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Video Throwing water into the air at -52 below zero in fairbanks Alaska
02:03   |   17M+ views   |   today at 02:26


  • oh hey guys oh it is 50 below here in
  • Fairbanks and I thought I'd come out
  • here with some hot water and throw it up
  • in the air so you can see it just fly
  • away as a cloud man it is cold when it
  • gets this cold we get what we call ice
  • fog I just had to pay about 600 bucks to
  • get my pipes thawed out because when it
  • got down to 52 below last night
  • it froze up on this side of the house so
  • anyways let's get some hot water and
  • throw that in the air it's not actually
  • a few bad for this coldest is all right
  • so I've got some hot water here let's go
  • through it in the air and see what
  • happens
  • there's a cloud just blowing away all
  • right crazy if you didn't is one

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floats away like a cloud


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