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Video POLICE vs. BIKERS 2018 Police Chase, Getaways & Pullovers! 2018 [Ep #40]
11:30   |   757K+ views   |   09/24/2018 at 22:05


  • [Music]
  • officer I want to thank you for your
  • service you guys go through hell and all
  • that and fun you guys are Thanks every
  • day
  • has been falling into an automated book
  • how you doing um I'm waiting for my
  • buddy he got pulled over
  • I'm waiting for my buddy he got pulled
  • over right there so I just pulled over
  • we're not here for the murder huh this
  • lady's only for emergencies only
  • okay yeah it's in my backpack is it it's
  • in my backpack okay
  • yeah I saw him got pulled over so I just
  • pulled over I'm sorry about that
  • you guys have a lot of cops out today no
  • no I've never seen that many cops though
  • that's crazy
  • at the next exit our wait okay sorry
  • about that
  • [Music]
  • Oh
  • [Music]
  • how's it going sir huh now I got a
  • picture I got I'm going to court right
  • now for yes sir Mike yes sir
  • how long we been riding for a year and a
  • half February 16
  • yep
  • they just get that place so you can see
  • it is a pretty much point I appreciate
  • it go on appendix
  • [Music]
  • one in
  • huh oh my god
  • I'm sorry about that so funny
  • oh my god yes come like a hundred and
  • sixty
  • that was crazy
  • thank you yeah thank you very much thank
  • you
  • this when we can literally 160 like five
  • seconds ago how's it going hey um yeah I
  • got some household friends dude I
  • couldn't read it even if it was like
  • that
  • well sorry how do you see your license
  • registration please
  • sure what's wrong
  • I believe I guess I lost it should be
  • inside one of the forks what it should
  • be on the inside of the fork that's
  • where he believed me put it what it's
  • worthy wherever the inspector put it
  • right up here where I can see it I
  • I guess I don't have one I guess it's
  • gone so well no registration though all
  • right it's registered I just read your
  • plates of what numbers are those what do
  • you know this 8 - I don't know where's
  • your pen all right hey
  • be able to lure satellite tops I got a
  • bit for you
  • worse than his black and orange Remsen
  • Ronna promised earlier where you know I
  • was at my house early I was at my house
  • all day
  • yep no tell Wanda
  • if you don't mind me asking how come I'm
  • getting pulled over I mean I don't know
  • how to do wheelies but I want my bikes
  • that I have video to prove I was doing
  • 35
  • huh I can give you a policy number if
  • that's what you want I don't have that I
  • have a policy nut here
  • that doesn't show your motorcycle where
  • does it show on there well does it say
  • any type of bike right there
  • next page
  • okay
  • there's a possible you can slide forward
  • they're trying trying to get out have a
  • seat
  • why can't I stand
  • didn't even do anything wrong
  • you
  • for the plate violation for the
  • inspection sticker okay not having your
  • registration it's another violation I
  • didn't write that
  • okay make sure you get that fixed okay
  • cuz that's sure gonna get you pulled
  • over
  • yeah we played okay and obviously you
  • have
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]

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This video is for educational purposes only, do not try it yourself, road safety is advised.


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