ello
  • fortune is where most of the stuff comes
  • from I better check it out for myself
  • prepare to be fuckin disappointed now
  • I'm not saying that everyone that goes
  • up for Chan is a neckbeard or anything
  • like that but I am saying that people
  • that go there want to watch the world
  • burn that is the point of 4chan people
  • go on there and discuss things that
  • typically the political correctness of
  • the world would frown upon no matter how
  • disagreeable the opinion people on 4chan
  • will accept it they'll call you a faggot
  • first but they'll accept you in the end
  • don't worry one of the founders of
  • Whitest Kids u know and even fucking
  • Taylor Swift both frequent 4chan often
  • so no no in the fucking end we're not
  • mean Titans we are human beings not some
  • sort of main generating boardroom slash
  • thread well I think that was a good
  • general overview of the fortunes I mean
  • we didn't hit all major points and we
  • didn't hit all major events but you know
  • what we planted the seeds of curiosity
  • and you're young
  • little minds so that you could go and
  • explore for yourself why don't we visit
  • a few boards ourselves huh let's start
  • with the r9k board a few moments later
  • it is that a man's rectum completely
  • closed off with sewing pins yep
  • gonna need two fucking guns for this one
  • hey everyone thanks for watching our
  • video we put a lot of time and effort
  • into it we're glad that you probably
  • liked it be sure to like and comment
  • down below and subscribe if you haven't
  • already done so that being the world to
  • us oh and by the way would you like to
  • check out our other syriza's we've got
  • let's do this that's how I make videos

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Logan briefly explains the history and usage of 4chan!

Check it out yourself:
Katawa Shoujo (Date the Handicapped):
Some music by: Four Leaf Studios


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