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Video Ant-Man and The Wasp Post Credit Scene and Avengers 4 Theory Explained
09:49   |   today at 08:11


  • hey everybody its Charlie this is gonna
  • be my ant-man in the wasp post-credits
  • scene video we got so much stuff to talk
  • about Kevin Feige confirmed some big
  • details a couple weeks ago so I'll try
  • to explain what he said and how that
  • fits into the context of what we know
  • what's going on in the Marvel Cinematic
  • Universe
  • so obviously spoiler warning if you
  • haven't seen the movie yet and there is
  • a new round of that infinity war blu-ray
  • giveaway all you have to do to enter
  • that is be a subscriber and leave a
  • comment on the video so at the end of
  • the movie we find that Hank and Janet
  • have shrunk the quantum tunnel so that
  • it's small enough to fit into Louis's
  • van just to make a little less
  • conspicuous and easier to move around
  • hey can hope are still fugitives because
  • they refused to sign the sokovia course
  • they didn't really resolve that plotline
  • because they escaped from the FBI so
  • they're still trying to keep it on the
  • DL and Janet was presumed dead by shield
  • 30 years ago so she'd have to answer all
  • kinds of questions if she just suddenly
  • popped up so she wants to stay off the
  • radar too so as of the end of the movie
  • Scott is the only one that's free and
  • clear so his three days are up he's no
  • longer on house arrest
  • he's totally free to go back and join
  • cap and the rest of the Avengers post
  • snap sure but what they're doing with
  • the quantum tunnel is is making good on
  • the promise to finish healing ghost of
  • her quantum state instability so they're
  • sending Scott down to the quantum realms
  • to collect quantum energy in a small
  • container really important detail here
  • Janet warrants him to watch out for a
  • time vortex because time moves
  • differently if she implies that if he
  • does get sucked into one they could wind
  • up exiting in the past or in the future
  • he'd accidentally time-travel and they
  • wouldn't be able to find him so remember
  • that idea time vortex very important
  • when he's down in the quantum realm
  • collecting that quantum energy there's
  • this explosion of color that looks like
  • the rainbow of the Infinity stone colors
  • so you like wait a minute this kind of
  • reminds me of the Infinity Gauntlet but
  • when he radios for them to bring him
  • back you find out that the snap shirt
  • just happened Hank
  • Hope and Janet have all been turned to
  • dust and Scott thinks that he's stuck in
  • the quantum realm they just slammed a
  • black like oh how's he gonna get
  • out so here's where we get to the Kevin
  • Feige Avengers for of it all Kevin Feige
  • confirmed this movie is mostly connected
  • to Avengers 4 even though the snap sure
  • is an infinity war moment so yes it does
  • connect to both Avengers films but the
  • bigger things are all the teasers that
  • they dropped
  • during the quantum realm scenes in
  • foreshadowing plot twist during Avengers
  • 4 so a lot of the concepts that they
  • introduced during the quantum realm will
  • be important to how they fixed the
  • universe in Avengers 4 now the really
  • important scene in the service of this
  • is the way they explain ghosts
  • affliction in the way that Janet sort of
  • explains how the quantum energy has
  • changed her she says that ever since
  • ghost was hit with the blast of quantum
  • energy
  • she's been existing in multiple
  • realities simultaneously without being
  • able to control it so her cells are
  • ripped apart and put back together over
  • and over again the time vortex is
  • another way of traveling through time
  • without the time stone so remember we
  • lost dr. strange
  • even though Wong is probably very
  • powerful I don't know how big of a
  • character he's gonna be during Avengers
  • 4 we've seen a lot of set pictures
  • implying time-travel so just remember
  • that in the back of your mind we've
  • heard about Cassie laying in the future
  • also remember that the quantum energy in
  • Scotts container can be used to
  • manufacture devices that will allow all
  • of the Avengers to travel between
  • different realities why would that be
  • important I wonder well if you needed
  • Infinity stones to form another gauntlet
  • and you couldn't steal them from Thanos
  • that's one way to get it but also Kevin
  • Feige said that we will be seeing
  • alternate versions of pre-existing
  • characters the way to do that is to
  • travel into different realities so there
  • are a couple ways that the Avengers
  • could fix the universe just based on the
  • evidence that we've seen in ant-man in
  • the wasp not even talking about the
  • rumors that we've heard so far yes that
  • they could travel back in time into
  • other realities to grab Infinity stones
  • and then use that to form a second
  • gauntlet and they just undo what the
  • annos had done but the other way too
  • would also be to merge aspects of
  • different realities with our own even
  • though that's the less heroic option
  • because it's kind of robbing Peter to
  • pay Paul like if he wanted to bring
  • spider-man back and you just stole a
  • Peter from another reality you'd be
  • stealing him from his Aunt May so that'd
  • be kind of a shady thing to do so you
  • know theorycrafting here Scott exits the
  • quantum realm accidentally in a time
  • vortex when he comes out there's a bit
  • of a time jump which explains why Iron
  • Man's hair is a little bit wider like
  • look at Robert Downey jr. 'he's hair
  • during infinity war then look at his
  • hair while he's walking around here he
  • looks like he's aged quite a bit maybe
  • like five six years so that also
  • explains the casting call for the older
  • version of Cassie Lange because during
  • the movie there were a couple scenes
  • with her where she talks about wanting
  • to be a hero like they practice in that
  • little tunnel at the beginning of the
  • movie like she's play-acting being a
  • superhero then at the end of the movie
  • when hope is talking to her she says I
  • want to be a hero like my dad I want to
  • help people so it's just all
  • foreshadowing her becoming stature like
  • she did in the comics when she gets
  • older so imagine that the time vortexes
  • of the quantum realm or the alternative
  • way of time traveling without the
  • Infinity Gauntlet because the way they
  • use the time stone makes it seem like
  • it's not powerful enough to take
  • everybody physically back in time it
  • even though we did see him turn back
  • time at the end of the Doctor Strange
  • movie to fix damage across a relatively
  • big part of the city it seems like in
  • combination with traveling into
  • different realities it just becomes much
  • more useful to go into the quantum realm
  • because if you needed to get things from
  • other realities you couldn't do that
  • with the time stone you can only take
  • stuff from our reality in if you wanted
  • to go back in time say like go back to
  • the original Avengers movie and steal
  • the tesseract and the mine stone then
  • that would actually break dr. Strange's
  • plan remember he said this is the only
  • way so things have to play out a certain
  • way and our reality but who's to say
  • that they can't go and steal things from
  • other realities as long as it's just not
  • people and as long as they put things
  • back at the end of the movie so if they
  • do wind up taking Infinity stones from
  • other realities that I imagine that
  • instead of doing the Illuminati thing
  • where they all become guardians of
  • different Infinity stones they just put
  • them back where they stole them from or
  • give them to their counterparts and say
  • just make sure that nobody gets their
  • hands on these ever like deep-six this
  • as much as possible because I don't
  • think that they would have had that
  • explosion of color like they wouldn't
  • have made the quantum realm resemble
  • some of the aspects of the Infinity
  • stones if they didn't want you to think
  • that that was a possibility like oh wow
  • this energy seems like it has something
  • to do with the Infinity Gauntlet so
  • we've all seen the little devices on
  • everyone's wrist in those
  • behind-the-scenes pictures now it sounds
  • like they might be using a combination
  • of the barfing technology that Ironman
  • during Civil War to look at their
  • memories and also use the quantum energy
  • that's got collected to infuse those
  • little risk devices and those are the
  • things that are allowing them to exist
  • in other realities or travel between
  • universes there's still a whole lot of
  • questions like who's gonna create these
  • like imagine Shuri gets her hands on
  • this quantum energy because she and
  • Ironman have relatively similar ideas
  • like they're both meant to be the
  • smartest people on the plan but they
  • think in slightly different ways and
  • Sheree has been thinking more about
  • what's going on with artificial
  • intelligence because she was
  • manipulating the mind gem trying to save
  • vision so you have to imagine that
  • they'll probably be a lot of Science
  • Bros scenes with Ironman and Sheree
  • trying to figure out what to do with
  • this quantum energy but remember Scott
  • doesn't have any real connection to
  • Wakanda he met Black Panther briefly but
  • he's mostly connected to Ironman like
  • the writers of Civil War even said that
  • if they hadn't gotten the spider-man
  • character then Ironman when he said that
  • he had a guy and went to Queens would
  • have ended up going to recruit ant-man
  • himself so he would have been team Iron
  • Man if Spiderman hadn't shown up so
  • imagine that ant-man exits in the future
  • then goes to try and find Tony Stark and
  • then explains what's going on with the
  • quantum energy where he came from and
  • the Avengers sort of catch him up on
  • what happened with Thanos and why
  • everybody suddenly turned to dust
  • because I think what happens is is no
  • matter what point in time Scott exits
  • the quantum realm he exits out of the
  • quantum tunnel and because everything
  • was rigged up in secret on this rooftop
  • here it's pretty easy to say it won't be
  • disturbed any time soon so he could exit
  • out he probably seen nothing so it would
  • seem like they've disappeared so he
  • probably thinks that they're still alive
  • but something just happened to them the
  • casting call for the older version of
  • Cassie Lange also backdoor confirms she
  • survived the snap sure in Scott exits in
  • the future he probably runs into her
  • where have you been for the last couple
  • of years dad we thought that you died
  • you disappeared like basically the same
  • thing that happened to Janet Van Dyne
  • happened to Scott and even though it's
  • not very important we should mention the
  • second post-credits scene is really just
  • the aunt that they had rigged up to
  • pretend to be Scott playing the drums so
  • we just meant to be a funny moment that
  • was the one that played after the entire
  • credits had finished but let me know in
  • the comments what did you think about
  • the really big post
  • credits scene and post all your Avengers
  • for theories in the comments below
  • remember quantum energy traveling
  • between multiple realities time vortexes
  • so time traveling without the need of
  • the time stone so right now the
  • timetable for big reveals for Avengers 4
  • is is that we're getting the Captain
  • Marvel teaser in a couple months they'll
  • reveal the official Avengers 4 title
  • after that I'm not expecting a whole lot
  • of footage for that but I do think that
  • before the end of the year we will see
  • some Avengers 4 footage so what will
  • happen over the next couple of days is
  • I'll do more ant-man in the wasp videos
  • just sort of explaining what's going on
  • do my full review Easter Egg video all
  • that stuff leave your requests in the
  • comments below click here to learn all
  • about the Eternals and the Celestials
  • during phase 4 and click here for more
  • Avengers for a title thank you so much
  • for watching everybody stay awesome I'll
  • see you guys tonight
  • [Music]

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