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Video Complete ANNIE GUIDE - Annie Mid Guide - League of Legends Annie Tutorial [Season 7]
14:42   |   02/22/2019 at 22:48


  • hello everybody my name is King sticks
  • and welcome to my season seven and even
  • being guide Annie is a really good ap
  • champion to pick up she's extremely easy
  • to farm with has a lot of base damage
  • and has a great a OE stun she has a lot
  • of influence in the early game work she
  • hits level six she can roam or she can
  • just farm for free I'd highly suggest
  • you avoid picking Annie into a
  • long-range matchup so if you're picking
  • her and just on who has more range than
  • you like the giraffe that unlocks this
  • can be very challenging however if you
  • do go into one of these matchups I
  • suggest getting boots fairly early and I
  • also just suggest taking movement speed
  • quints primarily though Annie does best
  • against mo range mages or melee
  • characters in the Midlands for your
  • masteries on Annie I suggest taking 18
  • of ferocity 12 and resolve taking death
  • fires touchdown the ferocity tree that
  • fires touch may seem like an odd choice
  • for Annie you might feel like taking
  • Thunder woods better overall though for
  • the mid-late game that fires touch it's
  • going to be giving you way more damage
  • it has no cooldown on that I might gun
  • whirs decree + without fires touched
  • timbers is constantly applying it to all
  • nearby enemy champions so overall you
  • can really can't go wrong with it it
  • might be slightly weaker in your first
  • six levels low if you're in a really
  • tough matchup or if you want stomp them
  • really hard and your first couple levels
  • which I don't necessarily recommend on
  • Annie then you can go for a
  • thunderlord's decree once again I don't
  • suggest it and it's going to fall off in
  • the mid making a little bit where your
  • runes on any you have a couple of
  • different choices if you're going up
  • against an eighty champion in the mid
  • lane I suggest you take three AP quints
  • nine armor fill nine ability power
  • glyphs you can take them scaling or
  • flash depends on what you want or what
  • you have and then nine flat magic pen
  • rents overall this is a solid page can
  • give you everything you need if you do
  • feel comfortable in a matchup you can go
  • ahead and take scaling armors and
  • scaling ap per level glyphs
  • it's just up to you if you're going up
  • against an AP mid laner you can take the
  • same thing just a little bit different
  • which will be your three AP quints and
  • instead of the nine flat armor you're
  • going to have nine scaling health per
  • level seals and then you have the option
  • when you're going against an AP mid
  • laner it's that more range than you you
  • might want to take some magic resist
  • glyphs but if you're comfortable you can
  • take AP and then one
  • again the same nine flat magic pen red
  • one thing to note is you can switch out
  • the three ability power Quintus
  • if you feel like you're going to be
  • doing a lot of roaming or if you're
  • going to have to dodge a lot of skill
  • shot but your stubbornness spells on a
  • knee you have three different choices
  • the first one is ignite and flash I
  • suggest taking a knight and flash
  • whenever you it's a bit of a kill lane
  • so if they're two melee assassin or if
  • there's another short-range mage taking
  • a knight flash is not a bad choice but
  • especially when you're first starting
  • out on a knee it's really not a bad
  • choice respectin option is teleporting
  • flash this is the safest choice you're
  • usually going to be taking this whenever
  • their long-range or if you feel like
  • you're going to have to play safe
  • because then be jungler or if they just
  • have more range than you and you're not
  • comfortable taking Telfort is a very
  • good choice for your third choice I
  • would suggest this till you get very
  • comfortable on a knee and you learn just
  • how much damage you can do with your
  • spells and your third choice is going to
  • be ghost and flash once again I don't
  • recommend it if you're brand new on a
  • knee but once you put at least 10 or 15
  • games on there in a row then you should
  • give it a try exhaust is an honorable
  • mention but I didn't include it because
  • an hourglass is one of our core items
  • so taking exhaust really isn't that
  • necessary especially since if they come
  • on to us well just hourglass will be
  • fine plus we have a really strong stun
  • in our kit so I damage does go in on us
  • or our team we can just stun them in no
  • big deal any passive is pyromania after
  • casting for abilities and these next
  • damaging ability stuns every enemy it
  • damages so her q her W and ultimate all
  • stun enemy champions after Annie's
  • capped for abilities prior to its cast
  • this is really useful especially with
  • your ultimate in your W this way you can
  • get massive area of effect stuns off on
  • enemy team couple it with your flash and
  • old C flash in all stun pretty much
  • everyone the enemy team and do loads of
  • damage if you want to get a guaranteed
  • stun off because you don't want to miss
  • it I suggest using your Q for your stun
  • because you can't theoretically miss
  • your double your ultimate soak use them
  • with the stun then go up to them and
  • Olin don't use them in general bill
  • aching with a teamfight you want to be
  • using your ultimate primarily to be the
  • stunt since it is your biggest area of
  • effect
  • building Annie's queues disintegrates
  • she hurls a fireball at an enemy target
  • dealing magic damage disintegrate kills
  • its target it responds at full mana cost
  • and half of its cooldown is immediately
  • refreshed this is a great farming tool
  • think of it like a super super strong
  • auto attack it's like an ad kill you
  • crit so whenever I'm in use Alon HP you
  • can just use it you get all the matters
  • back and half the cooldown so since it
  • starts out a 4 second cooldown and if
  • you kill something with it then it will
  • come back on a 2 second cooldown so
  • you're going to get it back really fast
  • when you're farming so even if you
  • lasted a mini with it and if they start
  • getting aggressive on you don't worry
  • you'll have your to back in just a
  • moment
  • Annie's W is in sinner and it releases a
  • cone of fire in the targeted direction
  • dealing magic damage to all enemies in
  • the area this is a really strong tool
  • for clearing ways doing damage to
  • multiple enemy champions and applying
  • your passive to multiple enemy unit try
  • to figure out just how far this ability
  • goes by using it on normal cast once you
  • have a really good idea of how far it
  • goes use the on quick cast this way you
  • can use it much faster much more
  • efficiently in a teamfight or in a
  • one-on-one situation and easy is molten
  • shield when activated and wraps yourself
  • and tippers in the fiery or reducing
  • damage taken for 3 seconds additionally
  • it has a thornmail like passive anything
  • that attacks a knee while her shield is
  • up we'll take magic damage and lane try
  • to use this ability when the enemy
  • champion is following their spells after
  • you so right when you see them tossing
  • their spells on you it's a good time to
  • use it or if you're getting it all in
  • that's another good time use it you'll
  • take a lot less damage and probably able
  • to survive if you're getting ganked
  • another good time to use it in the
  • mid-late game you're going to be using
  • it a lot more for prepping your ultimate
  • so if you're at 3 stacks of your passive
  • you might use this and then immediately
  • ultimate that way your stun will be up
  • when you want to use your ultimate it's
  • also great in one-on-ones against ad
  • carry's after your stun is going off on
  • them if it could time to use it and then
  • every time the auto attack people take
  • quite a bit of damage and these ultimate
  • is summoned tippers when you cast it any
  • some tippers in the target location
  • doing a massive burst of damage he then
  • remains on the map as a control will pet
  • for 45 seconds white image is still
  • alive you can move around just by
  • clicking art in the direction you want
  • me go by clicking on things you can tell
  • them to attack it
  • you have decent auto attacks you also
  • has a constant burn or around him
  • like that sunfire cape this is going to
  • be your main spell you're going to want
  • to use your passive with so whenever you
  • have four stacks on your passive you're
  • going to want to then use your ultimate
  • on the enemy team
  • everything it will stun everything is
  • it's going to stun do a lot of damage
  • and timbers is going to be smacking them
  • plus with this burn aura around him it's
  • going to be applying your death fires
  • touch constantly to every enemy and if
  • you build a rylai's crystal scepter the
  • Terra's will constantly be following
  • every enemy around him and a skill order
  • is actually quite basic you're going to
  • want to take your q first and max it
  • first you're going to take care W at
  • level 2 and Max it second and you're
  • going to want to take your Y at level 3
  • and max it last
  • of course taking pointed ultimate
  • whenever you can the other 10% of the
  • time if you're in a really fighting Lane
  • and you want the extra damage you can
  • take your Q at level 1 max its first W
  • at level 2 max its second and then
  • you're going to take another point in
  • your Q at level 3 and then take a point
  • in your yellow before and then maxing
  • your last and it doesn't really have any
  • complex combos in the early game if you
  • have more range than your opponent
  • you're just going to keep Auto attacking
  • them and if they get in range of your Q
  • then you're going to accuse them so if
  • they come at you it's pretty much just
  • Auto Attack Q Auto Attack and if you
  • think they're going to start running
  • away make sure you chase after them and
  • keep Auto attacking them careful not to
  • chase them down and keep on attacking
  • this to have a lot of minions because
  • it'll take a lot of creep damage though
  • once you have your ultimate your
  • standard all-in will pretty much open up
  • with your Tiber's stun into your Q and
  • then your W and the mid game when you're
  • trying to kill just one target it's the
  • 1v1 you're pretty much just going to to
  • burst on them first and you're going to
  • get up close enough so you can W them
  • and then at that point it should be
  • coming out of your stun at which point
  • you'll queue them they'll probably flash
  • but your Q will follow them so you're
  • looking at your ultimate WQ Auto Attack
  • ignite and that should be a kill if
  • they're coming right after you can get
  • away with doing a qw e then ultimate and
  • we're assuming your ultimate is going to
  • be a stun because you already had one
  • stack on your passive this way they'll
  • be stunned and as they're coming out
  • then you're just going to accuse them
  • again and keep Auto
  • I can use your other spells make sure
  • you're using your e to block as much
  • damage as you can so when they open up
  • on you with all their abilities make
  • sure you use your e that will take a lot
  • less damage late-game your combos pretty
  • much just going to be flash stun tippers
  • so make sure you have four stacks on
  • your passes and you're going to flash
  • and use your tippers you're going to
  • catch them by surprise and try to hit as
  • many people on the enemy team with your
  • ultimate ideally you do not want to be
  • team fighting on an E
  • if you do not have your ultimate up at
  • that moment especially if it's not going
  • to be a stun the laning phase is very
  • critical for Annie she's a really strong
  • mid semi late-game champion and full
  • late game she's not quite as strong
  • she really Peaks in about the 25 30
  • minute mark so try to figure out what
  • kind of Lane it is this is a farm lane
  • or a fight lane if it's a farm Lane just
  • keep all attacking the minions and using
  • your Q to last hit them if the enemy
  • steps up or steps out of line punish
  • them with Auto attacks in your queue or
  • if you're stung will be up after two
  • spells or you can stun them with two
  • spells hit them with a QW but make sure
  • you're getting that juicy CS is going to
  • give you the most bang for your buck at
  • level six
  • if you can't all in the enemy laner
  • because they're too tanky try to push a
  • wave on them and then roam bot Lane to
  • get a juicy double kill it's also very
  • important in the laning phase to keep an
  • eye on your passive and how many more
  • suppose you need to use to get off a
  • stump for example if you're pushed in
  • Lane and if you have zero stacks on your
  • passive if you get gank you're going to
  • be completely and you won't be
  • able to stop the mid lane or the jungler
  • to get away so try to keep an eye on
  • your passives make sure you manage it so
  • if you want to fight make sure you keep
  • about two to three stacks on it if you
  • have all four stacks on it and you're
  • just walking around people always backup
  • from you won't really want to bite you
  • so if you kind of want Surprise them
  • keep it at three stacks throw out a
  • queue and then while you're accusing
  • midair you can even press key and it
  • will scum them in general walking around
  • with three stacks on your passive is
  • usually safer than four because people
  • will underestimate you and not realize
  • that oh she has a stun right now because
  • you can just click you're eating it
  • because you can just click your eat and
  • get that fourth spell so that way your
  • next bill will be a stun make sure you
  • have at least two minimum ideally three
  • stacks on your passive whenever you're
  • going to run bot Lane to try to gank
  • late-game and teamfights try to look to
  • see who you can one-shot with your
  • ultimate combo ultimate WQ if there's no
  • one on the enemy team that you can just
  • focus on Chinese many targets as
  • possible to ultimate stunning as many
  • people as possible if you're not fed at
  • all
  • just consider stunning so many people as
  • possible or maybe even filling through
  • your ad carry if they are fed and if you
  • think they're going to carry and the
  • teamfight once again try to keep three
  • stacks on you at all times that way you
  • can easily click your e and then use
  • your ultimate for a massive stun try not
  • to be front lining it is Annie and the
  • teamfight you kind of want to stay in
  • the middle of the pack you don't want to
  • be in their very back and you don't want
  • to be in the front try to stay in the
  • middle and then we have three stacks and
  • your pack of ultimate is up you can
  • consider flashing than using your
  • tippers and massive stun on enemy teams
  • as long as your team is right there to
  • back you up this is a lot safer if
  • you're really fed and you know you can
  • kill them really easily or if you have
  • an hourglass to use after your stun wins
  • all in general though on Annie the
  • teamfight tries ton as many people as
  • possible with your stun tippers and you
  • should be good to go for your starting
  • items on Annie I highly suggest taking
  • Dorn's range into how potion overall
  • this is going to be your safest start if
  • you are dealing with your jungler or if
  • you still like you're going to stop
  • playing going dark solar solo potion is
  • not a bad choice this is also a solid
  • choice if you're taking teleport because
  • you're going to get a really big thing
  • for your bought from the fillable potion
  • since you can just teleport back to Lane
  • or your core items I highly recommend
  • rod of Ages hextech belt and Dhoni's
  • hourglass these are all three really
  • solid items give you a lot of damage to
  • give you a lot of utility and overall
  • just the best items on any in my opinion
  • you are also getting 20% CDR from these
  • three items which is great for your
  • boots I'll suggest you usually getting
  • boots of lucidity they give you a lot of
  • CDR plus they're going lower the
  • cooldown on your summer spells most
  • importantly on your flap that way you
  • can do your Flash gun
  • tippers combo so after your first core
  • item make sure you pick up your boots
  • for your optional items we're looking at
  • Ramadan's Luden's and zhonya's I'll
  • suggest Ramadan and Luden's if you just
  • really want a lot of damage because
  • they're not building a lot of magic
  • resist Luden's can be a great second
  • item if you want to do a lot of roaming
  • if they have a loads and loads of burst
  • on their team out highly recommend
  • getting zhonya's your second item if
  • you're going up against an AP mid laner
  • going for biffle's your second item is
  • not as bad towards it especially if
  • they're melee and AP if you're going to
  • get void stack you're typically going to
  • pick that up for your fourth or fifth
  • item with XXL rod of Ages and vile is
  • you can all consider them
  • first item to build I do recommend
  • building rod of Ages so since that is
  • going to give you a lot of mana it's
  • going to help you out in lane so
  • assuming you get rod of Ages or hextech
  • belt I don't recommend you build the
  • other two because that's just not enough
  • damage I only recommend you getting two
  • of these three health items in general
  • and a knee you want to have two health
  • item and then you can just go all ap if
  • you'd like to with some magic
  • penetration you won't have at least one
  • magic pen item at any as well if you do
  • go for riley's I highly recommend to go
  • for lysandre's torment it's really
  • strong with my leads especially since
  • you're tippers is going to be applying
  • def buyers touch constantly it's going
  • to be a big flow it's going to be lots
  • of damage it's going to give you exactly
  • what you need if you're in an easy
  • matchup you can go from Morelli owes as
  • your first item but generally I
  • recommend not doing this because if you
  • get ganked you're extremely squishy and
  • it's really easy for you to die at the
  • bottom of items you can see I have to
  • build over all the first one fairly
  • tanky it's give you a lot of damage
  • you're looking at 40% CDR you don't have
  • penetration so you could swap out one of
  • your HP items if they're building a lot
  • of magic uses since you will want to get
  • penetration in that case the second
  • build is more geared around magic
  • penetration and overall bursting power
  • there's only two health items you're
  • looking at 40% CDR it's just a lot of
  • damage
  • now the builds includes an hourglass you
  • can easily swap out one to help items
  • for an hourglass if they do have loads
  • of birds something like a Zed and that
  • is going to wrap up the season seven any
  • mid lane guide congratulations to all of
  • you if you've made it this far you
  • should have a pretty good understanding
  • of how to play an e in the mid lane
  • she's fairly simple she has a lot of
  • potential to carry and she's overall
  • great champion to pick up if you enjoyed
  • this guide or if it helped you out
  • I always appreciate it immensely if you
  • dropped a like it really helps to keep
  • me going and makes me want to work
  • harder at these guys to make more of
  • them for you if there's something you
  • think I could improve on or do
  • differently leave a suggestion down
  • below I'm eager to read it also if you
  • guys have any questions I just want to
  • say hi just drop a comment down below
  • thank you all so much for watching good
  • luck out there on the wrist

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Season 7 complete Annie Mid guide. In this annie guide i will be covering: Overview, Masteries, Runes, Summoners, Abilities, Ability Order, Combos, Laning Phase, Team Fighting, Hard Matchups, Item Build.
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Stats on Abilities:
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# - Overview
# - Masteries
# - Runes
# - Summoners
# - Abilities
# - Skill Order
# - Combos
# - Laning Phase
# - Team Fighting
# - Item Build - Download Hi-Res Songs

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